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SuperSwap Manual
Table of Contents
Introduction............................................................................... 1
Specifications ____________________________________ 1
Interface................................................................................................................... 1
Housing Assembly ................................................................................................ 1
Drive Carrier............................................................................................................ 1
Physical/Environmental........................................................................................ 1
Warranty ................................................................................................................. 2
Key Features _____________________________________ 3
Getting Started.......................................................................... 4
Unpacking SuperSwap _____________________________ 4
Installing Drive Housing Assembly ___________________ 5
Removing/Installing Drives _________________________ 7
LED Messages____________________________________ 8
Limited Warranty............................................... APPENDIX A
Returning Product for Repair..........................APPENDIX B
SuperSwap Manual
Thank you for purchasing Promise Technology’s SuperSwap. The SuperSwap
drive housing installs easily into any 5.25” component bay in your PC.
SuperSwap’s drive carrier and housing extend the data storage capabilities of
your system by allowing you to easily swap most 3.5” form factor ATA hard
drives in and out of your PC, without the hassle of opening and closing your
PC’s case. SuperSwap accepts Ultra ATA/100 and Ultra ATA/66 drives. When
used with Promise Technology’s ATA RAID 1, 3, or 5 products 1, SuperSwap
allows users to “hot swap” a failed drive without powering down a system while
fully protecting hard drive and internal system components.
Fits most 3.5” form factor ATA hard disk drives
Standard ATA/IDE interface
Supports Ultra ATA/100 and Ultra ATA/66 drives and cables
Built-in Power/Drive Status LED and Drive Activity LED indicators
**Built in Monitoring of SuperSwap Fan RPM, Temperature & Voltage
levels with installation of FastCheck or SuperCheck Monitoring software.
Housing Assembly
Dedicated cooling fan
Keyed locking mechanism
Spring-loaded pivoting access door
Drive Carrier
Durable metal construction
Unique handle design automatically unplugs drive chassis from housing
when pulled up
Removable drive access cover
Housing Assembly: 8.5” x 5.75” x 1.625” (21.59cm x14.605cm x4.128cm)
Drive Carrier: 7.75” x 4.625” x 1.625” (19.685cm x 11.748cm x 4.128cm)
Operating Temperature
32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
Relative Humidity
SuperTrak100, SuperTrak66, FastTrak100, FastTrak66
SuperSwap Manual
5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Two years limited parts and labor
SuperSwap Manual
Key Features
The following are key features of the Promise SuperSwap:
Drive Types
• Supports standard IDE drives (Ultra ATA, DMA, and EIDE)
• Supports Ultra ATA/100 and Ultra ATA/66.
ATA RAID “Hot Swap” Support
• Supports Promise ATA RAID products allowing “hot swap” under
RAID 1, 3, or 5
• Hot swap allows for easy repair/replacement of drives while PC
remains active
Status Indicators2
• Power/Drive Status LED shows power on/off when not used with
Promise SuperTrak100 or SuperTrak66 products
• Power/Drive Status LED displays status of drive in array (online,
offline, critical (rebuilding/synchronizing) if used with Promise
SuperTrak100 or SuperTrak66 products
• Disk Activity LED displays normal drive operation
Ultra ATA/100 Support
• Passes all Ultra ATA/100 information to controller card
• Allows auto-sensing of Ultra ATA/66 drive and implementation of
66MB/sec burst transfers
Note: Users must obtain and install Promise FastTrak Driver v.1.30 or later in
order to implement LED display functions for SuperSwap enclosure. Go to to find these drivers.
Note: For proper monitoring functionality of Fan RPM, Voltage, & Temperature
users must install FastCheck for Fa stTrak Product Family or SuperCheck for
SuperTrak, please visit for the latest software revisions.
SuperSwap Manual
Getting Started
This section is designed to help prepare SuperSwap for installation into
your personal computer. Please read through this chapter carefully before
attempting to install SuperSwap. As a standard precaution when working
with hard drives, users should backup any hard drives containing data that
may be connected to SuperSwap before making any changes.
