RISO MASTER Z TYPE (215 sheets per roll)
RISO INK Z TYPE (1000ml per cartridge)
The unique approach to printing.
RISO EZ Drum Ledger/A3
Card Feed Kit
RISO Auto Document Feeder AF-VI
RISO Key Card Counter IV:N
RISO PC Interface Card USB2.0
RISO Network Card
RISO Printer Driver for Macintosh
RISO Accounting Tool
RISO Job Separator IV:N III
Master-making / Printing methods
Original Type
Original Size
Original Paper Weight
Scanning Area (max.)
Print Paper Size
Paper Supply Capacity
Print Paper Weight
Image Processing Mode
Master-making Time
Printing Area (max.)
Print Reproduction Ratio
Print Speed
Print Position Adjustment
Ink Supply
Master Supply / Disposal
Master Disposal Capacity
User Interface
Power Source
Dimensions (WxDxH) without stand
Weight without stand
High-speed digital master-making / Fully automatic stencil printing
Book, Sheet
When using the Glass Platen : 1 31/32" x 3 9/16" - 12 3/16" x 17" (50 mm x 90 mm - 310 mm x 432 mm)
When using the AF-VI (option) : 3 15/16" x 5 27/32" - 12 3/16" x 17" (100 mm x 148 mm - 310 mm x 432 mm)
When using the Glass Platen : 22 lb (10 kg) or less
When using the AF-VI (option) : 13 lb bond - 34 lb bond (50 gsm - 128 gsm)
11 7/16" x 16 3/4" (291 mm x 425 mm)
Standard : 3 15/16" x 5 27/32" - 12 3/16" x 17" (100 mm x 148 mm - 310 mm x 432 mm)
1000 sheets (64 gsm)
Standard : 12 lb bond - 110 lb index (46 gsm - 210gsm)
When using the Card Feed Kit (option): 27 lb bond - 221 lb index (100 gsm - 400 gsm)
Line, Photo, Duo, Pencil
Scanning resolution: 300dpi x 600dpi
Printing image resolution: 600e dpi (600dpi x 600dpi: Perforation density on the master)
Approx. 20 seconds (for A4 / Landscape / 100% reproduction ratio)
11 7/16" x 16 3/4" (291 mm x 425 mm)
3 enlargements (inch) : 121%, 129%, 154% / (metric) : 116%, 122%, 141%
3 reductions (inch) : 78%, 65%, 61% / (metric) : 87%, 82%, 71%
Zoom : 50% - 200% in 1% increments
Margin+ : 94%
60 ppm - 130 ppm (5 steps variable)
Vertical : ± 19/32" (± 15 mm)
Horizontal : ± 3/8" (± 10 mm)
Fully automatic (1,000 ml per cartridge)
Fully automatic (215 sheets per roll)
Approx. 100 sheets
LED Panel with Progress Arrow indicators, Front Side Operation
EZ391U: 100V - 120V AC, <2.5A> 50Hz - 60Hz / 220V - 240V AC, <1.3A> 50Hz - 60Hz
When in use: 55 23/32"(H) x 25 25/32"(D) x 26 3/16"(H) (1415mm(W) x 655mm(D) x 665mm(H))
When in storage: 30 23/32"(W) x 25 25/32"(D) x 26 3/16"(H) (780mm(W) x 655mm(D) x 665mm(H))
Approx. 222 lb (101 kg)
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Details may vary depending on the region.
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Printed in Japan. RAD No.9716467
Cost Effective
EZ391U Digital Duplicator
Easy and Economical Ledger-Sized Printing
Duplicate to Save Costs
The RISO EZ391U digital duplicator makes prints from a master. As a result, the more
pages generated from each master the lower the cost per print, making the RISO
EZ391U highly economical for mid- to large-volume printing.
The RISO digital duplicator prints on a much broader range of media at speeds that far exceed
commonly used laser-based copiers. The RISO digital duplicator is specifically designed to handle run
lengths that are too long for copiers or laser printers.
In addition, the RISO digital duplicator allows organizations to bring many previously outsourced
print jobs in-house for maximum control and cost effectiveness. As a result, the EZ391U digital
duplicator becomes the ultimate economical, on-demand printing solution.
Printing cost per print
The printing capability of the EZ391U digital duplicator facilitates the handling of print jobs ranging
from everyday documents and business communications to more specialized applications like formson-demand, business cards, and even cardstocks.
Print quantity and cost per print
Cost per print
*When compared with a 1500W photocopier or multifunction printer
Economic Printing
Further savings can be realized when using
the Ink Saving Mode to reduce ink usage when
printing drafts or proofs.
Number of prints made
Take Control
Cost Effective
Easy to Operate
High Speed & Productive
Versatile & Reliable
Environmentally Friendly
Save Energy
A digital duplicator consumes as little as 1/6th*
the energy of a photocopier. For extra power
efficiency, the EZ391U features an ECO Mode
to minimize electricity consumption without
compromising print quality. After a specified
time in idle, the machine automatically enters
into sleep mode, reducing power consumption
by half; to just about 5W. Auto Power-OFF Mode
turns the power off.
