AG Neovo E-17
Smart Performance
Thank you for choosing AG Neovo E-17.
E-17 is compliant with VESA standard mount,
allowing quick mounting for easy and convenient use.
<<Mounted with height adjustable stand>>
For any installation of the display facing downwards,
it is compulsory to install clips for safety protection.
See Clips Installation Guide for detailed instruction.
<< While facing downwards>>
Each E-17 comes with a pair of clips. If the display is not for
desktop usage and mounted to face downwards, please
install the clips for extra safety protection. For the proper use
of E-17, please follow strictly with the instruction in User
Manual. Without prior advice from AG Neovo, AG Neovo
assumes no responsibility for inappropriate installation,
including without limitation ceiling mount, or the
consequential damage for the use of inappropriate system
Horizontal surface
*Ceiling mount or mount on any
other horizontal surface overhead
are not advisable
Please contact local AG Neovo service office for any installation inquiry.
North and South America:
Asia Pacific & Africa
Other Countries
Clips Installation Guide
Before E-17 is set to face downwards, please install the clips for
safety protection.
Find two adjacent holes on
the centre of the second row.
Fix the clip in the holes.
Clips are properly seated
on the display.