Metz | Spectral-55 | Program by session

Program by session
Special Sessions / Mini-Symposium
MS 1 : Combinatorial Optimization, Mini-Symposium organized by
(Université Paris-Dauphine, France)
Ridha Mahjoub
MS 1.1 : Thursday 20 8h30 – 9h45
8h30 – 8h55
The single-vehicle preemptive pickup and delivery problem
Hervé Kerivin, Mathieu Lacroix, Ridha Mahjouh.
8h55 – 9h20
On The k Edge-Disjoint 3-Hop Constrained Paths Polytope.
Fatiha Bendali, Ibrahima Diarrassouba, Ridha Mahjoub, Jean Mailfert.
9h20 – 9h45
On the polytope of the (1,k)-survivable network design problem.
Lise Slama, Ridha Mahjoub.
MS 1.2 : Thursday 20 14h40 – 15h55
14h40 – 15h05
Combinatorial problems and integer formulations in wireless mesh network
Marceau Coupechoux, Pierre Fouilhoux, Sébastien Martin.
15h05 – 15h30
Polyhedral Approach for the Vertex Separator Problem.
Mohamed Didi Biha, Marie-Jean Meurs.
15h30 – 15h55
Separable Augmented Lagrangian Algorithm for solving an electricity generation
scheduling problem.
Nidhal Smaoui, Vincent Grellier, Jerome Quenu.
SS 2 : Combinatorial and Stochastic Optimization, Session organized by Abdel Lisser
(Université Paris Sud, France)
Thursday 20 11h05 – 12h20
8h30 – 8h55
Multiroute flows: parametrized cut-trees.
Pascal Berthome, Diallo Madiagne.
8h55 – 9h20
Stochastic Quadratic Knapsack Problem.
Alexei Gaivoronski, Abdel Lisser, Rafaël Lopez.
9h20 – 9h45
Polynomial-time solvability of some multicut problems.
Cédric Bentz.
SS 3 : Combinatorial and Non-Convex Optimization for Image Analysis and Computer
Vision, Session organized by Christoph Schnoerr (University Mannheim, Germany)
Wednesday 19 8h30 – 10h10
8h30 – 8h55
Quasiconvexity and Beyond: Theory, Algorithms and Applications in Computer
Fredrik Kahl, Carl Olsson.
8h55 – 9h20
Fast Optimization of Discrete Markov Random Fields Using the Primal-Dual
Nikos Komodakis, Nikos Paragios, Georgios Tziritas.
9h20 – 9h45
On Max-sum Arc Consistency.
Tomas Werner.
9h45 – 10h10
Efficient Optimization of non-submodular, pairwise Markov Random Fields.
Carsten Rother.
SS 4 : Optimal Control and Related Techniques, Session organized by Joseph Frédéric
Bonnans, INRIA-Futurs et CMAP, France)
Monday 17 16h50 – 18h30
16h50 – 17h15
A Convexity-based Homotopy Method for Nonlinear Optimization in A
Convexity-based Homotopy Method for Nonlinear Optimization in Model
Predictive Control.
Julian Bonilla, Moritz Diehl, Bart De Moor, Jan Van Impe.
17h15 – 17h40
0ptimal control techniques for hydropower production.
Joseph Frédéric Bonnans.
17h40 – 18h05
Characterizations of Kurdyka-Lojasiewicz inequality.
Jérôme Bolte.
18h05 – 18h30
A penalization approach for tomographic reconstruction of binary axially
symmetric objects.
Romain Abraham, Maïtine Bergounioux, Emmanuel Trélat.
MS 5 : DC programming and DCA, Mini-Symposium organized by LE THI Hoai An
(Université Paul Verlaine, Metz, France)
MS 5.1 : Monday 17 11h05 – 12h20
11h05 – 11h30
D.C. Programming and DCA for Nonconvex Resource Allocation Problems in
Multi-user Interference Communication Systems.
Yang Xu, Le Ngoc Tho.
11h30 – 11h55
DC Programming and DCA for Automated Guided Vehicles Dispaching in Port
Container Terminals.
Babacar Mbaye Ndiaye, Pham Dinh Tao, Le Thi Hoai An.
