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1. Unpacking
Thank you for choosing the UFO 8 fixture. For your own safety, please read this manual before
installing the device. This manual covers important information on installation and applications. Please
keep this manual for future reference.
UFO 8 wash fixture uses 8 high powered 3 watt leds in a balanced arrangement giving you incredible
output. Please unpack it carefully and check whether it was damaged in shipping.
The following items should be in the box with the fixture:Hanging Clamp
Power cable
DMX 3 pin male to 3 pin female cable
2. Safety Instructions.
This device has left the factory in perfect condition. In order to maintain this condition and to ensure a
safe operation, it is absolutely necessary for the user to follow the safety instructions and warning
notes written in this user manual. UFO 8 is a high voltage fixture. Be careful when dealing with high
Please read this manual. If you do not read this manual and damages occur to UFO 8, then it
could void the warranty.
During shipping, UFO 8 may have been exposed to high temperature changes or humidity changes.
So, as a precaution, do not switch UFO 8 on immediately. Condensation can damage UFO 8 so leave
UFO 8 switched off until it has reached room temperature.
The electric connection must carry out by a qualified person and it is absolutely essential that UFO 8
be grounded.
Always disconnect UFO 8 from the power source, when the device is not in use or before cleaning it.
Only unplug UFO 8 from the power cord. Never pull out the plug out by pulling on the power cord.
Please keep UFO 8 away from children and the general public. Please be intelligent and use common
sense when operating UFO 8.
3. General Guidelines.
UFO 8 is a lighting fixture for professional use on stages, in clubs, etc.
UFO 8 should only be operated at between 120 to 240 volts and only indoors.
UFO 8 should not be operated 24/7 (24 hours a day; 7 days a week). UFO 8 needs operation breaks to
ensure that it will work for a long time without problems. Please do not shake UFO 8 and avoid using
brute force when installing or operating it.
When choosing the location to install UFO 8, please make sure that it is not exposed to extreme heat,
moisture or dust. The minimum distance between UFO 8 and the illuminated surface must be more
than 3 feet.
Always mount UFO 8 with an appropriate safety cable.
Operate UFO 8 only when you are familiar with the features on the fixture. Do not permit operation by
persons not qualified for operating it.
All modifications to UFO 8 will invalidate the warranty. There are absolutely no exceptions.
If UFO 8 is operated in any way different to the one described in this manual, UFO 8 maybe damaged
and the guarantee will be void.
4. Installation
Please ensure that the UFO 8 is hung using the appropriate "C" clamp or half cheeseboro attached to
the U bracket supplied with the fixture. A safety chain or cable should also be used as a secondary
point of holding the fixture in case the clamp comes loose. Never hang the fixture without a safety
chain or cable.
If you are not qualified or have any doubts about hanging the UFO 8 then do NOT hang it.
Do not clamp the cable to the U bracket or clamp. That is not a secondary safety point.
A secondary safety point is any point that will adequately hold the UFO 8 if the "C" clamp or half
cheesboro fails. Then the safety cable would be the backup and stop the fixture from falling to the
ground. So do NOT fix the safety to the same place that the "C"clamp is attached.
5. DMX-512 Control Connection
Connect the provided XLR cable to the female 3-pin XLR output of your Elektralite CP 10xt or other
DMX controller. The other end should be connected to the male 3-pin XLR input of the UFO 8. Then
daisy-chain out of the first UFO 8 and into the next UFO 8 or other dmx device. Never “Y” split the
DMX connection. If you need more cable, then it should be two core, screened cable fitted with a 3 pin
XLR input and output connector. Please refer to the diagram below.
DMX has a maximum running distance of 330 feet. When long distances are involved then there is a
tendency for electrical noise to be evident in which case a DMX terminator will be required. The
terminator helps prevent corruption of the DMX signal. To make a DMX terminator simply solder a 120
ohm resistor across pins 2 and 3 of an XLR male connector. Then place that connector at the very end
of the DMX cable run. In other words at the last in the dmx chain. Do not just wire up the three pins to
the left or right because the male and female connectors have the pins on different sides of the
connector. Please read the pin numbers which are written beside the pins to get the wiring correct.
