Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series User guide

Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information
for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
This document provides regulatory compliance and safety information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series
Servers. Use this information with the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers User Guide, Version 3.2
(Customer Order Number DOC-785798=, Text Part Number 78-5798-04).
This document contains the following sections:
Safety Recommendations, page 1
General Site Requirements, page 3
Regulatory Standards Compliance, page 4
EMC Environmental Conditions, page 5
Class A Warning Statements, page 5
Safety Information, page 7
Obtaining Documentation, page 21
Obtaining Technical Assistance, page 22
Safety Recommendations
Follow these guidelines to ensure general safety:
Keep the chassis clear and dust-free during and after installation.
Put the removed chassis cover in a safe place.
Keep tools away from walk areas where you and others could fall over them.
Do not wear loose clothing that could get caught in the chassis. Fasten your tie or scarf and roll up
your sleeves.
Wear safety glasses if you are working under any conditions that might be hazardous to your eyes.
Do not perform any action that creates a potential hazard to people or makes the equipment unsafe.
Corporate Headquarters:
Cisco Systems, Inc., 170 West Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA 95134-1706 USA
Copyright © 2001. Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Safety Recommendations
Maintaining Safety with Electricity
Follow these guidelines when working on equipment powered by electricity:
Locate the emergency power-off switch for the room in which you are working. Then, if an electrical
accident occurs, you can act quickly to turn off the power.
Disconnect all power by turning off the power and unplugging the power cord before:
– Installing or removing a chassis
– Working near power supplies
Do not work alone if potentially hazardous conditions exist.
Never assume that power is disconnected from a circuit; always check the circuit.
Look carefully for possible hazards in your work area, such as moist floors, ungrounded power
extension cables, frayed power cords, and missing safety grounds.
If an electrical accident occurs, proceed as follows:
– Use caution; do not become a victim yourself.
– Turn off power to the system.
– If possible, send another person to get medical aid. Otherwise, assess the condition of the victim
and then call for help.
– Determine if the person needs rescue breathing or external cardiac compressions; then take
appropriate action.
Preventing Electrostatic Discharge Damage
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage equipment and impair electrical circuitry. ESD damage occurs
when electronic components are improperly handled and can result in complete or intermittent failures.
Always follow ESD-prevention procedures when removing and replacing components. Ensure that
the chassis is electrically connected to earth ground. Wear an ESD-preventive wrist strap, ensuring
that it makes good skin contact. Connect the grounding clip to an unpainted surface of the chassis
frame to safely ground ESD voltages. To properly guard against ESD damage and shocks, the wrist
strap and cord must operate effectively. If no wrist strap is available, ground yourself by touching
the metal part of the chassis.
For safety, periodically check the resistance value of the antistatic strap, which should be between
1 and 10 megohms (Mohms).
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
General Site Requirements
General Site Requirements
This section describes the requirements your site must meet for safe installation and operation of your
system. Ensure that your site is properly prepared before beginning installation.
Site Environment
The Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers can be placed on a desktop or mounted in a rack. The location of
the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers and the layout of your equipment rack or wiring room are extremely
important for proper system operation. Equipment placed too close together, inadequate ventilation, and
inaccessible panels can cause system malfunctions and shutdowns, and can make maintenance of the
Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers difficult.
When planning your site layout and equipment locations, keep in mind the precautions described in the
next section, “Preventive Site Configuration,” to help avoid equipment failures and reduce the possibility
of environmentally caused shutdowns. If you are currently experiencing shutdowns or unusually high
errors with your existing equipment, these precautions may help you isolate the cause of failures and
prevent future problems.
Preventive Site Configuration
The following precautions will help you plan an acceptable operating environment for your Cisco IP/TV
3400 Series Servers and will help you avoid environmentally caused equipment failures:
Electrical equipment generates heat. Ambient air temperature might not be adequate to cool
equipment to acceptable operating temperatures without adequate circulation. Ensure that the room
in which you operate your system has adequate air circulation.
Always follow the ESD-prevention procedures described previously to avoid damage to equipment.
Damage from static discharge can cause immediate or intermittent equipment failure.
Ensure that the chassis cover is secure. The chassis is designed to allow cooling air to flow
effectively within it. An open chassis allows air leaks, which may interrupt and redirect the flow of
cooling air from internal components.
Configuring Equipment Racks
The following tips will help you plan an acceptable equipment rack configuration:
Enclosed racks must have adequate ventilation. Ensure that the rack is not overly congested, because
each unit generates heat. An enclosed rack should have louvered sides and a fan to provide cooling
When mounting a chassis in an open rack, ensure that the rack frame does not block the intake or
exhaust ports. If the chassis is installed on slides, check the position of the chassis when it is seated
all the way into the rack.
In an enclosed rack with a ventilation fan in the top, excessive heat generated by equipment near the
bottom of the rack can be drawn upward and into the intake ports of the equipment above it in the
rack. Ensure that you provide adequate ventilation for equipment at the bottom of the rack.
Baffles can help to isolate exhaust air from intake air, which also helps to draw cooling air through
the chassis. The best placement of the baffles depends on the airflow patterns in the rack. Experiment
with different arrangements to position the baffles effectively.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Regulatory Standards Compliance
Power Supply Considerations
Check the power at your site to ensure that you are receiving “clean” power (free of spikes and noise).
Install a power conditioner if necessary.
The Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers AC power supply includes the following features:
Units autoselect operating ranges at a low range of 100 to 120 volts or a high range of 200 to
240 volts.
All units include a 6-foot (1.8-meter) electrical power cord.
Regulatory Standards Compliance
The Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers are in compliance with national and international specification
standards described in Table 1.
Table 1
Class A Regulatory Standards Compliance
Regulatory compliance
Products bear CE marking, indicating compliance with the following
directives, including safety and EMC standards as stated:
89/366/EEC, 73/23/EEC
UL 1950
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 950
IEC 60950
IEC 60825
EN 60825
21 CFR 1040
FCC Part 15 (CFR 47) Class A
ICES-003 Class A
EN55022 Class A w/UTP, Class B w/FTP
CISPR22 Class A w/UTP, Class B w/FTP
AS/NZS 3548 Class A w/UTP, Class B w/FTP
VCCI Class A w/UTP, Class B w/FTP
EN61000-3-2 Class A
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
EMC Environmental Conditions
EMC Environmental Conditions
This section applies to products to be installed in the European Union.
