DeltaV Standard Boiler Solution

DeltaV Standard Boiler Solution
Trim Fuel Costs and Simplify Operation
Better control for reduced
cost and improved
Reliable, efficient boiler control is
essential for profitable plant
operation. Keeping a steam
production process in balance
poses a constant challenge.
Steam loads change as production
demands fluctuate. Fuel variations
add to the complexity and
equipment malfunctions can result
in costly process upsets. The
Emerson Standard Boiler Solution
Increase reliability and
operator confidence
Save fuel and reduce upsets
Standardized, field-proven
controls reduce errors and
increase productivity
Operate closer to design
Reduces startup and
engineering costs
The boiler solution provides
controls for managing combustion,
feedwater and drum level, stack
oxygen, and steam header
pressure. Precise, automatic
control helps maintain steam
header pressure in order to
enhance plant efficiency, reduce
upsets, and minimize cost.
What is controlled?
Emerson provides pre-engineered
controls for gas or oil-fired boilers.
I/O can be either classic or use
Foundation FieldBus. The
Standard Boiler Solution includes:
Steam header pressure control
with failure protection
Boiler master for loading
individual boilers
3-element drum level control
with failure protection
1-element drum level control
Combustion control using
parallel metering with crosslimits
O2 trim based on fuel use/type
with Dynamic Excess Air
Simulation for testing
Fuel, water, and steam totals
Conditional Alarming
Electronic documentation
How can controls improve
the boiler process?
Improvements are often needed to
reduce cost of fuel, stabilize upsets
in operation, or to comply with
NFPA. This solution helps boilers
perform more closely to design
specifications and demand
requirements, shift after shift.
How is engineering cost
Because its pre-configured and
well documented, less time is spent
in implementing the controls.
Reduced time for design,
configuration, testing, check-out,
and commissioning is required.
Emerson has proven this on more
than 100 boilers.
How flexible can control
Flexibility is included to ensure that
the control solution fits specific
boiler process requirements.
Options include:
Burner management solution
Automatic warm-up control
Standby mode
CO and NOX Control
Waste fuel Btu compensation
The solution can be customized for
use with hydrogen, waste fuels,
and to be a furnace or thermal
How does it save fuel?
The simple answer is with
improved efficiency. Boilers with
mechanical jackshaft or less
Emerson Process Management
Process Systems and Solutions
Telephone: +1 (512) 835 2190
email: [email protected]
functional controls have an air to
fuel relationship that errors on the
conservative side.
Excessive air causes heat to be
wasted up the stack. Using
metered air and fuel flows with
Dynamic Excess Oxygen
Correction allows for aggressive
and safe air and fuel mixtures that
save fuel. For each 2% reduction
in flue gas oxygen, a savings of
approximately 1% fuel is achieved.
On a 100 kpph steam producing
boiler at $6/therm, $63K per year
could be saved with natural gas.
How will it reduce upsets
and improve reliability?
Adding state of the art controls will
help the boiler operate at optimum
conditions. For example, tuning of
header pressure and drum level
loops adapts for changing
conditions. In addition, controls are
designed with failure protection
logic. If an analog input goes bad,
the loop will go to manual mode
and alarm the operator. On critical
loops such as header pressure, the
controls will automatically switch to
backup control and alert the
operator to the condition.
Can it support information
Changes in operation and alarms
are automatically logged. Data is
available real time for other
applications using integration
technologies to support accounting
and compliance requirements.
What’s the operator
Included are graphic displays for
steam header overview and a
detailed boiler display (with trends
and controls for operating the unit
in a clear and logical way).
What about support?
Few operations have resources or
expertise to design, implement,
startup, tune, and maintain a
complex boiler system on their
own. Emerson experts are
available to assist with any stage of
a boiler control project. Our
industry experts can help you
design justify and implement
improved boiler control that will
show immediate results on your
company’s bottom line. Please call
us to find out how.
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