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product preview
New security products straight from the show floor
Adams Rite, Booth #8061 The new RITE Touch
digital glass door from Adams Rite, an Assa Abloy
company, features a thin, low-profile design and
sleek Magic Mirror user interface. It requires no
holes or other modifications to the door, making
installation quick and easy. The lock offers dual
credential access control via card reader or PIN
code. To request more info, visit
AES-Intellinet, Booth #6034 The Network Connectivity Tool (NCT) and Configuration and Diagnostic
Tool (CDT) from AES-Intellinet provide an easy way
for dealers and installers to test locations for network
connectivity and to configure and diagnose the company’s alarm monitoring products; thus driving installation costs even lower. To request more info, visit
Affiliated Monitoring, Booth #14099
When an alarm is triggered, your customer
needs to know what is happening as soon as
possible, no matter where they are. With Affiliated Monitoring’s InView Video Alerts, the
security system and video surveillance system
work together to enable a customer to monitor an alarm situation on a smartphone or tablet. To request more info,
Aiphone, Booth #22109 The JO Series Video Intercom from Aiphone conveniently identifies visitors at locked
doors. Inside stations feature easy-touse touch buttons and a large, 7-inch
video screen. The unit can accommodate one door and up to two inside stations. Ready-to-install box sets include one door station, one inside
station and power supply. To request more info, visit
Alarm Lock, Booth #12043 Trilogy Networx Wireless Locks (PL, PDL and DL-Series) from Alarm Lock are
now integrated with Lenel OnGuard v6.6 and 6.5, as well
as with Continental CardAccess 3000. This makes the
locks a real-time wireless access control solution for
seamless use on either platform as an intelligent edge device. To request more info, visit
Allegion, Booth #20031 The Schlage
CO-220 Standalone classroom security lock
from Allegion provides visual
lockdown indication from
inside the classroom. It enables teachers to
press a button on
a remote fob to
initiate immediate
lockdown in time
of crisis from anywhere in their classroom.
The fob can be worn around the neck or on
the wrist. To request more info, visit
Altronix, Booth
#23057 The NetWay 4ES from Altronix is a four-port
managed switch that transmits IP data and
power for up to four IP devices over a single
Ethernet cable. A management feature provides local or remote status monitoring with
the ability to reset devices. The switch is sold
individually or as a kit. To request more info,
AMAG Technology, Booth #16099 The
Symmetry SR-2000 Controller from AMAG
is a four-door control panel that delivers
proven access control
technology and is designed for new and
retrofit security applications. It joins AMAG’s
lineup of control panels which are designed
for plug-and-play upgrade of Picture Perfect and other legacy Casi Rusco and similar systems. To request more info, visit
American Dynamics, Booth #20011
The Illustra 825 Fisheye Camera from Tyco’s American
Dynamics features ultrasmooth digital pan-tilt-zoom
(PTZ) movements for captur- | SD&i | March 2014
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product preview
New security products straight from the show floor
ing real-time 180°/360° panoramic views of wide areas. Leveraging 5
megapixels, the camera can provide a 360° view of a lobby using a
ceiling mount or a 180° view of a room using a wall mount. To request
more info, visit
Antaira Technologies, Booth #3050 Designed
to isolate and protect connected equipment from surges, spikes and electrostatic discharges carried on serial
cable to fiber optic cable, the Antaira STF 400C and
500C series are built to withstand industrial networking hazards like shock, drop, vibration, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and temperature extremes. To
request more info, visit
Arecont Vision, Booth #8045 SurroundVideo Omni Cameras from Arecont Vision feature four multi-megapixel sensors that can be individually adjusted to capture different fields of
view within a full 360° range. This allows a single camera to provide
coverage of a wide area including views directly under the camera or
multiple fields of view using different lens options.
To request more info, visit
Assa Abloy – Sargent/Corbin Russwin, Booth
#8061 Assa Abloy’s IN120 Wi-Fi lock combines secure
wireless electronic access control with a sleek, attractive design. Available from brands Corbin Russwin and
SARGENT, it is ideal for hard-to-wire locations, thanks
to standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity. The
lock’s integrated ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 hardware is
available in cylindrical and mortise lock configurations.
