iPod Car Adapter
User Manual
I Product Introduction
This adapter connects an iPod, iPhone, or iPod Touch directly to your
original audio system. Its on-board software translates commands from
your original CD changer controls into commands that the iPod
understands. This interface enables the iPod to take the place of a original
CD changer and provides the following benefits:
1. Plug & play: Direct connection via CD changer port.
2. Line Level Audio: Delivers Hi-Fi line level audio output from your iPod
to your factory car stereo.
3. Integrated Controls: Allows you to control music from your iPod, or
radio and steering wheel.
4. Charges iPod/iPhone: Always keeps iPod charged and ready to go.
5. AUX Input: Connects any external audio device.
6. Works with iPhone: Call-in reminding via radio speaker.
7. Last position memory:
8. Supports iPod playlist: Support Apple iTunes playlist as Virtual CDs.
II Accessories
iPod Car Adapter
User Manual
Module Unit
Wire Harness
iPod Cable
3.5mm AUX Cable User Manual
III Installation Diagram
Important Note:
This iPod Car Adapter only operates on a vehicle with 12 Volt DC,
negative ground system. Do not use it on other voltage system.
The product is only fit for vehicles whose Head Unit, either factory
fitted radio or aftermarket car radio, is equipped with CD changer port.
Moreover, different solutions of iPod Car Adapter would be adopted
according to different brand of vehicles or different car radios.
Power And
CD Changer
Switch between mp3 and CDC
iPod / iPod Touch / iPhone
MP3、PSP、GPS、e tc.
NOTE: MP3/CDC Switch Cable is optional, Available for some vehicles only.
IV Installation Guide
Important note :
Before installation, please carefully read the User Manual. To
guarantee user interests, it is suggested that the product be installed by
professional staff.
Some vehicles require the special tools to remove the radio. Pls
consult your vehicle’s dealership or car audio professional if necessary.
Please do not use wire harness from other similar products,
otherwise, it might cause damage to the product or iPod.
1. Turn off car engine and remove key from ignition, If your radio uses a
Security Code, make sure that you have the code before unplugging it.
2. Unmount the radio from the dash in order to get access to the back side
of the radio, and find CD Changer port at the back of the radio.
3. Attach the wire harness connector to the back of the stereo to the CD
changer port. Be sure to make a firm connection but do not force it.
4. Connect the iPod/iPhone with adapter through the iPod cable. Switch
on the electric power and run the radio(ON/OFF for twice), Press the
CD (or Disc/ Mode/ CDC/ SOURCE/ AUX) button on radio repeatedly
until "CD x-x" appears on the radio display (x is the track number of
"Now Playing" song on iPod). This display confirms that iPod mode has
been completely synchronized and activated. Synchronization timing
varies according to the number of Playlists on your iPod.
5. After successful test, assemble the Head Unit , and put wire harness
and module unit box in proper place. Then installation is completed.
Important Note :
1. If there is a BLACK ground wire on the harness, please attach it to any
metal part of the car stereo body; If there is a YELLOW power wire on
the harness, please attach it to the power of the car, which connect to
battery; If there is a RED ACC wire on the harness, please attach it to
the ACC signal of the car. Without attaching those cables to the right
position, this iPod Car Adapter will not work!
2. As to some vehicles with existing CD Changer, Parallel Harness or
MP3/CDC Switch Cable will be provided. This allows Digital Music
Changer to hook up with existing CD Changer. Simply connect the
existing CD Changer to the male connector of Digital Music Changer.
(As shown in pre-text diagram)
3. Regarding Fiat, Renault models, two black wires with metal ends
(male+female) come along with CDC connector. If noise problem
exists when using iPod Car Adapter, please hook up the two
grounding wires with each other.
4. As for Audi factory radio of mini ISO 8 pin, its CDC connector is 20-pin
block connector, in order to install iPod Car Adapter, it requires to cut
the 8-pin part or connect with our special Audi 20-pin adapter cable.
5. As for Clarion protocol radios, such as some BUICK radio and SUZUKI
radio, it requires to totally unplug the wire harness before installation,
in order to power off the electric supply. If not, it would probably cause
iPod Car Adapter not to work, or radio screen flickering.
6. As for installation on CAN-Bus radios of Peugeot/Citroen, Renault,
Ford(new) and Mazda(new), it is required to unplug the radio from the
power before installation. Otherwise, iPod Car Adapter might work
improperly or the radio might be caused damage. Regarding
Peugeot/Citroen without pre-installed CD Changer, to enable iPod Car
Adapter to work, the CD Changer function must be activated by
professional tools. Please enquire the Peugeot/Citroen dealer on how
to activate the CD Changer function.
