Computer News for HP OEMs and Independent Software Vendors
April 1985
3 Marketing Exchange
Consultants: The invisible high-leverage
marketing channel
5 Support
HP product support life extended to 1 0 years
5 Supplies
CSO becomes Direct Marketing Division
DMK direct order phone numbers
6 HP 1 00 Series
Introducing HP's new PC Instruments
Data acquisition software for PC Instruments
HP-IB I/O Library turns personal computers
into instrument controllers
PC Instruments use HP-Plus software program
and sales
Announcing personal-computer-based data
acquisition system
Picture Perfect provides the power to chart all
of your data
Recommend [email protected] presentation
graphics on the HP 150 personal computer
VTlOO Emulation available for HP 1 5 0 personal
HP-HIL support for HP 150 and HP 150 MAX
personal computers
13 H P 1 0 0 0
New version of HP 1000 A-Series 8-channel
MUX released
New version of HP 1000 A-Series downloadable
MUX released
Announcing TK!Solverm/HP-UX for HP 9000
Series 200 and HP Integral PC
Introducing Picture Perfect for HP 9000 Series
200 workstations
Terminal emulator upgrade offer begins April 1
Incorrect ID PROMS shipped in HP 9000 Model
1 7 HP260
New HP 260 literature in stock
HP 7906H disc not supported on the HP 260
18 HP3000
Upgrade all HP 3000 Series 11s by August 1
19 Printers
Announcing HP's IBM plug-compatible laser
printing system
Positioning the HP 2685A and HP 2689A laser
HP 261 1A and 2619A removed from the HP
Price List
2 1 Software Packages Available and Wanted
On the Cover:
HP introduces PC Instruments - a practical and versatile
solution for the automated-test-and-measurement requirements of a wide range of technical professionals. See
articles beginning on page 6.
Computer Focus - lnternational
April I985
Marketing Exchange
Consultants: The invisible
high-leverage marketing channel
by Ihab Abu-Hakima, market manager
Vertical Market Development
At a recent major convention and exhibit for the
nation's retailers, the key speakers were consultants.
They also represented 10 percent of the total
attendees to the convention.
This isn't a chance occurrence. As the marketplace
grows and becomes more specialized, consultants are
becoming increasingly influential. Their expertise is
being sought not only by the industry, but by the
customer - your customers - and if you're not
working with consultants, you could be missing out on
sales opportunities.
For example, at the convention mentioned above, consultants were leading workshops on such topics as
how to choose the right computer solutions, or the use
of software packages and turnkey solutions to reduce
implementation time. Most importantly, they were
constantly being approached by computer users who
were bewildered by the myriad of solutions available.
They were being asked to recommend a particular
solution or solutions for use in specific industry
applications. What happens if the consultant has
never heard of your solution? - you're not even
If that isn't enough, consider the fact that these same
consultants are chartered to assemble detailed listings
and analyses of computer solutions that they are
aware of and consider viable for a specific market.
These listings are generally made available to trade
association members.
This recurring theme of the importance of consultants
is especially evident within specific vertical markets.
During our research into various industries, we've
discovered that MIS consultants have an undeniable
influence at both the macro- and micro-levels within
industries. Through their publications, workshops,
and information gathering activities (e.g. attendance
at trade shows), they've positioned themselves as
almost quintessential reference points and information resources on available MIS solutions within their
industries of specialization.
The message is clear: if you don't keep key consultants in your target industry informed, or make an
effort to cultivate a good working relationship with
them, you could be stifling the growth of your
Why not use this medium as an additional marketing
channel to leverage incremental sales and market
visibility? Consultants can be an extremely costeffective lead-generation channel, especially for companies with a small sales force and limited marketing
capabilities. Some companies receive 10-20 percent of
their leads through vertical market specific consultants. If you can position your solution clearly and
effectively - you could get even better results. How
do you go about this effective positioning? The recommendations that follow should give you a head start.
Step 1: Identify the key consultants specializing in your target industry or market. Sources
Articles they have written for trade publications
focused on your target market.
Industry trade associations.
Contacting the major consulting firms and asking
for the director(s) of consulting for your target
industry (e.g. the big eight CPA firms: Arthur
Andersen, Price Waterhouse, etc. and management
consulting firms: Arthur D. Little, etc.).
Directories of consultants available at local libraries
that also specify industrylarea of specialization
(e.g. Consultants and Consulting Organizations
Directory from Gale Research Co., Detroit).
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
HP Computer Museum
For research and education purposes only.
Marketing Exchange
Step 2: Initiate and nurture a close relationship
with those key consultants.
Contact them personally.
Meet and brief them. If possible give them a product demo at your facility, or better yet at one of
your customer installations. A customer visit is
usually more feasible when a consultant is working
on a client's time rather than hislher own.
It is critical, and to your advantage, to identify
clearly the target markets your solution is designed
to serve. This will differentiate your product from
the competition and save the consultant time (a
valuable asset of which a consultant never seems to
have enough).
Supply them with literature and customer
Keep them up-to-date with product enhancements
and your new successes.
Demonstrate your ability to support non-local
installation, if applicable.
Solicit feedback.
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
Step 3: Respond to the Requests for Proposals
(RFP) submitted by them.
Keep in close contact with the consultant during
this activity. You can receive assistance in completing the response properly and keep your solution at
the forefront of the consultant's thoughts.
Don't let them down. If you can't respond, let them
know why - otherwise your leads could dry up.
