Save on Your Home PHone Service.

Save on Your
Home Phone Service.
Bring your home phone and number to Verizon Wireless or activate a new line of service,* the choice
is yours. And, for a limited time, with a new two-year activation, you’ll get the Home Phone Connect
device for FREE.
Home Phone Connect from Verizon Wireless offers a variety of features and benefits.
Flexible: Take your existing number with you when you need to move from location to location.
Cost Efficient: Make unlimited domestic calls from the U.S. for one low flat rate.
Easy: Simple setup and go out of the box.
Keep Your Existing Home Phone and Number.
+ Home Phone Connect is compatible with your existing
cordless or corded headsets.
+ Continue to use your favorite Verizon Wireless voice calling
features like Caller ID , Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling.
ort your home numbers to Verizon Wireless or establish
a new line of service.1
+ Supports Caller ID with Name feature for $1.99/month.
Home Phone Connect is available with two pricing options:
Home Phone Connect Plan Options
Plan Options*
Monthly Access
Unlimited Single Line
In-Home Calling
Add a Line to your qualifying
Family SharePlan®3 and use
Plan Minutes at home2
Home Phone Connect
2-year activation
Month to Month
Limited time offer
Full Retail Price
Please contact your Verizon Wireless business specialist for
additional information on products, pricing and services.
Joe Lico
Education K-12 Sales
Mobile Phone: (518) 944-6077
Eligibility to keep number varies.
*Consumers may be eligible for up to 9 lines of service on a single account without a deposit.
†Number only. Caller name is not displayed unless stored in your phone’s memory, or if you subscribe to the Caller ID with Name feature for $1.99/month.
‡After two lines of service for $55 monthly access or higher on any Nationwide Family SharePlan.
1 If customers port their numbers, they may not be able to make or receive calls using Home Phone Connect for 2–10 business days. During the port process, customers will be able to make and receive calls by keeping their home telephones connected to the wall
jack and using their current service provider until the port is complete.
2 Includes Unlimited Night & Weekend, Mobile to Mobile, and Friends & Family® Calling.
3 Our Surcharges (including monthly Federal Universal Service Charge of 17.9% of interstate and international telecom charges [varies quarterly], Regulatory Charges of 16¢ per line per month, Administrative Charges of 83¢ per line per month, and others by area)
are not taxes (details: 1.888.684.1888); government taxes and our surcharges could add 7%–41% to your bill.
IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Activation fee per line: $35 for month to month and 1-yr.; $25 for 2-yr. Subject to Customer Agreement, Calling Plan, and credit approval. Up to $175 early termination fee and additional charges for extra minutes
on Family SharePlan. Coverage, varying by service, not available everywhere; see © 2012 Verizon Wireless.