34-EFIR-13 Hayabusa - Electronic Fuel Injection Retard

34-EFIR-13 Hayabusa - Electronic Fuel Injection Retard
Hayabusa Ignition Retard Module
The EFIR-13 Retard Module allows the user to Retard the Ignition Timing on Fuel
Injected Motorcycles. Never install Solid Core Sparkplug wires as this will cause the Retard Module and
the Factory ECU to malfunction. The Factory Wires are designed to work with Micro-Processor controlled
2—Installation, The EFIR-13 Module is designed to plug into the existing Crankshaft Trigger wiring
harness. The connector is located on the left side of the engine under the tank. It will be grouped with the
Generator Wires coming from the engine case. Find the 2 position connector and unplug it. Plug the EFIR13 connectors into the Trigger and Factory Harness.
Side with Notch
Factory Wiring Connections
Blue Green +
Crank Trigger
Wiring Harness to ECU
- Green
+ White
NOTE—The Retard Module will not allow the Trigger Signal to pass if it is NOT on. To operate
with Module OFF (no power applied) you must re-connect the factory connectors without the Retard
Connect the Black wire to the Battery Negative Terminal.
Connect the Red wire to +12V switched source (comes on with the Ignition Switch).
Connect the Yellow wire(+12V Activation wire) to the NOS Activation Switch or a +12V
activation source (i.e.—Timer Output from Progressive “2” Nitrous Controller)
NOTE—With the EFIR-13 Retard Module Installed the Factory Timing will be Retarded 1.5 degrees at 10,000 RPM. This can be adjusted, if necessary, using a Power Commander® that has timing control. This 1.5 Degrees will be Added to the Amount of Retard Selected with the Programming
Switches as outlined below.
NOTE—The Red LED Lamp will light when power is applied and will flash with each Crankshaft
Trigger signal that it receives. The Green LED Lamp will Flash if the Activation Signal is applied
without the engine running. If the Activation Signal is applied with the engine running the Green
LED Lamp will be on steady.
IMPORTANT—The EFIR-13 can be used with or without a Power Commander® Installed. If ran without a Power Commander® a Fuel Solenoid will need to be added to provide the extra fuel required when
the Nitrous is on.
IMPORTANT—It is recommended that the TRE-002-IVAN Timing Retard Eliminator be used with the
EFIR-13. This will provide the same timing map (5th gear map) for each gear. Contact Schnitz Racing for
product information and pricing.
NOTE—The NC-2000 Progressive “2” Nitrous Controller was designed to work with the EFIR-13 for
precision Nitrous Power Control. Contact Schnitz Racing for product information and pricing.
3—Setting the EFIR-13, Please refer to the Diagram below and on the inside
cover of the EFIR-13 for correct switch settings for desired operation.
#9 = ON
Switch #9 determines how the EFIR-13 operates when the Activation Signal is removed during
RESET ALWAYS—If the Activation Signal is turned OFF the EFIR-13 will Reset and Start again.
HOLD & RESUME—If the Activation Signal is turned OFF the EFIR-13 will NOT Reset and will
continue from the point it was turned OFF (Retard does not have to build up again).
Use Switches 1,2,3,4 to set the
Degrees of Retard Desired. Use
Chart below for correct settings.
# 1 2 3 4
1 =
2 =
3 =
4 =
5 =
6 =
7 =
8 =
9 =
10 =
11 =
12 =
13 =
14 =
15 =
16 =
Use Switches 5,6,7,8 to set the
Retard Build Time in Seconds
Desired. Use Chart below for
correct settings.
# 5 6 7 8
.100 =
.250 =
.375 =
.500 =
.625 =
.750 =
.875 =
1.000 =
1.250 =
1.500 =
1.750 =
2.000 =
2.250 =
2.500 =
2.750 =
3.000 =
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