Step 4: When possible, send business their
way, too.
Invite them to seminars you arrange. Approach
their participation as a business opportunity for
them - it will gain you additional leverage.
Suggest to your prospects that they contact the
consultant for objective opinions on your solution,
or for MIS studies.
Take the time to carefully position your solution in
the minds of your industry consultants and regularly
reinforce it. Leads you otherwise wouldn't have
received will start flowing your way.
Remember: If they don't know you, they won't
recommend you.
HP product support life
extended to 10 years
Over 200 HP instrument and computer products have
been selected for an increased support life of 10 years.
While all HP products are supported for 5 years
beyond manufacturing discontinuance, many of them
have been supported even longer through special
Now we have formally identified products which are
automatically eligible for 10 years of support after
obsolescence. Government customers, major accounts,
and other users in the aerospace and telecommunications industries can count on HP support for the long
term without special arrangements. This new policy
should help you get business from customers who
require corporate commitment to long-term support
in order to maximize use of their HP solutions.
Contact your HP sales rep for more information.
CSO becomes Direct Marketing
DMK Fast Phones - the easy, direct way for you to order
supplies, accessories, media, furniture, and software.
Toronto Local
British Columbia
Other Provinces
Telephone Number
(0222) 2500615
(0222) 2500616
(02) 762 32 00
(02) 816640, ext. 258
(90) 4550211
(6) 928 32 64
(01) 6473360-1
(02) 92 36 91
(06) 5 48 31
Middle East
South Africa
Cape Town
T h e Netherlands
United Kingdom
United States
West Germany
HP's Computer Supplies Operation (CSO) has a new
name - Direct Marketing Division (DMK) - which
more clearly identifies its role as a complementary
channel of low-ticket product distribution.
Over the years, CSO has developed an effective and
responsive off-the-shelf service which makes it easy
for you to order supplies and accessories, as well as
selected low-cost software and hardware products.
The new DMK organization will serve computer users
and traditional instrument buyers. We'll be exploring
with various saleslmarketing management teams how
we might use the leverage of non-personal direct
marketing to further complement direct selling
While we may be changing our name, we're not
changing the can-do spirit and responsiveness that
has built CSO's positive reputation. We're still here to
help you.
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
Personal Computers
Introducing HP's new
PC Instruments
A new concept in instrumentation was announced by
Hewlett-Packard with the introduction of PC Instruments to the worldwide markets on March 26, 1985.
The components of the personal-computer-based
PC Instruments system include up to eight technical
instruments, offered in modular, stackable cases.
PC Instruments, a fully-integrated system of hardware and software, is HP's new line of personalcomputer instrumentation products designed to work
with the HP 150 personal computer and the IBM PC,
PC XT, and PC AT. PC Instruments initial product
line includes eight modules:
HP 61010AA
HP 61011AA
HP 61012AA
16-bit digital 110
8-channel relay MUX
12-bit dual voltage D/A
4%-digitdigital multimeter
5MHz function generator
lOOMHz universal counter
50MHz digitizing oscilloscope
8-channel relay actuator
HP 61013AA
HP 61014AA
HP 61015AA
HP 61016AA
HP 61017AA
Computer Focus - international
April 1985
PC Instruments' key benefits
Test, measurement, computation, spreadsheet
analysis, and word processing can be performed
using the same personal computer.
Easy-to-use BASIC 110 Library makes programming simple and fast. (See article on p. 9.)
Soft Front Panel makes manual mode operation
simple. Parameters can easily be "touched-in"
rather than entered through cumbersome key
Multiple instruments can be monitored and controlled through a single personal computer screen.
Optional Data Acquisition Software makes the PC
Instruments' solution complete; data can be collected and displayed instantly without having to
write a program. (See article on p. 8.)
The same personal computer can also control
HP-IB instruments. (See articles on p. 9.)
More precise measurements can be obtained since
the instruments are housed outside the personal
computer, where signal noise and interference are
New level of affordability.
Traditional instruments have many of the same
features as those found in personal computers, such as
displays, human interface, and internal microprocessors. PC Instruments were designed to take
advantage of these attributes of the personal computer by eliminating the redundancies from the
instrument modules. This enables a single user interface (the personal computer) to control instruments
of simpler designs, which translates to lower cost and
higher reliability.
The personal computer communicates with PC
Instruments via the Personal Computer Instruments
Bus (PC-IB). For each PC-IB interface card plugged
inside the personal computer, the computer can control up to eight PC Instruments modules. The system
can be expanded to include more instruments with
additional PC-IB interface cards.
Personal Computers
personal computer
Software - the heart of PC Instruments
Software is the key to PC Instruments' power and
flexibility. The system software consists of programs
for both manual and programmatic control of instruments and data conversion to commonly used formats.
In the manual mode, the Soft Front Panel program
provides instrument-control panels displayed on the
CRT screen. Through the Soft Front Panel, users can
operate any of the instruments connected to the
PC-IB using an HP 150 personal computer, mouse
(IBM only), or cursor keys.
T h e BASIC I t 0 Library offers a rich collection of
easy-to-use commands for programmatic control of
instruments. These high-level commands allow you to
create application programs tailored to your specific
Data Conversion Utilities format data acquired from
PC Instruments into a form compatible with popular
application packages such as 1-2-3'" from LotusTM,
VisiCalc6, and Wordstar". The
following three commonly used formats are supported: BASIC, Stripped ASCII, and Data Interchange
Format (DIF).
