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36” imagePROGRAF
iPF765/760 MFP Systems
Large-format scan-to-copy/file/e-mail solutions
for technical document environments.
Designed for AEC, CAD, and GIS technical
documents and general use, the 36”
imagePROGRAF MFP large-format imaging
systems help unlock the full potential of
your productivity. These iPF MFP systems
have a scanner stand that connects directly
to the printer stand to create a one-piece
structure. And, you now have options to
configure the monitor’s position.
• A complete workflow solution includes large-format
scanner, printer, integrated stand, computer, and
intuitive touch-screen interface.
• The scanner stand connects directly to the printer
stand to create a one-piece structure.
• Monitor configuration options include swing arm,
height, and left- or right-side mounting.
• Horizontal Flat Stacker/Basket neatly stacks up to
twenty 24” x 36” plain paper prints.
• Achieve maximum scan speeds of up to ten inches
per second for monochrome documents.
• Economy Print Mode allows for lower cost of
Built with the user in mind, the imagePROGRAF iPF765/760 MFP Systems
include features that make them easy and practical to use.
The scanner stand is designed to connect directly to the
printer stand to create a one-piece structure that helps
reduce the total footprint of the iPF MFP. The stand gives you
the flexibility to use as an “all-in-one” configuration or be set
up as an independent scanner stand. There also are options
for the monitor position incorporated into the new design.
You can choose which side of the stand to place the monitor
and whether to use a straight or a swing arm. When using the
swing arm, you can choose between two height options. This
single-stand design eliminates the need to move the printer and
scanner, piece by piece, when setting up or relocating the MFP.
The integrated Flat Stacker/Basket provides the capability
to neatly stack up to twenty 24” x 36” plain paper prints. The
basket can be configured as a regular basket, a small stacker,
or a larger flat stacker/basket.
A new interface lock system enhances the security functions
of the printer. This feature provides an option for administrative
control to restrict usage to the printer. The imagePROGRAF
iPF765 printer is equipped with a hard drive erase feature
that completely erases data sent to the printer from the
printer’s hard disk. This highest level of erasure meets the
U.S. Department of Defense requirements (DoD5220.22-M)
for erasure of disk media.
The included SmartWorks MFP software provides users with
an easy-to-use interface that requires less interaction between
the user and the software. This will reduce the time spent
preparing each print and streamline the process as well. The
interface includes labels for each button, making printing a file
or scanning to copy or file/e-mail as easy as 1-2-3. The large
preview screen makes it easier for users to make edits and see
dynamic changes on-screen.
Large preview screen
• Make edits and see dynamic changes on-screen
• Press green button and apply all changes to original
scanned file
Image Editing Capabilities
The imagePROGRAF iPF MFP uses CIS technology to capture
the finest image detail in technical documents, maps, sketches,
hand-annotated drawings, and complex schematics. With
true 600-dpi optical resolution, you can achieve exceptional
monochrome performance with very sharp, clean images as
well as high-definition color reproduction. And dynamic preview
ensures that scans and copies match original hard-copy
documents every time.
• Manual Deskew Feature
• Brighten Feature
• Crop Feature
• Zoom In/Out Feature
Print complex schematics with super-clear small text fonts and
crisp lines over color backgrounds, even on uncoated technical
papers. A super-high-density print-head ejects tiny 4pl droplets
of ink that consistently produce 2400 x 1200 dpi output with
fine lines within +/- 0.10% accuracy and as thin as 0.02mm.
And Canon’s unique 5-color Reactive ink-set delivers durable,
smudge-resistant prints with sharp lines and text, bold colors,
and smooth fills.
With four lines of imagePROGRAF large-format solutions…
whatever your needs, Canon has the answer.
Scan Speed*
• 24-bit Full Color @ 200 dpi: 1.67” (per second)
• 8-bit Grayscale and Monochrome @ 200 dpi:
10” (per second)
Scan Modes
• 16.7-million Color RGB (24-bit)
• 256 color RGB adaptive indexed color palette (8-bit)
• 256-level Grayscale (8-bit)
• Black and White (1-bit)
Color Space
Normalized RGB
• 2400 dpi (maximum)
• 600 dpi (optical)
Scan Accuracy**
+/- 0.1% ; +/- 1 pixel
Maximum Image Width
40 Inches
Maximum Media Width
41 Inches
Maximum Scan Length
96 Inches
Maximum Media Thickness
0.012 Inches (0.3mm)
Media Feed System
Single large diameter precision ground drive roller;
adaptive CIS media focus management and media
guide mechanism; intuitive face-up, front-loading, and
front-exit media path with side justification; automatic
media size detection with reliable optical media sensors
Digital Imaging Technology
Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology
• 5x close-spaced “deep focus” CIS (25,000 pixels)
• 48-bit RGB digital color image capture
• 16-bit grayscale image capture
• Panchromatic monochrome and black and white
• Bi-directional extra long-life LED light system for
optimum object illumination and instant-on
scanning capability
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ES-51253 DS 4/12
Digital Image Processing
• 2D Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding (IAT) (1-bit mode)
• Fixed Threshold Black and White (1-bit mode)
• Dynamic Normalization Application (DNA) with
16-bit super sampling
User Status and One-Touch Operation
Center mounted LCD scanner control panel;
walk-up operation and user selection of scanner mode
with stop, forward, rewind, scan, and copy buttons;
local language options, panel overlay, and Magnetic
Media Guide
Included Software
SmartWorks MFP scan-to-file, copy, e-mail with
real-time image viewer. Supports TIFF, JPEG, TIFF G4,
and PDF.
Operating System
Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
User Maintenance
Installable plug-n-play scanner; simple cleaning
Scanner Interface Kit
USB 2 Hi-speed
Operating Environments
10 – 30°C, 35-80% RH, non-condensing
External Power Supply
100-250 VAC autosensing +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz
Scanner Power Consumption
• 40Wh (Scanning)
• 4.2Wh (Stand-by)
MFP Dimensions
Height: Swing arm high: 63”
Swing arm low: 56.2”
Straight arm: 68.2”
Width: With swing arm extended: 78.5”
With straight arm: 61.2
Depth: Flat stacker: 47.3”
Regular basket: 38.4”
Closed: 31.2”
What’s In The Box?
• imagePROGRAF Printer***
• Ci C40 Scanner with power cord and USB 2.0 Cable
(Scanner to Server)
• 2 Meter USB Cable (Server to Printer)
• Ci C40 MFP Stand
• Ci C40 MFP Stand Assembly Instructions
• SmartWorks MFP Software
• Computer
• Flat Panel Touch-screen Display
• Installation and Operation Manual
• Operator Manual on CD-ROM
* The scan rate is proportional across the full range of
resolutions supported by the scanner. Actual scan times
will depend on the host system performance. Quoted
top speeds may be limited by the effective bandwidth
of the USB 2 and is not guaranteed for all media types.
** The quoted scan accuracy may vary depending on the
operating environment and the thickness of the media.
*** Please refer to for
specifications for imagePROGRAF printer models.
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