11h55 – 12h20
A step from d.c. optimization to d.c. mixed variational inequality
Le Dung Muu, Quoc Tran Dinh
MS 5.2 : Tuesday 18 14h40 – 15h55
14h40 – 15h05
Cryptanalysis of an identification scheme based on the Permuted
Perceptron Problem using a combined DCA-Simulated Annealing algorithm
Sarra Boullagui, Le Thi Hoai An, Pham Dinh Tao
15h05 – 15h30
Motif Finding via DC programming and DCA
T.M. Belghiti, Le Thi Hoai An, Pham Dinh Tao
15h30 – 15h55
Recent development in application of direct methods to large-scale problems
Abdelkader Hachemi, Said Mouhtamid, Nguyen An Danh, Dieter Weichert.
MS 5.3 : Thursday 20 14h40 – 15h55
14h40 – 15h05
A DC Programming Approach for Portfolio Selection Models with Discrete Asset
Choice Constraints.
Mahdi Moeni, Nalan Gulpinar, Le Thi Hoai An, Pham Dinh Tao.
15h05 – 15h30
An application of DC programming approach for logistics network design problem
Phuong Nga Thanh, Nathalie Bostel, Olivier Péton.
15h30 – 15h55
Behavior of DCA Sequences for Solving the Trust-Region Subproblem.
Le Thi Hoai An, Pham Dinh Tao, Nguyen Dong Yen.
SS 6 : Deterministic Global Optimization based on Branch and Bound Algorithms,
Session organized by Frédéric Messine (ENSEEIHT, France)
Monday 17 13h50 – 14h15
13h50 – 14h15
A Reformulation Method based on Affine Artihmetic for Constrained Global
Optimization Problems.
Jordan Ninin, Frederic Messine, Pierre Hansen.
14h15 – 14h40
A Branch and Bound Algorithm for Convex Semi-Infinite Programming
Le Thi Hoai An, Mohand Ouanes
14h40 – 15h05
An Interval Branch and Bound Algorithm for Mixed Constrained Global
Optimization Problems with Constraints of Black-Box type.
Julien Fontchastagner, Frederic Messine, Yvan Lefevre.
15h05 – 15h30
Interval Bounding Methods.
Frederic Messine.
SS 7 : Financial Optimization, Session organized by Berc Rustem & Nalan Gulpinar
(Imperial College, UK)
Monday 17 16h50 – 18h30
16h50 – 17h15
Robust portfolio optimization: a conic programming approach.
Kai Ye, Berc Rustem.
17h15 – 17h40
Worst-case Robust Investment Strategies with Discrete Asset Choice Constraints
Using DCA.
Mahdi Moeni, Nalan Gulpinar, Le Thi Hoai An, Pham Dinh Tao.
17h40 – 18h05
Partitioning Procedure for Polynomial Optimisation: Application to Portfolio
Decisions with Higher Order Moments.
Polyxeni-Margarita Kleniati, Berc Rustem.
18h05 – 18h30
Optimal Investment and Asymmetric Risk for A Large Portfolio: A Large
Deviations Approach
Ba Chu, John Knight, Stephen Satchell
SS 8 : Global Nonconvex Quadratic Programming, Session organized by William
Hager (University Florida, USA)
Tuesday 18 11h05 – 12h20
11h05 – 11h30
An Ellipsoidal Branch and Bound Algorithm for Solving Quadratically
Constrained Quadratic Programs.
Dzung Phan, William Hager.
11h30 – 11h55
A combined DCA and Branch-and-Bound with New Bounding Techniques for
Globally Solving Nonconvex Quadratic Programs
Nguyen Canh Nam, Pham Dinh Tao, Le Thi Hoai An
11h55 – 12h20
Multilevel Quadratic Programming Techniques for Graph Partitioning.
William Hager.
MS 9 : Image Quality Assement and Enhancement, Mini-Symposium organized by
Azeddine Beghdadi (Université Paris 13, France)
MS 9.1 : Thursday 20 8h30 – 9h45
8h30 – 8h55
Image Registration with a Partition of Unity Finite Element Method.
Oudom Somphone, Sherif Makram-Ebeid, Laurent Cohen.
8h55 – 9h20
Integration of Visual Weightings in Jpeg2000 for Quality Enhancement.
Mohamed-Chaker Larabi, Christine Fernandez.