This equipment in intended to operate under the following environmental conditions with respect to
A separate defined location under user’s control.
Earthing and bonding shall meet the requirements of ETS 300 253 or CCITT K27.
Where applicable, AC power distribution shall be TN-S or TN-C (as defined in IEC 364-3).
In addition, if equipment is operated in a domestic environment, interference may occur.
Class A Warning Statements
FCC Class A Warning
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant
to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful
interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment generates,
uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the
instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Operation of this
equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will be
required to correct the interference at his own expense.
Modifying the equipment without Cisco's authorization may result in the equipment no
longer complying with FCC requirements for Class A or Class B digital devices. In that
event, your right to use the equipment may be limited by FCC regulations, and you may be
required to correct any interference to radio or television communications at your own
Canada Class A Warning
This Class A digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003.
Cet appareil de la classe A est conforme à la norme NMB-003 de Canada.
CISPR 22 Class A Warning
This is a Class A product. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio
interference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Class A Warning Statements
Japan VCCI Class A Warning
This is a Class A product based on the standard of the Voluntary Control Council for
Interference by Information Technology Equipment (VCCI). If this equipment is used in
a domestic environment, radio disturbance may arise. When such trouble occurs, the
user may be required to take corrective actions.
Taiwan BSMI Class A Warning
This is a Class A Information Product, when used in residential environment, it may
cause radio frequency interference, under such circumstances, the user may be
requested to take appropriate countermeasures.
Hungary Class A Warning
This equipment is a class A product and should be used and installed properly
according to the Hungarian EMC Class A requirements (MSZ EN 55022). Class A
equipment is derived for typical commercial establishments for which special
conditions of installation and protection distance are used.
Figyelmeztetés a felhasználói kézikönyv számára: Ez a berendezés “A” osztályú
termék, felhasználására és üzembe helyezésére a magyar EMC "A" osztályú
követelményeknek (MSZ EN 55022) megfeleloen kerülhet sor, illetve ezen "A" osztályú
berendezések csak megfelelo kereskedelmi forrásból származhatnak, amelyek
biztosítják a megfelelo speciális üzembe helyezési körülményeket és biztonságos
üzemelési távolságok alkalmazását.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Safety Information
This section includes translations in multiple languages of the warnings that appear in the
Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Server User Guide. Before working on equipment, be aware of the hazards
involved with electrical circuitry and standard safety practices to prevent accidents.
Warning Definition
This warning symbol means danger. You are in a situation that could cause bodily
injury. Before you work on any equipment, be aware of the hazards involved with
electrical circuitry and be familiar with standard practices for preventing accidents.
To see translations of the warnings that appear in this publication, refer to the
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information document that accompanied this
Dit waarschuwingssymbool betekent gevaar. U verkeert in een situatie die lichamelijk
letsel kan veroorzaken. Voordat u aan enige apparatuur gaat werken, dient u zich
bewust te zijn van de bij elektrische schakelingen betrokken risico's en dient u op de
hoogte te zijn van standaard maatregelen om ongelukken te voorkomen. Voor
vertalingen van de waarschuwingen die in deze publicatie verschijnen, kunt u het
document Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information (Informatie over naleving
van veiligheids- en andere voorschriften) raadplegen dat bij dit toestel is ingesloten.
Tämä varoitusmerkki merkitsee vaaraa. Olet tilanteessa, joka voi johtaa
ruumiinvammaan. Ennen kuin työskentelet minkään laitteiston parissa, ota selvää
sähkökytkentöihin liittyvistä vaaroista ja tavanomaisista onnettomuuksien
ehkäisykeinoista. Tässä julkaisussa esiintyvien varoitusten käännökset löydät
laitteen mukana olevasta Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information -kirjasesta
(määräysten noudattaminen ja tietoa turvallisuudesta).
Ce symbole d'avertissement indique un danger. Vous vous trouvez dans une situation
pouvant causer des blessures ou des dommages corporels. Avant de travailler sur un
équipement, soyez conscient des dangers posés par les circuits électriques et
familiarisez-vous avec les procédures couramment utilisées pour éviter les accidents.
Pour prendre connaissance des traductions d’avertissements figurant dans cette
publication, consultez le document Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information
(Conformité aux règlements et consignes de sécurité) qui accompagne cet appareil.
Dieses Warnsymbol bedeutet Gefahr. Sie befinden sich in einer Situation, die zu einer
Körperverletzung führen könnte. Bevor Sie mit der Arbeit an irgendeinem Gerät
beginnen, seien Sie sich der mit elektrischen Stromkreisen verbundenen Gefahren
und der Standardpraktiken zur Vermeidung von Unfällen bewußt. Übersetzungen der
in dieser Veröffentlichung enthaltenen Warnhinweise finden Sie im Dokument
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information (Informationen zu behördlichen
Vorschriften und Sicherheit), das zusammen mit diesem Gerät geliefert wurde.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Questo simbolo di avvertenza indica un pericolo. La situazione potrebbe causare
infortuni alle persone. Prima di lavorare su qualsiasi apparecchiatura, occorre
conoscere i pericoli relativi ai circuiti elettrici ed essere al corrente delle pratiche
standard per la prevenzione di incidenti. La traduzione delle avvertenze riportate in
questa pubblicazione si trova nel documento Regulatory Compliance and Safety
Information (Conformità alle norme e informazioni sulla sicurezza) che accompagna
questo dispositivo.
Dette varselsymbolet betyr fare. Du befinner deg i en situasjon som kan føre til
personskade. Før du utfører arbeid på utstyr, må du vare oppmerksom på de
faremomentene som elektriske kretser innebærer, samt gjøre deg kjent med vanlig
praksis når det gjelder å unngå ulykker. Hvis du vil se oversettelser av de advarslene
som finnes i denne publikasjonen, kan du se i dokumentet Regulatory Compliance and
Safety Information (Overholdelse av forskrifter og sikkerhetsinformasjon) som ble
levert med denne enheten.