Modularity - key to PC Instruments
system hardware
Each of the PC Instruments is contained in a separate
stackable plastic enclosure housed outside the personal computer. This distinctive hardware design
reduces bench clutter, conserves valuable expansion
slots, and saves work space.
A separate mainframe or power supply is not needed
for PC Instruments. Each instrument module is
equipped with its own power pack that provides
isolated power.
An optional system power unit is available, which provides convenient and space-effective storage for up to
eight power packs. The unit serves as an ideal base for
PC Instruments on the bench and is also rack
A separate rack shelf is available for mounting up to
four PC Instruments in a standard 19-inch rack.
System power unit
Rack shelf
Terminal block
A versatile system designed for a wide range of
technical professionals
The new PC Instruments are designed for use in a
variety of technical environments. These include
areas in manufacturing, R&D, and other scientific and
engineering environments.
Some of the typical applications consist of production
test, subassembly test, incoming inspection, component evaluation, prototype testing, process monitoring, data logging, and experimental control.
1-2-3'"and LotusTM
are US trademarks o f l o t u s Development
is a US trademark ofNorthwestAnalytica1,
VisiCalcS is a US registered trademark of VisiCorp.
WordStar is a US registered trademark of MicroPro
International Corporation.
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
Personal Computers
Data acquisition software for
PC Instruments
PC Instruments can be operated in the manual mode
(Soft Front Panel) or in the programmatic mode
through a BASIC program. This capability is provided
through the system software shipped with the PC
Instruments Interface. However, those with generalpurpose data-logging and data-presentation requirements can purchase the Data Acquisition Software
package to simplify their programming tasks.
The key benefit of the Data Acquisition Software
package is that it provides a method by which you can
collect and display data from PC Instruments without
having to write a program.
The Data Acquisition Software package (HP 14855A
for the HP 150 personal computer, HP 14856A for the
IBM PC) contains BASIC programs which will perform common engineering workbench test applications. This package includes the following programs:
The Voltage Scanner program links the PC Instruments digital multimeter (DMM) with up to two
relay multiplexers to form a general-purpose 16channel voltage scanner. The data from the 16
channels can be presented in two output formats graphical or tabular.
The Thermocouple Scanner program is similar to
the Voltage Scanner but the thermocouple compensation and linearization are built-in. The program
supports K, J, R, E, S, and T-type thermocouples. A
temperature reference (in the relay multiplexer) is
read on one of the multiplexer channels, thus
reducing the available input channels to seven per
relay multiplexer.
The Analog Recorder program links up to three
PC Instruments digital multimeters to perform the
function of a traditional, three-channel, X-Y or Y-T
recorder. With this package, data is acquired and
output on a user-configured graph. Data can also be
sent directly to disc for later analysis.
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
The Engineering Graphics program is used by the
three application programs. This general-purpose
line-chart graphics can also be incorporated into
user-written BASIC application programs. The
graphics utility allows up to two Y axes and supports linear, semi-log, and log-log plots. Built-in
scaling allows for automatic data conversion to
engineering units.
All these programs are configured through menus so
you do not have to do any programming at all. Simply
type the run parameters into a configuration menu,
set up an output template for data presentation, and
then hit a softkey to start running the test. It's that
The Data Acquisition Software package also fully supports both the HP 7470 and 7475 plotters for hard
copy output. Also, hard copy outputs can be obtained
from the primary printer for the personal computer.
The Data Acquisition Software can be customized to
better fit your specific application. Portions of the
program can be modified, in BASIC, to add new program lines for data conversion or scaling. Also, other
PC Instruments or HP-IB instruments can be added to
the programs for providing stimulus or monitoring
other types of signals.
Model No.
Data acquisition software
for HP Touchscreen
personal computer
Data acquisition software
for IBM PC
Personal Computers
HP-IB 1 / 0 Library turns
personal computers into
instrument controllers
The HP-IB I10 Library for MSTM-DOS
adds another
computer to the spectrum of instrument controllers.
With this library, the HP 150 personal computer, IBM
PC, PC XT, PC AT, and other MS-DOS compatible
computers join the HP 9000 Series 200 and the Series
80 computers as HP-IB instrumentation controllers.
In the past, the HP 150 personal computer and other
MS-DOS computers were unable to communicate with
instruments over HP-IB. Our users needed to have an
instrument controller as well as a computer to work
for them in the office.
Now, with the HP-IB I10 Library, the HP 150 personal computer and the IBM PC move into a new
realm. Not only can the personal computer work in
the office but it can now move into the laboratory as
The HP-IB I10 Library gives the HP 150 personal
computer and the IBM PC all of the capabilities essential for most instrumentation applications. If the
system design requires portability or higher performance, those options still remain available. But a
designer no longer needs to buy one computer for office work and another for the laboratory.
The software provides over 20 different commands
which can be used in either GWTM
These commands are
similar to the high-level commands already implemented on the Series 80 and the HP 9000 Series 200
computers, so users experienced with those computers should feel very comfortable with the HP-IB
I10 Library.
HP-IB 110 Library
for HP 150
personal computer
HP-IB Interface and
110 Library for IBM PC
The HP-IB I10 Library for the HP 150 personal computer provides software on 3%-inch discs. The HP-IB
Interface and I10 Library for the IBM PC provides
software on 5%-inch discs and an HP-designed HP-IB
interface card to plug into the IBM PC. A manual is
included that contains instructions on installing the
HP-IB card and the I10 Library files, and programming with the Library in BASIC and Pascal. In addition, complete syntax references are provided for both
languages, as well as programming examples.