Reduce Paper Consumption
Print two originals onto one sheet of paper
using the 2Up feature.
Versatility Supports Cost Management
Bring specialty paper stock jobs in-house to
avoid the costs of outsourced printing. The
EZ391U accepts multiple paper stocks; such
as newsprint, construction paper, envelopes,
postcards, and recycled paper. It handles legal
size as well. At 130 impressions per minute,
you can double or even triple printing output
without increasing printing costs.
Enhanced Printing
Ease of Use
Customize to Optimize
Smart Design
1. Place the original on the glass and press the
start key to make a master.
Convenient Master Disposal Only from RISO
The intuitive design makes it easy to dispose of
used masters; the drawer-like box pulls out and
a vertical turn and a twist of the wrist allow easy
disposal of the used master.
Replace Consumables with Ease
Intuitive design simplifies routine operations
such as the ability to mount a new master from
the front of the machine and lock/unlock ink
bottles with a twist.
The EZ391U allows you to print from a wide variety of original formats. Multiple features
help improve printing productivity and output.
Optimize Your Output
For optimal output, the EZ391U features four
preset Image Processing Modes: Line, Photo,
Duo (line/photo/shadow), and Pencil (darker/
Enhance Faded and Colored Originals
Select Pencil to adjust the scanning contrast
and obtain optimum output quality for lowdensity and colored originals.
2. Input the number of prints desired and press
the start key again to begin printing.
Improve Photo Images
Use Dot Process Mode for clearer photo image
Improve Output through PC Connectivity
RISO EZ391U provides two ways to connect to a
PC. The optional USB port allows simple singlecable connection (RISO PC Interface card USB2.0).
The optional network card lets you put EZ391U
on your network (RISO Network Card). Produce
high-quality output with direct PC connectivity.
Increase the Retention Rate of Your
Spot-color enhances the appeal of your
document. The print cylinder is easily removed
from the main unit and replaced with the color
of your choice. RISO has a wide variety of color
inks (18 Standard and 62 Special Edition) as well
as the capability to order Custom Colors.
Speed to Print
Engineered to Last
Only from RISO
The EZ391U can print up to a maximum of 130 pages per minute. That’s over 1,000 pages
in only eight minutes.
Time required to print 1,000 pages
25 minutes
B&W Photocopiers/Laser Printers
8 minutes
Paper Output Mechanism Neatly Stacks
Papers at High Speed
The paper ejection mechanism with the
V-shaped configuration
of the paper receiving
tray neatly cascade and
stack jobs for simple
removal, thereby
enhancing productivity.
Note: Approximately three times faster than a photocopier or multifunction printer when compared with a 40ppm photocopier or MFP.
Enhanced Efficiency
Program A
Program B
Group 1
Programmable Printing, Reduces Manual
The Program Mode lets you specify the number
of copies in a set (up to 9,999), and the number of
sets in a group (up to 99) up to a maximum of 50
groups when printing from a single original; for
multiple originals (maximum of 20), up to 9,999
copies for each is possible.
Once the job parameters are programmed, they
can be stored in memory for future instant retrieval.
Output is automatically organized into groups
you specify, and can be further enhanced via
the optional Job Separator, which raises sorting
efficiency by inserting tape to mark the end of a
Group 2
20 pages
30 pages
20 pages
2 sets
40 pages
10 pages
Original B
20 pages
1 set
Group 3
Original A
40 pages
9,999 pages
2 sets
Original C
Group 4
50 pages
1 set
9,999 pages
50 groups
With an impressive monthly duty cycle and 130 impressions per minute the RISO EZ391U
is designed to handle a range of high-volume printing needs. The machine has been
rigorously tested to ensure compliance with these requirements (1,000,000 copy testing).
Additional Features
Green Is More Than Just a Color
RISO duplicators consume 1/6th* the energy
required to run multifunction printers. Features
like Auto Power OFF, Auto Sleep Modes and
the ability to print on recycled stocks with soybased ink make the EZ391U an environmentally
friendly printing choice. RISO
EZ series models are ENERGY
STAR certified, meeting a high
standard for energy-efficient
output devices.
Protect Your Information
The EZ391U User Management System allows
you to set up new user groups, rename, disable,
limit usage, and get usage reports*, giving you
control of your printing and budgeting needs.
There is also a Confidential Mode that prevents
the unauthorized reprint of previously created
- Prevention of operator error
- Warning of shortages in remaining ink/
master volume
- Minimized paper waste
Printing prohibited Enter code number Printing permitted
*When compared with a 1500W photocopier or multifunction printer.
30 pages
99 sets
Max. 20
B&W Photocopiers/Laser Printers
Feed side
Output side
1. Master disposal box
Only from RISO
RISO i Quality System
The RISO i Quality System delivers a large
number of quality and convenience benefits.
Among them are:
- Automatic assurance of optimum print
2. Paper feed tray
3. Flat bed scanner
4. Ink cartridge cap holder
5. Easy ink setting
6. Slide-out master-making unit
7. Lightweight print cylinder
8. Paper receiving tray
9. Paper arrangers