VH-CHGR2410 Console Mounting Instructions

VH-CHGR2410 Console Mounting Instructions
VH-CHGR2410 Console Mounting Instructions
Be sure wire looms are
run out of the way of
console bottom plates
so that they are not
pinched or crushed.
On some vehicles,
there is a sensor
located in this area
which should be
removed and velcroed
to the inside of the
consoe bottom
mounting plate
1. Remove factory mounted console or base plate from vehicle.
2. Remove factory nuts and bolts.
3. Set Lund console in place over the factory studs. Use factory nuts and bolts to
securely fasten console.
Note: Be certain not to crush any wiring beneath vehicle carpet or mat.
Tip: Use fender washers as shims on factory bolts if leveling is required
4. Option: Lund console has a square hole on passenger side for use of factory
auxiliary MP3 outlet found in lower dashboard. This can be removed from dash &
installed in console.
5. Install supplied side skirts on each side of console using bolts. A hole may need to
be drilled to position properly The sides can be formed slightly to fit vehicle contour.
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