PC Instruments use HP-Plus
software program and sales
HP is committed to increasing the availability of software that supports our PC Instruments in order to
present a total instrumentation solution to our
To achieve this, we offer an incentives program that
encourages developers of software for HP PC Instruments to become official listed or referenced suppliers
under the HP-Plus third-party software program.
To encourage participation in our third-party software program, HP offers qualified software vendors:
A 40 percent discount on the purchase of an instrument system to assist them in the development and
demonstration of their software.
Technical support on PC Instruments during the
software development period.
Eligibility for free merchandising exposure through
our marketing programs.
Closer working relationship with HP's PC Instruments divisions.
The independent software vendors retain all
revenues, proprietary rights to the software, and
responsibility for its marketing, distribution, and
If you would like to participate in this program, please
contact your local HP sales rep.
Computer Focus
April 1985
Personal Computers
VTlOO Emulation available
for HP 150 personal computers
Only available in the US, Canada, and Europe.
The HP VTlOO Terminal Emulator (PIN 45412A)
allows the HP 150 personal computer to emulate most
VTlOO features, with several advanced features not
available on a VT100, such as disc logging, local printing, and file transfer.
A VTlOO is a low-cost (character-mode, no graphics)
terminal that is widely used in DEC environments.
VTlOO terminals can be used with many other vendors' systems as well, including systems from Burroughs, Prime, and Tandem.
Using the HP VTlOO Terminal Emulator, you can
connect your HP 150 personal computers to both an
HP 3000 and a DEC (or other VTlOO compatible)
machine. It is then a simple matter to exit from the
VTlOO Terminal Emulator and access the HP 3000
through Terminal Mode on the HP 150 personal computer. Remember, the DEC host must be connected
through Port 1 and the HP 3000 through Port 2.
Contact your local HP sales rep for more
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
HP-HIL support for
HP 150 and HP 150 MAX
personal computers
All HP 150 and HP 150 MAX personal computer
users will be able to use all family of HP-HIL (Human
Interface Link) input devices such as the HP Mouse
(PIN 46060A) with the new HP-HIL Interface Card
(PIN 45914A). This accessory board can be plugged
into either of the two slots available on the HP 150
personal computers.
The HP-HIL Interface Card has to be used in order to
run any software programs written for the HP-HIL
interface. Contact your HP sales rep for more
Technical Computers
New version of HP 1000 A-Series
8-channel MUX released
The HP 12040C is now on the HP Price List. The
product itself is very similar to the old HP 12040B and
is functionally backward compatible. Therefore, the
HP 12040B will be removed from the HP Price List in
June 1985.
Although the HP 12040C product has the same
features as its predecessor, the parts which comprise
the product are different. The MUX printed circuit
assembly has a new part number (PIN 12040-60004).
T h e RS-232 connection panel is different along with
the MUX-to-panel cable and the 19-inch mounting
bracket. There is also a new version of the firmware
(EPROM, PIN 5180-7228).
The new firmware incorporates the following
Change - Both baud rate generators on the card
will have a default setting of 9600 baud. The old
interface default setting programmed baud rate
generator "zero" to 2400 baud and baud rate
generator "one" to 9600 baud at card power up.
Situation - Where device (printer) is connected
to a port of the MUX and is printing, the last command received was an X-off (DC3). If this receiveonly device is turned off (to clear a buffer), the
port of the MUX will be left in a state requiring an
X-on (DC1) and no way to send it.
Change - The new firmware will allow an X-on to
be sent to a port via a different port using a command (CN,LU,34B,3). This will force an X-on on
the specified port.
Situation - During the MUX initialization, if the
devices attached to the ports are powered off, and
oddleven parity is used, there is a chance that the
port could end up in a confused state. The typical
cause has been that a parity error interrupts the
on-card 2-80 CPU at the same time the 2-80 is trying to initialize the port.
Change - The new firmware disables interrupts
while initializing the ports.
Situation - If a break key is hit while the MUX is
transmitting to an odd parity terminal, the port
may hang. The noise on the receive line while an
odd parity terminal is powered off may also cause
the same problem. This is because the old firmware
(PIN 5180-1970) did not correctly handle the rare
occurrence of simultaneous parity error and break
when configured for odd parity.
Change - The new firmware ignores the parity
error when the error occurs because of the use of
the break key on odd parity-configured ports.
Situation - If the length of the receive data is
greater than the read request length and the
character set is Katakana, the MUX may hang.
Change - The new firmware corrects this
Ordering information
PC assembly
RS-232 panel
MUX-panel cable
Mounting bracket
Cable ext. kit
HP 12040C
HP 12040C
Opt. 002*
System modem
Delete RS-232
HP 12040C
Opt. 003
Delete panel and
*The .77214A system modem is purchased separately.
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
Technical Computers
New version of HP 1000
A-Series downloadable MUX
The HP 12041B Downloadable MUX used with the
PCIF11000 Programmable Controller Interface software package is now on the HP Price List. The product itself is very similar to the old HP 12041A and is
functionally backward compatible with the
HP 12041A. Therefore, the HP 12041A will be
obsolete and removed from the HP Price List in
June 1985.