Este símbolo de aviso indica perigo. Encontra-se numa situação que lhe poderá causar
danos físicos. Antes de começar a trabalhar com qualquer equipamento,
familiarize-se com os perigos relacionados com circuitos eléctricos, e com quaisquer
práticas comuns que possam prevenir possíveis acidentes. Para ver as traduções dos
avisos que constam desta publicação, consulte o documento Regulatory Compliance
and Safety Information (Informação de Segurança e Disposições Reguladoras) que
acompanha este dispositivo.
Este símbolo de aviso significa peligro. Existe riesgo para su integridad física. Antes
de manipular cualquier equipo, considerar los riesgos que entraña la corriente
eléctrica y familiarizarse con los procedimientos estándar de prevención de
accidentes. Para ver una traducción de las advertencias que aparecen en esta
publicación, consultar el documento titulado Regulatory Compliance and Safety
Information (Información sobre seguridad y conformidad con las disposiciones
reglamentarias) que se acompaña con este dispositivo.
Denna varningssymbol signalerar fara. Du befinner dig i en situation som kan leda till
personskada. Innan du utför arbete på någon utrustning måste du vara medveten om
farorna med elkretsar och känna till vanligt förfarande för att förebygga skador. Se
förklaringar av de varningar som förkommer i denna publikation i dokumentet
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information (Efterrättelse av föreskrifter och
säkerhetsinformation), vilket medföljer denna anordning.
Installation Warning I
Read the installation instructions before you connect the system to its power source.
Raadpleeg de installatie-aanwijzingen voordat u het systeem met de voeding verbindt.
Lue asennusohjeet ennen järjestelmän yhdistämistä virtalähteeseen.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Avant de brancher le système sur la source d'alimentation, consulter les directives
Lesen Sie die Installationsanweisungen, bevor Sie das System an die Stromquelle anschließen.
Consultare le istruzioni di installazione prima di collegare il sistema all’alimentatore.
Les installasjonsinstruksjonene før systemet kobles til strømkilden.
Leia as instruções de instalação antes de ligar o sistema à sua fonte de energia.
Ver las instrucciones de instalación antes de conectar el sistema a la red de alimentación.
Läs installationsanvisningarna innan du kopplar systemet till dess strömförsörjningsenhet.
Installation Warning II
Only trained and qualified personnel should be allowed to install, replace, or service this
Deze apparatuur mag alleen worden geïnstalleerd, vervangen of hersteld door bevoegd
geschoold personeel.
Tämän laitteen saa asentaa, vaihtaa tai huoltaa ainoastaan koulutettu ja laitteen tunteva
Il est vivement recommandé de confier l'installation, le remplacement et la maintenance de ces
équipements à des personnels qualifiés et expérimentés.
Das Installieren, Ersetzen oder Bedienen dieser Ausrüstung sollte nur geschultem,
qualifiziertem Personal gestattet werden.
Questo apparato può essere installato, sostituito o mantenuto unicamente da un personale
Bare opplært og kvalifisert personell skal foreta installasjoner, utskiftninger eller service på
dette utstyret.
Apenas pessoal treinado e qualificado deve ser autorizado a instalar, substituir ou fazer a
revisão deste equipamento.
Solamente el personal calificado debe instalar, reemplazar o utilizar este equipo.
Endast utbildad och kvalificerad personal bör få tillåtelse att installera, byta ut eller reparera
denna utrustning.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Power Disconnection Warning
Before working on a system that has an on/off switch, turn OFF the power and unplug the power
Voordat u aan een systeem werkt dat een aan/uit schakelaar heeft, dient u de stroomvoorziening
UIT te schakelen en de stekker van het netsnoer uit het stopcontact te halen.
Ennen kuin teet mitään sellaiselle järjestelmälle, jossa on kaksiasentokytkin, katkaise siitä
virta ja kytke virtajohto irti.
Avant de travailler sur un système équipé d'un commutateur marche-arrêt, mettre l'appareil à
l'arrêt (OFF) et débrancher le cordon d'alimentation.
Bevor Sie an einem System mit Ein/Aus-Schalter arbeiten, schalten Sie das System AUS und
ziehen das Netzkabel aus der Steckdose.
Prima di lavorare su un sistema dotato di un interruttore on/off, spegnere (OFF) il sistema e
staccare il cavo dell’alimentazione.
Slå AV strømmen og trekk ut strømledningen før det utføres arbeid på et system som er utstyrt
med en av/på-bryter.
Antes de começar a trabalhar num sistema que tem um interruptor on/off, DESLIGUE a corrente
eléctrica e retire o cabo de alimentação da tomada.
Antes de utilizar cualquier sistema equipado con interruptor de Encendido/Apagado (ON/OFF),
cortar la alimentación y desenchufar el cable de alimentación.
Slå AV strömmen och dra ur nätsladden innan du utför arbete på ett system med strömbrytare.
Product Disposal Warning
Ultimate disposal of this product should be handled according to all national laws and
Het uiteindelijke wegruimen van dit product dient te geschieden in overeenstemming met alle
nationale wetten en reglementen.
Tämä tuote on hävitettävä kansallisten lakien ja määräysten mukaisesti.
La mise au rebut ou le recyclage de ce produit sont généralement soumis à des lois et/ou
directives de respect de l'environnement. Renseignez-vous auprès de l'organisme compétent.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Die Entsorgung dieses Produkts sollte gemäß allen Bestimmungen und Gesetzen des Landes
Lo smaltimento di questo prodotto deve essere eseguito secondo le leggi e regolazioni locali.
Endelig kassering av dette produktet skal være i henhold til alle relevante nasjonale lover og
Deitar fora este produto em conformidade com todas as leis e regulamentos nacionais.
Al deshacerse por completo de este producto debe seguir todas las leyes y reglamentos
Vid deponering hanteras produkten enligt gällande lagar och bestämmelser.
