LG Iris IrisAccess 4000 datasheet

LG Iris IrisAccess 4000 datasheet
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Advanced Identity Authentication™
IrisAccess" 4000
the iris recognition system that's generations ahead of the rest
A n extraordinary array of increased functionality and flexibility lets LG Iris Access“ 4000
set new standards for performance and versatility in this sector. Whether you are looking
for a multi-biometric authentication system, or an exceedingly robust system that can be
configured to support two-factor authentication, this system does it.
The Iris Recognition System that's generations ahead of the rest
You've never seen an iris recognition camera that can do what this one can
== |G, producer of IrisAccess™, the
world's leading deployed iris recognition
platform, redefines state of the art in authenti-
cation with LG IrisAccessTM 4000- a third
generation iris recognition system with a range
of models that deliver advanced identity
authentication capabilities you'll want to look
mun [risAccess™ 4000. Two eye image
acquisition enabling a variety of authentication
configurations including both token-based and
PIN-based multi-factor authentication. Iris-
based authentication can be delivered in left,
right, either or two-eye mode.
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mmm The system exists for security, and LG
has built it in. Unlike other systems, there are
no biometric templates stored on any accessible
external components. Experts concede that
countermeasures LG includes in its IrisAccess™
platform set the standard for the industry and
note in this area, many other biometric systems
leave much to be desired. LG has improved the
countermeasures in LG IrisAccess™ 4000.
Security is also a key driver when it comes to
software, where LG -iData. software for
access control andan -iData. SDK for
building identity-dependent applications
supports several different (including FIPS
compliant) encryption alternatives, as well as
Power Indicator
LCD window
Iris Camera
Face Camera Illuminator
Up/Down Button
Ethernet — =
Serial (RS-232/422) — =
Wiegand ——
— |
(delivers LG
Cards/readers compatible with LG
MiFARE and DESFire offerings.
IrisAccess 4000
Face Camera for Credentialing Use
Device-Embedded SmartCard Reader
iDentity. token authentication with leading smartcards)
mm Biometric technologies use unique
physical or behavioral characteristics for high
confidence human authentication. They are
more reliable than other more easily compro-
mised identity options that rely on something
one knows or carries. There are more readily
measurable characteristics in the iris, the visible
colored ring around the pupil, than in any other
biometric. Every human iris is unique. Compared
to other biometrics, iris recognition is the most
accurate, fastest, and scalable option. It's also
non-contact. Iris structure is also very stable. An
iris pattern will not change over time as that of
finger, hand, voice and facial characteristics
does; meaning that, barring trauma, one
enrollment is good for life.
(graphical display enhances interactive interface, communicates authentication status)
(exclusive autofocus iris image aquisition process delivers rapid two eye enrollment/recognition)
(motorized auto-drive for easy height adjustment)
(supports PIN input and workforce management interface)
iDentity™. include
and Integrated Engineering
IrisCamera basic
IrisCamera combination
he LG IrisAccess™ 4000 series -- the latest models of the
Т world's leading deployed iris recognition platform -- has
features no other iris system offers. An auto-focus lens enabled
iris acquisition process that ensures rapid, high quality iris images
for enrollment and recognition. An automatic motor-driven
targeting aid is just part of an intuitive and interactive voice and
visual user interface. All models feature the robust LG counter-
measures package experts concede sets the standard for the
IrisAccess 4000
Advanced Identity Authentication
IrisAccess™ 4000 quickly acquires
digital images of both irises. A variety of authentication
configurations can be selected including right, left, either, or both
Card-based authentication is
made easy by ordering an IrisAccess™ model containing a
device-embedded reader from an increasing number of leading
card companies affording compliance with the assured record
non-duplication and out of the box issuing functionality afforded
by LGS CiDentityg. token authentication architecture.
is also afforded by a 16-element
keypad that's standard on the top of the line model 4100 and
allows entry of up to 10 digit PINs in the system- either as a
second or third authentication layer to iris. And, it's an ideal
input device for use in workforce management.