9h20 – 9h45
A Nonlinear Filtering Approach to Image Restoration.
A. Bouzerdoum, M. A. Kitchener.
MS 9.2 : Thursday 20 14h40 – 15h55
14h40 – 15h05
Teager-Kaiser Energy Operator for Image Contrast Enhancement.
A.O. Boudraa, E.H.S. Diop, F. Salzenstein.
15h05 – 15h30
A Proximal Point Algorithm for a Non Negative Basis Pursuit Denoising model.
F. Malgouyres, T. Zeng.
15h30 – 15h55
A Pyramid Contrast-based Watermarking Method and its Performance evaluation
M. Luong, Q. B. Do, A. Beghdadi
SS 10 : Integer Optimization, Session organized by Gérard Plateau (Université Paris
13, France)
Tuesday 18 8h30 – 9h45
8h30 – 8h55
Reformulation in mathematical programming: an overview
Leo Liberti.
8h55 – 9h20
Linear and quadratic formulations of the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman
Laurent Alfandari, Lucas Létocart.
9h20 – 9h45
Lagrangian and convexification methods for the 0-1 exact k-item quadratic
knapsack problem.
Lucas Létocart, Marie-Christine Plateau, Gérard Plateau.
SS 11 : Modelling in Banks, Insurance and Bourse, Session organized by Duc PHAMHI (Ecole Centrale Electronique, Paris, France)
Tuesday 18 11h05 – 12h20
11h05 – 11h30
Dealing with non-convexities in Finance
Pham Hi Duc.
11h30 – 11h55
Portfolio mean variance approach under transaction costs defined by a pieacewise
affine function.
Yves Rakotondratsimba.
11h55 – 12h20
Bayesian Networks for Risk Assessment and Quantification.
Patrick Naim, Laurent Condamin.
SS 12 : Metaheuristics for Network Security and Reliability, Session organized by
Pascal Bouvry (University of Luxembourg)
Wednesday 19 8h30 – 10h10
8h30 – 8h55
Optimal Location of Sensor Nodes with a Memetic Simulated Annealing.
Guillermo Molina, Enrique Alba.
8h55 – 9h20
Maintaining Shortest Paths in Dynamic Graphs.
Stefan Balev, Frederic Guinand, Yoann Pigne.
9h20 – 9h45
Multi-Objective Optimization for Information Sharing on Vehicular Ad Hoc
Networks: a case study.
Bojan Reljic, Frank Zimmer, Pascal Bouvry.
9h45 – 10h10
Gene Expression Programming in Intrusion Detection.
Rafal Paluch, Franciszek Seredynski, Pascal Bouvry.
SS 13 : Network Design, Session organized by Bernard Fortz (Université Libre de
Bruxelles, Belgique) and Arnaud Knippel (Insa-Rouen, France)
Tuesday 18 11h05 – 12h20
11h05 – 11h30
Network Optimization through a particular topology ; case of Routing Problem
Mohamed Amine Boutiche, Hacène Ait Haddadene, Le Thi Hoai An.
11h30 – 11h55
A Survivable and Reliable Network Topological Design Model
Franco Robledo.
11h55 – 12h20
Arnaud Knippel
SS 14 : Nonconvex and Discrete Optimization, Session organized by Jean B. Lasserre
(LAAS, Toulouse, France)
Friday 21 10h15 – 11h55
10h15 – 10h40
A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm based on Semidefinite Programming for the
Minimum k-Partition Problem.
Bissan Ghaddar, Miguel Anjos, Frauke Liers.
10h40 – 11h05
Local Cuts for Non-Linear Programs with Binary Variables.
Christoph Buchheim Frauke Liers, Marcus Oswald.
11h05 – 11h30
Solving polynomial least squares problems as polynomial semidefinite programs.
Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima.
11h30 – 11h55
Spectral bounds for unconstrained (-1,1)-quadratic programming problems.
Walid Ben-Ameur, Neto Jose.
SS 15 : Nonconvex Programming in Telecommunication, Session organized Jérôme
Galtier (FranceTelecom/Orange, France)
Wednesday 19 11h30 – 12h45
11h30 – 11h55
Some approaches for team planning issues
Jerome Galtier.
11h55 – 12h20
Integer Minkowski Programs and Telecommunication Problems
Eisenschmidt Elke.
