S-Class Coupé Brochure

The S-Class.
The new S-Class Coupé. Gran Performer.
A coupé that goes deeper. And is aimed deeper at the hearts of true
automobile enthusiasts. Accompany us on a journey that takes you close
to perfection. Discover the profound art of automotive engineering.
But be careful: it could get stormy.
Digital “Mercedes-Benz Guides” for the iPhone® are available free of charge from
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Gran Inspiration.
Gran Innovation.
2 | Mercedes-Benz S 500 4MATIC Coupé
iridium silver metallic
AMG Line, AMG multi-spoke light-alloy wheels, Exclusive
package, designo Exclusive nappa leather upholstery in
saddle brown/black, black piano lacquer trim
26 | Mercedes-Benz connect me
28 | 4.7-litre V8 engine
30 | MAGIC BODY CONTROL suspension
32 | Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive
33 | Driving Assistance package Plus
34 | 360° camera
39 | Burmester® High-End 3D surround sound system
40 | LED Intelligent Light System
41 | AIR-BALANCE package
42 | Active multicontour seats
43 | Panoramic roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL
44 | S 63 AMG 4MATIC Coupé
48 | S 65 AMG Coupé
52 | AMG Performance Studio
54 | Equipment and packages
60 | Wheels
62 | Services
64 | Dimensions and technical data
65 | Interior appointments
67 | Paintwork
10 | Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG 4MATIC Coupé
designo diamond white bright
AMG 10-spoke forged wheels, designo Exclusive nappa
leather upholstery in black/black, AMG carbon-fibre/
black piano lacquer trim
18 | Mercedes-Benz S 500 4MATIC Coupé
magnetite black metallic
Multi-spoke light-alloy wheels, nappa leather upholstery
in porcelain/espresso brown, brown burr walnut wood trim
Please note that the pictures may show optional extras and accessories that are not
part of the standard specification.
Forms of nature.
How it all begins: with a design idiom that leaves you speechless. We are enthralled by the typical proportions
of a large, sporty coupé. And the long bonnet with powerdomes, the elegant roof line and the frameless side
­windows. But we wanted more. A technology leader, a new symbol for modern luxury.
Heaven just above the Earth.
Welcome to the world of modern luxury. A choice of three leather interiors in combination
with a host of trim features in hand-crafted quality make the touch and feel inside a
­journey of discovery in its own right. The gently sweeping dashboard appears to hover in
space and conjures up an exclusive, modern lounge character. Seven different light
moods serve to complement this interior feel. Climb aboard and enter a whole new world.
A sea of lights.
Something is different. The sparkle, the immaculate finish – the world
has never seen a headlamp like this before. Real Swarovski crystals,
available as an option, lend the headlamps of the LED Intelligent Light
System a unique aura. In the best sense of the word. A truly compelling light display. If only you could see it from inside the car. The front
indicator has 30 crystals, while the daytime running lamp immediately
below incorporates a further 17.
There’s a storm brewing up ahead.
The design appears lower, more sporty, more exciting. Very much
reflecting the driving feel. The side line sloping gently downwards
from front to rear reinforces the feeling of forwards thrust even when
the car is stationary. The AMG-specific front apron, rear apron and
­side skirts bring the new S 63 AMG Coupé even closer to the road.
The AMG high-performance interior: including an exclusive sports
steering wheel in nappa leather with perforations in the grip area. Plus
­brushed stainless steel sports pedals and a special instrument cluster
including a Warm-up menu. AMG sports seats in fine nappa leather with
AMG-specific V8 seat upholstery layout provide outstanding support
and are of the very highest quality.
The new S 63 AMG Coupé.
Whips the wind.
Catapult-like acceleration accompanied by a sonorous V8 bass line.
Seemingly endless pulling power and a high-performance braking
­system that responds immediately. More exciting than any film, more
emotive than any music. And you can experience it all surrounded
by the comfort of an S-Class. Thanks to AMG Performance 4MATIC
all-wheel drive, the new S 63 AMG 4MATIC Coupé with its AMG
5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine developing 430 kW (585 hp) and 900 Nm
accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.
The storm has passed.
The thunder remains.
Luxury coupé or sports car? Never have the boundaries been so dynamically
fluid. They merge into an extraordinary ensemble at the rear. The frameless
­rear window and the elaborately modelled chrome trim exude a subtle elegance.
Luxuriously sporty touches are added by the wide, muscular shoulders, the
­dynamically shaped wrap-around tail lights and the diffuser painted in highgloss black.
Mercedes-Benz coupé models have been leaving
us speechless for decades: the continuous window
surface without a B-pillar creates an ­elegantly
flowing, inimitable side view. The frameless side
windows have fine chrome surrounds.
Driving under the influence of high pressure.
One particular option turns the new S-Class Coupé’s suspension into a technological masterpiece. An active, hydraulic suspension system can absorb
­almost all of the vehicle’s pitching and rolling. Sheer amazement strikes the
second you enter a bend. The car tilts inwards by up to 2.65°, substantially
reducing the lateral forces felt by the occupants. It sounds like magic, feels like
magic and also has magic in its name: MAGIC BODY CONTROL with curve
­tilting function.
What makes a car a Mercedes?
Deep-rooted traditions: in our case, it is innovative traditions
that run deep. We have continually gone down previously
uncharted avenues. Milestone by milestone. These ventures
spawned the first vehicle with a crumple zone, the first
ABS, the first diesel car. The first automobile. But rather
than dwelling on the past, let us look to the future.
Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive – on the road to accidentfree driving. We develop intelligent assistance systems
which actively support the driver and noticeably relieve the
driver’s workload. They monitor and analyse the vehicle’s
surroundings and handling – and warn the driver if they
identify any critical situations. When necessary, some of
the systems are able to intervene to take corrective action.
Potential dangers are identified earlier than ever – and
ever more frequently avoided as a result. Discover the
fascinating world of Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive at
BlueEfficiency – our vision of emission-free driving.
Sustainability is a big word to which we lend real meaning
in all that we do, down to the smallest details. From
minimising the environmental impact of our production
operations to alternative drive concepts.
Welcome to a world that revolves around you. We focus
on people. This is the standard we adhered to when we
developed a new platform for your personal contact with
Mercedes-Benz. With individual services made for you.
“connect me” links the vehicle with your world, with every­thing that is important to you. “move me” offers new
mobility solutions. And with “inspire me” we give you an
exclusive look ahead at the future of mobility. Your access
to an exciting world: www.mercedes.me
As you can see, we have major goals in our sights. And
what could be better than seeing these aims achieved whilst
on a long drive in a Mercedes?
A heart and a soul.
Automotive strength of character has always been powered by eight cylinders. No other engine construction
gets so deep under the skin. In keeping with this tradition,
the new S 500 4MATIC Coupé rolls out an unmistakable,
­irresistible sound carpet. An in-house-developed sound
control system ensures that this effect is heard when
starting off or accelerating heavily, for example, whereas
the note of the drive system is completely restrained
whilst cruising. So on an acoustic level, too, the emotiveness of a sports coupé is combined with the comfort
of an S-Class, giving the car a unique character.
The power of the new S-Class Coupé is not just felt directly
by the driver, it is also translated directly into propulsion.
Standard equipment for the new S-Class Coupé includes
a 7-speed automatic transmission. You hardly notice this,
however, as the low engine speed increments between the
individual gears make for seamlessly smooth gear changes.
As the 7G-TRONIC PLUS is able to skip individual gears,
multiple downshifts are possible for fast and powerful
sprints. The shift characteristics can be preset from economical to dynamic with the “Economy” and “Sport”
transmission modes. In “Manual” mode, drivers with sporty
inclinations can switch gears manually using the DIRECT
SELECT steering wheel gearshift paddles – as in motorsport.
The next gear in transmission technology has already been
engaged: Mercedes-Benz will soon be presenting the
world’s first 9-speed automatic transmission with hydrodynamic torque converter in the premium segment. In
the new S-Class Coupé, of course. Please ask your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer for details of when this transmission is likely to be available.
The S 500 4MATIC Coupé has an output
of 335 kW (455 hp). It has a peak torque of
700 Nm at 1800–3500 rpm. Further tech­
nical data for the new S-Class Coupé can be
found on page 64.
700 Nm
335 kW
Engine speed in rpm
Torque in Nm
Output in kW
Find out more
A drive system so powerful it deserves
its own chapter: the S 63 AMG 4MATIC
is presented in detail on page 46.
MAGIC BODY CONTROL suspension. With curve tilting function.
It’s hard not to be impressed by the curve tilting function,
which derives its name from the fact that the car’s body
tilts inwards by up to 2.65° when taking a bend. In this
way, the lateral forces felt by the occupants are reduced
significantly and dynamic cornering becomes even more
of a pleasure. Looking ahead to enhance your comfort: the
suspension sets itself up to negotiate bumps in the road
before the car drives over them. This is all thanks to the innovative ROAD SURFACE SCAN function – a technological
milestone: with the aid of a stereo camera behind the interior mirror, the road surface ahead is scanned precisely
to allow the damping of each individual wheel to be optimally adjusted in advance to the impending bumps.
MAGIC BODY CONTROL is not available in conjunction
with 4MATIC all-wheel drive.
Two things above all help to prevent body roll and
keep the car safely on track: character and 4MATIC
all-wheel drive.
The MAGIC BODY CONTROL hydraulic suspension with curve tilting
function is available as standard for the S 63 AMG and S 65 AMG
The new S 500 4MATIC Coupé is equipped with 4MATIC
all-wheel drive as standard. When accelerating, it translates the engine power into propulsion with practically
no losses and gives the car astonishing stability and composure on the road, tangibly enhancing comfort and
driving safety, especially on slippery or loose surfaces.
The 4MATIC system likewise enhances excitement as
its rear-biased power distribution and an extremely light
and compact design promote sporty, dynamic driving.
Coupé. The AIRMATIC air suspension system is fitted as standard
for the S 500 4MATIC Coupé and the S 63 AMG 4MATIC Coupé.
The damping at each wheel is adapted to the current driving situation and can be individually set as required. A major conflict of
aims almost literally dissolves into thin air: you can enjoy pleasant,
smooth ride comfort on long motorway stretches and sporty,
direct driving dynamics on winding country roads.
The suspension settings switch on the centre console allows
different drive modes to be selected, depending on the suspension.
Confirmation of the selection made is displayed in both the instrument cluster and the head unit.
The Direct-Steer system supplements the comfort of speedsensitive power steering with a variable ratio dependent on the
steering angle. On winding roads, for example, this produces a
more agile handling response and improved straight-line stability.
Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive. On the road to accident-free driving.
The new S-Class Coupé perceives its surroundings more intensively, precisely and quickly than any other car in its class.
