Maintenance Kits Install Handpieces Operating & Care Guide VetPro

Maintenance Kits Install Handpieces Operating & Care Guide VetPro
Install Handpieces
Maintenance Kits
Water Bottle Gasket
Order #: 014-0176-52
Plastic Muffler Filter
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Operating & Care Guide
VetPro® 5000
Mobile Dental Delivery System
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To activate warranty:
Insert CD, then select Product
Registration from the menu.
Equipment Alert
Complete manufactures instructions for “Infection Control / Sterilization found in the documentation included with the handpieces. Failure to do this will cause premature failure of handpieces.
Calling for Service
If service is required, contact your Midmark dealer.
To contact Midmark directly:
1-800-Midmark (1-800-643-6275)
8:00am until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday (EST)
Midmark Corporation
60 Vista Drive
Versailles, OH 45380-0286
Phone: 937-526-3662
Fax: 937-526-5542
Rev E
The operation of the VetPro® 5000 Wall/
Mobile Dental Delivery System is restricted to use by veterinary professionals.
This guide outlines basic care and
maintenance of the VetPro® 5000. The
enclosed CD provides additional
instructions on operation and care. If
service is required, contact your
authorized Midmark dealer.
© Midmark Corporation 2008
To Flush Delivery System...
Remove all handpieces that use water.
Open water needle valve.
Turn foot control toggle switch to WET.
Hold end of tubing over a container and press foot control for 30 seconds. Then press and hold flush button for 30 seconds. Repeat (step D) for all handpieces.
Press and hold syringe buttons (air & water) for 30 seconds.
Install newly disinfected handpieces.
Refill water bottle.
At the beginning of each
work day...
• Fill water bottles with fresh distilled water.
• Flush handpieces.
After Each Procedure
A. Clean.
Handpieces and syringe tip should be changed or disinfected between each patient according to
manufacturer’s instructions.
B. Flush Delivery System.
C. Fill Water Bottle.
Note: When performing “Flush” procedure at the end of the day. Refer to: User’s Guide 003-1950-00 on CD or for procedure.)
A. Clean System
• Disinfect handpieces according to manufacturer’s instructions.
• Wipe down delivery equipment with disinfectant.
(End of Day Only - Refer to: User’s Guide
003-1902-00 on CD or for
B. Bleach Flush Delivery System
C. Drain Air Storage Tank
To Drain Air Storage Tank..
Hold absorbant cloth under drain.
Open drain valve by turning Counter-clockwise. Tighten valve after tank empties of air and
A. Check air/oil separator fluid level.
• Change Gauze when saturated. Use 2 x 2 Gauze
To clean the air / oil separator cup...
A) Turn master On/Off switch Off.
A) Unsnap cup.
B) Dispose of saturated gauze.
C) Disinfect cup.
D) Install new gauze, then reinstall cup.
© Midmark Corporation 2008
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