The HP 12401B has a new hardware interface
(PIN 12041-60002) and comes bundled with the
RS-232 connection panel (PIN 28658-60005) and
cable (PIN 28658-63002). So it will no longer be
necessary to order the HP 12828A connection panel
product. The HP 12828A will be obsoleted and
removed from the HP Price List in June as well.
Ordering information
PC assembly
RS-232 panel
MUX-panel cable
Cable ext. kit
HP 12041B*
HP 12041B
Opt. 003
Delete panel and
*The 1 2 0 4 1 B is used solely with the 9 4 2 0 0 A HP Programmable
Controller InterfaceA 000 product.
Computer Focus
April 1985
Announcing [email protected]/HP-UX
for HP 9000 Series 200 and
HP Integral PC
TK!Solver, an equation solving software package, is
now available on HP 9000 Series 200 HP-UX computers and the HP Integral PC. TK!Solver allows you
to solve complex mathematical models that cannot be
easily done with programming languages, spreadsheets, or calculators. Define the model with equations
written in your usual form, then TK!Solver uses
direct or iterative techniques to solve the model.
All the tools needed for problem-solving are built into
the program, including mathematical functions,
facilities for converting units of measurement, and the
ability to produce graphics and tables.
Key features of TK!Solver include:
Backsolving: TK!Solver lets you enter your problems once and then solves for the unknowns, no
matter where they are in the equations.
Iterative Solving: TK!Solver lets you use a
"guesstimate" for the answer, and then performs
repeated approximations to converge on the actual
List Solving: TK!Solver allows you to input values
in list form, then calculates the answer for every
value in the list.
Unit Conversions: TK!Solver allows you to define
the numerical relationship between two types of
units of measure and then uses those definitions so
you don't have to modify your equations.
Tables and Plots: TK!Solver can plot or print the
answers to the screen or a printer. No special output devices are required.
To make the most effective use of this program, four
TK!SolverPacks* (sophisticated templates for use
with TK!Solver) are available:
Mechanical Engineering: Analyzes topics like
elastic beam bending, springs, area moment of inertia, Mohr's circle, rotational systems, heat transfer,
fluid flow, and hydraulics.
Technical Computers
Financial Management: Topics include compound
interest, net present value, debt service, cost of
equity capital, financial statement analysis, stock
option pricing, bond swaps, convertible debt, and
bond refunding decisions.
Building Design and Construction: Topics include
beam and column design, mortgages, payment on
energy-saving investments, heating costs and solar
heat gain, construction cost estimation, and calculations for rafters and stairs.
Introductory Science: Covers topics in chemistry,
biology, physics, thermodynamics, and population
TK!Solver runs on HP 9000 Series 200 computers
running HP-UX 2.1 or 2.2, and the HP Integral PC.
TK!Solver is distributed standard on a double-sided
microfloppy and is also available on Vi-inch tape as
Option 022.
TK!Solver/HP-UX (single-user)
TK!Solver/HP-UX (multi-user)
TK !SolverPacks:
(Note: TK!SolverPacks are not single-user or multiuser specific since they are data files only.)
455 16G
Financial Management
Mechanical Engineering
Building Design and
Introductory Science
Contact your local HP sales rep for more information
about TK!Solver.
*TK!Soluer is required to operate a TK!SoluerPack template
TK!Soluer " is a US registered trademark of Software Arts, Inc.
Introducing Picture Perfect for
HP 9000 Series 200
Picture Perfect, the popular HP 150 personal computer graphics software, is now available for the HP
9000 Series 200 workstations. This new release brings
all of the ease, flexibility, and power of the HP 150
version, with the addition of an advanced barlline
chart type.
Picture Perfect (PIN 45462B) is a data-driven presentation graphics package that produces professional-quality charts. Its modules provide the
capability to produce high-quality pie charts, vertical
or horizontal bar charts, line charts, and combined line
and bar charts.
You can place data values in many different locations
on a chart with Picture Perfect. Legends, footnotes,
titles, and annotations may be moved to where they
work and look best. Single or multiple charts on one
page allow for easy inclusion in a report or review. An
independent Y axis allows for charting of different
data types for comparison purposes.
A tutorial is provided with Picture Perfect that lets
you get started easily and quickly. Extensive on-line,
context-sensitive HELP screens answer questions
promptly, eliminating the need to search through a
HP 9000 Series 200 Picture Perfect provides its own
Pascal operating environment so no particular
language environment or installation is required. It
runs on HP 9000 Models 216,217,220,236AlC with
512K bytes memory, and supports a wide range of
Picture Perfect is available worldwide; however, it
will work with the keyboard in US mode only.
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
Technical Computers
Terminal emulator upgrade
offer begins April 1
Incorrect ID PROMS shipped in
HP 9000 Model 217s
Now HP 9000 Series 200 users can upgrade their HP
2622A (PIN 98790A) or VTlOO and HP 2622A (PIN
98791A) terminal emulators to the new HP 2392A
and VTlOO terminal emulator (PIN 98791B). Those
who want to run their terminal emulators under Pascal 3.0 or who want to use peripherals supported by
Pascal 3.0, such as the HP 9122D or the HP 35721AlC
monitor should take advantage of this limited time
offer. From April 1 through June 30,1985, part numbers will be placed on the HP Price List to allow you to
get the new emulator.