A stereo camera can capture crossing objects and pedestrians in 3D and calculate their path. Intelligent algorithms
evaluate this information and are thus able to detect and classify oncoming vehicles, vehicles ahead, crossing vehicles,
pedestrians and various types of traffic signs and road markings over a wide visual range. Consequently, numerous
safety and assistance systems, which depend on the vehicle’s level of equipment, can almost autonomously record and
analyse a wide range of traffic situations and initiate measures to assist the driver.
Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive is our generic term for
intelligent technologies which actively support the driver
and help to take the strain out of driving. Find out more at
Driving Assistance package Plus. Dangers minus.
An optional equipment package consisting of safety and assistance systems that complement each other perfectly: it helps take the strain off the driver, reduce accident
risks and improve the level of protection for the occupants and other road users. Brake
Assist BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist and PRE-SAFE® Brake with pedestrian
­detection can reduce the risk of accidents at junctions, rear-end collisions and collisions
with pedestrians, particularly in urban traffic. Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active
Blind Spot Assist provide assistance if the vehicle leaves its lane unintentionally or during
lane changes if there is a danger of collision with other vehicles. One-sided braking
The Driving Assistance package
1 | Stereo multi-purpose ­camera.
Plus is part of a big whole:
2 | Long-range radar with
Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive
combines intelligent techno­logies
that form the basis for numerous
safety and assis­tance systems in
the new S-Class Coupé.
­intermediate range sensing.
3 | Short-range radar.
4 | Ultrasonic sensors.
5 | Multi-mode radar.
6 | 360° camera.
i­ntervention can help return the vehicle to its lane and prevent an accident. PRE-SAFE®
PLUS extends the functions of the PRE-SAFE® occupant protection system with measures
when a rear-end collision threatens. DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist and Stop&Go
Pilot helps the driver to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front and also to remain
in the centre of the lane – for a high level of stress-relieving comfort, especially on long
routes and when following a queue of traffic.
Manoeuvre like a pro.
The optional 360° camera system makes parking and manoeuvring with a realistic all-round view possible with the help of
four networked short-range cameras. A bird’s-eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings can be displayed on the COMAND
Online screen. Obstacles below the window line are also visible to the driver. This is helpful, for example, when approaching
kerbs. One camera is mounted in the radiator grille at the front; there is one in each exterior mirror and one in the centre
of the boot lid. Various views additionally show guide lines to make parking easier. The rear camera is protected against soiling
by the large Mercedes star on the boot lid. When the 360° camera is activated, the star folds up electrically.
Active Parking Assist makes it easier when searching for a parking
space and when entering parallel and end-on parking spaces
and leaving parallel spaces. The system automatically steers the
vehicle into parking spaces, relieving the driver of the steering
and braking work.
The reversing camera is activated automatically when reverse
gear is engaged and shows the area behind the vehicle together
with dynamic guide lines on the central display of the head unit.
The Integral Safety Concept from Mercedes-Benz.
Be it avoiding accidents, ensuring the best response to dangers or mitigating the consequences of accidents – Mercedes-Benz always
takes a holistic approach to driving safety. Attentive every millisecond of the way, prudent in highly complex situations, more thorough than
a human could ever be. This is how your Mercedes helps to protect both the vehicle occupants and other road users.
Safe driving
ATTENTION ASSIST can enhance driving safety, especially
on long routes and when driving at night. It monitors the
steering behaviour of the driver to recognise typical signs
of drowsiness and severe loss of attention, and gives a
visual and audible warning of impending microsleep.
Active Blind Spot Assist can warn the driver of vehicles
in the blind spot during a lane-change, and help to avoid
a collision with one-sided braking intervention (part of
the optional Driving Assistance package Plus).
­radar-based proximity warning, braking assistance with
Adaptive Brake Assist and autonomous partial braking
to reduce the danger of rear-end collisions (standard in
certain countries, not available in conjunction with the
optional Driving Assistance package Plus).
The optional Night View Assist Plus enables drivers to
detect pedestrians or larger animals sooner in the dark.
They are clearly shown on the multifunction display of the
instrument cluster.
In the event of danger
The PRE-SAFE® system initiates preventive measures to
provide the best possible level of protection when there
is a risk of an accident. To this end, it continuously analyses the sensor data from other systems, such as the
Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) and Brake Assist (BAS),
enabling it to detect strong under- or oversteering and
emergency braking, for example. In the S-Class Coupé
this concept has been significantly further developed
by adding PRE-SAFE® PLUS (part of the optional Driving
Assistance package Plus) and now also takes effect in
an impending rear impact. Measures include activation of
the hazard warning lamps, reversible belt tensioning and
locking the brakes of the stationary vehicle – to prevent the
vehicle from rolling forwards to a junction, for example.
In an accident
A comprehensive protection system is able to reduce the
risk of injury substantially. This system includes the active
bonnet, which is raised automatically by a few centimetres in a collision, helping to protect pedestrians or cyclists.
The vehicle occupants are in turn protected by up to eight
After an accident
Every Mercedes-Benz is perfectly trained in first aid. In the
event of an accident, the engine can be shut down automatically and the central locking system can be unlocked,
in addition to which the hazard warning lights and the
­interior emergency illumination can be activated. Finally
the integrated Mercedes-Benz emergency call system
can send GPS position data and important vehicle information as well as place a voice call.
Informative animated films covering almost all of the safety technologies
are available at the Mercedes-Benz TechCenter:
http:// techcenter.mercedes-benz.com
The luxury resort in
your digital world.
Close links between the new S-Class Coupé and various
online services allow a whole new range of services that
make motoring an even more pleasurable and entertaining
experience. You can use the vehicle as a WLAN hotspot,
for example, and fast first aid can be organised automatically in the event of an accident by sending GPS data.