To request more info, visit
Automatic Control Systems, Booth #5077 Available in narrow or wide lane versions and single or
double swing doors in 24 or 120 volt
power configuration, SlimLane swing
door security entrance lanes from Automatic Control Systems offer IP connectivity. It is also UL 2593 listed to help satisfy
the most stringent of building and safety codes. To request more info,
Aventura Technologies, Booth #7103 Aventura will be
showcasing the first H.265 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) solutions at ISC West. The company’s H.265 high-definition and high efficiency network security cameras and recorders provide equivalent video quality to H.264 with half the
requirements for bandwidth and storage or
double the quality with the same bitrate. To
request more info, visit
Avigilon, Booth #22031 The new HD Pro
camera from Avigilon delivers high-resolution images with the company’s next-generation bandwidth management technology to
effectively provide
and coverage of expansive areas. Available in 8 MP, 12 MP
and 16 MP, the camera provides high quality, detailed coverage
of vast areas with fewer conventional cameras required. To request more info, visit
Axis Communications, Booth #14059
A fixed camera for around-the-clock outdoor
surveillance, the AXIS Q1765-LE Network
Camera with built-in infrared (IR) LEDs and
outdoor-ready enclosure features 18x
motorized optical zoom with autofocus for covering long
distances in 1080p
resolution. The bulletstyle network camera
is designed for monitoring entrances, exits, perimeters, parking lots and streets with pole
mounting options. To request more info, visit
Barcode Automation, Booth #22135
Barcode Automation will showcase its Model
DualBeam Barcode
uses laser technology to automatically
scan | SD&i | March 2014
barcode decals applied to vehicles,
working as a hands-free system for
vehicle identification that is immune to radio and solar interference. To request more info, visit
Barix, Booth #31099 The Barix
Simple Paging solution was created to transition
schools and
businesses to
digital PA systems while leveraging existing networks,
keeping costs manageable and offering a simple learning curve. The
solution typically includes several
low-cost Exstreamer decoders and
one or more optional master paging
stations. To request more info, visit
ric reader or through a remotely operated universal control panel. BoonTouch (pictured) is the company’s next generation universal control panel.
To request more info, visit
Bosch, Booth #14051 The FLEXIDOME HD VR cameras
from Bosch offer a choice of imaging capabilities for superior HD video in locations with limited ambient light,
in challenging scenes with bright and dark areas, and in
well-lit applications. The cameras provide intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction, which keeps bandwidth and storage requirements at a minimum. To request more info, visit
Platinum Tools 1/3
BriefCam, Booth #20060 BriefCam Syndex video
review tools enable users to gain access to immediate, actionable information from their video. It is
offered as a standalone or as an integrated/embedSquare
ad for
4.625”x 4.875”)
ded product
the (Size:
VMS environment.
To request
more info, visit
Cut Strip Terminate Test
BCDVideo, Booth #23027 BCDVideo will be introducing its 6U
280TB Genetec-ready storage server at ISC West. This dual-channel
storage controller architecture allows for a second cabinet, enabling
up to 560TB of 6G SAS storage in
a mere 11U of valuable rack space.
The unit uses 6G SAS technology
and comes standard with a five-year
warranty. To request more info, visit
Boon Edam, Booth #8037 Boon
Edam’s Speedlane and Swinglane optical turnstiles ensure
that only authorized users are allowed to enter a secured area.
Authorization can be achieved
through a card reader or biomet-
Security Screwdriver Kit
The perfect set for security installers... never
be without the right screwdriver. Features a
non-slip, comfort grip handle with 11 double
sided security shaft style bits. Includes multiple
sizes of security Torx ®, hex and Robertson
along with spanners and tri-wings. Includes
standard hex & torx screws, slotted
and Phillips head bits.
P/N 19105
Since 1997 we have delivered on
one very straight forward mission...
to develop, manufacture and
source the absolute best possible
solutions for the preparation,
installation, hand termination and
testing of wire and cable.
More Info
We Make Connections EZ
Visit to see all our
Cut, Strip, Terminate & Test solutions and
a distributor near you. 805 384 2777
Custom Electronics
Request information: | SD&i | March 2014
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product preview
New security products straight from the show floor
Brivo, Booth #30044 Brivo OnAir
version 10.11 — the new brand name
for the former Brivo ACS WebService
cloud-based access control management
solution — features an updated User Interface (UI) that is streamlined and designed for usability, reducing the learning curve and simplifying both
system deployment and day-to-day security management. It also includes simplified search capabilities. To request more info, visit
Canon USA, Booth #20075 The ultra-compact
S-series network cameras from Canon have been
designed for indoor environments that require
monitoring of specific areas or items, such as in
the retail, education, commercial and hospitality sectors. PoE (Power over Ethernet) and ONVIF Profile-S Conformance allow easy installation
as part of a new or existing security network. To request
more info, visit
Code Blue, Booth #11099 The IP1500 and IP2500
emergency speakerphones from Code Blue are
