Oxygen Manifold
Matrx Oxygen Manifold [77000779]
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To provide a manifold for gas supply to veterinary anesthesia machines.
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To install oxygen manifold...
Select a location for the manifold so that it can be attached to the cylinders with 36” hoses.
Locate the bottom edge of the manifold 5’ above the floor. See dimensions below for mounting.
Select appropriate fasteners for mounting to a wall, using the two 1/4” diameter holes provided in the manifold block.
The manifold outlet can be connected directly to an oxygen hose (with DISS connections) or it can be connected to 1/2” copper tubing with the adapter provided. Always check your local fire codes and inspection requirements before connecting this manifold to a piping system.
Equipment Alert
• Keep both oxygen inlet fittings connected to a regulator and cylinder at all times.
• Routinely check the oxygen supply of both cylinders. Replace a cylinder when the gauge pressure registers below 200 PSI.
• Turn off the gas supply at the source at the close of the day.
• Routinely check the line pressure which should register 50 - 55 PSI.
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