Special apps allow thousands of radio stations and invaluable travel information to be received in the vehicle. A
particularly valuable extra: Live Traffic Information receives
more precise and up-to-date traffic information than
ever before. Route guidance is optimised continuously, and
the arrival time is calculated extremely ­accurately. And
you arrive feeling more relaxed.
These online services are available in conjunction with
the COMAND Online control and display system. Information is shown vividly on a 31.2 cm high-resolution display.
The optional head-up display complements this system
perfectly by projecting important driver information as
a virtual image directly in the driver’s field of vision. To the
driver, the information appears to be hovering around
two metres in front of them above the bonnet.
A hands-on technology leader.
To ensure that the wealth of new technologies and functions add real value, we have developed a new control concept. In addition to
the COMAND Controller and the LINGUATRONIC voice-operated control system, the new S-Class Coupé is equipped with an optional
touchpad that allows numerous telematics services to be controlled intuitively and astonishingly easily. As with a smartphone, you can
navigate through the menu using one- or two-finger gestures. The system even recognises your handwriting. This haptic experience
­likewise enhances driving safety, since intuitive ergonomics leave you free to concentrate on driving the car.
The sheer beauty of sound.
It’s almost impossible to describe this sound. A total of 24 loudspeakers and an output of 1520 watts
transform the interior into an acoustic wonderland. The active woofer alone has an output of 400 watts.
The optional Burmester® High-End 3D surround sound system is just as astonishing when it is
switched off, however, since the immaculate design of the loudspeakers makes them miniature works
of art. Allowing yourself to be completely swept away by this sound is perhaps one of the very few
reasons for not wanting to drive the new S-Class Coupé yourself.
Lower mid-range speaker
Mid-range speaker
Frontbass speaker
Bass speaker
Genuine Swarovski crystals can optionally be incorporated
into the headlamps of the LED Intelligent Light System
to create a new and unusual day and night design. The
crystals’ fascinating play of light in the turn indicators and
daytime running lamps provides striking visual highlights
and emphasises the unique nature of the vehicle. The turn
indicator with 30 crystals underscores the eye-catching
lines of the headlamps. 17 crystals shine resplendent in the
daytime running lamp immediately below this.
As you can see: a headlamp can be a true designer piece.
But, true to its name, the standard-fit LED Intelligent Light
System is a lot more than just beautiful to look at. For better
visibility on secondary roads and motorways, when turning or cornering, the low beam adapts to the weather, light
and driving conditions automatically. In high-beam mode
Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus allows continuous longrange illumination of the road ahead without dazzle. It
obscures part of the light beam for oncoming traffic or
vehicles travelling ahead.
The LED technology also impresses with its very low energy
consumption, long operating life and pleasant white
light that comes close to the spectrum of natural daylight.
In the mood.
The vehicle interior can be subtly fragranced to suit personal preference with the optional AIR-BALANCE package,
which consists of a fragrance generator located in the
glove compartment, a glass flacon and a dispenser. Four
high-end room fragrances are available to choose from:
FREESIDE MOOD – plus an additional flacon which the
driver can fill with the scent of their choice. The intensity
and duration of perfume atomisation are adjustable. The
fragrance is discreet, given off gently and is rapidly dissipated after switching off.
Oxygen ionisation of the interior air is a further function
of the AIR-BALANCE package. Enriching the air with oxygen
anions has a refreshing effect. At the same time certain
­viruses, bacteria and spores can be reduced. In addition,
a filter system with two activated charcoal fine-particle
filters cleans the outside air that enters the vehicle interior
via the air conditioning system.
Comfort that runs all the way down your back like a warm shower.
Every trip in the new S-Class Coupé is like spending time in a spa resort. Especially
with the optional Seat Comfort package including the active multicontour seats with
ENERGIZING massage function and dynamic function for the driver and front passenger. When on the move, the side bolsters automatically and dynamically adapt to vehicle
movements to provide even better lateral support on winding roads and when driving
sportily. The ENERGIZING massage function stimulates and relaxes the back muscles
as required, with 14 air chambers, six programmes and two intensities. So you can indulge
yourself and stay fit better, even on long journeys. The combination of gentle pressure
and pleasant warmth, based on the principle of a relaxing hot-stone massage, is particularly effective.
Nobody knows more about stars.
Every new S-Class Coupé is equipped with a panoramic roof as standard. It directly
­adjoins the windscreen and covers around two thirds of the roof area, creating a distinctive, exceptionally light look from the outside, while the inside is flooded with light and
has a friendly, pleasant ambience. The optional MAGIC SKY CONTROL technology is the
crowning glory of the panoramic roof. The large panoramic roof can change from dark
to transparent or vice versa within a few seconds. When electrical voltage is applied, par-
ticles in the glass structure align themselves so that light can pass through the glass.
The glass darkens when it is switched off – this also happens automatically when the
­engine is stopped. The particles are distributed randomly and stop most of the light from
passing through. This prevents the interior from heating up too much, with the interior
temperature being reduced by up to 10 °C.
S 63 AMG. Eye-catchingly sporty.
It’s as if the powerful AMG design presses the new S 63 AMG 4MATIC Coupé onto the tarmac. With a wealth of dynamically expressive AMG-specific elements at the front, side and rear. An automatically adjustable AMG sports exhaust
system with twin tailpipe trims in distinctive V8 design makes for a powerful sound as well as providing a visual highlight.