Circuit Breaker (15A) Warning
This product relies on the building’s installation for short-circuit (overcurrent) protection.
Ensure that a fuse or circuit breaker no larger than 120 VAC, 15A U.S. (240 VAC, 10A
international) is used on the phase conductors (all current-carrying conductors).
Dit produkt is afhankelijk van de installatie van het gebouw voor kortsluit- (overstroom)
beveiliging. Controleer of er een zekering of stroomverbreker van niet meer dan 120 Volt
wisselstroom, 15 A voor de V.S. (240 Volt wisselstroom, 10 A internationaal) gebruikt wordt op
de fasegeleiders (alle geleiders die stroom voeren).
Tämä tuote on riippuvainen rakennukseen asennetusta oikosulkusuojauksesta
(ylivirtasuojauksesta). Varmista, että vaihevirtajohtimissa (kaikissa virroitetuissa johtimissa)
käytetään Yhdysvalloissa alle 120 voltin, 15 ampeerin ja monissa muissa maissa 240 voltin,
10 ampeerin sulaketta tai suojakytkintä.
Pour ce qui est de la protection contre les courts-circuits (surtension), ce produit dépend de
l'installation électrique du local. Vérifier qu'un fusible ou qu'un disjoncteur de 120 V alt., 15 A
U.S. maximum (240 V alt., 10 A international) est utilisé sur les conducteurs de phase
(conducteurs de charge).
Dieses Produkt ist darauf angewiesen, daß im Gebäude ein Kurzschluß- bzw. Überstromschutz
installiert ist. Stellen Sie sicher, daß eine Sicherung oder ein Unterbrecher von nicht mehr als
240 V Wechselstrom, 10 A (bzw. in den USA 120 V Wechselstrom, 15 A) an den Phasenleitern
(allen stromführenden Leitern) verwendet wird.
Questo prodotto dipende dall’installazione dell’edificio per quanto riguarda la protezione
contro cortocircuiti (sovracorrente). Verificare che un fusibile o interruttore automatico, non
superiore a 120 VCA, 15 A U.S. (240 VCA, 10 A internazionale) sia stato usato nei fili di fase (tutti
i conduttori portatori di corrente).
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Dette produktet er avhengig av bygningens installasjoner av kortslutningsbeskyttelse
(overstrøm). Kontroller at det brukes en sikring eller strømbryter som ikke er større enn 120 VAC,
15 A (USA) (240 VAC, 10 A internasjonalt) på faselederne (alle strømførende ledere).
Este produto depende das instalações existentes para protecção contra curto-circuito
(sobrecarga). Assegure-se de que um fusível ou disjuntor não superior a 240 VAC, 10A é utilizado
nos condutores de fase (todos os condutores de transporte de corrente).
Este equipo utiliza el sistema de protección contra cortocircuitos (o sobrecorrientes) deló
propio edificio. Asegurarse de que se utiliza un fusible o interruptor automático de no más de
240 voltios en corriente alterna (VAC), 10 amperios del estándar internacional (120 VAC,
15 amperios del estándar USA) en los hilos de fase (todos aquéllos portadores de corriente).
Denna produkt är beroende av i byggnaden installerat kortslutningsskydd (överströmsskydd).
Kontrollera att säkring eller överspänningsskydd används på fasledarna (samtliga strömförande
ledare) för internationellt bruk max. 240 V växelström, 10 A (i USA max. 120 V växelström, 15 A).
Ground Conductor Warning
Never defeat the ground conductor or operate the equipment in the absence of a suitably
installed ground conductor. Contact the appropriate electrical inspection authority or an
electrician if you are uncertain that suitable grounding is available.
De aardingsleiding mag nooit buiten werking gesteld worden en de apparatuur mag nooit
bediend worden zonder dat er een op de juiste wijze geïnstalleerde aardingsleiding aanwezig
is. Neem contact op met de bevoegde instantie voor elektrische inspecties of met een
elektricien als u er niet zeker van bent dat er voor passende aarding gezorgd is.
Älä koskaan ohita maajohdinta tai käytä laitteita ilman oikein asennettua maajohdinta. Ota
yhteyttä asianmukaiseen sähkötarkastusviranomaiseen tai sähköasentajaan, jos olet epävarma
maadoituksen sopivuudesta.
Ne jamais rendre inopérant le conducteur de masse ni utiliser l’équipement sans un conducteur
de masse adéquatement installé. En cas de doute sur la mise à la masse appropriée disponible,
s’adresser à l’organisme responsable de la sécurité électrique ou à un électricien.
Auf keinen Fall den Erdungsleiter unwirksam machen oder das Gerät ohne einen sachgerecht
installierten Erdungsleiter verwenden. Wenn Sie sich nicht sicher sind, ob eine sachgerechte
Erdung vorhanden ist, wenden Sie sich an den zuständigen elektrischen Fachmann oder einen
Non escludere mai il conduttore di protezione né usare l’apparecchiatura in assenza di un
conduttore di protezione installato in modo corretto. Se non si sa con certezza che è disponibile
un collegamento di messa a terra adeguato, esaminare le Norme CEI pertinenti o rivolgersi a un
elettricista qualificato.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Omgå aldri jordingslederen og bruk aldri utstyret uten riktig montert jordingsleder. Ta kontakt
med det riktige organet for elektrisk inspeksjon eller en elektriker hvis du er usikker på om det
finnes velegnet jording.
Nunca anule o condutor à terra nem opere o equipamento sem ter um condutor à terra
adequadamente instalado. Em caso de dúvida em relação ao sistema de ligação à terra,
contacte os serviços locais de inspecção eléctrica ou um electricista qualificado.
No inhabilitar nunca el conductor de tierra ni hacer funcionar el equipo si no existe un
conductor de tierra instalado correctamente. Póngase en contacto con una autoridad apropiada
de inspección eléctrica o con un electricista competente si no está seguro de que hay una
conexión a tierra adecuada.
Koppla aldrig från jordledningen och använd aldrig utrustningen utan en på lämpligt sätt
installerad jordledning. Om det föreligger osäkerhet huruvida lämplig jordning finns skall
elektrisk besiktningsauktoritet eller elektriker kontaktas.