7. As per BMW radios with CD Changer, the CD Changer must be
completely disconnected before installation (The 3-pin and the 6-pin
connector, both are located in the trunk, must be disconnected),
otherwise, Yatour will not be recognised. Besides, if the BMW radios
are with DSP, extra DSP kit and specific iPod Adapter would be used.
V Functions and Usage Preparation
Application Range :
This iPod Car Adapter is compatible with the following factory fitted
radios, such as Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Honda, Acura, VW, Skoda, Audi,
Porsche, Mazda, Nissan, Hyundai, KIA, Suzuki, Mercedes, BMW,
Peugeot, Citroen, Ford, etc. And also compatible with aftermarket car
radios, such as Alpine, Blaupunkt, Becker, Sanyo. The list might be
updated, please check with the supplier for updating details.
Supported iPods:
3rd, 4th Gen iPod / iPod Mini / iPod Nano 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th
Gen / iPod Video / iPod Photo / iPod Classic 1st and 2nd Gen / iPod Touch
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gen / iPhone, 3G, 3GS, iPhone4 and iPhone4s
AUX IN port is used to load auxiliary audio equipment, such as MP3
player, PSP, via 3.5mm jack plug into the head unit. Please disconnect the
ipod from adapter or stop the ipod by operate the iPod's keypad before
you use the AUX IN, as iPod playback will not automatically stop. You can
only adjust the volume via head unit when in AUX playback status.
Last Position Memory:
This iPod Car Adapter supports memory playback, once you press
select FM/AM buttons, disconnect the iPod, or power off the radio or ACC,
it will memorize the disc number and track number to host, when you
return to the playback status of iPod Car Adapter, it will continue playing
from the memorized point. However, music playing tracks via AUX IN do
not support Last Position Memory.
Control Mode:
This iPod Car Adapter provides two ways to control your iPod through
the car radio, namely Hybrid Mode, Playlist Mode.
1. Hybrid Mode:
Search and select music on iPod directly just as you would in portable
use. The music will play back through your car stereo. And you can use the
track up/down, fast forward, and reverse buttons on your radio to control
music playback. All audio tracks on your iPod will be played at Hybrid
Mode, Operate and control the iPod like it is one CD.
2. Playlist Mode:
In the Playlist Mode, operate and control the iPod like it is a CD changer.
This mode allows you to access 5-9 playlists on iPod from radio. iPod
screen always display "OK to disconnect" or "Attached to accessory" and
iPod's keypad is not functional or locked. Please note that if you want to
switch to this Mode, you need to use iTunes to set up the corresponding
Playlists on the iPod. Please refer to iPod usage instruction about how to
set up playlists. The instructions for Playlist naming and playback controls
are in Section VI of this manual.
Between Hybrid Mode and Playlist Mode, you can switch by pressing CD
selection button of OEM radio panel. Generally, DISC 1 is for Hybrid
Mode, and DISC 2-DISC 10 are for No.1-No.9 playlist of Playlist Mode.
Important Note:
In the Hybrid Mode, CD1 1-1 is displayed on the radio screen, only the
playback time will change, showing the total playback time instead of
single song's playback time.
In the Hybrid Mode, Fast Forward and Rewind can be activated after a
long press. Given a short press to Fast Forward or Rewind, the function
is as same as that of previous Track/next Track.
1. Connecting iPod to the interface
After iPod connect to the adapter, iPod will take a few moments to get
into the external control mode. During the initialization, iPod screen may
shift or change continuously for approximately 25 seconds.
If connect iPhone to the adapter, iPhone will register a message stating
“This accessory is not made to work with iPhone.” It will ask if you want to
“Turn On the Airplane Mode.” Please answer “NO”.
2. Select iPod mode on radio
Press the CD(or Disc/ Mode/ CDC/ SOURCE/ AUX) button on radio
repeatedly until "CD x-x" appears on the radio display (x is the track
number of "Now Playing" song on iPod). This display confirms that iPod
mode has been completely synchronized and activated. Synchronization
timing varies according to the number of Playlists on your iPod.
If iPod was playing previously before radio or ACC power was OFF, and
the iPod was not disconnected, playback resumes from where it was
stopped. Changing source to AM/FM, CD, Cassette When a source other
than the iPod is selected on radio, the iPod will pause.
3. Disconnecting iPod from the interface
If your iPod is disconnected during playback in iPod mode, the radio will
automatically switch to AM/FM mode.
After disconnecting, iPod screen changes from the external control
mode screen back to the normal menu. Press and hold the Play/Pause
button on iPod may get the normal menu back faster.
4. Playback of songs on iPod
All audio tracks on your iPod will be played at disc 1. Track order is
determined by the default order on your iPod. Selecting disc 2 to disc 10
on radio will allow playback of 9 Playlists on iPod.