Do you have a passion for performance and a sense for the truly special? Welcome to the interior of the new S 63 AMG
4MATIC Coupé. Where your eyes are met by an AMG instrument cluster with a 330 km/h dial including AMG main menu
and AMG start-up display. Where you are cosseted by AMG sports seats in fine nappa leather. And where there are
AMG sports pedals for accelerating and braking.
Seats in AMG designo nappa leather with contrasting topstitching and piping
plus AMG diamond layout and patterned perforations
Parcel shelf in nappa leather
Upper dashboard in nappa leather with contrasting topstitching and piping
Door centre panels in nappa leather with contrasting topstitching
Roof liner and sunblinds in DINAMICA microfibre
AMG door sill panels with illuminated “AMG” lettering
S 63 AMG.
430 kW (585 hp) and 900 Nm of pure driving force: the AMG
5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine beneath the bonnet of the
new S 63 AMG 4MATIC Coupé is one of the world’s most
powerful series-produced V8 biturbo power plants. Perhaps even one of the most emotive in the domain of highend engine construction. The immense thrust is on tap
across almost the entire engine speed range, just waiting
to be unleashed. The integration of sophisticated effi­
ciency measures allows a uniquely moderate fuel consumption for this output category, however.
The styling, the interior, the engine. The transmission, the
brakes, the suspension: nothing has escaped the AMG engineers’ attention – resulting in a driving experience on a par
with a sports car. The drive system comprising AMG 5.5-litre
V8 biturbo engine, AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports
transmission and performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC allwheel drive is in a league of its own.
The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission, with its seven gears,
three transmission modes and double-declutching function, allows extremely
­dynamic acceleration and very short shift times as well as a fuel-saving driving style.
It can also be operated manually using shift paddles on the steering wheel.
The Mercedes-AMG-developed 4MATIC performance-oriented all-wheel drive
with a rear-biased power split of 33 : 67 makes driving a tangibly more intense
The AMG sports suspension based on AIRMATIC combines outstanding agility
and vehicle control with superlative comfort on long journeys. The stiff kinematics,
the continuously variable damping control and the optimised air suspension system ensure the best possible handling right up to the limits.
The AMG speed-sensitive sports steering supports a sporty driving style with
a high level of steering precision and direct cornering properties, while the active
damping enhances the feeling of safety as the car’s speed increases. Depending on the suspension mode selected, the steering characteristics are adapted for
a sportily taut or comfort-oriented steering response.
S 65 AMG. Ultima Emotio.
The new S-Class Coupé taken to the extreme: the exterior
of the new S 65 AMG features AMG bodystyling, vibrant
high-gloss chrome and chrome-trimmed twin tailpipes,
while the interior is adorned with the finest leather and
features a unique trim.
AMG bodystyling and AMG radiator grille with twin louvre in high-gloss
AMG sports seats with seat upholstery layout featuring AMG-specific
chrome and “AMG” lettering
­diamond design
AMG-specific rear apron with trim strip in high-gloss chrome
AMG sports steering wheel with silver-coloured aluminium gearshift
AMG sports exhaust system with two chromed twin tailpipes in V12 design
paddles and “AMG” logo
AMG multi-spoke forged wheels, ceramic high-gloss polished
AMG instrument cluster with 360 km/h dial
S 65 AMG.
The new S 65 AMG Coupé has the power of an automotive
legend behind it: twelve cylinders provide truly outstanding poise and refinement. What makes this smooth running
even more impressive is the fact that it is combined with
an output of 463 kW (630 hp) and 1000 Nm of torque. The
most powerful, emotive and uplifting of feelings. Features
such as the ECO start/stop function mean that you can
enjoy all the thrilling V12 aspects of the new S 65 AMG
Coupé yet still count on astonishingly low fuel consumption and emissions.
The AMG sports suspension based on MAGIC BODY CONTROL with curve
tilting function and innovative ROAD SURFACE SCAN adapts itself to the
road conditions and is therefore able to largely absorb any road unevenness.
The AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission with its
seven gears and three driving modes provides dynamic acceleration and very
short shift times.
The large, internally ventilated and perforated brake discs of the AMG
­high-performance composite braking system give the vehicle outstanding
deceleration characteristics.
AMG Performance Studio. Because, in top-level sport, the difference is in the detail.
The AMG Performance Studio is like a training camp –
where the S 63 and S 65 AMG Coupé are spurred on
to even greater performance. On both a technological
and a visual level. Highlights include the AMG ceramic
high-performance composite braking system, three designs
of 50.8 cm (20-inch) AMG forged wheels and the AMG
Exterior Carbon-Fibre package.
The AMG Exterior Carbon-Fibre package adds sporty details to create
AMG ceramic high-performance composite braking system
an effective contrast – from the A-wing on the front apron and the exterior
Brake callipers painted red
mirror housings to the side sill panels and upper panel of the rear apron.
The AMG Night package features high-gloss black-painted design elements
that highlight the expressiveness and sportiness of the car – from the front
AMG carbon-fibre engine cover
AMG Driver’s package
splitter, the A-wing on the AMG front apron, the exterior mirror housings and
AMG performance steering wheel in black nappa leather/DINAMICA microfibre
the inserts in the AMG side sill panels, to the trim strip in the rear apron.
AMG carbon-fibre/black piano lacquer trim
Two black chrome-plated twin tailpipe trim elements belonging to the AMG
AMG door sill panels with illuminated “AMG” lettering
sports exhaust system add a thrilling final touch.