12h20 – 12h45
Global optimization of capacity expansion and flow assignment of data networks.
Ricardo P. M. Ferreira, Henrique P. L. Luna, Philippe Mahey, Mauricio C. Souza.
MS 16 : Optimization in Data Mining, Mini-Symposium organized by LE THI Hoai An
(Université Paul Verlaine, Metz, France)
MS 16.1 : Monday 17 13h50 – 15h30
13h50 – 14h15
Block Clustering by DC Programming and DCA
Le Hoai Minh, Le Thi Hoai An, Huynh Van Ngai
14h15 – 14h40
Combining DCA and Decomposition Techniques for the Training of Non Positive
Semi-Definite Kernels.
François Bertrand Akoa.
14h40 – 15h05
Visualization of Data Acquired During Global Black Box Optimization
Antanas Zilinskas, Julius Zilinskas.
15h05 – 15h30
Optimization in classification through lower-maximal dissimilarities
François Brucker.
MS 16.2 : Thursday 20 11h05 – 12h20
11h05 – 11h30
11h30 – 11h55
11h55 – 12h20
Feature Selection via DC Programming and DCA
Nguyen Van Vinh, Le Thi Hoai An, Le Hoai Minh, Pham Dinh Tao.
A survey on exact methods for minimum sum-of-squares clustering
Pierre Hansen, Daniel Aloise.
Clustering and Visualization of textual data
Faryel Allouti, Mohamed Nadif , Le Thi Hoai An, and Benoit Otjacques.
MS 17 : Optimization for Estimation and Filtering, Mini-Symposium organized by Tuan
Duong Hoang (Uni. New South Wales, Australia)
MS 17.1 : Tuesday 18 8h30 – 9h45
8h30 – 8h55
Why is optimization for detection and filtering.
Tuan Hoang Duong.
8h55 – 9h20
Nonsmooth optimization techniques for structured control design.
Pierre Apkarian, Dominikus Noll.
9h20 – 9h45
New results on the complexity of multi-wavelength switching networks.
Hung Ngo.
MS 17.2 : Tuesday 18 17h15 – 18h30
17h15 – 17h40
A Kalman-Particle Kernel Filter for Efficient Nonlinear Filtering.
Dinh-Tuan Pham, Christian Musso, Karim Dahia.
17h40 – 18h05
Nonlinear Filtering for Linear Fractional Transformation Models.
Syed Ahmed Pasha, Tuan Duong Hoang.
18h05 – 18h30
Gene Clustering on the Unit Hypersphere via Concave Programming.
Vinh Nguyen Xuan, Tuan Duong Hoang, Tuy Hoang.
MS 17.3 : Wednesday 19 11h30 – 12h45
11h30 – 11h55
On the Applications of Monotonic Optimization in Wireless Communications.
Duy Ngo, Khoa Phan, Le Ngoc Tho, Chintha Tellambura.
11h55 – 12h20
Spectrum Sharing in Radio Networks: A QoS-aware Approach with Admission
Khoa Phan.
12h20 – 12h45
Radar Interferometry with SARScape Software.
Hadj Sahraoui Omar, Hassaine Benali, Serief Chahira.
SS 18 : Optimization with PDEs, Session organized by Michael Ulbrich (University
Muenchen, Germany)
Monday 17 13h50 – 15h30
13h50 – 14h15
Multilevel Optimization Using Trust-Region and Linesearch Approaches.
Philippe L. Toint, Serge Gratton, Mélodie Mouffe, Dimitri Tomanos.
14h15 – 14h40
Adaptive Multilevel Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization.
Stefan Ulbrich, Jan Carsten Ziems.
14h40 – 15h05
Interior Point Methods for State Constrained Optimal Control.
Anton Schiela.
15h05 – 15h30
A Multigrid Semismooth Newton Method for Contact Problems in Linear
Michael Ulbrich, Stefan Ulbrich.
MS 20 : Operational Research and Numerical Optimization, Mini Symposium organized
by Adnan Yassine (Université du Havre, France)
MS 20.1 : Monday 17 16h50 – 18h30
16h50 – 17h15
On solving matrix equations by quasi-Newton methods.
Boubakeur Benahmed, Hocine Mokhtar-Kharroubi.
