Cleaning and Replacing the Air Filter

Epson PowerLite 85/825/826W
Cleaning the Air Filter and Vent
Your projector includes an air ter to ensure the best performance. If
dust collects on th
or vent, clean them as described below.
Dust clogs prevent proper ventilation and can cause overheating and
damage the projector.
If you see the following message, clean the air ter immediately.
The projector is overheating. Make sure nothing is blocking the
air vent, and clean or replace the air filter.
1. Turn
the projector. Wait for the P power light to stop
then unplug the power cord.
To order replacement air
lters, request part number
V13H134A22. See page 13
for ordering information.
use a small vacuum cleaner
2. To clean the intake vent and
designed for computers and other
e equipment. If you don’t
have one, gently clean the vent with a soft brush (such as an
artist’s paintbrush).
You can remove the air lter to clean both sides. For instructions,
see page 110.
The exhaust
vent is on the
other side of
the projector
3. If the dirt is di ult to remove or the
is damaged, or if the
message appears again after cleaning, replace the lter as described
on page 110. Contact your dealer or call Epson at
800-GO-EPSON (800-463-7766) to purchase
Epson PowerLite 85/825/826W
Replacing the Air Filter
If the filter is difficult to clean or damaged, or if the overheating
message appears after cleaning, you need to replace the filter. Contact
your dealer or call Epson at 800-GO-EPSON (800-463-7766) to
obtain a new filter.
1. Turn off the projector.
2. When the P power light stops flashing, unplug the power cord
3. Open the air filter cover by sliding the switch and pulling down
the cover.
Epson PowerLite 85/825/826W
4. Grasp the tab and pull the filter straight out.
5. Press in the new air filter until it clicks in place.
6. Close the air filter cover.