ideal for a range of indoor and outdoor locations such as hallways, stairwells, classrooms,
subway cars, parking garages, elevators and
door entries. Combined with the company’s signature Help Points and recently released Blue
Alert First Responder software, they provide a
complete security solution. To request more info, visit
Cognitec, Booth #21124 The
latest version of Cognitec Systems’
FaceVACS-VideoScan video screening and analysis product performs
real-time identity checks against
image databases while computing
the count, flow, demographics and behavior of people visible in video
streams. It detects people’s faces in live video streams or video footage
and stores it for later review. To request more info, visit
ComNet, Booth #4093 ComNet’s CNGE2FE4SMS
six-port Self-Managed Ethernet switch can support a
large number of IP cameras depending on the selected camera’s bit rate. It has four copper TX ports and two
Gigabit SFP Ethernet ports that allow the Ethernet data
from the four TX ports be combined and uplinked through
the Gbps SFP port. To request more info, visit
Continental Access,
Booth #12043 CA3000
from Continental Access
provides robust access
control functionality and
seamless integration with
alarms, locking and a
growing list of video systems. New features include the ability to run
the software and associated applications as
Windows services, and the ability to control
access to the GUI using Lightweight Directory
Access Protocol (LDAP). To request more info,
Cooper Notification, Booth #23075
Cooper Notification has introduced IP network-based Mass
Notification Systems (MNS) —
the newest in the
company’s ALERiTY line of unified interoperable
platform. Offering
WAVES over IP (WoIP) for emergency communications, they allow organizations to leverage
their Local Area Network (LAN) or use the IPC
private network to send audible, visual and
data messages. To request more info, visit
Cyberlock, Booth #19116 The CyberKey
Air is a Wi-Fi-enabled, programmable smart
key compatible with CyberLock’s electronic
cylinders that enables real-time monitoring
of access event information. The key can be
programmed with access
schedules and permissions, and a
battery energizes
the electronics in
the cylinder, eliminating the need for power or wiring at the lock. To request more info,
visit | SD&i | March 2014
Delta Scientific, Booth #17133 The DSC207
Embassy barricade from Delta Scientific is a fully
enclosed, shallow-foundation wedge barricade
with covered front and sides. In a full scale crash
test conducted by an independent test lab, it met
the criteria for an M50/K12 rating. It features a
small footprint, a new programmable drive system and is extremely serviceable. To request more info, visit
Designed Security Inc., Booth #6071
Slimline Series Optical Turnstiles from DSI are an
award-winning solution for lobby access control
that combines an elegant acrylic design with a turnstile barrier measuring less than seven inches wide.
The units enable more turnstiles to fit within today’s
space-constrained building lobbies, while a programmable
LCD display enables customization of points of entry. To request
more info, visit
DVTel, Booth #21109 Available in fixed and
pan-tilt versions, the ioimage Thermal surveillance
cameras from DVTel with associated ioimage video
analytics feature a low-power, lightweight design
with multiple lens options. Powered by DRS Technologies, the cameras can be bundled with ioimage analytics encoders to create an automated detection solution for
multiple markets. To request more info, visit
EK Ekcessories, Booth #16133 The i5 Guardian for the iPhone 5/5s is a phone case with an integrated shielded card holder. It features a retention
lanyard that protects the phone from damage and loss
while a card holder reduces wear and tear on cards
and protects against thieves that use RFID readers
to access information. To request more info, visit
ELK Products, Booth #7033
The ELK-6050 Wireless Smoke Detector provides a two-way
wireless solution with a built-in sounder and rapid “rateof-rise” temperature detection. In the event of a fire alarm,
whether detected by the ELK-6050 or another source, twoway wireless technology allows ELK M1 controls to activate the detectors’ built-in sounders. To request more info, visit
Excaq Technologies, Booth #20011 Version 5.10 of the exacqVision
VMS software adds support for the new exacqVision ESM (Enterprise | SD&i | March 2014
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isc west
product preview
New security products straight from the show floor
tem Manager) product, sold separately from Exacq Technologies.
The ESM server software monitors
the health and status of exacqVision
servers and cameras on the network.
Users can access the ESM interface through most web browsers. To request more info, visit
FLIR, Booth #22053 FLIR’s DNZ30TL2R HD 30X PTZ
IP Speed Dome features a powerful 30X optical zoom
that is ideal for clear identification over wide area
applications such as parking lots, airport tarmacs,
harbor fronts or highways. It is built rugged with a
weatherproof enclosure plus ArcticPro technology
for harsh climates. To request more info, visit
Fluidmesh Networks, Booth #22129 The FM
1200 VOLO from Fluidmesh is a 2x2 MIMO (Multiple
Inputs Multiple Outputs)-based wireless radio designed for backhauling mission-critical video, voice
and data. Features include a fully redesigned hardware platform that’s intuitive and easy to deploy, 30
degrees beam width, 16.5 dBi antenna and the Prodigy
2.0MPLS-based wireless switching engine. To request
more info, visit
FST21, Booth #5065 SafeI, a fully integrated
access control controller, enables the technological advantages of FST21’s SafeRise solution (an
