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16-Port Type 3 MAU
This nonpowered
MAU gives you 16
ports, and fits in the
rack space of an 8-port
Key Features
16 lobe ports in a single
1U-high chassis.
Port reset button.
Port status LEDs.
Can be flush- or recessedrack-mounted, wall- or shelfmounted with hardware
Ring In, Ring Out auto
Lobe ports are shielded
RJ-45 connectors.
16-Port Type 3 MAU
additional ports
high-density wiring
closets. This MAU does not
require AC power and also
does not require the use of an
insertion tool during
In comparison to using two
8-port MAUs, the 16-port
MAU costs less. Also, you
only use half of the rack space
of common 8-port MAUs.
Since no AC power is
required, the MAU provides
flexibility in the choice of
where to locate the wiring
installation, which may be
non-air-conditioned areas,
such as warehouses and
A long-life lithium battery
provides power to a circuit
that allows the manual reset of
all lobe circuits. You simply
press a button to reset the
ports. This eliminates the
need for an insertion tool
during installation.
Status LEDs are powered
by the attaching Token Ring
adapters, and provide a visual
indication of connect status.
The MAU automatically
detects the removal of a cable
and wraps the Ring In or Ring
Out port—so there’s no
network downtime!
Shielded RJ-45 connectors
on the lobe ports provide
support for UTP or STP 100ohm cable. Use UTP cabling
for much less cost than STP
cabling. Or use 100-ohm STP
cabling if you require greater
And the MAU operates at 4
or 16 Mbps. No configuration
switches are required.
You choose the mounting
method you prefer—flush or
recessed rack-mount, wall- or
shelf-mounted—and the
hardware’s included with the
Typical Application
Connect three MAUs together via Ring In and Ring Out to
form a main ring. Add workstations to the ring via lobe port
In the diagram at right, three
MAUs are connected together
to form the main ring.
Additional equipment you may need:
Technically Speaking
16-Port Type 3 MAU is
in the same way as
industry-standard IBM
8228 token ring MAU. It is a
wiring hub used to create a
star wiring configuration
from the main ring to
individual token ring
workstations. Like the IBM
8228 MAU, the 16-Port Type 3
MAU has Ring In and Ring
Out connections on the front
panel. However, it has 16
workstation ports, rather than
8, while using no additional
Relay Tool Required—None
rack space. The MAU has
RJ-45 connectors that allow
the use of less-expensive UTP
cabling. The MAU has LEDs
for Port Status and Reset to
give you status at a glance. It
also has a reset button, which
is powered by an included
lithium battery and
eliminates the need for a
costly insertion tool.
• Shielded or Unshielded
Twisted-Pair Cable
• Token Ring Interface Cards
for workstations
For these and other components...
Call our expert Technical Support Staff for all your LAN
needs. They’ll help you find the best equipment for your
Ordering Information
(1) Ring-Out
Indicators—LEDs: (16) Port
Status, (1) Reset
Speed—4 or 16 Mbps
CE Approval—All items
listed are approved
Power—Nonpowered; reset
button powered by lithium
battery (included)
Temperature—Operating: 0 to
50 °C; Storage: -55 to 85 °C
H4.3 x W43.7 x D15.2cm
Relative Humidity—5 to
95%, non-condensing
Weight—1.6 kg
This information will help you place your order quickly.
16-Port Type 3 MAU .....................................................LT2060A
Maximum Altitude—
Operating: 3040m; Nonoperating: 12160m.
MTBF—90,322 hours
Connectors—(16) RJ-45
shielded, (1) Ring-In,
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