You must own either the 98790A or 98791A emulator
and an HP 9000 Series 200 Model 216,220, or 236
with a 98203AlB keyboard to take advantage of this
The upgrade kit contains:
Program disc for HP 9000 Models 216,220,
and 236
Pascal 3.0 Environment Disc
HP 2392A terminal emulator manual (for HP 9000
Models 216,220, and 236)
VTlOO terminal emulator manual (for HP 9000
Models 216,220, and 236)
Certificate for one code word
VTlOO numeric keypad overlay.
The kit does not include software or manuals for use
with HP 9000 Models 217,237, and 220s with HPHIL key boards.
If you purchase Software Materials Subscription
(SMS) for the HP 2622A or the VTlOO and HP
2622A, you will receive the upgrade automatically.
For a small monthly SMS fee, you can receive any
further upgrades to the HP 2392A and VTlOO Terminal Emulator.
Contact your HP sales rep for more information.
Due to a manufacturing error, a large quantity of HP
9817H systems were shipped with an incorrect ID
PROM. While this does not affect normal performance
of these systems, it does prevent you from being able
to execute any of HP's secured software programs,
such as HP EGSl200 or HP's new terminal emulator.
To determine if you have such a machine, check the
system console during the "boot" process. The correct
boot ROM will identify the system as an HP 9817A.
An incorrect boot ROM will identify the system as an
HP 9817.
If you are experiencing this problem, contact your HP
sales rep, who can replace the ID PROM with the correct version. This upgrade will be done at no charge to
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
HP 260
New H P 260 literature in stock
Large quantities of HP 260 sales literature are available for your HP 260 merchandising activities. Your
HP sales rep can obtain for you the following new HP
260 literature:
HP 260 management brochure, Offering
Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Needs.
HP 260 flyer, Is Your Management Tool
K i t Complete?
Guide to the HP260 Family, presents an
overview of the H P 260 Models 15,24, and
5 5 plus a description and photograph of
HP 260 peripheral products.
Full color poster of the H P 260 in an
inventory/warehouse environment.
Full color poster of the H P 260 in an office
Full color poster of the HP 260 in an auto
repair shop. All posters are available in
quantities of 1 0 which may include an
Asynchronous Data Communications data
QUERY Data Base Inquiry data sheet
Text Processing data sheet
Decision Support Graphics data sheet
Report Writer data sheet
Graphics Plotting Library data sheet
Synchronous Data Communications data
IMAGE Data Base Management data sheet
Textual Plotting Program data sheet
*Please add the following suffixes to the 5953-4360xx
Management Brochure for localized versions:
D = United States
= Universal English (no code)
FR = French
SW = Swedish
IT = Italian
S P = Spanish
NO = Norwegian
DU = Dutch
FI = Finnish
DK = Danish
AUINZIAS = Australia, New Zealand, Asia (English)
**Please add the following suffixes to the 5953-4361xx Flyer
Asian (English)
= Australia, New Zealand (English)
No code is required for a universal English version.
Both literature pieces arealso available in the German language
HP 7906H disc not supported on
the HP 260 system
An error was made in the new HP 260 Product Training and Configuration Guides. The HP 7906H, 20Mbyte disc drive, is notsupported on the HP 260
system. The new HP 260 Product Training Guide and
Configuration Guide incorrectly lists the HP 7906H as
a supported peripheral on the HP 260 system. Please
correct these manuals.
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
Business Computers
Upgrade all HP 3000 Series 11s
by August 1
Upgrade not available in Europe
Effective March 1 through August 1, 1985, HP is providing an aggressive program to make upgrades more
attractive to the HP 3000 Series I1 installed base
In addition to the normal credits allowed for the HP
3000 Series I1 to Series IIIR upgrade, and for the HP
790617920 to 7925MRlSRlMTlST upgrades, additional savings can be realized when you purchase one
of the following bundles:
An HP 3000 Series IIIR with 1M byte of memory.
An HP 3000 Series IIIR with 1M byte bundled with
an HP 7925MR.
Computer Focus
April 1985
This upgrade promotion is an excellent opportunity
for HP 3000 Series I1 installed base users looking for a
more efficient system at a lower cost. With a five-year
lease, the HP 3000 Series IIIR pays for itself with
maintenance savings. Compared to the HP 3000
Series 11, this multiuser system provides twice the
performance and no investment in incremental
peripherals or software.
The HP 3000 Series IIIR is one of HP's most widely
accepted computer systems and HP's aggressive pricing makes it an unbeatable opportunity.
Contact your HP sales rep for more information
regarding the upgrade.
Announcing HP's IBM plugcompatible laser printing
The HP 2689A subsystem combines the HP 2680A
laser printer with a separate control unit that plugs
into an IBM mainframe.
HP is pleased to announce the HP 2689A laser printing subsystem. The HP 2689A is designed to be a
high-speed line printer replacement for connection to
IBM systems. It combines the field-proven HP 2680A
laser printer with a separate control unit which allows
interfacing to an IBM mainframe.
The HP 2689A is a natural extension to our already
broad laser printer product line. From the HP LaserJet printer to the HP 2685 and 2689, HP has the
largest and most diverse laser printer offering of any
vendor on the market. The HP 2689A will keep HP in
the limelight rightly earned by the HP LaserJet
See following article for more information on the
HP 2689A.
Positioning the HP 2685A and
HP 2689A laser printers
With the introduction of the HP 2689A laser printing
system, you have another good reason to go with HP
for their printing solutions: direct channel connect.
The HP 2689A complements the existing HP 2685
product offering by providing a straightforward, highspeed connection for local printing applications on
IBM mainframe systems.
