040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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On the crest of style comes the car you’ve always desired. The car voted the Most Beautiful Small
Car in the World† for 2003. Introducing the enviable C3 from Citroën. Compact yet generously
proportioned, with bold, chic styling, C3 is a small car designed to make a big statement.
Rounded wings and wheel arches put C3’s self-confidence on display, and an expanse of glass
opens up panoramic views of the world you desire to be seen in.
The C3’s bonnet rises to a vast, arched windscreen. The sweeping roofline extends to the hatch
back. The curves of the roof, wings, windows, bonnet and doors accentuate the compact design.
Even the triangular rear lamp clusters direct the eye to the C3’s curvaceous body styling.
The theme continues throughout, with a funky two-tone dashboard that flaunts coordinated
digital displays, driver instruments and four circular air vents; it extends to the curved door
handles, door catches inset in semi-spherical indents, and elliptical bins in each door.
Loving attention to detail adds to the effect. Sturdy black bumpers, and rubbing strips that run
the length of the car. A streamlined grille dominated by a distinctive chrome Citroën chevron,
with imposing clear lens headlights on either side.
Curvaceous design, leading-edge technology, generous specifications, sophisticated safety
features and outstanding driving dynamics combine in the stunningly different Citroën C3.
A car for the city. A car for urban backstreets. A car for the open road. The car everyone you know
will want to possess.
L’Automobile più Bella del Mondo®
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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1 Auto-adaptive gearbox (optional).
A sequential auto transmission continuously adapts to your
driving style and external conditions by selecting the most
appropriate gear.
For a more dynamic driving style, the sequential function
gives you the option of selecting the gears manually. Select
normal, sport or snow settings to give different shift
patterns for different driving conditions.
The Citroën C3 uses an advanced Multiplex electrical system, which reduces the amount of
electrical cabling in the car, increasing reliability and delivering a wealth of innovative functions.
Even C3’s safety is intelligent. In any C3 model, if you have to decelerate rapidly the hazard
warning lights self-activate to alert drivers behind you. An audible over-speed warning tells you
if you exceed your pre-programmed speed limit. You’ll have black panel night-time instrument
lighting for minimum interior distraction. The boot automatically locks as soon as you reach
10kph. And there is an anti-pinch function on the front electric windows, which can also be
closed or opened up to thirty seconds after the ignition is turned off.
If you’re driving a SensoDrive C3 at dusk, or when you enter a tunnel or dark underground carpark,
the headlights can be programmed to come on automatically. The SensoDrive can also be
programmed so that when it starts to rain the rain-sensitive windscreen wipers wipe automatically.
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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1 RDS stereo with stalk-mounted controls.
All C3s are equipped with a 6-speaker radio/CD player
(in-dash 5-stack CD player optional) that automatically
adjusts the volume settings according to the speed of the car.
For added safety and convenience at your fingertips, stalkmounted controls are standard.
Variable power-assisted electric steering.
Light and manoeuvrable when parking and progressively
firmer at speed, it ensures optimal driver control at all times.
Multi-function screen.
All in one spot, the easy-to-read digital screen displays
date, outside temperature, time, radio programming and
door-ajar alert.
• The Most Beautiful Small Car in the World
(L’Automobile più Bella del Mondo®) for 2003 in Italy
• Car of the Year 2002 in Spain, Hungary and The Netherlands
• Car of the Year 2003 in Croatia and Denmark
• Imported Car of the Year 2002 in Japan
• Autobest 2003 in 9 Central European countries
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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4 Compact, sexy instrument cluster.
A funky two-tone dashboard blends with curved lines and
shows off a gloriously easy-to-read instrument panel.
5 Air conditioning.
All models feature air conditioning with pollen filters.
SensoDrive models feature automatic digital air conditioning
with a heat-reflecting windscreen.
6 Door handles.
Grab comfortable curved door handles inside and out, with
an interior door catch inset into a semi-spherical indent.
7 Air vents.
Four functional air vents make C3’s air conditioning look as
good as it feels, in harmony with C3’s stylistic feel.
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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How much space can a small car possibly provide? In your Citroën C3, you and your passengers
have room to move, room to conceal, room to express yourselves.