17h15 – 17h40
Quasi-Newton Methods in infinite dimensional space and application to infinite
linear systems.
Boubakeur Benahmed, Hocine Mokhtar-Kharroubi, Adnan Yassine, Bruno De
17h40 – 18h05
Optimization by ant colony hybride for the bin-packing problem.
Ahmed Ben Mohamed, Adnan Yassine.
18h05 – 18h30
A real-time Distributed System for solving the Transport On Demand Problem.
Besma Zeddini, Adnan Yassine, Moncef Temani, Khaled Ghedira.
MS 20.2 : Tuesday 18 14h40 – 15h55
14h40 – 15h05
An optimization model for fork-lift trucks on the warehouse docks.
Karim Ait Yahia, Adnan Yassine, Sérigne Gueye, Ali Kansou.
15h05 – 15h30
Surrogate Duality For Quasiconvex Quadratic Programming.
Abdessamad Amir, Adnan Yassine.
15-30 – 15h55
Cover and lifting cuts for unconstrained quadratic 0-1 problems.
Hassan Alabboud, Serigne Gueye, Adnan Yassine.
MS 20.3 : Friday 21 10h15 – 11h55
10h15 – 10h40
Resolution of the Mixed Capacitated Arc Routing Problem (MCARP) by the
method of Ant Colony.
Ali Kansou, Adnan Yassine.
10h40 – 11h05
Exams scheduling problem solving with Ant Colony Algorithm.
Rachida Abounacer, Jaouad Boukachour, Btissam Dkhissi, Ahmed Elhilali Alaoui.
11h05 – 11h30
Analysis of portfolio optimization models.
Lemrabott Mohamed, Adnan Yassine.
11h30 – 11h55
Sub-gradient algorithms and semidefinite programming for eigenvalue problems.
Adnan Yassine, Hassan Alabboud.
MS 21 : Quasidifferentiability, Its Extensions and Applications, Mini-Symposium
organized by V. Demyanov (University Saint Petersburg, Russia) and D. Pallaschke
(University Karlsruhe, Germany)
MS 21.1 : Thursday 20 8h30 – 9h45
8h30 – 8h55
Exhausters and Implicit functions in Nonsmooth systems.
Gulden Murzabekova.
8h55 – 9h20
On the calculus of Frechet subdifferentials by means of exhausters.
Vera Roshchina.
9h20 – 9h45
On global unconstrained minimization of the difference of polyhedral functions.
Lyudmila Polyakova.
MS 21.2 : Thursday 20 11h05 – 12h20
11h05 – 11h30
Optimality conditions in bilevel programming.
Stephan Dempe, Boris S. Mordukhovich, Joydeep Dutta.
11h30 – 11h55
Pairs of compact convex sets: Part I
Diethard Pallaschke
11h55 – 12h20
Pairs of compact convex sets: Part II
Ryszard Urbanski
MS 22 : Reliability and Optimization in Structural Mechanic, Mini-Symposium
organized by A. El Hami (Insa-Rouen, France)
MS 22.1 : Monday 17 11h05 – 12h20
11h05 – 11h30
A Hybrid Method for Solving Large-scale Nonconvex Disrete Constrained
Optimization Problems.
Wafae Elalem, Rachid Elaia, Abdelkhalak Elhami, Mohammed Soussi.
11h30 – 11h55
Mathematical Analysis of a Decomposed Topology Optimization of a Linear
A. Makrizi, B. Radi, and A. El Hami
11h55 – 12h20
Coupled perturbed projected gradient and genetic algorithm
Mohamed Zeriab ES-Sadek, Eduardo Souza De Cursi, Rachid Ellaia
MS 22.2 : Tuesday 18 14h40 – 15h55
14h40 – 15h05
Probabilistic Design of Agricultural Machines
Abo Alkheer A, Kharmanda G., and A. El Hami
15h05 – 15h30
AStochastic and Reliability Analysis for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
