Epson | AcuLaser C1000 | High quality, affordable A4 colour laser printer

High quality, affordable A4 colour laser printer
• Ideal for home offices or small businesses
• Print speed - colour 5ppm/Monochrome 20ppm (A4)
• Easy to Use
• EPSON AcuLaser 2400dpi RIT
• EPSON AcuLaser Image Technologies
• Compact Footprint
An advanced and affordable A4 colour laser printing solution
from the world leader in colour imaging technology.
The EPSON AcuLaser C1000 is a fast, value for money high quality laser
printer designed for small businesses or the home office. EPSON’s
market leading colour printing technologies provide truly outstanding
levels of flexibility and performance, while compact dimensions &
simple maintenance ensure maximum practicality & ease of operation.
Superb colour & mono results have never been more accessible for Mac &
PC users who want the best results at an affordable price.
The outstanding print quality of the EPSON AcuLaser C1000 is achieved
through the application of a series of EPSON imaging technologies.
EPSON AcuLaser Fine
Dot Control Technology
EPSON Intelligent
Line Screening Technology
EPSON’s AcuLaser Fine Dot Control
Technology boosts the printer’s original 600
dpi resolution to an effective 2400 dpi, by
controlling the size of each dot to one of 16
horizontal steps. This ensures exceptional
print quality, ensuring that all your business
documents have a professional finish.
Developed from EPSON’s award winning
inkjet printers, and controlled by the printer
driver, this technology distinguishes between
photos, text & line drawings on a page &
automatically alters the Line Screening &
Colour Correction for each area. This allows
you to continue running your business
without any concerns about whether you are
getting the best output from your printer.
EPSON AcuLaser PhotoEnhance 4
Also derived from EPSON’s inkjet products,
this improves the appearance of low
resolution images from digital cameras or
scanners. The effect is to make photos
appear sharper & thus enhance image quality
making sure your colour output has the
maximum impact.
High Speed Colour Printing
when you want it
With print speeds of 20ppm mono & 5ppm
colour, a rapid warm up time and 25 second
first colour print time the AcuLaser C1000 is
the ideal printer for a growing business. It is
also ideal for producing such items as direct
mail, price lists and presentations at any
time efficiently and economically.
EPSON AcuLaser Colour RITech
EPSON Colour Resolution Improvement
Technology is a development of EPSON’s own
mono RIT – for smooth presentation of
colour text characters & curved lines. It
eliminates dotted or jagged edges in colour
text, and ensures that even finely detailed
areas are produced sharply, making charts,
graphs and schematics come alive with clear,
crisp tones.
EPSON Colour-RITech keeps colour
definition sharp, with clean edges that
make charts and graphs stand out.
Many business documents contain a
mixture of text and graphic elements.
With conventional laser printing
technology, there is often a significant
trade-off in quality - if the photos
look good, then the charts, graphs
and text inevitably suffer. AcuLaser
Intelligent Line Screening technology,
on the other hand, ensures there’s no
compromise - every item on the page
can be printed at optimum quality.
AcuLaser Fine Dot Control
technology ensures smooth
gradations and faithful
reproduction of
photographic images.
Key Features
• Superior colour printing quality 600dpi with EPSON AcuLaser 2400 RIT
Compact Footprint
Simple Operation & Advanced Drivers
The EPSON AcuLaser C1000 has one of the
smallest footprints of any colour laser on
the market, making ideal for a wide range
of applications & environments in today’s
The AcuLaser C1000 has been designed with
ease of use very much in mind. All settings
and status information for the printer are
available directly from the user’s
workstation. For example you can monitor
the level of the different consumables or
detect when the printer requires more
paper ensuring that your print job can
be completed successfully in the shortest
period of time.
Flexible Connectivity
PC & Mac compatible and ideal for Windows
95/98/Me/2000 & NT4.0 environments the
AcuLaser C1000 is the ideal printing solution
for stand alone or small networks. This high
performance printer also features standard
USB port & high speed parallel interfaces for
simple, effective integration.