AMG Exclusive floor mats with “AMG” badge and edging in nappa leather
Vehicle collection at the AMG Customer Centre in Affalterbach (for Germany only)
AMG Line. Three letters that make all the difference.
You can also experience all the excitement of AMG in the
S 500 4MATIC Coupé. The AMG Line design and equipment line includes chrome-coloured pins in the diamond
radiator grille, dynamic AMG bodystyling with sporty
AMG light-alloy wheels and perforated brake discs plus
interior highlights in the shape of a high-gloss black
poplar wood trim. Further trims such as metallised ash
wood are optionally available.
AMG bodystyling consisting of a front and a rear apron plus side sill panels
High-gloss black poplar wood trim
with inserts painted in the vehicle colour
AMG sports pedals in brushed stainless steel with rubber studs
Diamond radiator grille with chrome-coloured pins
AMG velour floor mats
AMG 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels, painted titanium grey with a high-sheen
finish, with 245/45 R 19 front tyres and 275/40 R 19 rear tyres (code 793)
Optional: AMG multi-spoke light-alloy wheels, painted titanium grey with a highsheen finish, with 245/40 R 20 front tyres and 275/35 R 20 rear tyres (Code 769)
Perforated brake discs, brake callipers with “Mercedes-Benz” lettering
AMG Line Plus.
Building on the contents of the AMG Line, dynamism and
exclusivity are taken to even higher levels with a range
of selected equipment and appointments. These include
exterior features such as distinctive 50.8 cm (20-inch)
AMG multi-spoke light-alloy wheels painted black with a
high-sheen finish (Code 789). An even sportier ambience
is ensured in the interior thanks to AMG sports seats and
the easy-grip AMG sports steering wheel.
Genuine accessories.
The new S-Class Coupé leaves hardly anything to be
desired. And for those extra special needs there are gen­
uine accessories. These cover almost every conceivable
need for more pleasant, practical and individual motoring.
The diverse range of items all correspond to a common
standard: every accessory has been developed specifically for the new S-Class Coupé in accordance with
Mercedes-Benz’s high quality standards. Discover the
complete range online at
01 T he shallow boot tub in impact-resistant polypropylene with non-slip
effect. Food-safe. With rib structure to fix the separately available stowage
box in place.
02 1
0-spoke light-alloy wheels 1 in palladium silver metallic with high-sheen
finish, for 245/40 R 20 tyres. Also optionally available for 275/35 R 20
rear tyres.
03 5
-spoke light-alloy wheels1 in tremolite metallic with high-sheen finish,
for 245/45 R 19 tyres. Also optionally available for 275/40 R 19 rear
tyres. (Not suitable for snow chains.)
04 10-spoke light-alloy wheels 1 in Himalayas grey with high-sheen finish, for
245/50 R 18 tyres. Also optionally available for 275/45 R 18 rear tyres.
Genuine accessory wheels are supplied without tyres.
03 05
04 06
For “standard” read “high-end”.
The new S-Class Coupé boasts a whole series of highlights.
These include light-alloy wheels with 245/50 R 18 tyres,
a characteristic single-louvre radiator grille and LED High
Performance headlamps. The interior welcomes you with
leather upholstery and stylish contrasting topstitching, with
gleaming brown burr walnut trim and a light and airy feel –
courtesy of the panoramic roof.
01 Fully electrically adjustable seats and 4-way lumbar support at front
02 Ambient lighting with seven different colours and five dimming levels
03 Panoramic roof with electric roller sunblind
04 Sound system with 10 loudspeakers and Frontbass technology
05 Memory package for driver and front passenger, up to three sitting
­positions can be saved
06 THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control with two climate zones
and three climate styles
09 11
10 12
Optional extras | Selection.
There are countless possibilities for making the new S-Class
Coupé your own. From small details for that certain something to luxurious comfort-enhancing appointments. Take
your time to browse around – in this catalogue, by reference to the price list or online. You can configure the new
S-Class Coupé according to your very own wishes at
the national website for your own country, accessible via
07 Head-up display
11 Heated rear seats
08 Burmester surround sound system with 13 loudspeakers, a 9-channel
12 SPLITVIEW (for COMAND Online) from front passenger’s perspective
DSP amplifier and a total system output of 590 watts
09 Seat Comfort package for driver and front passenger, including active
multicontour seats with ENERGIZING massage function and dynamic
10 SPLITVIEW (for COMAND Online) from driver’s perspective
01R 13R
R38 53R
Wheels are indispensable on technical
grounds, of course. But on an emo­
tional level, too, perfect wheels are an
absolutely crucial ingredient of many
people’s dream car. With this in mind,
we have put together a particularly
large and diverse selection for you.