identification system that allows access through
a fusion of biometric recognition, voice and license plate recognition), in a more compact
version. SafeI comes in a standalone plug-andplay enclosure, and is the driving force behind
FST21’s Digital Doorman solution. To request more info, visit
Galaxy Control Systems, Booth
#10045 System Galaxy Software emphasizes
connectivity, interfacing with all legacy Galaxy
hardware and infrastructure. Features include
active directory support for real-time identity
management, individualized identity-based
door access and audit reports for each screen view or credential holder. Data can be shared with visitor management, time clocks, parking
garage systems, etc. To request more info, visit
Genetec, Booth #23027 Genetec will demonstrate its flagship Security Center (version
5.2) system, with advanced unification of
security and operational capabilities. Following its latest strategic
partnership announcement with Assa Abloy,
Genetec will feature new hardware support
for WiFi, PoE, and wireless locks for the Synergis access control system and Synergis Master Controller (SMC). To request more info,
col (OSDP), smart cards and microprocessor
based cards, including state-of-the-art iCLASS
Seos credentials that are portable for use on
smartphones. To request more info, visit
Gentex Corp., Booth
#12109 The GEP and GEPS
Series wall mount expander plate is used in conjunction with a Gentex speaker
or wall mount speaker/
strobe for Mass Notification
System (MNS) and Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) applications. The expander plates allow for the combination of
multiple devices on a single electrical box,
improving aesthetics and lowering installation costs. To request more info, visit
Honeywell Security, Booth #14025 Honeywell’s
VISTA Automation Module (VAM) enables security dealers to offer affordable home automation to customers
who own VISTA security systems. It can control up to 40
Z-Wave devices, including thermostats, locks and light
fixtures, and it supports up to six cameras to help installers create connected
homes with security technology at the core. To request more info, visit
HES, Booth #8061 The KS100
Server Cabinet Lock from HES,
an Assa Abloy company, is a
wireless access control lock
that is specifically designed to
provide improved security in
server rooms. It leverages Aperio technology, which enables
mechanical locks to be wirelessly linked to a new or existing electronic
access control system. To request more info,
HID Global, Booth #11053 HID Global’s
iCLASS SE platform is the company’s standard for highly adaptable, interoperable and
secure access control solutions. It includes
eco-friendly, field upgradeable readers that
support Open Supervised Device Proto- | SD&i | March 2014
Honeywell Power, Booth #11033 Honeywell’s new MIP-2 and MIP-2UD
communicators eliminate the expense of phone lines traditionally used for
alarm monitoring. Using its upload/download capabilities, dealers can access system information remotely. The communicators connect to a security panel’s dialer ports,
enabling them to report alarm information from
any system that uses Contact ID protocol. To request
more info, visit
IC Realtime, Booth #23005 The ClearView CCTV
line from IC Realtime consists of an assortment of IP
cameras, recorders and accessories, including indoor and
outdoor internet Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ), dome, bullet and covert
cameras; varying levels of DVRs, NVRs and touch-screen DVR
combos; complete pre-packaged IP network camera kits, and
more. To request more info, visit
IndigoVision, Booth #3077 The IndigoVision Ultra 5K has an ultra-high resolution of
5,000 horizontal pixels, delivering wider scene
coverage from a single camera. Features include powerful digital zoom, CMOS sensor
with Global Shutter and Wide Dynamic Range. Image processing performance of 120 Megapixels per second gives 6 frames per second video. To
request more info, visit
Inovonics, Booth #16109 Inovonics and Mercury Security have partnered to enable Mercury’s OEM partners
to incorporate Inovonics’ mobile duress wireless network
within its access control platform. Using PSIA’s Area Control open standards, Mercury will integrate its hardware
with the EN6080 Area Control Gateway (pictured) for an
access control platform with enterprise mobile duress capabilities. To request more info, visit | SD&i | March 2014
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isc west
product preview
New security products straight from the show floor
iOmniscient, Booth #31051 (Cisco) The
iQ-Smart City solution from iOmniscient is a
comprehensive portfolio of advanced analytics
capabilities for managing people and traffic in
a modern city. It includes technologies based
on Advanced Video Analytics in addition to
sound (e.g. detecting gunshots, breaking glass, fights, etc.) and smell
(e.g. detect gas leaks or spray-painted graffiti) analytics. To request
more info, visit
IPVideo Corp., Booth #29087 IPVideo Corp. will introduce Sentry
VMS 6.0 at ISC West, a scalable and easy to use end-to-end VMS. Featuring a new look, the software includes a new
graphical user interface, advanced video archival search, increased video playback and viewing options, cutting-edge file security and access features, and timeline playback with thumbnails. To request more
info, visit
IQinVision, Booth #25109 The newest generation of the Alliance-mini from IQinVision
not only includes the increased processing
power needed to run analytics or VMS applications at the edge, it also features WDR, oncamera storage and true day/night capability.
