P/N C3229
This style cage kit is designed for use with the factory dash to remain in place and the front
cage supports to pass through the dash. This design was developed for maximum interior
room and to conform as tightly as possible to the body structure of late model, aerodynamic
body styles.
(1) Main Hoop
(1) Main Hoop Crossbar
(1) Windshield Crossbar
(1) Cage Leg (Left)
(1) Cage Leg (Right)
(2) 39” Hoop Diagonals
NOTE: This kit must be used with a C3310 strut kit
(1) a. Begin by jacking and leveling the car using jacking points, rocker panel pinch welds or
the front or rear frame rails.
b. Jackstands should be placed at points on the uni-body frame that are reinforced from the
c. Ensure the car is level from Front to Rear and Left to Right. Place the vehicle on (4)
jackstands, (2) just behind the front wheels and (2) just in front of the rear wheels. Use
shims placed between the jackstands and frame to level the chassis. Any twist that exists
from improper leveling, will remain after the roll cage is installed.
(2) a. Remove all seats, consoles and carpeting.
b. The windows and door/interior panels should be covered and protected from grinding and
welding sparks.
(3) a. Reinstall the rear seat cushion. The main roll bar hoop should be installed just in front it.
b. Place the main hoop inside the vehicle to check fit (at the desired location).
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Installation Instructions Cont. : C3229 Mustang Roll Cage Instructions
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c. Some gradual trimming may be needed to get the roll bar to fit correctly
(Be sure to measure and allow for the mounting plates to be welded to the floor and rocker
panel area where the roll bar will be welded).
(4) a. Check placement and fit of the roll bar with the driver seated in position. Mark the floor area
to be prepared for installation of the 6” X 6” X 1/8” thick mounting plates. The mounting
area of the floor should be cleaned to bare metal, an additional 1” away from actual weld
b. Form the 6” X 6” steel plates to conform to the floor pan and or rocker panels at their mounting
c. Tack weld in place.
d. The Main Hoop can now be tack welded in place. Begin by ensuring the Hoop is positioned correctly
and has equal spacing from left to right. See FIG 1
(5) a. The dash cover will have to be modified and holes will need to be made just forward of the side
window defrost vents. A hole slightly larger than the roll bar is necessary.
b. Using the supplied template, cut out the hole in the template for the roll bar tube. Hold the template
against the windshield post trim and the edge of the dash that meets the door and tape it in place.
c. Mark the dash and cut the hole using a rotary file or a hole saw.
d. Repeat for the other side. See Fig 2
Installation Instructions Cont. : C3229 Mustang Roll Cage Instructions
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(6) a. In order to install the Cage Legs through the dash, the entire dash will have to be unbolted.
Rotate the dash rearward until the dash is far enough back that the side leg can be slid through
the hole made in the dash.
b. Both the dash and the cage leg will be rotated back again until both parts are in position.
(7) a. To install the Cage Legs (left and right), gradual trimming of the floor end of the bar will
be necessary until the proper height is achieved. Remember to account for the mounting plates when
b. The main hoop end of the left and right Cage Legs will require gradual trimming and notching for
proper fit.
c. While holding either Cage Leg against the Main Hoop, carefully mark the Cage Leg for
trimming. Leave 1” extra for notching. It may take 4 or 5 tries to get it right, keep trimming 1/8”
at a time until the Cage Leg slips into position (hugging the roof line as close as possible). See Fig 3
Fig 3
(8) a. Prepare the front floor area for welding of the mounting plates. Mark the floor area to be prepared
for installation of the 6” X 6” X 1/8” thick mounting plates. The mounting area of the floor should
be prepared in the same way the rear mounting points were done.
b. The mounting plates will need to be bent or cut and formed into a shape that conforms to the floor
pan and rocker panel.
c. Once the plates are fit, tack them in position.
d. The cage side hoops can be slid into position for tack welding. Be sure to fit check with the driver
seated in position. Tack weld in place.
(9) a. The Windshield Bar will be installed next. The bar will require gradual trimming and notching.
The windshield bar is designed to fit at the top of the windshield between the rear view mirror and
the headliner panel.
b. Measure the width of the roll cage across the vehicle just in front of the head liner. The
measurement should be from inside of the left Cage Leg to the inside of the right Cage Leg.
c. Mark the target location on each Cage Leg. Trim the windshield bar allowing an extra 1” inch at
each end for notching. Notch the bar an 1/8” at a time until the bar fits properly. See FIG 3
NOTE :At this time you should have already covered all window glass and protected anything
that could be damaged by welding sparks.
d. Tack into place.
Installation Instructions Cont. : C3229 Mustang Roll Cage Instructions
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Note: you will need to follow the directions included with your C3310 strut kit to complete the
installation of this kit.
Installation Instructions Cont. : C3229 Mustang Roll Cage Instructions
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