Public Broadcast Phone Technology Manual
Escene SayHi Public broadcast wired/wireless IP Phone contains all functions of traditional analog broadcast and intelligent FM
radio. It overcomes the weakness of poor sound quality, susceptible to interference and complex maintenance management of
traditional broadcast system. This product integrates computer network, digital video surveillance, IP broadcast multi-network
into it without special wiring.
Escene SayHi Public broadcast IP Phone can be applied in school, hospital, stadium, hotel, hall, cinema, shopping mall,
commercial building, government building and other public radio projects. It has passed the FCC/ROHS/CE certification
requirements. The software supports up to 20 ways paging function and has high quality audio source.
Key Features
IP Network Broadcast IP Phone has feature of more, faster, better, save and easy, etc.
► More broadcast subareas: With the 20 ways paging function owned by itself, it can be flexibly divided into more broadcast
subareas without limit.
► Faster system configuration: The IP Phone configuration can be faster accomplished when connecting to the network;
Perfectly compatible with server platform, it can fast switch between the back ground music and the emergency broadcast.
► Better broadcast voice quality: Based on TCP/IP network, the voice of broadcast IP Phone will not be impacted by the outside
environment or transmission distance. With the high/low audio speaker, the audience will enjoy the high fidelity acoustics.
► Save device maintenance: Device operation and maintenance is easy-simple. It contains 3 buttons, rear 3.5mm microphone
port , standard RJ45 Ethernet port.
► Easy management: System administrator can manage the devices for different users from different subareas by remote web.
► Wireless Broadcast IP Phone is easy to install, dual use. It can work when you disable WIFI and use the LAN cable.
Front cover width:215 mm, Height:65 mm; Back cover width:160mm,
Height:135mm; Total height:155mm
13w, with high and low audio handling
Built-in high sensitive microphone
1*RJ-45(LAN/PC port. The LAN port supports POE, PC port only works on
Network port
wireless IP Phone). Refer to Software Function List.
3.5mm port
1*3.5mm microphone port
Light touch button
3 buttons; Refer to Software Function List.
Indication for buttons(ABC)
A. Network
Input: AC100~ 240V, output:DC12V/1A, POE(
Net weight: 1.1 kg , gross weight: 2.0 kg
Operating environment
Temperature: 0 ~ 60 ,degrees of humidity: 10% ~ 90%
B. Paging C. VoIP account. Refer to Software Function List.
Software function list
SIP account
RJ-45 status switch
IP access: DHCP/STATIC/PPPOE. Normal mode: LAN. Wireless mode: LAN/PC,
when WIFI enabled, it is for PC; when WIFI disabled, it is for LAN.
ABC button definition
Button A: Once-press for IP Broadcast; Long-press 20sec for default setting.
Button B: VOL+ ; Button C: VOLLEDs for A (Network):
Green slow flashing means failed network connection; Stable green lighting
means network connected.
ABC buttons– LEDs function
LEDs for B (Paging):
Paging is free (Stable Green); Paging is busy (Green Quick Flashing, 1 time/sec).
LEDs for C (SIP Account):
Any account registered successfully (Stable Green); Any account is working(Green
Quick Flashing, 1 time/sec); Any account registered failed (Green Slow Flashing, 2
VOIP protocol
SIP 2.0
Network protocol
Voice codec
G.723.1 (5.3K 6.4K b/S)\G.729 A (8Kb/s)\G.711 A/U (64Kb/S)\G.722(64Kb/S)
Voice priority tag(TOS), Dynamic jitter buffer, Voice detection, Comfortable
background noise generated(CNG), Echo elimination G.168(32ms)
Hierarchical user permissions password login the Web, signaling encryption, voice
Independent Paging
Support more than 20 ways paging function, priority from high to low in turn
Remote management
Web page, HTTP/TFTP/FTP auto provision, telnet and so on
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