R41 10-spoke light-alloy wheels with 245/50 R 18
tyres (standard for S 500 4MATIC)
R70 5-twin spoke light-alloy wheels, with high-sheen
finish, with 245/50 R 18 front tyres and
275/45 R 18 rear tyres (option for S 500 4MATIC)
R72 7-spoke light-alloy wheels with 245/50 R 18
front tyres and 275/45 R 18 rear tyres
(option for S 500 4MATIC)
R17 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels with 245/45 R 19
front tyres and 275/40 R 19 rear tyres
(option for S 500 4MATIC)
Ex factory accessories
11R Multi-spoke light-alloy wheels with 245/45 R 19
front tyres and 275/40 R 19 rear tyres
(option for S 500 4MATIC)
63R Multi-spoke light-alloy wheels with 245/45 R 19
front tyres and 275/40 R 19 rear tyres
(option for S 500 4MATIC)
13R Multi-spoke light-alloy wheels with 245/40 R 20
front tyres and 275/35 R 20 rear tyres
(option for S 500 4MATIC)
53R 5-spoke light-alloy wheels with 245/40 R 20
front tyres and 275/35 R 20 rear tyres
(option for S 500 4MATIC)
753 648
647 696
793 AMG 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels, painted
titanium grey with a high-sheen finish, with
245/45 R 19 front tyres and 275/40 R 19 rear
tyres (part of AMG Line for S 500 4MATIC)
769 AMG multi-spoke light-alloy wheels, painted titanium
grey with a high-sheen finish, with 245/40 R 20
front tyres and 275/35 R 20 rear tyres
(option for S 500 4MATIC)
788 AMG 10-spoke forged wheels, painted titanium
grey and polished, with 255/45 R 19 front
tyres and 285/40 R 19 rear tyres (standard for
S 63 AMG and S 63 AMG 4MATIC)
789 AMG multi-spoke light-alloy wheels, painted
matt black with a high-sheen finish, with
245/40 R 20 front tyres and 275/35 R 20 rear
tyres (part of AMG Line Plus for S 500 4MATIC)
753 AMG 5-twin-spoke forged wheels, painted titanium
grey with a high-sheen finish, including wheel bolt
cover in black, with 255/40 R 20 front tyres and
285/35 R 20 rear tyres (option for AMG models)
647 AMG 10-spoke forged wheels, painted titanium
grey and polished, including fully integrated wheel
bolt cover, with 255/40 R 20 front tyres and
285/35 R 20 rear tyres (option for AMG models)
648 AMG 10-spoke forged wheels, painted matt black,
rim flange with high-sheen finish, including fully
integrated wheel bolt cover, with 255/40 R 20 front
tyres and 285/35 R 20 rear tyres (option for
AMG models)
696 AMG multi-spoke forged wheels, ceramic highgloss polished, including fully integrated wheel
bolt cover, with 255/40 R 20 front tyres and
285/35 R 20 rear tyres (standard for S 65 AMG)
More than simply a star. A whole universe.
The range of services from Mercedes-Benz. Every
Mercedes brings with it as a standard feature a reassuring
feeling of safety on the road. But if you ever do need
help, we’re here for you around the clock. You can reach
us from anywhere in Europe on the toll-free number
00800 1 777 77771 (or alternatively directly through
Mercedes-Benz Contact2).
Ensuring that you can keep moving in the event of a
technical breakdown, accident, vandalism or even
misfuelling, the Mercedes-Benz mobility package
Mobilo3 is included as part of the standard
specification. It covers the cost of local assistance, for
example for towing your car away or for a replacement
vehicle – and will do so in more than 40 countries across
Europe for up to 30 years3. Furthermore, for the first
four years following initial registration of the vehicle,
Mobilo offers special mobility services in the case of
workshop visits involving warranty or goodwill situations.
Avoid unexpected workshop costs4: a Mercedes-Benz
Service Contract covers unforeseeable repairs,
maintenance or wear parts, depending on the specific
contract. Your local Mercedes-Benz dealer will be
pleased to provide information about available service
contracts and terms and conditions.
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Drive a
Mercedes-Benz and remain flexible when it comes to
payment: our attractive leasing and finance products
make this possible – matched to your requirements and
needs. We will also be happy to offer you a range of detailed insurance proposals. Just speak to your Mercedes-Benz
dealer, who will be happy to provide information about
our current range of financial services, terms and conditions.
Alternatively: +49 69 95 30 72 77. Calls to a landline are chargeable. 2 Calls from a mobile phone to a landline are chargeable. 3 When it expires, (four years after initial registration)
Mobilo can be extended to up to 30 years from one service to the next by your authorised Mercedes-Benz service partner. 4 Mercedes-Benz service contract terms and conditions apply.
Illustration right: MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 W05, 2014 season.
Enjoy the digital experience of Mercedes-Benz –
wherever you happen to be. Thanks to a range of offers
optimised for smartphones and tablet computers,
you can immerse yourself in the world of Mercedes-Benz
even while on the move.
The fascination of Mercedes-Benz. A car whose name
brings a gleam to the eyes of people all over the world,
one that has featured in many a movie and been sung about
in international hits, is surely far more than just a car.
How did it come to this?
Insights into the full product range, a varied programme
of entertainment and direct contact to a wide variety of
services await you. Take an interactive tour with the
Interactive Owner’s Manual, for example, to get to know
your dream car better. Experience the various functions
in detail, take a close-up look at what’s going on inside or
explore the benefits of the particular model on your
national Mercedes-Benz website.
Discover just what has been moving the world for more
than 125 years and take a fascinating journey through
time as well as through the history of the automobile at the
Mercedes-Benz Museum. More than 1500 exhibits
over a display area of 16,500 square metres demonstrate
the unique heritage and innovative power of the inventor
of the automobile, among them one-off models such as the
oldest Mercedes still in existence, built in 1902, or the
legendary “Gullwing” cars. Welcome to a place of innovation:
With the “Mercedes-Benz Guides” app you can also
explore the highlights of the various vehicles off-line.
The app is available free of charge from the iTunes Store®
(iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).
Incidentally, our TV and magazine media are also available
to watch and read digitally. Explore the whole brand
world for yourself at www.mercedes-benz.com. Just click
to take a look.