Battery Handling Warning
There is the danger of explosion if the battery is replaced incorrectly. Replace the battery only
with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of used batteries
according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Er is ontploffingsgevaar als de batterij verkeerd vervangen wordt. Vervang de batterij slechts
met hetzelfde of een equivalent type dat door de fabrikant aanbevolen is. Gebruikte batterijen
dienen overeenkomstig fabrieksvoorschriften weggeworpen te worden.
Räjähdyksen vaara, jos akku on vaihdettu väärään akkuun. Käytä vaihtamiseen ainoastaan
saman- tai vastaavantyyppistä akkua, joka on valmistajan suosittelema. Hävitä käytetyt akut
valmistajan ohjeiden mukaan.
Danger d'explosion si la pile n'est pas remplacée correctement. Ne la remplacer que par une
pile de type semblable ou équivalent, recommandée par le fabricant. Jeter les piles usagées
conformément aux instructions du fabricant.
Bei Einsetzen einer falschen Batterie besteht Explosionsgefahr. Ersetzen Sie die Batterie nur
durch den gleichen oder vom Hersteller empfohlenen Batterietyp. Entsorgen Sie die benutzten
Batterien nach den Anweisungen des Herstellers.
Pericolo di esplosione se la batteria non è installata correttamente. Sostituire solo con una di
tipo uguale o equivalente, consigliata dal produttore. Eliminare le batterie usate secondo le
istruzioni del produttore.
Det kan være fare for eksplosjon hvis batteriet skiftes på feil måte. Skift kun med samme eller
tilsvarende type som er anbefalt av produsenten. Kasser brukte batterier i henhold til
produsentens instruksjoner.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Existe perigo de explosão se a bateria for substituída incorrectamente. Substitua a bateria por
uma bateria igual ou de um tipo equivalente recomendado pelo fabricante. Destrua as baterias
usadas conforme as instruções do fabricante.
Existe peligro de explosión si la batería se reemplaza de manera incorrecta. Reemplazar la
batería exclusivamente con el mismo tipo o el equivalente recomendado por el fabricante.
Desechar las baterías gastadas según las instrucciones del fabricante.
Explosionsfara vid felaktigt batteribyte. Ersätt endast batteriet med samma batterityp som
rekommenderas av tillverkaren eller motsvarande. Följ tillverkarens anvisningar vid kassering
av använda batterier.
SELV Circuit Warning
To avoid electric shock, do not connect safety extra-low voltage (SELV) circuits to
telephone-network voltage (TNV) circuits. LAN ports contain SELV circuits, and WAN ports
contain TNV circuits. Some LAN and WAN ports both use RJ-45 connectors. Use caution when
connecting cables.
Om elektrische schokken te vermijden, mogen veiligheidscircuits met extra lage spanning
(genaamd SELV = Safety Extra-Low Voltage) niet met telefoonnetwerkspanning (TNV) circuits
verbonden worden. LAN (Lokaal netwerk) poorten bevatten SELV circuits en WAN (Regionaal
netwerk) poorten bevatten TNV circuits. Sommige LAN en WAN poorten gebruiken allebei RJ-45
connectors. Ga voorzichtig te werk wanneer u kabels verbindt.
Jotta vältyt sähköiskulta, älä kytke pienjännitteisiä SELV-suojapiirejä puhelinverkkojännitettä
(TNV) käyttäviin virtapiireihin. LAN-portit sisältävät SELV-piirejä ja WAN-portit
puhelinverkkojännitettä käyttäviä piirejä. Osa sekä LAN- että WAN-porteista käyttää
RJ-45-liittimiä. Ole varovainen kytkiessäsi kaapeleita.
Pour éviter une électrocution, ne raccordez pas les circuits de sécurité basse tension (Safety
Extra-Low Voltage ou SELV) à des circuits de tension de réseau téléphonique (Telephone
Network Voltage ou TNV). Les ports du réseau local (LAN) contiennent des circuits SELV et les
ports du réseau longue distance (WAN) sont munis de circuits TNV. Certains ports LAN et WAN
utilisent des connecteurs RJ-45. Raccordez les câbles en prenant toutes les précautions
Zur Vermeidung von Elektroschock die Sicherheits-Kleinspannungs-Stromkreise (SELV-Kreise)
nicht an Fernsprechnetzspannungs-Stromkreise (TNV-Kreise) anschließen. LAN-Ports
enthalten SELV-Kreise, und WAN-Ports enthalten TNV-Kreise. Einige LAN- und WAN-Ports
verwenden auch RJ-45-Steckverbinder. Vorsicht beim Anschließen von Kabeln.
Per evitare scosse elettriche, non collegare circuiti di sicurezza a tensione molto bassa (SELV)
ai circuiti a tensione di rete telefonica (TNV). Le porte LAN contengono circuiti SELV e le porte
WAN contengono circuiti TNV. Alcune porte LAN e WAN fanno uso di connettori RJ-45. Fare
attenzione quando si collegano cavi.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Unngå å koble lavspenningskretser (SELV) til kretser for telenettspenning (TNV), slik at du
unngår elektrisk støt. LAN-utganger inneholder SELV-kretser og WAN-utganger inneholder
TNV-kretser. Det finnes både LAN-utganger og WAN-utganger som bruker RJ-45-kontakter. Vær
forsiktig når du kobler kabler.
Para evitar choques eléctricos, não conecte os circuitos de segurança de baixa tensão (SELV)
aos circuitos de tensão de rede telefónica (TNV). As portas LAN contêm circuitos SELV e as
portas WAN contêm circuitos TNV. Algumas portas LAN e WAN usam conectores RJ-45. Tenha
o devido cuidado ao conectar os cabos.
Para evitar la sacudida eléctrica, no conectar circuitos de seguridad de voltaje muy bajo (safety
extra-low voltage = SELV) con circuitos de voltaje de red telefónica (telephone network voltage
= TNV). Los puertos de redes de área local (local area network = LAN) contienen circuitos SELV,
y los puertos de redes de área extendida (wide area network = WAN) contienen circuitos TNV.