O. Bendaou, J.E. Rojas, A. El Hami, A. Aannaque, M. Agouzoul.
15h30 – 15h55
Efficient Method for Reliability-Based Design Optimization Applied on Modal
Kharmanda G., Makhloufi A., and A. El Hami
MS 22.3 : Tuesday 18 17h15 – 18h30
17h15 – 17h40
Stochastic Finite Element Treatment of the Contact Problem without Friction
B. Radi, M. Sbaa and A. El Hami.
17h40 – 18h05
Structural reliability analysis of rectangular plates modelled by a Rayleigh-ritz
J. E. Rojas, A. El Hami and D. A. Rade
18h05 – 18h30
Nonlinearity Investigation of Reliability-Based Design Optimization for Stress
Unilateral Structures
Kharmanda G., Eduardo Souza De Cursi, and A. El Hami
SS 23 : Revealed Preference, Generalized Monotonicity and MPEC, Session organized
by Jean-Pierre Crouzeix (Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont Ferrand, France)
Tuesday 18 17h15 – 18h30
17h15 – 17h40
A Best Fit MPEC Formulation of a Utility Estimation problem for General
Equilibrium Models.
Andrew Eberhard.
17h40 – 18h05
Nondifferentiable pseudoconvex functions, multivalued pseudomonotone maps
and their applications in the revealed preference problem.
Jean-Pierre Crouzeix.
18h05 – 18h30
A look at mathematical programs with complementarity constraints.
Daniel Ralph.
MS 24 : Structured Optimization Problems and Methods, Mini-Symposium organized
by José Mário Martínez (University Campinas, Brazil)
MS 24.1 : Monday 17 13h50 – 15h30
13h50 – 14h15
Portfolio optimization with transaction costs and price impact function.
Natasa Krejic
14h15 – 14h40
Minimization with Nonconvex Constraints combining Inexact Restoration and
Spectral Projected Gradients.
Sandra Santos.
14h40 – 15h05
Trust Region Superposition Methods for LOVO Problems.
Roberto Andreani.
15h05 – 15h30
A computational study of an algorithm for bilevel programming problems.
Ana Friedlander.
MS 24.2 : Friday 10h15 – 11h55
10h15 – 10h40
Optimization methods for protein structural alignment.
Leandro Martínez.
10h40 – 11h05
Robust free-derivative preconditioned residual methods for solving nonlinear
Jean-Paul Chehab.
11h05 – 11h30
Some optimization problems arising in molecular simulation.
Eric Cances.
11h30 – 11h55
A robust estimator using continuous optimization for computer vision problems.
Giovane Cear.
SS 25 : Transportation and Logistics, Session organized by Nguyen Viet Hung
(University Marie Curie-Paris 6)
Monday 17 15h50 – 18h30
16h50 – 17h15
17h15 – 17h40
17h40 – 18h05
Industrial Vehicle Routing.
Geir Hasle, Oddvar Kloster.
A Constraint Programming model for the Train Timetabling and Routing Problem.
Olivier Liess, Serigne Gueye.
SAPI: Statistical Analysis of Propagation of Incidents A new approach applied to
solve the railway rescheduling Problem.
Rodrigo Acuna-Agost, Dominique Feillet , Serigne Gueye, Philippe Michelon.
A 0-1 mixed integer formulation for the Signal-optimization prob.
Ngo Minh Tuan, Michel Minoux, Nguyen Viet Hung.
Contributed sessions
CS 1 : Bilevel programming / Semi Infinite Programming
Friday 21 10h15 – 11h30
10h15 – 10h40
Quadratic Fractional Quadratic Bilevel Programming Problem
Nacera Maachou, Mustapha Moulaï.
10h40 – 11h05
Combination between penalty function method and difference convex algorithm
for solving linear bilevel programming.
Mohammed Said Radjef, Mohammed Houacine, Saida Haddadou.
11h05 – 11h30
A Finitely Terminating Explicit Exchange Method for Convex Semi-Infinite
Liping Zhang, Soon-Yi Wu, Marco A. Lopez.
CS 2 : Bioinformatics
Thursday 20 14h40 – 15h55
14h40 – 15h05
Multi-Objective Optimization for Clustering 3-Way Gene Expression Data
Doulaye Dembélé.
15h05 – 15h30
Variable Length Stochastic Acyclic Automata Applied for Multilocus Association
Mapping in SNP Data Analyses.
Tran Trang, Hoang Ngoc Minh
15h30 – 15h55
Hybrid Global-Local Optimization for Genetic Mapping of Multiple QTL.