5. Selecting a Playlist
Press DISC UP (+) or DISC DOWN (-) button to select a Playlist. The
selected Playlist will begin playing and the Playlist number and track
number will be displayed. In rare cases, this may take up to a few seconds
for the completion of synchronization.
After playing the last song in the current Playlist, playback will start
again from the first track of this Playlist.
6. Playback function controls
You can control playback with several functions. These functions are
generally cancelled when you press FM/AM buttons, disconnect the iPod,
or power off the radio or ACC.
Press the scan button, each track in the current Playlist plays for 10
Random (Shuffle)
Press the "RDM" random button, songs in the current Playlist will
playback in random order. Some radio models use the "P scan" button to
activate random mode.
The "Repeat" button can be used to repeat playback of a single song in
Playlist mode.
SCAN, RANDOM and REPEAT functions might not be supported in the
Hybrid Mode, but supported in the Playlist Mode.
Track Up l Down
Press the "NEXT" button to skip to the next track in the Playlist. Press
the "PREV" button to go to the beginning of the track that is being played.
Press the track down button twice to go to the previous track.
If the track up or track down button is pressed quickly in repetition, the
track numbers displayed may change unevenly. You may also hear short
bits of audio during repeated presses of track up and track down buttons.
If your original radio currently displays a maximum of two digits for track
number. Track number 100 will be displayed as 01, track 101 as 02, track
102 as 03...
Fast Forward and Rewind
In the Playlist Mode, Press the fast forward or fast reverse button can be
used to seek within a single song. The screen timer will be update to
reflect your position on within the song. In the Hybrid Mode, it can also be
used to seek within a single song too. but the time on the radio will not
accurately reflect the position with a given song.
7.Switch Between Yatour and Existing CD Changer
For VAG vehicles, Parallel Harness (without MP3/CDC switch) is
provided, when you are using iPod adapter and want to switch to existing
CD Changer, press FM/AM or other audio playback mode button, then
press CD button to switch to existing CD Changer. And vice versa.
MP3/CDC Switch Cable is provided for existing CD Changer on vehicles
except for VAG cars. Power off your radio or vehicle and switch between
MP3(iPod Car Adapter) and CDC(Original CD changer). For some
vehicles, you may need to restart the radio for once after operation on
MP3/CDC Switch.
VII Common Troubleshooting
1. iPod Car Adapter doesn't work after installation.
Please check whether the wire harness is correctly connected. And if
there is GND wire(for some car models), please check whether it connects
well with metal parts of car radio.
2. What happens when I receive a call and my iPhone is connected?
The sound from the stereo will automatically mute and the phones ring
will be heard over the factory radio speakers. When the call answered on
the iPhone, it will enter privacy mode and the iPhone operates as it
normally does during a call. No sound will come from the stereo system.
Once a call is completed the sound returns to the factory radio.
4. When auxiliary device is connected via AUX IN slot, I can still hear
music sound from iPod? how to do with this?
Please disconnect the ipod from adapter or stop the ipod by operate the
iPod's keypad before you use the AUX IN, as iPod playback will not
automatically stop.
5. When playing tracks from AUX device, it is running quite well, but
either tracks or CD folders cannot be switched, what can I do?
AUX is an external audio input, you can only adjust the volume via head
unit when in AUX playback status. It is normal that you cannot switch
—[ 8 ]—
tracks or CD folders. So if you need full-function control via head unit,
please replace AUX with iPod/iPhone input.
6. Radio screen display is normal but without voice or single voice
Please Check if iPod/iPhone port is normal and connected well; Check
whether Radio volume is switched on or is on the ‘MUTE’ mode; Check
whether Radio sound field mode is on the equilibrium position.
7. If I have a Sat tuner activated and used can I still connect your kit?
Yes, For most newer vehicles there is no conflict with existing SAT
Tuners or internal CD Changers. You can have both our iPod adapter
connected and still have full features and functions of your SAT Tuner or
CDC. but the Parallel Harness are optional.
VIII Specifications
Voltage Input : 11V~14.6V DC
Standby Current : 3mA
Operational Current : 200mA
Operating Temperature: -35℃~+85℃
DAC Resolution : 20bit
SN Ratio : 90dB
Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.05%
Frequency Response : 20HZ-20KHZ
IX Warranty
All the items are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period
of twelve months from purchase.
Important Note:
The hardware and software along with the function setting are subject
to change without prior notice.
Future iPod and iTunes firmware updates may affect the features and
functions described in this User manual.
For more information about our products, technology and the usage
technique, please visit our website at www.yatour.net.
The trade marks and brands therein are protected by the law.
Guangzhou Yatour Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.