Available in H.264 vandal dome models with support for HD720p,
HD1080p, and 3MP resolutions (5MP coming Q1 2014). To request
more info, visit
Iveda Solutions, Booth #9117 VEMO is Iveda’s
new cloud-based, in-vehicle video surveillance system
with Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation technology. It combines video
equipment and Iveda’s mobile streaming video
hosting service. It is suited for law enforcement,
school buses, emergency response vehicles and
commercial transportation vehicles. To request
more info, visit
JVC, Booth #23067 JVC’s new VN-H657U PTZ HD
Megapixel Camera features an 18X optical zoom lens
and 10X electronic zoom (total 180X zoom capability)
with a 2-megapixel image sensor to provide extreme
detail for real-time and forensic viewing. Meeting
ONVIF Profile-S, other features include JVC’s Super
LoLux HD processing; H.264/JPEG dual streaming;
3D noise reduction and more. To request more info,
Kaba ADS Americas, Booth #12101 BioGard Pro from Kaba combines the LA GARD
Safe Lock with the
AX.S Embedded Access Control System and
I.AM Biometric Fingerprint Key to create a comprehensive
system that protects assets while
tracking and capturing data. The solution can
be standalone or as part of an AX.S Access
Control System. To request more info, visit
Kantech, Booth #20011 Ideal for convenience stores, storage rooms or
parking lots, Kantech’s ioPass
SA-550 Stand Alone Door Controller brings the reader and
controller together in a software-free solution. It offers an
integrated 26-bit Wiegand ioProx proximity card reader that
can store up to 1,000 users and supports up to
eight door configurations. To request more info,
KBC Networks, Booth #17127
KBC Networks will feature its latest wireless HT line at ISC West,
which enables customers to
obtain higher throughput
levels over their wireless links. Demonstrated
to provide in excess of
230Mbps across a wireless link, the units also
feature a Gigabit port, making
them ideal for backhaul and megapixel camera installations. To request more info, visit
Keri Systems, Booth #4071 Keri’s GIOX
Greater Input/Output Module expands the
flexibility of any installation by providing
additional access control functionality as
well as sophisticated input monitoring and | SD&i | March 2014
I/O linkage macro capability for NXT hardware-based
systems with large numbers of sensors and devices. It
is comprised of a motherboard with connectors to attach Input and Output boards. To request more info, visit
Kwikset, Booth #23000 Kwikset’s SmartCode 914 Deadbolt with Home Connect technology features a new exterior
style design and reduced interior size for enhanced aesthetics
inside and outside the home. With a completely redesigned
quiet-drive locking system, the deadbolt features a 10-digit
back-lit pushbutton keypad, UL certification with 20-minute
fire rating and BHMA Grade 2 Certification. To request more
info, visit
Linear LLC, Booth #20053 Linear Enterprise is a browser-based, embedded network appliance and access control system available through select Linear dealers designed for large-scale
installations. The system offers remote management,
low total cost of ownership (TCO), an easy path to
VMS integration, and a unique license key system that
makes integration and expansion easier than ever. To request more info, visit
LogicMark, Booth #7041 The CaretakerSentry
PERS from LogicMark provides a standard pendant
that is fully supervised, waterproof and has a fiveyear battery. It also supports two-way pendants and
emergency wall communicators. It communicates
with the central station via POTS, VoIP or cellular. To request more info,
March Networks, Booth #20657 March Networks’
newest version of its Command Video Management System
(VMS) software — version 1.7 — introduces an interface
redesign that enhances the user experience and speeds investigation times. New features include motion histogram
functionality; interactive mapping and more. To request more
info, visit
Marks USA, Booth #12043 Teachers
can lock down a classroom instantly with
MARKS USA’s Loc-Down Intruder Locksets. The cylindrical locksets are designed
to be locked or unlocked from the exterior
with the interior always open; however,
they also allow a teacher to secure the classroom without stepping into the
hallway to lock the outside handle. To request more info, visit | SD&i | March 2014
Request information:
isc west
product preview
New security products straight from the show floor
Matica Technologies, Booth #22128 The Matica Espresso is a compact desktop ID card printer designed for applications such as employee ID badges,
access control cards, student IDs, transit cards and
more. Available in single- and dual-sided configurations to easily meet printer needs for single- or dual-sided
cards, they offer optional WiFi and Ethernet connectivity. To request
more info, visit
Mavin Technologies, Booth #1053
Mavin’s Security Management Platform
seamlessly integrates modules for access
control, people and credential management, alarm monitoring, action and event
scheduling, front desk identity verification, and real-time device status monitoring. A cognitive, open architecture design allows for third-party integrations and plug-ins to digital
video, intrusion detection and fire systems. To request more info, visit
MicroPower Technologies, Booth #32101
The Helios day/night camera from MicroPower
Technologies captures and transmits IR-illuminated
video data wirelessly up to half a mile. Powered by
solar energy and a lithium battery, the camera consumes less than a tenth of the power of a standard
IP camera, with continuous operation for up to five
days on a single charge. To request more info, visit
Middle Atlantic Products, Booth #28073
The SNE Series from Middle Atlantic is a family of enclosures designed to meet the specific requirements
of IP, analog and hybrid security systems. Security
Network Enclosures are available in 4 configurations
for common security challenges that take system
type, wiring needs, cooling requirements and rack location into consideration. To request more info, visit
Milestone Systems, Booth #20060 The Milestone Husky series
of embedded network video recorders (NVRs) come pre-installed with
Milestone’s award-winning XProtect
video management software (VMS).