En algunos casos, tanto los puertos LAN como los WAN usan conectores RJ-45. Proceda con
precaución al conectar los cables.
För att undvika elektriska stötar, koppla inte säkerhetskretsar med extra låg spänning
(SELV-kretsar) till kretsar med telefonnätspänning (TNV-kretsar). LAN-portar innehåller
SELV-kretsar och WAN-portar innehåller TNV-kretsar. Vissa LAN- och WAN-portar är försedda
med RJ-45-kontakter. Iaktta försiktighet vid anslutning av kablar.
Invisible Laser Radiation Warning (other versions available)
Because invisible laser radiation may be emitted from the aperture of the port when no
cable is connected, avoid exposure to laser radiation and do not stare into open
Omdat er onzichtbare laserstraling uit de opening van de poort geëmitteerd kan
worden wanneer er geen kabel aangesloten is, dient men om blootstelling aan
laserstraling te vermijden niet in de open openingen te kijken.
Kun porttiin ei ole kytketty kaapelia, portin aukosta voi vuotaa näkymätöntä
lasersäteilyä. Älä katso avoimiin aukkoihin, jotta et altistu säteilylle.
Etant donné qu’un rayonnement laser invisible peut être émis par l’ouverture du port
quand aucun câble n’est connecté, ne pas regarder dans les ouvertures béantes afin
d’éviter tout risque d’exposition au rayonnement laser.
Aus der Öffnung des Ports kann unsichtbare Laserstrahlung austreten, wenn kein
Kabel angeschlossen ist. Kontakt mit Laserstrahlung vermeiden und nicht in offene
Öffnungen blicken.
Poiché quando nessun cavo è collegato alla porta, da quest’ultima potrebbe essere
emessa radiazione laser invisibile, evitare l’esposizione a tale radiazione e non
fissare con gli occhi porte a cui non siano collegati cavi.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Usynlige laserstråler kan sendes ut fra åpningen på utgangen når ingen kabel er
tilkoblet. Unngå utsettelse for laserstråling og se ikke inn i åpninger som ikke er
Evite uma exposição à radiação laser e não olhe através de aberturas expostas,
porque poderá ocorrer emissão de radiação laser invisível a partir da abertura da
porta, quando não estiver qualquer cabo conectado.
Cuando no esté conectado ningún cable, pueden emitirse radiaciones láser invisibles
por el orificio del puerto. Evitar la exposición a radiaciones láser y no mirar fijamente
los orificios abiertos.
Osynliga laserstrålar kan sändas ut från öppningen i porten när ingen kabel är
ansluten. Undvik exponering för laserstrålning och titta inte in i ej täckta öppningar.
48 VDC Power System
The customer 48 volt power system must provide reinforced insulation between the
primary AC power and the 48 VDC output.
Het 48 volt stroomsysteem van de klant dient versterkte isolatie tussen de primaire
wisselstroom en de 48 VDC-uitgang te verschaffen.
Asiakkaan 48 voltin virtajärjestelmän on tarjottava vahvistettu eriste ensisijaisen
vaihtovirtalähteen ja 48 voltin tasavirtaliitännän välille.
Le bloc d'alimentation 48 volts du client doit assurer une isolation renforcée entre
l'alimentation CA principale et la sortie 48 V CC.
Das 48-Volt-Stromsystem des Kunden muß eine verstärkte Isolierung zwischen dem
primären Wechselstrom und dem 48 VDC-Output aufweisen.
Il sistema elettrico di 48 volt del cliente deve avere un isolamento fra l'alimentatore
elettrico AC e il VDC 48 di output.
Kundens eget 48 volts strømopplegg må ha forsterket isolasjon mellom den primære
vekselstrømskilden og den 48 volts likestrømsutgangen.
O sistema habitual de corrente de 48 volts deverá fornecer isolamento reforçado entre
a corrente alternada (AC) principal e a saída de 48 VDC (tensão em corrente contínua).
Aviso: El sistema del cliente de 48 voltios debe proporcionar aislamiento reforzado
entre la energía principal AC y la potencia de salida de 48 VDC.
Kundens 48-volt strömsystem måste vara försett med förstärkt isolering mellan den
primära växelströmmen och utmatningen av 48 V likström.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Chassis Power Connection
Before connecting or disconnecting ground or power wires to the chassis, ensure that
power is removed from the DC circuit. To ensure that all power is OFF, locate the circuit
breaker on the panel board that services the DC circuit, switch the circuit breaker to
the OFF position, and tape the switch handle of the circuit breaker in the OFF position.
Voordat u aarddraden of elektriciteitsdraden op het frame aansluit of van het frame
neemt, dient u te controleren of de stroom naar het gelijkstroomcircuit uitgeschakeld
is. Om u ervan te verzekeren dat alle stroom UIT is geschakeld, kiest u op het
schakelbord de stroomverbreker die het gelijkstroomcircuit bedient, draait de
stroomverbreker naar de UIT positie en plakt de schakelaarhendel van de
stroomverbreker met plakband in de UIT positie vast.
Varmista, että tasavirtapiirissä ei ole virtaa ennen maadoitus- tai virtajohtojen
kytkemistä asennuspohjaan tai ennen niiden irrottamista. Varmistaaksesi, että virta
on KATKAISTU täysin, paikanna tasavirrasta huolehtivassa kojetaulussa sijaitseva
suojakytkin, käännä suojakytkin KATKAISTU-asentoon ja teippaa suojakytkimen varsi
niin, että se pysyy KATKAISTU-asennossa.
Avant de connecter ou de déconnecter les câbles d'alimentation (pôles et terre) du
châssis, vérifiez que le circuit de courant continu est hors tension : localisez le
disjoncteur sur le panneau de commande du circuit de courant continu, poussez-le sur
la position fermée (OFF) et, à l'aide d'un ruban adhésif, bloquez sa poignée sur cette
Gleichstrom-Unterbrechung Bevor Sie Erdungs- oder Stromkabel an das Chassis
anschließen oder von ihm abtrennen, ist sicherzustellen, daß der
Gleichstrom-Stromkreis unterbrochen ist. Um sicherzustellen, daß sämtlicher Strom
AUS ist, machen Sie auf der Schalttafel den Unterbrecher für die
Gleichstromschaltung ausfindig, stellen Sie den Unterbrecher auf OFF, und kleben Sie
den Schaltergriff des Unterbrechers mit Klebeband in der AUS-Stellung fest.