Kateryna Mishchenko, Volodymyr Mishchenko, Sverker Holmgren
CS 3 : Global optimization 1
Monday 17 11h05 – 12h20
11h05 – 11h30
A global approach for the optimal correction of an inconsistent linear system.
Paula Amaral, Luís M. Fernandes, Joaquim Júdice, Hanif Sherali
11h30 – 11h55
Outer Approximation Algorithms for Nonconvex Programs with a Reverse Polar
Giancarlo Bigi, Antonio Frangioni, Qinghua Zhang.
11h55 – 12h20
A Multipoint Criterion for Deterministic Parallel Global Optimization based on
David Ginsbourger, Rodolphe LE RICHE, Laurent.
CS 4 : Global optimization 2
Tuesday 18 8h30 - 9h45
8h30 – 8h55
An Improved Exact Solver for Partial Max-SAT.
Josep Argelich, Felip Manyà.
8h55 – 9h20
A general approach to convex maximization problems
Dominique Fortin, Ider Tseveendorj.
9h20 – 9h45
Global optimization techniques for sensitivity and stability analysis of tree
structured decision functions.
Fulop Janos, Sandor Z. Nemeth.
CS 5 : Heuristic / Metaheuristic algorithms 1
Monday 17 11h05 – 12h20
11h05 – 11h30
A hybrid approach to three-dimensional container loading.
Jiamin Liu, Zongran Dong, Yong Yue, Malcolm Keech.
11h30 – 11h55
A Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Location Routing Problem.
Yannis Marinakis, Magdalene Marinaki.
11h55 – 12h20
Optimization of PID tuning parameters using Genetic Algorithm (GA) for a
Higher order system.
GirirajKumar S.M, Anatharaman N, Dharmalingam V, Asha Sunil.
CS 6 : Heuristic / Metaheuristic algorithms 2
Tuesday 18 14h40 – 15h55
14h40 – 15h05
Improvements in a Heuristic method for global optimization by using Solis and
Wets Local search.
Mohsen Gol Alikhani, Nikbakhsh Javadian.
15h05 – 15h30
Optimization of the registration of satellite images.
Mehdi Damou,,Yacine Guessoum, Mohamed Yagouni.
15h30 – 15h55
Self-Calibrating Strategies for Evolutionary Approaches that solve Combinatorial
Constraint Satisfaction Problems.
Elizabeth Montero, Maria-Cristina Riff, Bertrand Neveu.
CS 7 : Industrial Engineering
Wednesday 8h30 – 10h10
8h30 – 8h55
Probabilistic model for assessment of flight predictability
Hoang Trung Tuyen, Henri Ly, Pham Dinh Tao.
8h55 – 9h20
Electromagnetism, Scatter Search and electromagnetism Scatter for the
Examination Timetabling Problem.
Zahra Naji Azimi
9h20 – 9h45
A solution procedure to a multi-objective school bus routing problem using a
modified version of scatter search.
Zahra Naji Azimi, Hamed Reza Tareghian.
9h45 – 10h10
A technical and organizational twofold approach to software development and
project manaement within the context of quality excellence.
Henry Ly, Pham Dinh Tao.
CS 8 : Information and decision systems
Friday 21 10h15 – 11h30
10h15 – 10h40
Modelling of a Decisions Support System.
Yasmina Ziari Kerboua, Laoucine Kerbache, Djamel Chaabane.
10h40 – 11h05
Optimal error due to the approximation in a priority queue.
Louiza Bouallouche-Medkoune, Djamil Aïssani.
11h05 – 11h30
Performance Evaluation in a Queueing System M_2/G/1 with Preemptive Priority.
Naima Hamadouche, Aissani Djamil.
CS 9 : Integer programming
Tuesday 18 11h05 – 12h20
11h05 – 11h30
When solution properties help to solve a sports league scheduling problem.
Jean-Philippe Hamiez, Jin-Kao Hao
111h30 – 11h55 A variant of online bin packing: Variable sized bins with the constraint Largest
items at the bottom.
Nazahet Fellah, Méziane Aîder.
11h55 – 12h20
An arbitrary starting simplicial algorithm for computing an integer point in a class
of polytopes.
Chuangyin Dang.
CS 10 : Non linear programming
Friday 21 10h15 – 11h55
10h15 – 10h40
On the Computation of a Nonnegative Decomposition of a Matrix by Optimization
Optimality Conditions For The switching System.
