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love your
Program your laundry space
to save time, eliminate stress and
make wash-day chores a breeze
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WORDS Anna Koorey
When you consider how much time you spend washing, drying
and ironing, it makes sense to create a laundry that’s as user-friendly as
possible. With a little careful planning, you can streamline your space
to maximise its efficiency – whatever its size. Start by creating taskoriented zones: washing, drying, ironing and folding. “For a laundry to
function and flow it’s important to reassess everything in the space – if
it doesn’t belong there, move it!” says Tanya Lewis of Eco Organiser. >
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‘WD14030FD6’ 4.5-star
WELS-rated, 4-star (washer)
& 1.5-star (dryer) ERL-rated
steam washer/dryer, $1999, LG.
‘T 8000 WP Supertronic Heat
Pump’ 6-star ERL-rated 7kg dryer,
$4699, Miele, miele.com.au.
‘WH70F60WV1’ 4.5-star WELSrated, 3-star ERL-rated washing
machine, $909, Fisher & Paykel.
‘Mulig’ laundry bag
with stand, $24.99, Ikea.
Front loading washing machines are generally
more energy-efficient than top loaders, and
can be neatly tucked under a benchtop or a
dryer can be hung above. “A 600mm washer is
usually 6.5kg-7kg capacity, which is perfect for
an average family household,” says Anna
Duncan, product manager for Fisher & Paykel.
Washing large loads is most efficient, so buy the
biggest machine you can fit in. If space is tight,
try a combined washer/dryer – LG’s latest
model has a huge 8.5kg washing capacity.
Highly rated
Pay heed to water and energy ratings when buying
a new machine – the water efficiency labelling
and standards (WELS) scheme rates machines
from one to six stars, as does the energy rating
label (ERL): the higher the rating, the more
efficient the appliance. “Some water-efficient
washers are very energy inefficient. Some will
have great water efficiency, but only 2.5 energy
stars,” says Anna. “The price of power is
increasing and an efficient washer may cost you
less in the long run.” Look for programmable
time settings; run it while you sleep as this is
usually off-peak and can reduce your power bill.
182 {OCTOBER 2012} homebeautiful.com.au
Doing the dirty
A mounting pile of grubby clothes is the
bane of laundries everywhere, but a few
simple tricks will have the space spick and
span. A compartmentalised hamper allows
you to sort colours, whites and delicates
as you go – if you don’t have room for side-byside hampers, opt for a three-drawer unit,
such as the ‘Polo’ from Freedom, or stackable
boxes. Built-in pull-out drawers eliminate the
need for a bulky basket altogether.
Keep laundry powder and liquids within
reach of the washing machine and sink and
position according to how often you use each
product. Howards Storage World stocks easybuild ‘Elfa’ shelving units that can be custom-fit
to your space and storage requirements, then
kitted out with detachable baskets and boxes
to keep bottles tidy. The space under the sink
is another storage hot spot: keep it organised
by installing shelves around the plumbing
with a product such as the 46-81cm expandable
under-sink shelf ($49.95) from Howards Storage
World, but if you’re storing products down low,
ensure you install a child lock to keep the
contents away from little hands.
4.5-star WELSrated, 4-star
ERL-rated 10kg
front load washer,
$1999, Samsung.
dry efficiently
‘Polo’ 3-drawer unit, $79.95,
Freedom, freedom.com.au.
‘WAY32540AU’ 5-star WELS-rated,
4-star ERL-rated 8kg front load
washing machine, $2349, Bosch.
photography (opposite, left) GAP interiors/patric johansson,
(right) photoshot/jeff herr/Redcover, (this page) craig wall
wash wisely
‘Portis’ drying rack, $49.95, Ikea.
Technology simply cannot better the warmfrom-the-sun freshness of line-drying outdoors.
The Hills Hoist first graced the Aussie backyard
in 1945 and now comes in a range of sizes, shapes
and colours. But the reality is, busy schedules
and rainy days mean other options are often
required. To avoid a towering pile of washing,
look to a combination of indoor rails and a dryer.
Inside story
Indoors, hanging rails within cabinetry and wall
or ceiling-mounted drying racks are a blessing
during winter. If space allows, fix a drying rack
directly above your dryer to make the most of
the heat that rises from the machine during a
cycle. A retractable clothesline that extends is
another way to keep drying clothes contained in
the laundry. Fold-away clothes airers are ideal
for drying underwear and can be moved to
catch the sun – look for one that fits inside the
shower if your bathroom doubles as a laundry.
All things electric
If you need to dry your clothes in an instant,
look for a tumble dryer with a high energy star
rating. The latest dryers come equipped with
technology to minimise creasing, such as the
Miele ‘T 8000 WP Supertronic Heat Pump’
dryer. There are also models designed for
laundries with little to no ventilation, such as
the ‘Condenser’ dryer from Haier, with a drainaway hose and tank to store condensation.
An alternative is the electronic drying cabinet:
the Asko model dries delicate and large items not
suitable for tumble drying in under two hours. >
ERL-rated 7kg
dryer, $749,
$1999, Asko,
Hills 4-line extendable clothesline,
$177, Masters, masters.com.au.
‘Solus Digital Resilium SR7000’
iron, $129, Sunbeam.
‘Raindrop’ iron board
cover, $29.95, Mozi.
‘Willow’ baskets,
$45/set of 4, Masters.
Ironing will be less of a chore if you create a
dedicated ironing and folding zone. Be sure to
allocate plenty of benchspace for folding, and
include a stereo or small television or favourite
artwork. If you don’t have space for a special
nook, keep the ironing board and iron, clothes
hangers and baskets for unironed and ironed
clothes within easy reach of each other.
table to the wall. Asko’s ‘Hidden Helpers’ range
of laundry systems includes a thin pull-out
shelf that can be positioned below the washing
machine or dryer to provide a platform for
unloading clothes. It slides into cabinetry
or between appliances when not in use.
Space race
Assign a spot for the iron where it won’t
come into contact with water and position the
ironing board close to a powerpoint so there’s
less chance of the cord catching and pulling
the iron onto the floor. Iron technology has
improved in leaps and bounds – the Philips
‘PerfectCare’ steam system offers a
professional steam press tested by Woolmark
that’s suitable on silk and wool.
An over-the-door ironing board holder within
the laundry cupboard saves on space, as do
table ironing boards. Check out Hettich’s
‘WingLine’ range for inconspicuous laundry
storage options, such as pull-out ironing
boards. If you don’t have room for a
workbench, consider fixing a narrow fold-out
184 {OCTOBER 2012} homebeautiful.com.au
Iron clad
‘PerfectCare’ steam
system, $629.95, Philips.
‘Jall’ table ironing
board, $9.99, Ikea.
Floral fabric boxes,
$24.98/set of 3, Masters.
photography john downs
iron and fold
with ease
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