ATK12 Mount`n Mover Catalog 2013

Discover a better way
of day to day.
Meet the Mount’n Mover
wheelchair mounting system.
“It puts my keyboard and mouse right where I
need them. I don’t have to reach. It’s quite a
piece of engineering... a great design.”— Mark
“I like this mount because it is so versatile...
and I can move it out of the way to get to
my desk or a sink.” — Jim
Functions Beautifully
Moves Freely
Transforms Quickly
Intuitive and purposeful, the
Mount’n Mover combines a modern,
sleek 21st century design with
engineering inventiveness. It’s an artful
extension of your daily activity.
The Mount’n Mover tilts, turns and
adjusts to your heart’s desire, whether
traveling from room to room or venturing out and about. It conveniently
helps keep sight lines open, too.
No matter what your particular needs,
swiftly change out personal devices
from your Mount’n Mover—from a
reading tray and speech
device to a laptop and iPad.
2 •
“With the Mount’n Mover, I have turned my
wheelchair in to a rolling tripod. I can focus
my efforts on taking photos, and not be so
concerned with holding the camera steady.”
— Loren
Installs Easily
Simple instructions make the Mount’n
Mover work for your therapists and
caregivers—from single and dual arm
to floor stands. Independence is yours
in minutes. • 3
Easy access to phones
and devices of all sizes.
Choose your
Mount’n Mover
Tilt’n Turner
1 rotational joint
Tilt adjustable
12 possible lock positions
Very compact
Position in front of armrest
Tip: Add a second device to a Dual
or Single Mount’n Mover — Create a
double decker! (see p. 8)
4 •
Single Arm
2 rotational joints
144 possible lock positions
Simple to move
More compact than
the Dual
Use it for more
than one purpose!
Adjustable memory lock settings allow
customized and consistent positioning
Each joint offers up to 12 possible lock positions
Quick Release
Plate allows for
quick and easy
attachment and
removal for a wide
variety of devices
Paddle unlocks the
wrist joint so you
can easily rotate
a tray or device
Dual Arm
3 rotational joints
1,728 possible lock positions
Most versatile
Easiest to move
Requires little reach
to 90°
Hoop unlocks both the elbow
and shoulder joints to make
moving between operating
positions easy
Tilt angle adjustment:
easy lateral movement
unlocks the tilt • 5
Connect your communication device
Attach any device with ease.
Swap devices quickly.
Device plates have been developed to
attach communication devices to the Mount’n
Mover’s Quick Release Plate. Common devices
are listed in the chart below. More options,
including custom plates, are available.
The Quick Release Plate is the key to a
simple system of interchangeable devices.
Purchase a plate listed below to connect
your device to the Quick Release Plate.
One Quick Release Plate comes with
each Mount’n Mover.
Find the attachment plate for your device
Maestro, V, Vmax, M3 DV4, MT4, DynaWrite
Prentke Romich Co.
EC02, EC0point, ECO-14
Vanguard, Pathfinder 2
Vantage Lite, Springboard Lite
P10, C8, C12, CEye, LightWriter
C15, VESA hole spacing
FL4SH, Big Red, Big Mac
Don’t see yours? Give us a call, we have plates for almost any device.
1-888-724-7002 (toll free) or 1-612-724-7002
6 •
New! The Universal
Rotator lets you lock
your device at any
One Quick Release Plate comes FREE
with each Mount’n Mover. Order
extra plates to make switching
your devices quick and easy.
An additional degree of freedom!
Infinite angle locking is great for
eye-gaze systems and iPads.
$82 • 7
Trays for every use
Tray with Lip
• Multipurpose tray
• Great for books, tablets and art
• Angle it flat and turn it around
for writing or eating
with Quick Release Plate
no Quick Release Plate
12"x12" Tray
• Get creative!
• Add Velcro to attach a
phone or tablet
• Create an easel with a
clip on the edge
• Attach a plate to it for eating
with Quick Release Plate
no Quick Release Plate
8 •
Double Decker!
Fast and Easy Switches.
Create the perfect set up.
Here Nicole is using a Tilt’n Turner
combined with a Dual Arm Mount’n
Mover, and a Laptop Tray with a
12x16 Tray. Mix and match to suit
your needs.
In seconds Nicole’s mount can be switched
between trays or other devices. Mount’n
Movers are known for their flexibility and
ease of use.
Laptop Tray
iPad Tray
• A mobile workstation
• Accommodates most laptops
• Secures your laptop with
adjustable straps and backstops
• Easily remove your laptop
• Get great positioning and access
for the iPad
• Easily switch from landscape to
• Includes an iPad case
• Use other tablets, too! Call us!
$324 with Quick Release Plate
$249 TR-IP-Q
$199 with Quick Release Plate
no Quick Release Plate
$124 no Quick Release Plate
9 • 9
Options for cameras
This versatile plate turns
your Quick Release Plate
into a camera stand!
Customize your setup.
Photographers are among our most creative
customers! Use our plate as the starting
point and improvise with your favorite
tripod head.