• Exceptional print speeds –
20ppm mono & 5ppm colour
• 25 seconds first colour print time
• Versatile paper handling
• Exceptional ease of use & maintenance
• Outstanding value with low operating costs
• PC & Mac compatible
• Expandable memory up to 256MB
• USB, Parallel and Optional Network connection
• Compact footprint
• Advanced EPSON Printer Drivers
Colour Printing at a Price you can afford
In addition to extremely efficient operation,
the EPSON AcuLaser C1000 is designed to be
very easy to use, with mess free maintenance
of consumables such as toner, fuser units &
transfer belts. All consumables are easily
accessible via the front or top of the printer,
while toner cartridges , for example, are colour
coded & can be replaced individually.
Easy to use
Printer Drivers
Flexibility & Paper Handling
The EPSON AcuLaser C1000 has a standard 500
sheet paper tray, expandable to 1000 sheets
with the addition of a second 500 sheet
cassette ( which can handle paper up to 163
gsm). An optional duplex unit is also available.
All consumables can be
quickly and easily replaced
from the front or top of the
Easy paper jam clearance
accessibility from side of
the machine.
Duplex Unit
1 Fuser Oil Roll
Multi-Purpose tray
2 Fuser
3 Toner
4 Transfer Belt Unit
5 Photo Conductor Unit
6 Waste Toner Collector
500 Sheets
lower tray
EPSON AcuLaser C1000
Part Number (UK)
AcuLaser C1000 C11C434011DA
AcuLaser C1000N C11C434011DB
Printing Method
Engine Resolution
600 x 600dpi
Resolution Enhancement EPSON AcuLaser Color 2400 RIT*
*Based on 9600 x 600dpi Class
dot control technology
Print Speed (ppm)
5ppm (A4) Colour Simplex,
20ppm (A4) B&W Simplex
First Page Out
Warm up time
Colour 25 seconds,
Mono 16 seconds
160 seconds
Main Unit
511(H) x 463(W) x 559(D) mm
Main Unit Only
39Kg (without consumables)
45Kg (with consumables)
Duplex Unit
Optional Cassette
PAPER HANDLING (all paper capacities assume 75 g/m2 paper)
Maximum Printable Area Entire paper area except for a
5mm margin at each edge
Standard Paper Input
150 Sheet Multipurpose Tray
- A4, A5, B5, Letter, Half Letter,
GLT, Executive, Monarch, C10, DL,
C5, C6, IB5, Custom size
(92 x 148mm to 216 x 297mm)
- EPSON Color Laser Paper, Plain
paper, Recycled paper, Labels,
EPSON Color Transparencies.
Envelopes. Thick paper
- 60-163 g/m2
500 Sheet Paper Cassette
- A4, Letter
- EPSON Color Laser Paper,
Plain Paper, Recycled Paper
- 60-90 g/m2
Optional Paper Input
Maximum Paper Input
500 Sheet Paper Cassette Unit
- A4, Letter
- EPSON Color Laser Paper,
Plain Paper, Recycled Paper
- 60-90 g/m2
- 116(H) x 435(W) x 488(D) mm,
6.0 Kg)
1,150 Sheets
Standard Paper Output
500 Sheets face down
Optional Paper Handling Duplex Unit (C12C813471)
- A4, Letter
- 60-90 g/m2
- 228(H) x 353(W) x 135(D) mm,
Compatible with all TrueType®
fonts and supported Windows™
and Apple Macintosh™ Operating
Systems. 17 Barcodes
- IEEE 1284 bi-directional Parallel
Interface with compatibility mode,
nibble mode and ECP mode
- EPSON Type B
Interface Slot (empty)
- Universal Serial Bus (USB)
1.1 compliant
Note: only Macintosh PC systems
equipped with a USB connector
and running Mac OS 8.1 or later
and Windows Me/98/2000 support
USB interface
Esc/Page S (Host Based)
10ºC to 32ºC
(without condensation)
15% - 85% RH
(without condensation)
Acoustic Noise Level
Less than 41dB(A) Standby,
Less than 55dB(A) Operating
Safety Standards
Directive 73/23/EEC
EN 60950
Directive 89/336/ EEC
EN 55022 (CISPR Pub. 22) class B
EN 55024
EN 61000-3-2 class B
EN 61000-3-3
Electrical Power
Conforms to International Energy
Star Program standards
Max Monthly Volume
35,000 pages
Total printer life
5 years or 500,000 pages
whichever comes first
Developer Toner Cartridges Black, Cyan, Magenta,
Yellow: 6,000 pages.