T h e HP 2689A: T h e local s y s t e m p r i n t e r
The HP 2689A was designed to replace impact printers as the primary local system printer. The HP
2689A uses the command set of the popular IBM 3211
line printer (2,000 lpm) and can replace it (or others
in the same class) in most applications.
Typical uses would be for system dumps, program
listings, financial reports, parts explosions, product
listings, order processing, payroll, and personnel reports (in general, preprinted forms replacement).
Primary selling points are reduced operator intervention, excellent print quality, forms cost savings (using
electronic forms), speed, and paper size.
T h e HP 2685: T h e r e m o t e l i n e p r i n t e r
The HP 2685 allows you to locate printer capacity
where needed without being constrained by cable distance limitations. The HP 2685 supports a variety of
communications software (RJE, MRJE, SNA, X.25) to
satisfy just about everyone's configuration needs.
The data communications controller of the HP 2685
(an HP 3000 in disguise) can also print graphics (no
graphics on the HP 2689). Users connected to the
print station can generate their own graphics images
or download files from the host for printing.
T h e HP 2685: V a r i a t i o n s o n a t h e m e
The HP 2685 comes with printer and controller
options. You have a choice of printers (the HP 2680A
or the HP 2688A), as well as controllers (HP 3000
Sei,ies 37/48/68). In addition, multiple printers can be
attached to a single controller. In remote applications
where special applications need an impact printer
(privacy envelopes, color forms, and odd paper sizes
or weights), any one of the high-speed dot-matrix
printers from HP can also be connected.
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
The HP 2685 offers you the greatest flexibility in
terms of hardware configuration and software
capability in remote printer applications.
Product/Application Matrix
Local line printer
(forms, listings,
financial reports, etc.)
Remote line printer
(as above, remote or long
line configuration)
Graphics output
(business graphics,
Distributed printer server
Computer Focus
April 1985
HP 2689
HP 2685
best application
good application
possible application
no application
HP 2611A and 2619A removed
from the HP Price List
Due to the great success of the HP 2565A and 2566A,
the HP 2611A and 2619A will be removed from the
HP Price List on May 1, 1985. You will have a 30-day
grace period to buy an HP 2611A or 2619A.
Remarketed HP 2611A and 2619As will soon be available from HP's Finance and Remarketing Division
(FRD). For more information on the pricing and
availability, please contact your HP sales rep.
Software Packages Available
and Wanted
If you have a software package available for crosslicensing, or are looking for a package to cross-license,
this section will help you. Your entry will appear for
two months; the most recent additions are shaded. To
list your company in the Cross-Licensing Classifieds
(at no charge), see the address at the end of this
Software Packages Available
Industry: Cross-Industry -Accounting
Abstract: FACTS Project Management is a multi-company project
management system designed for general contractors. It
interfaces with the FACTS accounting system and uses
Image, Cobol and HP V13000.
FACTS Accounting System is a complete multi-company
accounting system, including general ledger, accounts
payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets and payroll
modules. Each module may be purchased separately.
Uses Image, Cobol and V13000.
Company Name: Windemere Systems Corporation
Address: 18952 Bonanza Way
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Phone Number: 301-948-2684
Contact Person: Bruce Lisle, James Sinkovic
Type of Distributor Wanted: Expertise with HP 3000
Industry: Stock Market Analysis
Abstract: FORMIS Market Analysis Charts plots daily stock
indices in the form of a line chart. The following analytical calculations can be incorporated and plotted against
a daily index:
Twenty- and fifty-day moving averages
Cumulative AdvanceIDecline Indicator
On-balance volume
Overbought/Oversold Indicator
Coppock Indicator
FORMIS Stock Analyser is designed to simplify any
security analyst's computation and analysis of fundamental stock information. This versatile system begins
with raw data input of a company's financial statements
such as balance sheet, profit and loss, and sourcesluses
of funds statements. The raw data can be from several
years and for a large number of companies. Data format
is rigid to provide for manipulation. A total of 2 3 financial ratios in four categories: operating, liquidity.
shareholders' performance and gearing are computed
FORMlS Stock Charts plots bar charts of daily high,
low and closing prices together with daily volume for a
selected stock. The plotted chart appears on the screen
of the terminal covering up to nine months of daily
transactions. Using an HP 7475 or 7470 plotter, 16
months of daily transactions can be plotted. FORMlS
Stock Charts also incorporates moving averages
against the daily bar charts and need only be updated
once daily to update the plot.
Geographic Coverage: North America
Industry: Ferrous and Non-ferrous foundries
Abstract: FPSl3000 is the most updated foundry production system
for the operation control of order entry, production scheduling, pattern/part/process, perpetual casting inventory,
shipping, invoicing, and accounts receivable.
Company Name: Metech Co.
Address: 22300 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
Phone Number: 213-373-6622
Contact Person: Joe Chuang
Type of Distributor Wanted: Open
Geographic Coverage: Worldwide
Company Name: Formis Computer Services Sdn Bhd
Address: 19B, 19th Floor
Resource House
Jalan Raja Laut
Kuala Lumpur
Phone Number: 03-933666 (10 lines)
Contact Person: Jon Chen
Type of Distributor Wanted: Open
Geographic Coverage: Worldwide
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
Cross-Licensing Classifieds
I n d u s t r y : Cross-Industry
I n d u s t r y : CAD/CAM
Abstract: The SYNERGIST. Application: Program Generator.