Customizable and scalable, each of
the three available models instantly
connect with a wide selection of cameras, and two models can be
configured with more than 50 options. To request more info, visit
Mobotix, Booth #18051
The M15 camera platform
from Mobotix offers two
exchangeable 5 Megapixel
sensor modules. The platform
is IP66 certified and has been
successfully tested at a temperature range from -30 °C to +60 °C. Available
through authorized distributors and partners,
the unit does not need any additional housing, fans, heating etc. To request more info,
Monitronics, Booth #22057 Using the exclusive eContract electronic contract application, Monitronics authorized dealers can complete an electronic version of each contract in
the customer’s home
on an iPad or Android
tablet. A PDF is then
sent instantly to the
company and the customer. Updates scheduled for 2014 include
Canadian, state-specific and Spanish language
contract versions. To request more info, visit
MorphoTrak, Booth #8089 The MorphoAccess SIGMA Series biometric access
reader combines Morpho
performance with Bioscrypt features with full
compatibility for legacy
Bioscrypt and Morpho
customers while offering new
customers the opportunity to upgrade. For
both access control and time-and-attendance
applications, it implements more than 20
patents for biometric identification with other innovative features. To request more info,
Morse Watchmans, Booth #31087 The
KeyWatcher Touch enterprise key control
and management system from Morse Watchmans has a bright 7-inch touchscreen and
easy-to-use interface. KeyAnywhere enables | SD&i | March 2014
users to return a key to
any KeyWatcher in the enterprise. Every transaction
is automatically recorded,
and each unit features the
patented SmartKey system,
modular design and full
scalability. To request more info, visit
Napco, Booth #12043 For dealers faced with
the absence or uncertainty of traditional telephone lines and the popularity of VoIP internet
usage, Napco has
developed NetLink internet/intranet reporting
modules to communicate alarms over the internet or intranet
over a TCP/IP based network using dynamic IP
addressing. They can be used for primary and/
or backup reporting. To request more info, visit
NICE Systems, Booth #11045 NICE Situator’s new mobile and web capabilities extend
situation management from the control room
to the field, while providing advanced tools for
handling complex, multi-stakeholder incidents
in information-rich environments. The latest release also improves visualization of incidents by
integrating with advanced organizational and
global mapping resources. To request more info,
Nitek, Booth #8032 The EL4500C from Nitek quickly turns any ordinary RG59 coax cable into a highspeed network communication path for distances
up to 500 meters. The unit couples an environmentally hardened four-port PoE+ Network Switch
with Nitek’s Etherstretch technology. It includes
a four-port transmitter, receiver and a power
supply which requires no set up or configuration. To request more info, visit
OnSSI, Booth #11075 Ocularis Mobile, utilizing OnSSI’s High Definition Interactive Streaming (HDIS) technology, delivers full-motion
playback of up to 16 HD megapixel cameras at full resolution and at each camera’s
original frame-rate (up to 30 fps), over lowbandwidth connections. It fully controls each
camera for playback and digital zooming
from an iPad, iPhone or Android device. To request more info, visit
Optellios, Booth #25123 The FiberPatrol FP1100-X system from
Optellios features advanced fiber-optic sensor technology that can
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isc west
product preview
New security products straight from the show floor
pinpoint the location of an intrusion attempt to within one or two fence panels.
The system reports the coordinates of an
attempted breach, which can be used for
activating corresponding PTZ camera presets and for personnel dispatch. To request
more info, visit
Panasonic, Booth #14039 Panasonic will display two IP66rated outdoor weather- and vandal-resistant HD and Full
HD fixed dome network cameras at ISC West. The 1080p
model (WV-SFV631L) and 720p model (WV-SFV611L) are
available through authorized Panasonic resellers. Engineered for any lighting conditions, the cameras produce
high-definition resolution at 60 frames per second. To request more info, visit
Pelco by Schneider Electric, Booth #18037 Pelco by Schneider Electric and Oncam Grandeye have
partnered to deliver the Evolution 360-degree cameras. Oncam’s patented de-warping technology enables users to go back
in time to retrospectively view the total
scene in its original form and then pan, tilt
and/or zoom (PTZ) within the 360-degree image, as if it were a live image. To request more info, visit
Platinum Tools, Booth #4045 Platinum Tools
will feature its new 22-in-1 Security Screwdriver Kit at
ISC West. Designed specifically for security professionals, this set provides versatility for both security and traditional applications. The handle features a non-slip,
comfort grip and a shaft design that reaches screws
recessed up to five inches deep. To request more
info, visit
PPM 2000, Booth #34078 PPM’s Perspective SOC incident management software combines computer-aided dispatching with incident
reporting and data collection for faster
command and control response. Service
requests are documented, including initiation and deployment. Users can execute standard operating procedures,
trigger alerts and notifications, and turn
a closed dispatch into an incident report. To request more info, visit
Quantum Secure, Booth #14135 Quantum Secure’s SAFE Physical Identity and Access Manager (PIAM) centrally manages physical
identities and access across diverse physical
security systems while maintaining compliance. Version 4.8 increases functionality with
email-based approval
and denial of physical access requests;
ability to build spatial
hierarchy for access
control provisioning;
escort sign-in/-out with visitor check-in and
-out and more. To request more info, visit
Quintron, Booth #3057 Quintron’s RDS-1
network appliance technology is a “traditional server replacement” that delivers
everything needed
for an eight-door
system, upgradable to 32 doors, in a single
pre-configured device. Application software,
as well as the database and administrative
utilities are all ready to use without any loading or configuration. To request more info,
management with secure, multi-user KVM control of both
local and remote computers. To request more info, visit
Rutherford Controls, Booth #8099
The slim, adjustable design of the new 0563
half-inch Rim Strike from Rutherford Controls,
a DORMA group company, makes it the perfect solution for tight-fitting installations. The
strong, durable surface-mounted (no frame cutting required) strike is designed to work with
Pullman latch rim exit devices and most door
frame materials. To request more info, visit
Salient Systems, Booth #26101 Version 4.2 of Salient Systems’ CompleteView VMS has been enhanced
with camera auto detection, Axis
edge storage and light control
support, click-to-center PTZ control and an improved mobile user
interface. POS TransactionTracker integrates with point-of-sale
systems to deliver insights and actionable detail for a loss prevention strategy. To request
more info, visit
RBtec Perimeter Security, Booth
#32087 The Ironclad perimeter intrusion detection system from RBtec is meant to detect intruders when the fence is cut, climbed
or jumped to give
an extra 5-10 minutes to react and
stop the intruders.
