Date: 3/11/2010
No. MB03-10AG
Marketing Bulletin
Product Family: Gravely, Ariens
From: Ariens Sales & Marketing Dept.
To: RM’s, DM’s, Tech Service, Customer Service, US and Canadian LNG Dealers
Subject: ZT HD/Max Zoom Commercial Warranty
Dealer Action: Sales Notification
The Gravely® ZT HD and Ariens Max Zoom® models will have a 1-year limited commercial
warranty this year, along with a 2-year limited consumer/homeowner warranty.
This change applies to the following models:
Gravely® ZT HD 48 [Model 991068]
Gravely® ZT HD 52 [Model 991069]
Gravely® ZT HD 60 [Model 991070]
Ariens Max Zoom® 48 [Model 991073]
Ariens Max Zoom® 52 [Model 991074]
Ariens max Zoom® 60 [Model 991075]
The new warranty will be highlighted in the 2010 full-line Gravely catalog and highlighted on
hang tags produced after the announcement of this change.