Product overview: the SYNERGIST is an on-line nonprocedural applications development system that integrates
shared processing between personal computer networks
and the HP 3000. Custom applications are built and
executed directly on the PC, with simultaneous on-demand
access to IMAGE data bases. T h e SYNERGIST supports
multi-page and nested forms, with provision for local program variables. By using an extended dictionary, database
and screen generation is dramatically simplified. Editing,
data manipulation, forms presentation, and calculation
resolution are all handled at the key-stroke level. This
unique global information approach reduces initial programming redundancy and subsequent maintenance tasks,
allowing complex applications without relying on traditional
procedural languages.
C o m p a n y Name: Gateway Systems Corporation
A d d r e s s : 2277 Science Parkway
Okemos, MI 48864
P h o n e Number: 517-349-7740
C o n t a c t P e r s o n : Beth Baerman
T y p e of Distributor W a n t e d : Open
G e o g r a p h i c Coverage: Worldwide
I n d u s t r y : Cross-Industry
Abstract: CP/M-68K: An extension of the popular CP/MT' operating system for the HP 9000 Series 200 machines.
CP/M-68K supports from 128K bytes to 16M bytes of
RAM, from 1 to 16 disk drives of up to 512M bytes
each, and the C language. (C Compiler and run-time
library are subset compatible with UNIXTM).
Languages supported under CP/M-68K include: 68K
BASIC. 68K Forth, SVS FORTRAN 77, SVS Pascal,
SVS BASIC-Plus, and Whitesmiths' "C".
C o m p a n y Name: Empirical Research Group, Inc.
P h o n e Number: (206) 874-4844
A d d r e s s : 1112 S. 344th Street. Suite 301
Federal Way, WA 98003
Contact P e r s o n : Jack Hardison
T y p e of D i s t r i b u t o r W a n t e d : Open
Geographic Coverage: Worldwide
SVS is a trademark of Silicon Valley Software.
CP/M-68K and CP/M are trademarks of Digital Research, Inc.
UNIX is a trademark ofAT&TBell Laboratories.
Computer Focus
April 1985
Abstract: DGS-2000 is an easy to operate, menu driven, 2D CAD
package with high performance capabilities running on
HP 9000 Series computers.
C o m p a n y Name: Data Automation
A d d r e s s : 10731 TreenaStreet, Suite 106
San Diego, CA 92131
P h o n e Number: (619) 695-0806
C o n t a c t P e r s o n : Rick Hackworth, President
Allen Elowe. Product Manager
T y p e of D i s t r i b u t o r W a n t e d : Open
Geographic Coverage: Worldwide.
I n d u s t r y : Cross-Industry
Abstract: Coda-IAS is the leading Integrated Accounting System
in the UK with 150 licenses sold. The package
addresses the main functional areas of accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger. A powerful
financial reporting system is included for management
accountinglbudgeting purposes.
C o m p a n y Name: Coda Limited
A d d r e s s : Aire House
12 Swinegate
Leeds LS14AG
United Kingdom
P h o n e Number: 0532 461726
Contact P e r s o n : Rodney Potts, Managing Director
T y p e of D i s t r i b u t o r W a n t e d : Software houses, OEMs, consultants with strong accounting expertise.
Geographic Coverage: Worldwide
Cross-LicensingClassif ieds
I n d u s t r y : Insurance, Property and Casualty Companies
A b s t r a c t : For HP 250 Computers - acomplete property and casualty
insurance system for the small to medium insurance company. It is an integrated data-base-driven policy issue and
administration system. Areas covered include: policy input,
rating, printing, renewals, claims, investments, inspections,
agents, and accounting. Also available are word processing,
spreadsheet, business graphics.
C o m p a n y Name: ForceTen Enterprises Inc.
A d d r e s s : 3845 Dutch Villaee Road
Nova Scotia, Canada B3L 4H9
P h o n e N u m b e r 902-453-0040
C o n t a c t P e r s o n : Mr. Trygve Arnason
T y p e of D i s t r i b u t o r W a n t e d : HP 250 OEMISoftware Supplier
G e o g r a p h i c Coverage: US. Canada
You can list your company in the CrossLicensing Classifieds (either Software
Packages Available or Software Packages
Wanted) by sending the information in the
format used here to:
Hewelett-Packard Company
Value Added Solutions Marketing
Attn: Marilyn Rauchle
10520 Ridgeview Court
Building 49C
Cupertino, CA 95014
Entries will run for two months. The most
recent additions are shaded. Be sure to send the
information in at least one month before you
wish it to appear.
Computer Focus - International
April 1985
April 1985, Volume 4, Issue 6
Computer Focus is published monthly for Hewlett-Packard OEMs
and Independent Software Vendors to keep you informed of H P
products and services and to provide information to help you be
more successful.
For further information on any of the products and services
discussed in Computer Focus, please contact your H P
sales rep.
Note: Not all H P computer products a r e sold and supported
in all countries. Please check with your local H P Sales
Hewlett-Packard does not warrant the accuracy of the
information provided in Computer Focus and shall not be
liable for any use made of the information contained herein.
Information provided in Computer Focus is subject to
change without notice.
If you have any suggestions or comments on
Computer Focus, please send them to:
Editor: Tracy Wester
Hewlett-Packard Company
Corporate Marketing Communications
3000 Hanover Street, Building 20B V
Palo Alto, CA 94304-0890 U S A
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