Bose | RoomMatch RMS215 | Engineered for the best possible tonal balance, scalability and

RoomMatch™ array module loudspeakers
Engineered for the best
possible tonal balance,
scalability and arrayability.
Best possible tonal balance and
breakthrough scalability.
The Bose RoomMatch™ array module
loudspeakers are engineered to
deliver the best possible tonal
balance regardless of system configuration or room characteristics.
Each module uses RoomMatch
waveguide technology to direct
sound more precisely and reduce
unwanted reflections. The new
EMB2 extended mid-band high
frequency compression driver
features a titanium diaphragm
and a patented bridged phase plug
design. This new design reduces
the resonant modes, so there is
less distortion without the use
of complex signal processing.
It also provides improved vocal
clarity and intelligibility.
Progressive Directivity Array.
Available in 15 different
coverage patterns.
Continuous-Arc Diffraction
Slot. A truly seamless
continuous source.
Five vertical and four horizontal
waveguide patterns allow for even
coverage across virtually any
listening area.
The loudspeaker’s design includes
a Continuous-Arc Diffraction Slot
manifold. Available only from Bose,
this advancement merges the
acoustic output of six separate
EMB2 drivers into a single opening.
This enables good vertical control
while also giving you the ability
to scale the SPL of multiple
loudspeakers independent
of coverage requirements
and without creating phase
cancellations between modules.
With the RoomMatch loudspeaker,
you simply choose from 15 different
coverage patterns and assemble
them to form a Progressive
Directivity Array – a new category
of curvilinear array from Bose –
so it delivers the coverage you
need while behaving as a single
loudspeaker. The result is the
best tonal balance for nearly
any room configuration.
Multiple RoomMatch array modules
increase the SPL without impacting
the overall tonal balance.
Bose Professional Systems Division
Design I Performance I Support
RoomMatch™ RMS215 subwoofer module loudspeaker
The RoomMatch™ RMS215 subwoofer array module extends the response of RoomMatch arrays down
to 40 Hz, with dual Bose 15-inch high-excursion woofers and a proprietary port design that minimizes
distortion and improves perceived transient impact. The durable
Baltic-Birch plywood enclosure with 2-part polyurethane coating
allows reliable ground-stack applications. Optional rigging accessories
allow the RMS215 subwoofer to be integrated with other RoomMatch
modules in suspended arrays, including cardioid bass configurations.
Modeler RoomMatch array design tool
Bose Modeler sound system software is an acoustic design and analysis
program for sound system designers or acoustical consultants. The recent
release of V. 6.7 features the RoomMatch array design tool, which allows
you to easily create a complete RoomMatch loudspeaker array using an
interactive array design tool. View coverage maps, array aiming and cluster
construction side by side, as coverage maps update in real time when array
changes are made. The Modeler software manages mechanical configuration
and device spacing, allowing you to focus on the system design. Key
performance metrics and an automatic array creation function are included.
ControlSpace Designer™ software 3.0 RoomMatch processing support
Bose ControlSpace Designer™ software is a graphical user interface tool for
the design configuration and control of systems consisting of ESP-88/00,
PowerMatch™ configurable professional amplifiers and Bose control centers.
ControlSpace Designer also configures the power output of PowerMatch amplifiers.
Three new signal processing functions are included in the release of ControlSpace
Designer 3.0: RoomMatch Array EQ, Loudspeaker PEQ and a new Peak/RMS
limiter. Each of these functions provides signal processing for the RoomMatch
loudspeakers in large systems that only employ the engineered sound processor.
PowerMatch™ configurable professional power amplifier
The Bose PowerMatch™ PM8500 is a configurable professional power amplifier
delivering concert sound quality for fixed-installation sound reinforcement
systems. Building on the ruggedness proven by 20 years experience building
Class D power amplifiers for the automotive market, the PM8500 adds
numerous new Bose patented technologies to simultaneously provide
class-leading power, efficiency, sound quality and reliability. The PM8500N
adds Ethernet connectivity for network control and monitoring of multiple
“N” version amplifiers using ControlSpace Designer.
RoomMatch array modules perform best when
paired with PowerMatch amplifiers;
however, these products are versatile
and are suitable for nearly any fixedinstallation sound system application.
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