GIfMI has several resources which can be booked using an online calendar application.
The resources are located at the MR Department -1K12 of the hospital and at the GIfMI building near
Dwarsgebouw Links.
The following resources are now available for booking:
GIfMI Dwarsgebouw Links
Siemens Trio Tim
Meeting room Hippocampus
Broca room / TMS
Preparation room
Leonardo console
Mockup scanner
Brainamp EEG system
MR Department -1K12
Siemens Avanto Tim
Siemens Symphony
Siemens Trio Tim
To be able to book a resource, one has to be registered at GIfMI. Registration is explained in
1. Register to the GIfMI website to obtain an account
1. Surf to
2. Click Create a new account in the login box
3. Fill in the registration form and click on Create a new account.
4. An email will be sent to you after the administrator approves your request.
2. Logging in to the webcalendar
1. Surf to and click on Booking in the main menu or surf to
2. Log in with your account
3. You are on the webcalendar application of GIfMI.
3. Overview of the application
The main page of the application contains several areas including the main menu, the calendar,
and time and place navigation tools all of which are explained in detail below.
1. Main menu
The main menu gives quick and easy access to parts of the calendar, resources and a search
Click on GIfMI to go to the GIfMI website
Click on Resource Booking System to go to the standard calendar view (see below)
Click on Date text box to see a calendar popup (see below)
Click on Help for basic help instructions
Click on Resources to see a list of available resources
For administration purposes
Use Search to search the calendar for a user, description, etc...
Login status
2. Calendar view
The calendar view shows the calendar with the bookings.
Possible views are DAY, WEEK and MONTH. The standard view when logging in is the week
view of the Siemens Trio Tim at Dwarsgebouw Links.
Day view
Week view
Month view
There is also a booking type legend showing the color code of the bookings.
3. Resource navigator
Each calendar view has a resource navigator in the top left corner which enables the user to
easily select another location and its resources.
For week and month views, the location and resource dropdown are available.
For the day view, only the location dropdown is available as the resources are shown
column wise in the calendar view.
4. Time navigator
The time navigators are always available in the main menu, above and below the calendar
view and at the bottom part of the page.
There are several types of navigators which are described below.
Quick Day, Week and Month selector
A textual display of the currently selected Day, Week or Month highlighted in an interval of
14 days, 9 weeks or 9 months.
A graphical calendar display of 3 months with the current day, week or month highlighted in
the middle. In the example above, the week of January 30th is highlighted.
In the main menu, a datepicker is integrated for easy selecting a preferred day.
Date navigator
Above and below the calendar view, links are provided to the previous and following day,
week or month.
Day view
Week view
Month view
Go to Day Before
Go to Week Before
Go to Month Before
Go to Today
Go to This Week
Go to This Month
Go to Day After
Go to Week After
Go to Month After
5. Using the navigators
To navigate the resources, select the appropriate location and resource (week/month view)
or the appropriate location only (day view) to see the calendar.
Quick selector
Date navigator
Month view
Week view
Day view
Click on the preferred day, week or month
Click on the preferred day, week number or month
Click on the textbox and select preferred date
Click to go to previous, current or future day, week or month
Click on the preferred day
Click on the preferred day in the table header
Click on the preferred resource in the table header to navigate to the
week view of that resource
4. Add a booking to the calendar
1. Go to your preferred calendar view
2. Choose the location and resource of your choice
3. A. If in the month view, click on the preferred.
3. B. If in the day or week view, hover the cursor on the preferred start date and leftclick-anddrag (Google Agenda style) until the correct time span (indicated by the highlighted hours in
the left column) is selected and release the mouse button.
4. Fill in the form.
The following fields should be filled to have a valid booking:
Brief description
Full description
Budget holder
Project name or short descriptive name
Project name, name of researchers, address of main researcher
Phone number of researcher for last minute updates
Email of researcher
Name of principal investigator for billing purposes
Start date and hour
End date and hour
Location of the resource
Resource list
Type of booking, usually Study
If repeated bookings are to be made. Avoid using this.
5. Click on Save
6. The booking is added
If a time span was selected, the start and end fields are prefilled
Multiple resources can be booked by using the keyboard Control key in the selection box
Please fill form as completely as possible
Do not forget to also book the meeting room for subject pretesting!
You cannot change or delete bookings from other users
5. Changing or removing a booking to the calendar
1. Go to your preferred calendar view
2. Click on the booking you want to change
3. Click on Edit Entry to change or Delete Entry to remove
4. Change the form as described in Add a booking or confirm removal of the booking
5. Save changes