We also regularly work with individuals on
custom setups. Give us a call, we’d be happy
to discuss your photography needs.
Call us at 1-888-724-7002 (toll free) or
Camera Plate
• Attaches to Quick Release
Plate (p. 7)
• Attaches directly to most
cameras with 1/4" and 3/8"
screws (supplied)
DP-CAM3 $48
Compatible with Manfrotto
models (shown):
234RC Tilt Head with Quick Release
391RC2 Photo/Video Pan and Tilt Head
Must be purchased separately
10 •
Table solutions
Table Clamp
Mount’n Tilter
• Made for surface mounting
• Lightweight, portable
• Only available with
Light Torque Hinge
MNTQ $374 with Quick Release Plate
MNT $299 no Quick Release Plate
Attach your mount to a table!
• Quickly adjust tilt, height and
• Arm extends out for easy
wheelchair access
• Conduct evaluations easily
• Clamps to tables and trays
•Attach above or below table
• Move a mount from a chair to
a table
Stand + 90°
Two products in One!
Table Stand for devices or trays
• Use with any device plate or tray
• Locks at 0° and 55° on tables
Downward tilt for mounted devices
• Attach between a device plate or
tray and Quick Release Plate
• Ideal for access from bed
• Locks at 0°, 55° and 90°
• Use tilt lever to lock 0-180°
$199 • 11
Connect your mount
to your wheelchair
We’re here to help.
Give us a call and we can help select the best
mounting option for your wheel chair. From
round tubing to slide tracks, level or angled,
we have the hardware to connect your
Mount’n Mover to your wheelchair.
Call us at 1-888-724-7002 (toll free) or
4 length options:
8", 12", 18" and 24"
P8 8"
P12 12"
P18 18"
P24 24"
$39 $39
Wheelchair Bracket
• Full 360° Rotation
• Increments of 5°
• Great for Chairs with Seat Tilt
Wheelchair Bracket
• Most Rigid Way
to Attach
• Simple and
• Has two mounting
Round Clamp
• Clamps to round
tubing when bolting is
not an option
• Select from 1" or
7/8" size
WC-R7/8 7/8" $32
Round Bridge Clamp
Must be used in a pair
with an AP2 or AP4
• Choose 1", 7/8" or
mixed pairs
• Eliminates tube-slip if
clamped at right-angles
•Compatible with
TDX and Quantum
slide tracks
WC-TN $32
WC-R1B 1"
WC-R7/8B 7/8" $22.50
Pair this with WB2 to
more solidly adjust your
post angle to vertical
Adapter Plate
• Plate size:
3" x 1.75" x .25"
Adjustment Plate
• Allows for rigid
mounting for
multiple angles, in
increments of 7.5°
• Compatible with
WB2 and all bracket
mounting hardware.
Adapter Plate 2
• Plate size: 4.75" x
2.25" x .25"
• Longer extension
than WC-AP4
Adapter Plate 4
• Plate size: 3.75" x
2.25" x .25"
• More compact than
WC-AP2, allows for
5/16" or 8mm bolts
L-Angled Extension
•Can be used singly
to offset mounting
at 90°, or used in
pairs to extend
mounting from
2.25" to 4.5"
• Fully compatible
with all wheelchair
mounting hardware
WC-LAE $32 • 13
Access anything,
Easy access
from bed!
Move your Mount’n Mover from your
wheelchair to the Floor Stand in seconds.
Floor Stands
Wheel options:
• All models: two rear “Total-Lock” casters,
able to lock the caster swivel and wheel rotation
• FS has two standard wheels (fixed)
• FS-4C has 4 swivel casters
floor stand
floorstand with extension
floorstand with 4 swivel casters
floorstand with extension and 4 swivel casters
14 •
Full Evaluation Kit
Wheelchair Attachment Set
Table Evaluation Kit
Wheelchair Attachment Set
Table Eval Kit
Evaluation Kits
An Evaluation Kit is an essential assessment
tool. Use the kit for evaluating access and
positioning devices of all sorts.
Full Eval Kit
26 pieces:
Single Arm and Dual Arm Mount’n Movers
Table attachment
4 device plates
Tray with lip and iPad tray
2 Posts, 12" and 18"
14 wheelchair attachments
With durable carrying case
EVAL-F $2380
This 14 piece set includes an 18"
Post, the Solid Wheelchair Bracket,
multiple plates, and assorted mounting hardware. Will attach to the vast
majority of wheelchairs.
Adjustable Wheelchair Bracket
Optional: Add an Adjustable Wheelchair Bracket (WB) for only $100.
•Great for Chairs with Seat Tilt
Kit comes with Table Clamp, 2 device
plates, iPad Tray, Tray with Lip,
1 post and Dual Arm Mount’n Mover
All Eval Kits are
25% off Retail Value!
See the full list of parts online at
Prices are subject to change. • 15
2637 27th Ave. S., Suite 209
Minneapolis, MN 55406-1564
1-888-724-7002 (toll free) or 1-612-724-7002.
“The best swingaway
mount ever!” Dan L., OT