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Indulge your senses

Miele´s benchtop coffee machines


The last piece of the puzzle

... from the built-in appliance specialist!


Built-in coffee machine with a fresh bean system

In 1998, Miele was the original inventor of the built-in, fully automatic coffee machine concept for fresh beans, and learnt over the the last decade or so, what the most demanding customers for built-in appliances expect when it comes to preparing beautiful coffee in the convenience of their own home.

Built-in coffee machine with the

Nespresso capsule system

If you know and appreciate the convenience and choice that the Nespresso capsule system offers, Miele is the only manufacturer offering a built-in solution, integrating it into your kitchen design, together with matching ovens and even a cup warmer.

Finally, a benchtop coffee machine with the fresh bean system from Miele

In addition to the myriad of options when choosing a set of appliances - think steam or microwave combi oven as second appliance to a built-in Miele oven - the Miele

CM 5 freestanding coffee machine now allows customers with limited space to no longer having to compromise when selecting a freestanding coffee machine.

The CM5 offers Miele‘s tried and tested coffee technology, manufactured to the highest of Miele‘s quality standards and performance expectations in an attractive, compact package for placement on your benchtop, to either complete or just start your collection of Miele cooking appliances.



Great coffee

... using the best ingredients!


Aroma-protecting conical grinding mill

For the best possible coffee aroma, only the best grinding mill is built into Miele coffee machines. The high-quality abrasion- resistant steel conical grinding mill meintains the aroma as it grinds the beans, time after time.

Ground coffee chute

In addition to the fresh bean container the

Miele CM 5 also features a chute for ground coffee, which allows you to dispense a second type of coffee, e.g. when you have guests not sharing the same appreciation for your favourite beans and prefer decaffeinated instead.

For one off changes, simply use ground coffee in the chute without having to change the beans in the container altogether.

Aromatic System

For the perfect and intensive coffee aroma, the dynamic

Miele brew unit expands when water flows in, allowing the ground coffee and the water to mix more thoroughly. After the brewing process the volume in the brew container decreases, the coffee powder is squeezed and then expelled into the waste container.

Your benefit: optimum extraction of all of the enticing flavours and aromas that make coffee so irresistible.

Cappuccinatore for perfect froth

It's never been so easy to prepare hot milk and froth - straight into the cup, or a separate container, at the push of a button.

The Cappuccinatore draws the milk from a separate container via a tube. In seconds it heats or froths the milk directly into the glass or cup. Unbelievably easy to clean under running water, the Miele

Cappuccinatore allows you to enjoy delicious cappuccino or latte macchiato at its best - quick and easy.

A stainless steel container (pictured), to keep milk fresh for longer and for direct connection to the Cappuccinatore is available as optional accessory.

Heated cup warmer

To serve coffee at the optimum temperature, without losing any of the heat that adds to the enjoyment, pre-heated cups are essential. Rather than using hot water from the machine, the CM 5100 offers an actively heated cup-rack with space for up to six espresso or three cappuccino cups. For added convenience, the heater can be timer-activated to come on in the morning before you are ready to have your first coffee.



Easy to use

... even with sleepy eyes!


Intuitive operation

All functions on the CM 5 can be called up at the push of a button on the clear text display which is ergonomically-angled so that you don't have to bend down to view it, and gives you the best view at all times.

Simply select your favourite drink to start the automatic preparation. The clear text display

- plain English with a choice of another 13 languages - will inform you automatically if you need to refill water or beans, or when the waste container or the drip tray is full.

The display perfectly matches those of other Miele appliances perfectly - design from the same mould to showcase you have a complete and true "Miele Kitchen".

Individually adjustable parameters

All parameters for a perfect cup of coffee can be set according to individual taste: amount of coffee and water, coarseness of the grind and temperature. And the beauty of the fully automatic Miele benchtop coffee machine is that you only have to do it once to suit your preferences, and then your perfect coffee will be delivered every time you simply press the button.

Height-adjustable spout

The spout of the Miele CM 5 is fully height-adjustable from 7 cm to 13 cm, giving you enough space for tall latte macchiato glasses. And the lowest setting is the perfect height for espresso cups, dispensing coffee without unsightly and heat- dissipating splashing and thus protecting the perfect crèma.

Quiet operation

Great efforts have been undertaken with extensive sound matting around the grinder and a sound optimised pump to reduce the operating sound. Discover in-store or in your nearest Miele Gallery whether you can afford to prepare coffee when you feel like it, even if you have a very early start to your day while everyone else in the house is still fast asleep!




Regular maintenance

... made real easy!

Convenient cleaning programme

With its integrated cleaning programmes, the CM 5 makes light work of the cleaning. With only a few presses of a button, optimum cleaning, timely degreasing of the brew unit and descaling of the water-carrying components

- as reminded by the display - is carried out automatically with no fuss by the machine, and explicit user guidance via the clear-text display. This not only gives you peace of mind that the machine is in its optimum working condition but also assists with the life-span of the appliance.

Removable cappuccinatore

After you have used your cappuccinatore to make hot milk or froth, the unit can be completely removed and easily cleaned under running water. The clear tube serves as an immediate reminder to check for any milk residues to ensure healthy enjoyment of milk based drinks.

Automatic rinsing function

When the machine is switched on, the spouts are automatically rinsed, ensuring a freshly-cleaned and warm system is ready and waiting from the first cup. The rinsing function is also automatically activated on switching off the machine - perfect hygiene from Miele.