Prima di collegare o distaccare i cavi elettrici o di messa a terra dallo chassis,
assicuratevi che il circuito DC non sia alimentato. Per verificare che tutta
l'alimentazione sia scollegata (OFF), individuare l'interruttore automatico sul quadro
strumenti che alimenta il circuito CC, mettere l'interruttore in posizione OFF e fissarlo
con nastro adesivo in tale posizione.
Før til- eller frakobling av jord- og strømledninger til kabinettet, kontroller at
strømmen er frakoblet likestrømkretsen. Sørg for at all strøm er slått AV. Dette gjøres
ved å lokalisere strømbryteren på brytertavlen som betjener likestrømkretsen, slå
strømbryteren AV og teipe bryterhåndtaket på strømbryteren i AV-stilling.
Antes de conectar ou desconectar a ligação à terra ou a alimentação do chassis,
certifique-se de que desligou a fonte de alimentação de energia do circuito de
corrente contínua. Para se assegurar que toda a corrente foi DESLIGADA, localize o
disjuntor no painel que serve o circuito de corrente contínua e coloque-o na posição
OFF (Desligado), segurando nessa posição a manivela do interruptor do disjuntor com
fita isoladora.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Antes de conectar o desconectar el circuito de tierra o de alimentación del chasis,
asegúrese que la alimentación del circuito CC esté cortada (OFF). Para asegurarse de
que toda la alimentación esté cortada (OFF), localice el interruptor automático en el
panel que alimenta el circuito de corriente continua, cambie el interruptor automático
a la posición de apagado (OFF) y sujete con cinta la palanca del interruptor automático
en posición de apagado (OFF).
Innan du kopplar jord- eller elledningar till eller från chassit måste du kontrollera att
strömförsörjningen till likströmskretsen är bruten. Kontrollera att all strömförsörjning
är BRUTEN genom att slå AV det överspänningsskydd som skyddar likströmskretsen
och tejpa fast överspänningsskyddets omkopplare i FRÅN-läget.
Restricted Area Warning
Invisible laser radiation when this component is opened and the preregulation is disabled. Do not look into
the laser beam.
This unit is intended for installation in restricted access areas. A restricted access
area is where access can only be gained by service personnel through the use of a
special tool, lock and key, or other means of security, and is controlled by the authority
responsible for the location.
Dit toestel is bedoeld voor installatie op plaatsen met beperkte toegang. Een plaats
met beperkte toegang is een plaats waar toegang slechts door servicepersoneel
verkregen kan worden door middel van een speciaal instrument, een slot en sleutel,
of een ander veiligheidsmiddel, en welke beheerd wordt door de overheidsinstantie
die verantwoordelijk is voor de locatie.
Tämä laite on tarkoitettu asennettavaksi paikkaan, johon pääsy on rajoitettua. Paikka,
johon pääsy on rajoitettua, tarkoittaa paikkaa, johon vain huoltohenkilöstö pääsee
jonkin erikoistyökalun, lukkoon sopivan avaimen tai jonkin muun turvalaitteen avulla
ja joka on paikasta vastuussa olevien toimivaltaisten henkilöiden valvoma.
Cet appareil est à installer dans des zones d’accès réservé. Ces dernières sont des
zones auxquelles seul le personnel de service peut accéder en utilisant un outil
spécial, un mécanisme de verrouillage et une clé, ou tout autre moyen de sécurité.
L’accès aux zones de sécurité est sous le contrôle de l’autorité responsable de
Diese Einheit ist zur Installation in Bereichen mit beschränktem Zutritt vorgesehen.
Ein Bereich mit beschränktem Zutritt ist ein Bereich, zu dem nur Wartungspersonal mit
einem Spezialwerkzeugs, Schloß und Schlüssel oder anderer
Sicherheitsvorkehrungen Zugang hat, und der von dem für die Anlage zuständigen
Gremium kontrolliert wird.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Questa unità deve essere installata in un'area ad accesso limitato. Un'area ad
accesso limitato è un'area accessibile solo a personale di assistenza tramite
un'attrezzo speciale, lucchetto, o altri dispositivi di sicurezza, ed è controllata
dall'autorità responsabile della zona.
Denne enheten er laget for installasjon i områder med begrenset adgang. Et område
med begrenset adgang gir kun adgang til servicepersonale som bruker et spesielt
verktøy, lås og nøkkel, eller en annen sikkerhetsanordning, og det kontrolleres av den
autoriteten som er ansvarlig for området.
Esta unidade foi concebida para instalação em áreas de acesso restrito. Uma área de
acesso restrito é uma área à qual apenas tem acesso o pessoal de serviço autorizado,
que possua uma ferramenta, chave e fechadura especial, ou qualquer outra forma de
segurança. Esta área é controlada pela autoridade responsável pelo local.
Esta unidad ha sido diseñada para instalarse en áreas de acceso restringido. Área de
acceso restringido significa un área a la que solamente tiene acceso el personal de
servicio mediante la utilización de una herramienta especial, cerradura con llave, o
algún otro medio de seguridad, y que está bajo el control de la autoridad responsable
del local.
Denna enhet är avsedd för installation i områden med begränsat tillträde. Ett område
med begränsat tillträde får endast tillträdas av servicepersonal med ett speciellt
verktyg, lås och nyckel, eller annan säkerhetsanordning, och kontrolleras av den
auktoritet som ansvarar för området.
Lightning Activity Warning
Do not work on the system or connect or disconnect cables during periods of lightning
Tijdens onweer dat gepaard gaat met bliksem, dient u niet aan het systeem te werken
of kabels aan te sluiten of te ontkoppelen.