Each analyzer can
monitor up to two
1,000-ft. zones. To request more info, visit
Samsung Techwin America, Booth #14079
Samsung’s new SRM-872 is a full-featured, eight-channel NVR for mobile use with POE to power all connected cameras. Designed
to withstand the extreme
environments faced in the
mobile and railroad industries, it has only one single DIN. Includes built-in
VGA/HDMI out for HD monitor connection with full
menu-driven mouse support. To request more info, visit
RGB Spectrum, Booth #30098 RGB Spectrum’s MultiPoint Control Room Management
System (MCMS) integrates multiple disparate
systems without requiring custom software.
Ideal for command centers, SOCs, EOCs, industrial/process control and SCADA system integration, it combines real-time
control room
Secura Key, Booth #9140 Secura Key’s NOVA.16
(Model SK-MRCP) multi-reader access control panel is a
technology upgrade to the company’s
legacy SK-NET system. The panel connects to the local area network, along
with a high-speed, RS485 peripheral
network consisting of up to 16 singledoor Smart Readers that control and
monitor a single door. To request
more info, visit
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102 | SD&i | March 2014 | SD&i | March 2014
isc west
product preview
New security products straight from the show floor
Securitron, Booth #8061 Capable of mounting on
glass, stone, granite or marble entryways, Securitron’s R100
Surface Mounted Wireless Reader with Aperio technology
significantly extends the reach and application of access
control, when paired with a variety of hard-wired electromagnetic or electric locking devices. Installation requires
no drilling or pulling of wires to the door. To request more
info, visit
Security Door Controls (SDC), Booth #20109 SDC’s EA100
Exit Annunciator is a multi-mode signaling device that visibly communicates the status of the
door opening by color and sequence. With a
180° viewing angle, it can be mounted on the
magnetic lock of any manufacturer or on the door
frame, wall, ceiling or nurse’s desk. To request more info,
Senstar, Booth #25117 FlexZone from Senstar
detects and locates any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise breach a fence — even when there are simultaneous intrusions and in the presence of background environmental noise. High-speed sampling
and advanced algorithms enable it to discriminate
between intrusion signals and environmental noise.
To request more info, visit
Sentry360, Booth #6117 SentryEdge NVRs from Sentry360 allow
for flexible video management software options as
well as versatile storage options such as NAS,
RAID or other third-party systems. Designed
for entry-level systems with the mini-series, or
enterprise-class deployments with the pro series, the scalable NVRs
come with solid state drives, Intel processors and high wattage PoE
ports. To request more info, visit
Sentry View Systems, Booth #5051 The SentryPOWER POD Power-On-Demand system from Sentry View Systems is a self-contained
unit in a 5U configuration for hybrid power input from up to three sources. Features include
web interface for setup and maintenance,
power I/O and battery state monitoring and
logging, programmable power relays, contact
closure inputs, and built-in network switch. To request more info, visit
Silent Knight, Booth #11039 The SK-FIRE-CO Detector from Silent
Knight by Honeywell senses both fire and carbon monoxide and greatly
reduces nuisance alarms. The detector satisfies new CO legislation that
many states are implementing
for commercial properties. The
unit’s sounder base provides
distinct tones for a fire vs. a
CO emergency for further compliance. To request more info, visit
Smarter Security Inc., Booth #23129
The Fastlane Glassgate 300 from Smarter Security offers openness and high security, with
barriers up to five feet high. Offered in three heights, the
IP-enabled optical turnstile has a minimal pedestal frame without ends.
Combined with glass
side panels and swinging
glass barriers, it maximizes the visual
impact of a lobby. To request more info,
Sony, Booth #11063 The SNC-HM662 360
degree hemispheric-view dome IP
camera from Sony features a
360-degree panomorph lens
and is certified as an “ImmerVision Enables” solution.