Easily removable brew unit

The brew unit is at the heart of the coffee preparation process. The brew unit on Miele coffee can easily be removed by hand and rinsed under running water, ensuring consistently high quality coffee and a longer lifespan for your machine.

Being able to easily access and remove the brew unit without special tools gives you peace of mind that there are no stray coffee particles building up which could clog up the system or which, with the warmth and humidity in the coffee machine, could develop into unhealthy micro-organisms over time.



Designed to last

... and last, and last, and last!


Proverbial Miele quality

Miele kitchen appliances, including dishwashers and fridge/freezer combinations, as well as laundry care appliances and vacuum cleaners are renown for their reliability and long life.

This can only be achieved by using high quality components inside and out, and

Miele sets the highest standards.

For the coffee machine this means that on the outside high-quality stainless steel elements underline the premium appeal, while on the inside only the best components are used and configured in a way that ensures optimum and reliable operation for a very long time.

The Miele philosophy: first class quality for first class coffee!

Ongoing quality control

A long-standing knowledge of what it takes to consistently and reliably create an outstanding coffee experience, backed by rigourous and ongoing quality control vouch for the highest quality you expect from the

Miele CM5 series of benchtop coffee machines.

Peace of mind

The Miele CM5 series of benchtop coffee machines are tested to last 20 years. This equates to approx. 50,000 coffee or espresso delivery cycles.

Miele coffee machines stand for unparalleled quality - quality you can depend on, all day, every day, morning after morning!



Features & benefits


Coffee experience

Easy preparation of espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, milk froth, hot milk and hot water

Automatic drink delivery of

Espresso single/double + Coffee single/double

User convenience

Multi-lingual clear text display with self-explanatory user menu

Choice of languages


Height-adjustable coffee spout with stainless steel cover/max suitable cup height

Cappuccinatore for simple addition of hot milk or milk froth

Activation of steam valve

Heated cup warming area (chromed metal)

Appliance fascia in brushed stainless steel

Programmable on/off time

Energy-saving Eco-mode programmable

Programmable system lock for child safety

Drinks counter

Ground coffee chute for alternative coffee type

Adjustable grind quality

Programmable amount of coffee and water as well as temperature levels

Programmable automatic switch-off

Clear-text maintenance reminders

Descaling, cleaning of the percolator unit, emptying of drip tray, clearing of ground coffee waste container

Refill fresh water and beans

Container capacity for ground coffee waste

Technical features

Powerful pump (15 bar) with high quality stainless steel flow-through heater

Conical grinder from hardened steel

Capacity of fresh bean container

Capacity of fresh water tank

Ease of cleaning/hygiene

Easily accessible and removable brew unit

Automatic cleaning and rinsing programmes

Easy cleaning of milk pipes and Cappuccinatore

Standard accessories

Original Miele descaling agent/Original Miele cleaning tablets

Additional coffee spoon for ground coffee

Quick operating guide with storage facility on the back of the unit

Test strip to determine water hardness

Optional accessories

Original Miele descaling tablets/cleaning tablets

Stainless-steel container to keep milk fresh for longer, 0.5 l capacity, for connection to Cappuccinatore for optimum milk froth delivery

Technical data

Connection (V)/rated load (W)

CM 5000 Coffee machine

English plus 13 others

/13 cm

● manually

● after 15 min – 9 hrs

● approx. 11 portions

250 g

1.8 l

Starter kit

● / ●



CM 5100 Coffee machine

English plus 13 others

/13 cm electronically

● after 15 min – 9 hrs

● approx. 11 portions

250 g

1.8 l

Starter kit

● / ●



Why spend more?

Automated process to froth milk for added convenience

Warm cups for optimum coffee enjoyment; timer-activated

High-end appeal, to match your built-in Miele appliances


Coffee machines

Optional accessories

MB-CM 5 Stainless steel milk flask

Suitable for Miele freestanding coffee machines. Keeps milk fresh and cool for longer, holds 0.5l

Original Miele descaling tablets Original Miele cleaning tablets

Suitable for all Miele coffee machines, required for optimum descaling of the water carrying parts, to be applied as prompted by the machine (intervals depending on water hardness)

Suitable for all Miele coffee machines, required for optimum degreasing of the brew unit, to be applied as prompted by the machine (200 coffee intervals recommended)

CM 5000, CM 5100


Cable length: 1.2m

Weight: 9.6kg


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Miele (PTY) Ltd.,



Key Features

  • Espresso machine 1.8 L
  • Coffee beans
  • 2 cups 15 bar
  • Built-in display
  • Espresso making
  • Black

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What types of drinks can the Miele CM 5000 make?
The Miele CM 5000 can make espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, milk froth, hot milk, and hot water.
How does the Miele CM 5000 ensure the perfect coffee experience?
The Miele CM 5000 features an aroma-protecting conical grinding mill, an aromatic system for optimal coffee extraction, and a cappuccinatore for perfect froth.
What user-friendly features does the Miele CM 5000 offer?
The Miele CM 5000 has an intuitive operation with a clear text display, individually adjustable parameters for a personalized coffee experience, and a height-adjustable coffee spout.
How does the Miele CM 5000 ensure easy maintenance and cleaning?
The Miele CM 5000 has convenient cleaning programs, a removable cappuccinatore for easy cleaning, an automatic rinsing function, and an easily removable brew unit.
What is the lifespan of the Miele CM 5000?
The Miele CM 5000 is tested to last 20 years, which equates to approximately 50,000 coffee or espresso delivery cycles.