5-Channel Headphone Mixer/Amplifier
The facts about Multi-Function Headphone Amplification
With home recording studios becoming more common, there is a need for flexible, professional headphone monitoring sufficient for a number of performers.
Basic headphone amps offer one set of stereo inputs and volume-controlled headphone outputs. The HeadAMP V offers more options for studio applications.
For example, it may be necessary to connect more than one stereo source, possibly the aux or monitor output, from the mixer. Or perhaps the stereo output of a
tape deck or CD player. It may be necessary to insert reverb or EQ on certain headphone channels, or to interconnect two headphone amps for additional
performers. Naturally there needs to be a level control for each headset, clean, accurate reproduction and plenty of power.
About the ARTcessories HeadAMP V
Five headphone channels each with its own level control and ¼ inch stereo out jack.
Left and Right RCA inputs.
Left and Right ¼ inch inputs.
The Left ¼ inch input will also accept a stereo TRS connector and stereo mix (tip = right, ring = left), such as the headphone output from a mixer.
If a mono jack is connected, only the left earpieces will work.
The Right ¼ inch input will act as a mono input if the Left ¼ inch input is not used. In this manner both channels will receive the same audio.
A ¼ inch TRS link jack permits interconnecting two HeadAMP Vs for 10 headphone channels, 6 with inserts, and a total of 4 input sources.
3 Stereo Insert Jacks for direct access to Channel 3/4/5’s stereo output.
Connect the AC adapter cord to the 12VDC input connector on the rear and plug the other end into an appropriate power outlet.
Using a stereo dual-RCA patch cord, connect the output of a CD player or tape deck to the L and R RCA inputs on the HeadAMP V.
If you are connecting the separate L&R outputs of a mixer, use two shielded mono cables and plug them into the Right/Mono ¼ inch input and
Left/Stereo ¼ inch input on the HeadAMP V.
If you are connecting the headphone output of a mixer, use a stereo shielded patch cable and plug into the Left/Stereo ¼ inch HeadAMP V input.
To interconnect two HeadAMP Vs, run a shielded stereo (TRS-TRS) patch cable between their Link jacks. Now four sources and up to ten
headphones can be connected.
Plug Headphones into the Out jacks on the front of the HeadAMP V and adjust the Level controls as desired.
Input Impedance
Maximum Input Level
Maximum Gain
Maximum Output Power
Output Impedance
10k Ohms
+18 dBV
26 dB per channel
300 mW per channel
10 Ohms
< .008%
< .008%
12 Volts DC (adapter included)
7.5” x 4.75” x 1.25” (190mm x 120mm x 30mm)
2.6 lbs. (1.1 kg)
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