Resonessence CONCERO
Access the connectivity and processing power of our flagship
INVICTA product in your existing audio configuration
USB 2.0 DAC, SPDIF DAC, and USB to SPDIF Bridge
CONCERO is the processing engine from
the INVICTA, packaged to use with your
existing audio components. It has USB
Audio 2.0, Ultra low jitter SPDIF,
Internal Advanced Resonessence Upsampling Filters, and its own internal
responds to the Apple Remote for
configuration and playback control.
• CONCERO operating as a USB DAC supports Asynchronous USB Audio 2.0 on both Mac and PC
platforms. Powered only via the USB interface, CONCERO responds to the Apple Remote IR
controller allowing track selection and configuration while delivering up to 24bit, 192kS/s audio
though its internal ESS Sabre Stereo DAC. CONCERO will up-sample 44.1kS/s and 48kS/s using the
chosen advanced up-sampling filter; rates of 88.2kS/s or higher are delivered bit-perfect to the DAC.
Use this mode if your existing audio components are designed with analog inputs.
• CONCERO operating as a USB to SPDIF bridge supports all the features of the USB DAC mode,
and delivers ultra-low jitter, 24bit SPDIF output to your existing SPDIF enabled audio components.
Clocked with exceptionally precise RF components, CONCERO uses no PLLs in the asynchronous
signal path ensuring no timing artifacts. In this digital to digital mode, CONCERO can either apply the
advanced up-sampling filter of your choice to 44.1kS/s and 48kS/s, or provide bit-perfect data to your
audio system via SPDIF. This allows you to optionally replace the up-sampling filter of your existing
SPDIF equipment with the proprietary Resonessence filters.
Use this mode if your existing audio components provide quality SPDIF inputs.
• CONCERO operating as an SPDIF DAC and utilizing the power provided by a power-only USB
connection, removes all transport clock jitter from the incoming SPDIF data and renders it into the
precision clock domain of the Sabre DAC. It supports up to 24bit, 192kS/s SPDIF data, and delivers a
purity of sound output unmatched in other SPDIF DAC products. If the incoming SPDIF data is
44.1kS/s or 48kS/s, CONCERO can optionally use the selected up-sampling filter, or bit-perfect data.
Use this mode if you have a digital SPDIF source and want the ultimate in SPDIF to analog
conversion for your audio components designed with analog inputs.
Resonessence Labs, Kelowna, BC Canada.