Helping to keep the interior clutter free and maintain the spacious and comfortable environment,
up to 30 convenient storage features are located throughout.
Each of the front doors has a large storage compartment, and the centre console can hold either
three soft-drink cans or the C3’s movable ashtray, which doubles as an oddment cup. And,
unusual for its class, the C3 has not one, but two glove boxes.
The tallest vehicle in its class, the Citroën C3 soars at 1.52m, making it possible to raise the
position of both driver and front passenger, giving all occupants a clear view of the road and the
scenery. The Citroën C3 is easy to get in and out of thanks to more natural seating and
wide opening (68º) of the doors. The rounded windscreen and the location of the B pillar –
placed further back than usual – ensure amazing peripheral visibility.
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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1 Under-seat storage.
Tucked under the driver’s seat is a drawer big enough to hold a largeformat street directory and hide your valuables from view.
2 One of the biggest boots in its class.
The C3 has an exceptional boot capacity of 305 litres. Split fold seats
mean the hatch back can carry exceptionally bulky loads.
3 Upper glove box.
Generous storage space at your disposal for pens, glasses or mobile phone.
Lockable lower glove box.
Chilled storage for on-road refreshments.
4 Height- and reach-adjustable steering wheel.
Makes creating your ideal driving position easy.
5 Fully adjustable seats.
Make yourself at home. Ergonomically designed driver’s and front
passenger seats are height-, tilt- and slide-adjustable. Relax in the
renowned comfort of Citroën seats.
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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The emphasis on safety is heightened by the fact that the C3 is built on an entirely new platform.
While the C3 features a traditional suspension set-up at the front, with Macpherson struts,
the rear suspension is a fresh design with a flexible transverse beam linked to an anti-roll bar.
The new configuration is a superb combination of comfort and dynamic performance.
Incorporated in the body is ring of steel and energy-absorbing side-impact protection, with a
shock-absorbing front bumper and protective side mouldings. In fact, up to 41 per cent of the C3
is made from high-strength steel. This makes the C3 light without compromising safety.
For added driver protection, a steering column ‘body block’ system is fitted on the steering
column. In an accident, the column retracts by 50mm to reduce the risk of chest injury.
C3 has five 3-point seatbelts. Each, except for the middle rear, is also fitted with force limiters.
The two front seatbelts are height-adjustable and equipped with pyrotechnic pretensioners.
In the back, you’ll find three child restraint points.
As mentioned, C3 also offers a programmable ‘over-speed’ warning to let you know if you’re going
too fast, along with powerful ‘guide-me-home’ headlights that remain on for a period of time as
you alight from your car. To reduce driver fatigue, the instrument cluster has a ‘black panel’
function that dims the light from the dash to minimise driver distraction during night driving.
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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1 Automatic hazard warning lights.
In the event of rapid deceleration, C3’s hazard warning lights
are activated automatically.
2 Rain-sensitive windscreen wipers.
Automatic rain-sensitive windscreen wipers and auto lightson are standard equipment on SensoDrive models.
3 ABS.
All Exclusive models have ABS with Electronic Brakeforce
Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Braking Assistance (EBA).
EBD controls brake pressure individually for each wheel, while
EBA reduces stopping distances under emergency braking.
4 Three 3-point inertia-reel rear seat belts.
All models are fitted with three 3-point inertia-reel rear seat
belts with force limiters on the outer seat belts. Front seat
belts are height adjustable and fitted with force limiters and
pyrotechnic pretensioners.
5 Complex surface headlights.
Powerful new halogen complex surface headlights are
significantly more effective than traditional headlights in
lighting the way ahead.
6 Central locking control.
To ensure optimal protection, this control on the dashboard
allows you to lock all four doors simultaneously.
7 Four airbags.
All models have two adaptive front airbags and two front
lateral airbags.
8 Remote control plip.
Security features of the high frequency remote control
include a locating function and transponder immobiliser.
One button is for locking and locating the car at a distance,
the other for unlocking.
The Citroën C3 is well protected against theft and break-ins. The range features a new generation
transponder immobiliser, deadlocks, central locking and a remote control plip as standard. For
extra security, if the high frequency control system is accidentally operated and unlocks the car
but the doors or boot are not opened within 30 seconds, the C3 automatically relocks itself.
