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Authorised dealer pricelist
September 2013
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Wireless Handheld System Controllers
RRP incl VAT
SURFiR® Companion Remote provides a companion remote for use with the RTiPanel and Virtual Panel apps, Tracks page
changes to stay in sync with one or more apps, Inexpensive and Requires no direct programming, Includes eight buttons that can
be custom labeled, Integrated switch to select between 433MHz (one-way) and 2.4GHz (two-way) operation, works with any XP
series control processor, battery low indicator, Uses 4 AAA batteries
R 1 990.00
The T1-B is the second generation of RTI’s popular T1 universal system controller, the T1-B allows all other factory remote
controls to be combined into one simple, ergonomic user interface providing powerful one-handed system control. (Buttons only)
R 4 690.00
It represents a recharged version of RTI’s renowned, award winning T2+ remote control with 2.4" Monochrome touch screen
R 6 490.00
The T2-Cs embodies simple, elegant control in a modern design. The simplified graphics programming and compact display,
combine to bring an advanced 2.4" colour touchscreen to a price level comfortable enough for every budget.
R 9 490.00
The remarkable T2X is the fith generation of RTI's renowned T2 remote control platform. Featuring a edge to edge 2.8'' display,
both grip sensors and accelerometer for instant on control. Touch screen allows for gesture control. The unit boasts dual RF
capabillity as well as improved WiFi® .
R 12 290.00
The T3-V+ is enhanced with a state-of-the-art dual RF platform, improved WiFi® performance and an updated hard button
configuration. Experience the eye-popping color of the 3.5” full VGA touchscreen, offering a completely customizable user
interface for intuitive command over the entire electronics system. Supports 433MHz or 2.4MHz
R 15 990.00
T4 - 433MHz or Zigbee
The T4 is RTI's flagship wireless controller - a culmination of many years engineering and design experience. It provides the ideal
solution for those that require the very best in wireless 6.4" colour touchpanel control.
R 19 990.00
The U2 is RTI’s second generation weather resistant remote control. The durable design of the U2 allows it to take control of the
most sophisticated media or environmental systems from virtually any location with 2.1" monochrome display
R 6 390.00
In-wall System Controllers
RRP incl VAT
RKM-1+ 9 button Single Gang multi-room LED keypad to control distributed audio system (white, black and light almond
faceplates included)
R 1 990.00
2 Button Lighted In-wall Universal System Controller (white)
R 2 690.00
4 Button Lighted In-wall Universal System Controller (white)
R 2 690.00
8 Button Lighted In-wall Universal System Controller (white)
R 2 690.00
2.8" QVGA LCD with integrated touchscreen, 12 assignable/ programmable hard buttons, Integrated wired Ethernet with PoE, IR
output drives up to 300m, proximity and light sensors. (early Oct 2013)
R 5 190.00
RK3-V In-Wall Universal Controller Representing the second generation of the award-winning RK-3 In-wall Controller, capable of
displaying text and graphics with incredibly rich and vivid detail with a new 3.5"full VGA display - 4 times the resolution of it’s
renowned predecessor.
R 13 690.00
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Authorised dealer pricelist
September 2013
(011) 869 5566
In-wall System Controllers
RRP incl VAT
800 x 480 WVGA LCD with integrated multi-touch capacitive touch screen, Composite, S-Video or Component video input at up
to 480i, 576i, 480p or 576p, 10/100 Base-T and Integrated 802.11 Wireless Ethernet, Built-in bi-directional RS-232 port and high
output IR port for direct control. Powered using power supply or PoE (Power over Ethernet), Runs RTI one-way and 2-way drivers
without a separate control processor
R 19 990.00
K4 In-Wall Universal Controller has it all - in addition to its beautiful 6.4" color TFT LCD, it is the first stand-alone touchpanel with
infrared control, video monitoring, and Ethernet connectivity.
R 33 990.00
RK10 In-Wall Universal Controller with a big, beautiful 10" touchscreen display and the horsepower of an Intel® Atom processor,
it combines the power of a PC with the reliability and ease-of-use of a control system.
R 46 990.00
Central Processors
RRP incl VAT
RP-1 Remote Control Processor is a low-cost programmable control system that is designed to automate the operation of
audio/video and other electronic systems.
R 5 490.00
The XP-3 is a powerful remote control processor designed to automate and enhance the operation of electronics in smaller scale
residential and commercial installations. With a robust 533MHz CPU and 128MB of nonvolatile flash memory, the XP-3 offers a
remarkable value with an impressive feature set that is unmatched in its class.
R 6 290.00
The XP-6 is the perfect centerpiece of any professionally installed control system, designed to automate and enhance the
operation of A/V, security, lighting, HVAC, and countless other devices in a commercial or residential environment.
R 7 990.00
The XP-8 is a high-end remote control processor for automating the operation of electronic systems in homes and office buildings.
The combination of a blazing fast MPU, real-time/multitasking operating system, and tremendous expandability make the XP-8
the perfect solution for large-scale and complex projects.
R 23 990.00
Distributed Audio / Electronics
RRP incl VAT
The AD-4 is an affordable four source, four zone distributed audio system with an integrated 25watt per channel amplifier.
R 12 290.00
Designed to be the audio hub for commercial and residential installations, this powerful audio distribution matrix switcher has the
capability to route eight analog audio sources to eight different zones.
R 23 590.00
The CP-450 is designed to add more power to an audio distribution system, at a moderate price. Equipped with a 50 watt per
channel Cool Power® Amplifier, the CP-450 is perfect for installations using the AD-8 Audio Distribution System that require a
couple extra speakers for those bigger rooms or maybe adding another room to a zone.