Älä työskentele järjestelmän parissa äläkä yhdistä tai irrota kaapeleita ukkosilmalla.
Ne pas travailler sur le système ni brancher ou débrancher les câbles pendant un
Arbeiten Sie nicht am System und schließen Sie keine Kabel an bzw. trennen Sie keine
ab, wenn es gewittert.
Non lavorare sul sistema o collegare oppure scollegare i cavi durante un temporale
con fulmini.
Utfør aldri arbeid på systemet, eller koble kabler til eller fra systemet når det tordner
eller lyner.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Safety Information
Não trabalhe no sistema ou ligue e desligue cabos durante períodos de mau tempo
No operar el sistema ni conectar o desconectar cables durante el transcurso de
descargas eléctricas en la atmósfera.
Vid åska skall du aldrig utföra arbete på systemet eller ansluta eller koppla loss
Service Personnel Warning
This equipment is to be installed and maintained by service personnel only as defined
by AS/NZS 3260 Clause Service Personnel.
Deze apparatuur mag slechts geïnstalleerd en onderhouden worden door
servicepersoneel conform de definitie van AS/NZS 3260 Clausule Service
Tämän laitteen saa asentaa tai huoltaa ainoastaan Australiassa ja Uudessa
Seelannissa sovellettavan AS/NZS 3260 -standardin kohdan Service Personnel
määrittelemä huoltohenkilöstö.
Cet équipement ne doit être installé et entretenu que par du personnel d’entretien
comme défini par la réglementation AS/NZS 3260 Clause Service Personnel.
Dieses Gerät darf nur von Wartungspersonal gemäß AS/NZS-Definition 3260,
Paragraph, "Service Personnel", installiert und gewartet werden.
Questo apparecchio deve essere installato e mantenuto in efficienza esclusivamente
da personale tecnico che soddisfi i requisiti specificati nella sezione sul
‘Service Personnel’ contenuta nelle norme AS/NZS 3260.
Installasjon og vedlikehold av dette utstyret skal kun foretas av vedlikeholdspersonell
som definert i AS/NZS 3260, klausul Service Personnel.
Este equipamento deverá ser instalado e reparado apenas por pessoal de manutenção
qualificado, conforme estipulado em AS/NZS 3260 Cláusula Service Personnel.
Este equipo se debe instalar y mantener solamente por personal de servicio, según
definido por AS/NZS 3260 Cláusula Service Personnel.
Installation och underhåll av denna utrustning får endast utföras av servicepersonal
enligt definition i AS/NZS 3260 klausul Service Personnel.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Obtaining Documentation
Obtaining Documentation
The following sections provide sources for obtaining documentation from Cisco Systems.
World Wide Web
You can access the most current Cisco documentation on the World Wide Web at the following sites:
Documentation CD-ROM
Cisco documentation and additional literature are available in a CD-ROM package, which ships
with your product. The Documentation CD-ROM is updated monthly and may be more current than
printed documentation. The CD-ROM package is available as a single unit or as an annual subscription.
Ordering Documentation
Cisco documentation is available in the following ways:
Registered Cisco Direct Customers can order Cisco Product documentation from the Networking
Products MarketPlace:
Registered users can order the Documentation CD-ROM through the online Subscription
Nonregistered users can order documentation through a local account representative by
calling Cisco corporate headquarters (California, USA) at 408 526-7208 or, in North America, by
calling 800 553-NETS(6387).
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Obtaining Technical Assistance
Documentation Feedback
If you are reading Cisco product documentation on the World Wide Web, you can submit technical
comments electronically. Click Feedback in the toolbar and select Documentation. After you complete
the form, click Submit to send it to Cisco.
You can e-mail your comments to
To submit your comments by mail, use the response card behind the front cover of your document, or
write to the following address:
Attn Document Resource Connection
Cisco Systems, Inc.
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134-9883
We appreciate your comments.
Obtaining Technical Assistance
Cisco provides as a starting point for all technical assistance. Customers and partners can
obtain documentation, troubleshooting tips, and sample configurations from online tools. For
registered users, additional troubleshooting tools are available from the TAC website. is the foundation of a suite of interactive, networked services that provides immediate, open
access to Cisco information and resources at anytime, from anywhere in the world. This highly
integrated Internet application is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for doing business with Cisco. provides a broad range of features and services to help customers and partners streamline
business processes and improve productivity. Through, you can find information about Cisco
and our networking solutions, services, and programs. In addition, you can resolve technical issues with
online technical support, download and test software packages, and order Cisco learning materials and
merchandise. Valuable online skill assessment, training, and certification programs are also available.
Customers and partners can self-register on to obtain additional personalized information and
services. Registered users can order products, check on the status of an order, access technical support,
and view benefits specific to their relationships with Cisco.
To access, go to the following website:
Technical Assistance Center
The Cisco TAC website is available to all customers who need technical assistance with a Cisco product
or technology that is under warranty or covered by a maintenance contract.
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Obtaining Technical Assistance
Contacting TAC by Using the Cisco TAC Website
If you have a priority level 3 (P3) or priority level 4 (P4) problem, contact TAC by going to the TAC
P3 and P4 level problems are defined as follows:
P3—Your network performance is degraded. Network functionality is noticeably impaired, but most
business operations continue.
P4—You need information or assistance on Cisco product capabilities, product installation, or basic
product configuration.
In each of the above cases, use the Cisco TAC website to quickly find answers to your questions.
To register for, go to the following website:
If you cannot resolve your technical issue by using the TAC online resources, registered users
can open a case online by using the TAC Case Open tool at the following website:
Contacting TAC by Telephone
If you have a priority level 1(P1) or priority level 2 (P2) problem, contact TAC by telephone and
immediately open a case. To obtain a directory of toll-free numbers for your country, go to the following
P1 and P2 level problems are defined as follows:
P1—Your production network is down, causing a critical impact to business operations if service is
not restored quickly. No workaround is available.
P2—Your production network is severely degraded, affecting significant aspects of your business
operations. No workaround is available.
This document is to be used in conjunction with the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers User Guide publication.
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Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers
Obtaining Technical Assistance
Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series Servers