As added protection for occupants and their luggage, the boot locks automatically when the
vehicle reaches 10 kilometres per hour and remains locked until a door is opened or the ignition
is switched off.
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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A choice of engines
The C3 offers a choice of engines to suit all types of driving. Choose the efficient 1.4 litre C3 or
enjoy the powerful 1.6 litre engine.
Citroën’s new light, strong and flexible engines achieve what would have been thought
impossible just a few years ago. They combine driving pleasure with excellent fuel economy,
while reducing their environmental impact.
Ninety per cent of the C3’s weight is constructed from materials that are easy to recycle,
reducing environmental impact still further.
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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1.4 litre engine
The C3’s powerful and supple multipoint injection 1.4 litre petrol
engine has a top speed of 165kph, and offers an enviable blend
of performance and economy.
Perfectly matched to the engine characteristics is a choice of
5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox. The optional
sequential, auto-adaptive gearbox continuously adapts to your
driving style and external conditions by selecting the most
appropriate gear.
1.6 litre engine
The Citroën C3 offers a powertrain that is as different and
advanced as the body that covers it. Sprinting to 100 kmh in 12.9
seconds. That is what the 1.6 litre 16 valve 82 kW engine in the
Citroën C3 can provide. But how it is delivered is unique in its class.
Imagine a gearbox that offers the ease of an automatic, with the
performance and economy of a manual gearbox. That alone,
would be an outstanding achievement, were it all that the
Citroën SensoDrive system offered. But there is more.
With SensoDrive in control, even in manual mode, every gear
change is a perfect gear change so there is no wasted fuel,
exhaust emissions are cut and fuel economy is improved.
Look alongside the steering wheel of the C3 SensoDrive and you
will find the same curved paddles that are fitted to the World
Championship Citroën Xsara Rally Car. And they are there for
the same reason.
At the flick of the finger and as an alternative to letting the C3
change its own gears, the driver can shift gears in fractions of a
second without using a clutch pedal – there isn’t one.
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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A fully galvanised body, and layer upon layer of protection, ensure C3’s good looks are preserved.
In fact, the Citroën C3 comes complete with a 12-year corrosion warranty and a 3-year
paint warranty. C3 also comes with a 3-year warranty and a roadside assistance programme for
the warranty period.
Citroën’s unique multi-layered protection system insures C3’s galvanised body and beautiful
range of colours continue to look as good as new.
1 Steel galvanised on both sides
2 Electro zinc plating
3 Primer coat
4 First coat of paint
5 Second coat of paint
6 Final lacquer coat
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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Citroën opens up the C3 with ‘Panoramique’
The Citroën C3 ‘Panoramique’ has an innovative twin panel glass sun-roof that offers front and
back seat occupants the pleasures of open air motoring.
The sunroof runs almost from the top of the windscreen to the rear hatch. Split into two sections,
the front half is electrically powered and offers the choice of tilt opening or six different open
settings. When opened, the air dam pops up to eliminate drafts and the booming effect that can
afflict some less well-designed sunroofs.
The C3 sunroof sits completely flush with the roof so as not to spoil the lines of what is officially
the World’s Most Beautiful Small Car.
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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Make your own style statement
Extraordinary care has been taken in the choice of materials for the C3 interior. Fabrics are of the
highest quality, selected for their good looks as well as their durability.
A choice of discreet fabric designs complement the C3’s vibrant palette of body colours.
Grey interior trim*
‘Sirius’ grey
– velour
Blue interior trim*
‘Sirius’ blue
– velour
*Interior trim colour is dependent on the choice of body colour.
14" Milan Hubcap
15" Aigle Hubcap
15" Lynx Alloy
16" Leopard Alloy
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Bleu Grand Pavois
Rouge Lucifer
Bleu Lucia
Rouge Ardent
Gris Aluminium
Bleu Oriental
Blanc Banquise
Noir Onyx
Vert Lentz
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
Metallic, lacquer and Noir Onyx (black) paint available at extra cost.
040502 Citroen C3 Brochure
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Print date: July 2004 Part no. EM40502