R 9 390.00
Utilizing Cool Power technology to expand the capabilities of an AD-8 audio distribution system, the CP-1650 is perfect in
residential and commercial installations where larger rooms need more speakers and areas such as an outdoor patio need to be
added to an existing zone. Designed to be an easy and cost effective way to double the power of the AD-8 output, having the
additional 50 watts per channel solves those installation puzzles. If the power needs even more boost, you can bridge two
channels with a simple flip of a switch, for a whopping 100 watts per channel.
R 19 990.00
RTI Dock
The RSP-1 connect to the AD-4 to allow access to an audio source in a remote location
The RTiDock is the essential accessory for any professionally installed distributed audio system. With the popularity of the iPod®
and increasing demand from consumers to enjoy the device through the music systems in their home or business, convenient and
reliable integration is a must.
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R 990.00
R 8 190.00
Authorised dealer pricelist
September 2013
(011) 869 5566
Licenses and Apps
RRP incl VAT
RTIPanel / Premium
iPad License - Single Device
This license will allow one Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to connect to a single XP control processor.
R 2 690.00
RTIPanel / Standard
iPhone License - Single Device
This license will allow one Apple iPhone or iPod Touch to connect to a single XP control processor.
R 1 790.00
iPad License - Five Devices
This license will allow up to five Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch devices to connect to a single XP control processor.
R 9 100.00
RTIPanel / Premium
Android Tablet
This license is required for Android devices with displays 5.5 inches and larger.
R 2 690.00
RTIPanel / Standard
Android Phone
This license is required for Android smart phones (displays smaller than 5.5 inches).
R 1 790.00
RTI’s Virtual Panel app will allow you to control and monitor the electronics in your environment through an RTI XP series control
processor from a PC running Microsoft Windows®.
R 2 690.00
IR emitter
RRP incl VAT
RTIPanel / Multi
vIRsa Mouse
Designed with the professional integrator in mind, its built to outperform all others.With flexible film adhesive which conforms to
curved surfaces with separate holder that stays attached, allowing easy removal and replacement
vIRsa Holder
Package of mounting holders for vIRsa Mice (sold in 10 pack only)
R 190.00
R350.00 / pack of 10
RRP incl VAT
The IPE-4 IR Emitter Connecting Block provides four infrared output ports for convenient expansion of infrared signal distribution
when used with RTI control processors.
R 700.00
The ESC-2 Ethernet to Serial Converter provides a convenient way to add two RS-232 ports to an RTI XP series control
processor. The ESC-2 supports two-way communication.
R 1 990.00
With 4 multi-purpose output ports and an adjustable device ID, the PCM-4 provides the flexibility and expandability to increase the
output capabilities of the XP-8 Control Processors to accommodate larger projects.
R 2 690.00
The CPB-1 Control Port Connecting Block provides a cost effective solution for one-room installations such as classrooms, that
require an in-wall controller and both infrared and RS-232 control of local devices.
R 1 990.00
The CB-8 is an installation accessory designed to provide convenient and reliable power connections for up to 8 RTI in-wall
keypads, touchpanels and other devices.
R 2 390.00
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Authorised dealer pricelist
September 2013
(011) 869 5566
RRP incl VAT
The ZM-24 transceiver module provides bi-directional communication between two-way enabled RTI remote controls and control
processors utilizing Zigbee® wireless communication.
R 1 990.00
The RM-433 is a radio frequency receiving device that operates at 433MhZ. It is designed to receive signals that are transmitted
by RTI universal system controllers.
R 1 990.00
The IR-PRO is an infrared code capture system that is specifically designed for system integration professionals.
R 6 790.00
The ZB-Pro assists with the setup of the RTI 2.4GHz ZigBee® network.
R 2 290.00
The VPS-1 Voltage Power Sensor monitors the on and off status of almost any electronic component.
R 990.00
The CM-232 serial communication module provides an RS-232 interface to almost any RS-232 enabled device.
R 990.00
The RCM-12 Relay Control Module provides twelve addressable relays for controlling everything from amplifiers to window
coverings. Adjustable device IDs allow easy expendability for larger projects.
R 3 990.00
The ECB-5 IR Emitter Connecting Block provides expanded infrared signal distribution when used with RTI control processors, inwall touchpanels, the CB-4 connecting block, third party infrared repeater systems, etc.
R 790.00
The PDM-1 is a phone/doorbell mute wall plate that connets to the back of a AD-4
R 990.00
The PS16 is used to power a single in-wall touchpanel, when a CB-4 connecting block is not used. Power supply for RK3 and K4
R 690.00
The SPS-1 Video Sync Power Sensor monitors the on and off status of almost any video component.
R 990.00
T1/T2+ Handheld System Controller Series Battery
T2B/T2Cs/T2C/T3 Handheld System Controller Series Battery
T3V Handheld System Controller Series Battery
T4 Handheld System Controller Battery
Back Boxes / Rack mount products
RK2/RK3/KX7 Back Box
K4/RK10 Back Box
RTI Dock Rack Mount Back Accessory kit
RRP incl VAT
R 690.00
R 690.00
R 690.00
R 2 190.00
RRP incl VAT
R 690.00
R 790.00
R 1 990.00
All prices include 14% VAT
Prices are subject to change without notice
Terms and conditions apply
All parts carry a one 1 year warranty, batteries 90 day warranty
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