Joaquim Judice, Ana Almeida.
10h40 – 11h05
Representation of Preference Relations on $\sigma$-Algebras of Nonatomic
Measure Spaces: Convexity and Continuity.
Nobusumi Sagara, Milan Vlach.
11h05 – 11h30
A Filter Sequential Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming method for
Short Term Economic Dispatch.
François Bertrand Akoa.
11h30 – 11h55
Higher order duality in nonlinear programming with cone constraints
Jung Lee, Yu Jung Lee, Do Sang Kim.
CS 11 : Mathematical programming 1
Wednesday 19 11h30 – 12h45
11h30 – 11h55
Accurate and Efficient Second Derivatives for Mathematical Programming
Uwe Naumann, Jan Riehme
11h55 – 12h20
Estimating the Minimal Value of a Function in Global Random Search
Emily Hamiltonn, Anatoly Zhigljavsky
12h20 – 12h45
Automatic Differentiation for the Optimization of a Ship Propulsion and Steering
Ralf Leidenberger, Karsten Urban
CS 12 : Mathematical programming 2
Thursday 21 14h50 – 15h55
14h50 – 15h05
Identification of dipole sources in an elliptic equation from boundary
Ha Duong Tuong
15h05 – 15h30
On Non-convex Optimal Control Problems
Alexander Strekalovskiy
15h30 – 15h55
On Robust Fitting of Curves and Sets of Curves (Jean-Philippe Tarel, Sio-Song
Ieng, Pierre Charbonnier)
CS 13 : Mathematical programming 3
Friday 21 10h15 – 11h55
10h15 – 10h40
Solving a real polynomial equation in Bernstein Basis
Zidna Ahmed
10h40 – 11h05
Estimation of the change-points of the mean residual life function
Sara Diallo
11h05 – 11h30
Finding a strict feasible solution of a linear semidefinite program.
Djamel Benterki, Abdelkrim Keraghel.
11h30 – 11h55
Sufficient conditions for the solution existence of quasivaritional inclusion
Xuan Hai Nguyen, Phan Quoc Khanh
CS 14 : Multiobjective programming 1
Tuesday 18 17h15 – 18h30
17h15 – 17h40
Optimization over the Integer Efficient Set in the Criteria Space and the decision
Djamal Chaabane
17h40 – 18h05
Second-Order Optimatity Conditions in Nonsmooth Multiobjective Optimisation
Mohamed Hachimi, Brahim Aghezzaf
18h05 – 18h30
Optimality Conditions in Vector Optimization via Image Space Analysis.
Giandomenico Mastroeni
CS 15 : Multiobjective programming 2
Thursday 20 8h30 – 9h45
8h30 – 8h55
Higher order duality in nonlinear programming with cone constraints.
Hun Suk Kang, Hyo Jung Lee, Yu Jung Lee, Do Sang Kim.
8h55 – 9h20
A discrete multiobjective linear fractional optimization.
Mohamed El Amine Chergui, Mustapha Moulai.
9h20 – 9h45
Optimality Conditions in Vector Optimization via Image Space Analysis.
Giandomenico Mastroeni.
CS 16 : Operational Research
Tuesday 18 14h40 – 15h55
14h40 – 15h05
Contribution to the metaheuristic resolution of the complex problems in
Combinatorial Optimization, case of the TSP.
Mohamed Yagouni.
15h05 – 15h30
Optimizing QLQA graphs.
Ahmed Hamadi, Hacene Ait Haddadene.
15h30 – 15h55
Quasi-Locally P*(w) graphs.
Safia Zenia, Hacene Ait Haddadène.
CS 17 : Transportation Logistics
Friday 10h10 – 11h55
10h15 – 10h40
Integration of simulation-based and model-based calibrations of traffic microsimulation models.
Vincenzo Punzo, Biagio Ciuffo.
10h40 – 11h05
On minimization of time in two-stage Transportation Problem.
Sonia Singh, Ankit Khandelwal.
11h05 – 11h30
Staged Decision Making in Transportation Problem.
Sonia Singh, Ankit Khandelwal.
11h30 – 11h55
Optimization problem of the architecture of the tele-exploitation system of the gas
transport network.
Sadek Bouroubi.
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