Photo Conductor
Drum Kit
30,000 pages Black;
7,500 pages Color
Print head filter
30,000 pages Black;
7,500 pages Color
Fuser Oil Roll
21,000 pages Black;
7,500 pages Color
Fuser kit
100,000 pages
Waste Toner Collector
30,000 pages Black;
7,500 pages Color
Transfer Belt Unit
130,000 pages Black;
30,000 pages Color
Those figures are approximate and are
based on the number of sheets printed
under conditions of continuous printing.
Intermittent use may reduce page yield.
Pentium 233MHz or more
[Pentium II 450MHz], 64MB or
more [96MB] of RAM, 500MB
Free Hard Disc Space, IEEE 1284
Parallel Interface Nibble & ECP
or Standard USB
(Windows 98/Me/2000).
Mandatory Operating System:
Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT 4.0
Rated Voltage
Rated Frequency
Rated Current
Power Consumption
Power Consumption
PowerPC G3 233MHz (500MHz)
128 MB or more of RAM
Mandatory Mac OS:
8.1 or later (not OS X)
220V to 240V ±10%
50Hz to 60Hz ± 3Hz
Less than 6 A
Less than 1,100W
Available Configurations
EPSON AcuLaser C1000
5ppm Colour A4 Laser
16MB Memory
150 Sheet MP Tray
EPSON AcuLaser C1000N
5PPM Colour A4 Laser
16MB Memory
10/100BaseTX Ethernet Card
150 Sheet MP Tray
Warranty Programmes
To ensure you continue to enjoy complete
confidence in your EPSON printer, it is supported by
a 1 year warranty. For additional peace of mind,
optional EPSON CoverPlus Extended warranties can
be purchased.
EPSON CoverPlus Extended Warranties
• 3 year warranty
• Peace of mind
• Minimal down time
• EPSON Authorised Engineers and EPSON original
spares used - providing assurance that the
engineer repairing the product has been trained
by EPSON and will use EPSON specific parts.
• Can be purchased like any other EPSON product.
Each group has a unique part number.*
• Cover is available in mainland UK, Northern
Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.**
• Warranty is transferable if the product is sold on.
For further details on EPSON CoverPlus Extended Warranties,
contact your EPSON dealer or call EPSON.
* Must be registered within 90 days of purchasing the
product it is to cover.
** The mainland of these countries, islands having a
direct road connection to them and the Isle of Wight.
For product support call the EPSON Customer Support
Hotline on 08701 637766. For Ireland, call 01 6799016
Campus 100, Maylands Avenue,
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 7TJ
United kingdom.
Telephone: +44 (0) 1442 261144
Fax: +44 (0) 1442 227227
Home Page:
Specifications subject to change.
All manufacturers trademarks acknowledged.
ISO 14001 Certification Number 80679
Less than 30W
Standard warranty
1 year On-site
Optional warranty
EPSON Cover Plus 3 year
Extended Warranty On Site Group 65
- EPSON 10/100BaseTX Internal
Print Server 2 (C12C823914).
Note: this is the only Ethernet Network
Card compatible with the AcuLaser C1000
Memory expansion
2 slots
(1 slot for the standard RAM)
-16MB (MMSHQ0001)
-32MB (MMSHQ0002)
-64MB (MMSHQ0004)
-128MB (MMSHQ0005)
Note: only the Memory DIMMs mentioned
above are compatible.
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