What would the history of Mercedes-Benz be like without
motorsport? What would motorsport be without
Mercedes-Benz? The first vehicle ever to win an automobile
race was powered by a Daimler engine. The first
Mercedes was a racing car. The Silver Arrows – a true
legend. Out of this glorious past has grown an exciting
present: the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 team
and the DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coupés fight it
out weekend after weekend for points and victory.
Dimensions and technical data.
S 63 AMG
S 65 AMG
No. of cylinders/arrangement
Total displacement in cc
Rated output1 in kW (hp) at rpm
335 (455)/5250–5500
430 (585)/5500
430 (585)/5500
463 (630)/4800–5400
Rated torque1 in Nm at rpm
7-speed sports
7-speed sports
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in s
Top speed, approx. in km/h
Front tyre size
Rear tyre size
245/50 R 18
245/50 R 18
255/45 ZR 19
285/40 ZR 19
255/45 ZR 19
285/40 ZR 19
255/40 ZR 20
285/35 ZR 20
Premium petrol
Super Plus petrol
Super Plus petrol
Super Plus petrol
CO2 emissions3 in g/km combined
Emission class4/efficiency class5
Euro 6/D
Euro 6/E
Euro 6/F
Euro 6/G
Fuel consumption3 in l/100 km
All dimensions in millimetres. The dimensions shown are mean values
They apply to the standard-specification, unladen S 500 4MATIC.
S 500 4MATIC
Tank capacity in l/incl. approx. reserve
Boot capacity in l6
Turning circle diameter in m
Kerb weight7 in kg
Perm. GVW in kg
F igures for rated output and rated torque in accordance with Directive 80/1269/EEC in the currently applicable version. 2 Electronically governed. 3 The figures shown were obtained
in accordance with the prescribed measuring process (Directive [EC] 715/2007 in the currently applicable version). Note according to Directive 1999/94/EC in the currently applicable
version: The figures are not based on an individual model and do not constitute part of the product offer; they are provided solely for purposes of comparison between the different vehi­
cle models. 4 Data applicable within the European Union only. May vary from country to country. 5 Determined based on the measured CO2 emissions, taking account of the vehicle
mass. 6 Figures in accordance with Directive 70/156/EEC, version 2000/40/EC. 7 Figures in accordance with Directive 92/21/EC, version 95/48/EC (kerb weight with fuel tank 90%
full, with driver, 68 kg, and luggage, 7 kg) for standard-specification vehicles. Optional extras and accessories will generally increase this figure and reduce the payload capacity accordingly. Further technical data can be found at www.mercedes-benz.com
Interior appointments.
Nappa leather
porcelain/espresso brown
black/black 1, 2
porcelain/espresso brown1, 2
crystal grey/black 1, 2
black/black 1, 3, 4
porcelain/espresso brown1, 3, 4
Bengal red/black 3, 5
crystal grey/black 1, 3, 4
saddle brown/black 1, 4
saddle brown/black 1, 3, 4
black/black 1
porcelain/espresso brown1
crystal grey/black 1
black/black 2, 3
porcelain/espresso espresso brown 2, 3
crystal grey/black 2, 3
black/black 1
porcelain/espresso brown1
saddle brown/black 1
Bengal red/black 5
crystal grey/black 1
high-gloss brown burr walnut wood
high-gloss black poplar wood1
designo metallised ash wood1
designo black piano lacquer 1
designo black flowing lines piano lacquer 1
AMG carbon fibre/black piano lacquer 1
Optional extra. 2 Available for AMG Line Plus. 3 Optional extra for S 63 AMG Coupé.
Standard for S 65 AMG Coupé. 5 Exclusively for Edition 1 limited-edition model.
AMG nappa leather 3
designo Exclusive nappa leather
AMG designo Exclusive nappa leather 3
Non-metallic paint
Metallic paints
designo paint 1
Non-metallic paint
040 black
designo manufaktur paints1
Metallic paints
183 magnetite black
197 obsidian black
775 iridium silver
792 palladium silver
890 cavansite blue
897 ruby black
988 diamond silver
989 emerald green
998 anthracite blue
designo paint1
799 designo diamond white bright
designo manufaktur paints1
033 designo mocha black metallic
044 designo allanite grey magno
049 designo cashmere white magno
Optional extra.
Take-back of end-of-life vehicles. At the end of its long life, you can return your S-Class Coupé to us for environment-friendly disposal in a­ ccordance
with the European Union (EU) End-Of-Life Vehicle Directive. But that day lies a long way off.
A network of vehicle take-back depots and dismantlers has been established to make it as easy as possible for you to return your vehicle. You can
leave it at any of these points free of charge In so doing, you will be making a valuable contribution towards completing the recycling loop and preserving
For further information about the recycling and disposal of end-of-life vehicles and take-back conditions, please visit your national Mercedes-Benz
Please note: Changes may have been made to the product since going to print (04.04.2014). The manufacturer reserves the right during the delivery
period to make changes to the design, form, colour or specification, provided these changes, while taking into account the interests of the vendor,
can be deemed reasonable with respect to the purchaser. Where the vendor or the manufacturer uses symbols or numbers to describe an order or the
subject of an order, no rights may be derived solely from these. The illustrations may include accessories and optional extras which do not form part
of the standard specification. Colours may differ slightly from those shown, owing to the limitations of the printing process. This brochure is distributed
internationally. Information given regarding statutory regulations, legal requirements and taxation and the consequences thereof applies to the
Federal Republic of Germany only and is correct at the time of going to press. For current and more specific information in relation to the range of models,
features, optional extras, colours and/or services available in your country, and their pricing, you should contact your nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz
Passenger Car Dealer.
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