All IrisAccess™ 4000 series cameras
come with a face camera and purpose built illuminators that
facilitate credentialing as part of the enrollment process.
Input requires feedback, and that's exactly
what you get from the vacuum fluorescent display that comes
standard with top of the line model 4100. Useful for providing
feedback to enrollers, it also delivers information to users upon
authentication, and a feedback mechanism for the workforce
management environment.
With each unit IP-addressable,
IrisAccess™ 4000 is ideal for the very largest enterprise-scale
network deployment and comes with a variety of standard
connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, Serial RS-232/422,
and a highly configurable Wiegand interface repertoire.
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Advanced Identity Authentication
A Pedigree of Performance and Innovation
LG has been active in iris recognition development and deployment since 1997. Now, as a third generation product gains acceptance, LG IrisAccessTM is found on six
continents, in thousands of installations, authenticating the identities of millions and millions of persons.
iCAM 4100 series iCAM 4000 series
IrisAccess 2200 IrisAccess 3000 IrisAccess 4000
In fact, more people look to LG's proven IrisAccess platform than to all other iris recognition alternatives combined for identity authentication in a variety of applications
for both public and private sectors. Unlike previous IrisAccess models, IrisAccess 4000 series hardware can be used for both enrollment and recognition. In addition to use
with identification controllers, fully networkable IrisAccess 4000 also works in PC recog mode.
Stand-alone or Seamlessly Integrated Physical Security That's Both Card and Weigand-Compatible
Increasingly utilized as a core component in high integrity security and access control systems protecting property, physical assets, and people, LG lrisAccess is deployable
as a standalone solution for controlling access to a particular portal, or can be seamlessly incorporated in a networked security environment where following the
appropriate determination of identity, the enterprise access control system decides privileging and performs recordkeeping. With Wiegand output delivered in virtually
any bit-stream configuration, LG IrisAccess has been successfully integrated with most well-known physical access panels and security systems.
LG IrisAccess protects high value assets in art museums, design studios, and repositories of precious metals, stones and finished goods. Data-dependent organizations
and concerns wishing to ensure information about plans, competitors, and customers is secured, look to LG IrisAccess for state of the art protection. In the financial
services sector, household names in banking, brokerage, Insurance, and stock exchanges rely on LG IrisAccess. Laboratories working in drug development, pathogen
study, and with fissile materials also use LG IrisAccess to ensure entry is limited to authorized persons. LG IrisAccess secures airports and helps make air travelers’ flights
more secure and more convenient. LG IrisAccess is also used around the world in protecting critical infrastructure in areas like water plants, electric generation and
transmission facilities, and by some of the largest communications services providers in the world.
The technology is also gaining acceptance in law enforcement and public safety-related applications ranging from correctional facilities to first responder authentication.
Leveraging Identity For Productivity and Profit
Iris recognition has expanded beyond its security-oriented base as the need to reduce fraud, increase productivity, and provide user convenience creates new opportunities
to incorporate the technology into a range of business processes. Iris recognition has been deployed in programs run by both governments and Non-Government
Organizations to manage entitlement distribution to documented and non-documented persons respectively. LG IrisAccess is used to authenticate members of clubs, to
afford travelers speedier passage in airports and across borders, or to provide discrete and highly personalized services to guests at high-end hotels.
Pressed to deliver growth, more and more businesses are discovering the utility of LG IrisAccess in enhancing workforce management programs. The robust authentica-
tion of iris recognition eliminates buddy punching and the LG platform has been used in a variety of configurations from simple time and attendance applications to
integration in large-scale ERP environments. The technology is also being tested in customer loyalty programs and the fast-growing automated POS sales environment by
some of the foremost marketers in the world.
N E uy E
Iris Technology Division
7 Clarke Drive, Cranbury, NJ 08512
Tel. 609-819-IRIS(4747) Fax. 609-819-4736
O 2006 LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Design and specification subject to change without notice.
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