6. Menus in the fixture.
Root Menu
Sub Menu 1
Sub Menu 2
7. DMX 512 Setting (address).
Sets up the address for the dmx.
Using the Menu button in the root menu go to DMX
Press Enter to get into DMX and the display will read the current dmx channel.
The display will read for example d.001
This means the fixture's current address is 1
To change it, use the ↑ or ↓ buttons to get to the correct address.
Confirm and save the new dmx address setting by pressing the ENTER button.
8. Pan Invert.
The pan movement of the fixture can be reversed by using this function.
Using the Menu button in the root menu go to Pan
Press ENTER and select either Yes (to invert the pan) or No (to keep it at default setting).
Use the ↑ or ↓ to select Yes or No.
Confirm and save the new pan setting by pressing the ENTER button.
9. Tilt Invert.
The tilt movement of the fixture can be reversed by using this function.
Using the Menu button in the root menu go to Tilt
Press ENTER and select either Yes (to invert the tilt) or No (to keep it at default setting).
Use the ↑ or ↓ to select Yes or No.
Confirm and save the new tilt setting by pressing the ENTER button.
10. Mode
There are 4 modes of operation. This is the way control of the fixture is achieved. They are
DMX, as a slave (to a master UFO 8) , Automatic or sound activated.
The default is DMX but this can be changed as follows.
Using the Menu button in the root menu go to Mode.
Press Enter and select from the 4 choices of operation.
Use the ↑ or ↓ to select the mode of operation.
Confirm and save the mode of operation by pressing the ENTER button.
11. Manual.
The UFO 8 can be manually controlled without the need for a dmx controller.
Using the Menu button in the root menu go to Manual.
Press Enter then using the ↑ or ↓ buttons choose the channel that has to be controlled.
Press Enter and then using the ↑ or ↓ buttons set the DMX value for that channel.
Press Enter again after the correct DMX value has been reached in order to save that value.
This will need repeated for all the channels that manual control is required.
12. Restore.
The UFO 8 motors can all be reset and the UFO 8 can also be restored to factory default settings.
Using the Menu button in the root menu go to Restore.
Press Enter then using the ↑ or ↓ buttons choose between Motor or Factory.
Press Enter to save desired Choice.
There will be a delay of up to 5 seconds before the reset or Factory default is started.
13. DMX Channel Assignments.
0 to 540⁰ Pan Movement
0 to 280⁰ Tilt Movement
0 to 540 rotational movement
Speed channel (default is to keep this at 0)
Strobe (from slow [0] to fast [255])
No effect/function
Automatic programs
Sound programs
Reset (If between 246-255 then resets will constantly be repeated!!)
18. Cleaning and maintenance.
Now ignoring maintenance and cleaning is very good way of creating problems "down the road" and
many companies and installations do just that. However the net result is, no matter what the fixture,
premature failure!
Changing the oil in a car most people do on a regular basis.
So with the fixtures regular maintenance it an excellent practice, if you want the fixtures to last.
So what is the maintenance for the fixture?
Clean the fan! That’s really it!
Use a small vacuum cleaner and suck the dust and “fur balls” out.
Do not use a can of co². That will just blast the dust and dirt everywhere!
The fan keep the LEDs cool and keep the electronics cool too.
Without the fan working efficiently and dust free, the fixtures will fail and that will be a lot more costly
than having someone vacuum the fixtures on a regular basis.
How often should the fan be cleaned? It depends on where the fixtures are; in a very dusty atmosphere
once a week. So check the fan on a regular basis, it may not need cleaned every week but a quick
“visual inspection” should be done.
The front plastic cover for the lenses should be cleaned so the light output is maintained. Use only a
moist lint-free cloth. Never use alcohol or solvents to clean the fixture.
19. Technical Specification.
Operating voltage 110 – 250v
Frequency 50 – 60 Hertz
200 VI
Fan cooled
415mm x 335mm x 470mm
16.5" x 13.2" x 18.5"
13 kgs
29 pounds
3 watt leds either 8 all white or 2 each Red, green, Blue & White.
Fuse is 5amp 250v 5 x 20mm
ElektraLite LED pro line is a division of Group One. Group One and its divisions are constantly
improving their product range and we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.
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