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, it supports
fast, responsive electronic PTZ
and 11 different viewing modes through the
Sony Web viewer. To request more info, visit
Stanley Security, Booth #30072 Pacom
Unison from Stanley Security is an open, integrated security management platform that
enables organizations
to integrate different
systems and streamline operations. Integrating a range of systems from different
manufacturers, it enables users to manage access control, intrusion detection, surveillance,
fire, building services and intercoms from a
single platform. To request more info, visit | SD&i | March 2014
STI, Booth #11089 STI’s UL/cUL
Listed Metal Protective Cabinets
come in a variety of sizes to house
different electronic devices. They
protect equipment from hazardous
parts and provide a degree of protection to against dirt. To request more info, visit
STOPware, Booth #9077 STOPware will demonstrate market-specific additions to its visitor management
portfolio, including PassagePoint
PIV Module, which enables government users to process visitors using
PIV-compliant credentials that meet
HSPD-12; and an integration with
Lenel’s OnGuard system. To request
more info, visit
System Sensor, Booth #10039 System Sensor will display low frequency sounders and sounder
strobes that meet NFPA 72 requirements
for commercial sleeping spaces. For regions that have adopted the 2010 or 2013
edition of NFPA 72, all new commercial
sleeping spaces are required to use a device that produces a low-frequency tone
centered around 520 Hz. To request more
info, visit
tions, advanced notifications based on sensor activity, and
remote arming. The Control service level allows the incorporation of Z-Wave devices. To request more info, visit
Toshiba, Booth #30078 An
all-in-one IP video network
storage and management solution, Toshiba’s NVSPRO servers empower
organizations to scale IP video surveillance systems to
be able to archive larger volumes of video or support as
many as 64 megapixel IP cameras. To request more info,
Ultra Electronics, Booth #14115 UltraSecure is a
new line of technology cards
from Ultra Electronics designed
for proximity access control
systems. Compatible with 26-40
bit proximity systems including
Immediately available in 11 contact styles,
High-Security switches create the ultimate
security protection for Jewelry Stores, Document
Vaults, Gun Safes and other high value targets.
Talk-a-Phone, Booth #24109
WEBS Contact Plus from Talk-aPhone is a hosted, Software as a
Service (SaaS) mass notification solution that makes it easy to send notifications through a range of media
to defined recipients and WEBS-enabled devices. Notifications are sent through phone, SMS
(text message), email and mobile app. To request more
info, visit
Telguard, Booth #17101 Telguard HomeControl interactive
services are now available for DSC
PowerSeries and IMPASSA panels.
Coupled with Connect24 cellular
service, it is offered in two service
levels: The Interact service level includes basic notifica-
Request information: | SD&i | March 2014
isc west
product preview
New security products straight from the show floor
all standard and most custom formats, an advanced read/write data
chip enables the card to hold one of 137 billion unique security codes.
To request more info, visit
Verint, Booth #30056 Nextiva Situation Management Center
(SMC) is Verint’s next-generation
Situation Management solution to
provide organizations with the ability to mitigate and prevent risks, respond quickly to events and reduce
operational cost. The system also enables compliance with federal
and industry regulations by enforcing standard operating procedures.
To request more info, visit
Vicon, Booth #22075 HDExpress from Vicon records up to 16
channels of 1080p network video while requiring no additional hardware for installation. Users simply connect a range of 1080P network cameras to the device’s camera ports and it
detects and configures them while delivering PoE power. To request more info, visit
Video Mount Products (VMP), Booth
#1046 Video Mount Products
will feature its new 19-inch
Equipment Rack Enclosure
(EREN) series at ISC West, including the EREN-18, EREN-27
and EREN-42E. The enclosures
come with integrated cooling fans and lockable, removable side panels (with optional
locks). To request more info, visit
WavestoreUSA, Booth #7125 WavestoreUSA will showcase the newest version
of its video management software, V5.42.
Compliant with ONVIF Profile-S, users can quickly access valuable video
data for investiga-
tions. Layout enhancements provide at-aglance insight into video data and security trends across a surveillance system’s
infrastructure. To request more info, visit
Winsted, Booth #20081 Ideal for control
rooms, E-SOC control stations from Winsted
are part workstation, part console and completely adaptable. Ergonomic enhancements
operator performance
and result
in greater
when monitoring complex systems. The
units feature Winsted’s Versa-Trak monitor
mounting system. To request more info, visit
Zenitel USA, Booth #22103 Based on
native IP technology, Exigo from STENTOFON/Zenitel USA is an advanced, scalable system specifically designed to meet
the demands and needs of PA and general
alarms. Applications include: railroads and
transit; schools and universities; airports; manufacturing; warehouse facilities; or any application
requiring PA and general announcements. To request
more info, visit
Zwipe, Booth #5055 Zwipe will introduce its
new, next-generation biometric card — a contactless smart card credential with on-card fingerprint reading — at ISC West. Eliminating the
problem of solely deploying PINs and standard
cards, the wirelessly powered card enables users to authenticate themselves directly on the
card by quickly reading the user’s fingerprint in
less than a second. To request more info, visit
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5726MP-6 SD & I Mission 500 half spread ad RA 15.75” x 4.875” | SD&i | March 2014
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