Unpacking SuperSwap
The SuperSwap package should contain the following items:
SuperSwap Housing Assembly
SuperSwap Drive Carrier and removable cover
SuperSwap User’s Manual
12 screws
Two keys
Registration card
Drive ID stickers
If any of the contents are missing or damaged, please contact your dealer
or distributor immediately.
NOTE: SuperSwap, like every other valuable part of your PC,
is subject to static electricity. Be sure that you are properly
grounded (Promise recommends that you wear an anti-static
strap, or place a free hand on a grounded object), and that
your PC is unplugged before installing SuperSwap.
SuperSwap Manual
Installing Drive Housing Assembly
Installing SuperSwap into your PC is a simple process. There are two
basic components involved: installing the housing assembly in your
system; and installing a hard drive in the drive carrier. Make sure that
you’re properly grounded when installing SuperSwap, either by touching a
grounded portion of your PC, or by wearing a ground strap.
Power down and unplug your PC, then remove its cover.
Slide the housing assembly (see Figure 2-1 next page) into one of the
5.25” drive bays of your system.
Align the front of the housing assembly with the front of your system,
then install the included screws in the four anchor holes (two on each
side) of the assembly (see Figure 2-1).
Set the hard drive’s jumper setting to Master/Slave/Cable-Select.
Consult your hard drive user manual.
Connect your PC’s IDE hard drive cable to the IDE HDD connector on
the back of the housing assembly (see Figure 2-2). Make sure that the
red edge of the cable is corresponds to Pin 1 of the housing
assembly’s connector (opposite the fan, and near the power connector;
see Figure 2-2).
NOTE: SuperSwap needs an 80-wire/40-pin IDE cable to work
Connect the power cable to the power connector (see Figure 2-2) on
the back of the housing assembly.
After making sure that all connections are properly seated, replace the
PC’s cover.
SuperSwap Manual
Drive Carrier
Cable Connection
Assembly Screw
Mounting Holes
(2 on other side)
Key Lock
Pivoting Door
Figure 2-1: SuperSwap Housing Assembly
HDD Cable Connection
+5 G G +12
Power Connector
Figure 2-2: SuperSwap Housing Assembly Rearview
NOTE: If using the SuperSwap solely as a SLAVE device, make
certain to connect the end of the IDE Cable (not to the middle) to
the SuperSwap Chassis.
SuperSwap Manual
Removing/Installing Drives
The Promise SuperSwap is designed to work with several Promise ATA RAID
controllers that can support RAID 1 (SuperTrak100/66, FastTrak100/66), RAID
3 (SuperTrak100/66), or RAID 5 (SuperTrak100/66). Used with these products
and RAID levels, the SuperSwap supports “hot swapping” of hard drives
(meaning you can remove a drive while your system is operating and replace it
with another. This procedure is generally performed by the user in the event
that one of the drives has failed and needs replacement.
NOTE: If not implementing RAID 1, 3, or 5 as described above, the
SuperSwap will work as a removable drive carrier for a nonbootable drive. Users should power down their systems prior to
removing and replacing drives unless the Operating System
supports hard drive removal during normal operation.
To remove or install a drive:
1. Using the provided key, unlock the drive carrier by turning the key in the
lock 90° counterclockwise (see Figure 2-1).
2. Remove the drive carrier from the housing assembly by firmly pulling on
the drive carrier’s handle (see Figure 2-3).
3. On the left side of the drive carrier cover, pull the small metal tab slightly
away from the cover, then slide the cover back off (see Figure 2-3).
4. Attach the drive carrier’s ATA HDD connector to the hard drive’s data
connector, making sure that the red edge of the cable corresponds to Pin 1
of the hard drive’s connector.
NOTE: SuperSwap is Ultra ATA/100 compatible and backward
compatible with Ultra ATA or EIDE drives.
Connect the drive carrier’s power cable to the hard drive’s power connector.
Place the hard drive in the drive carrier, and then install four screws (two
on either side of the hard drive, or four on the bottom) to secure the hard
drive in the drive carrier.
Replace the drive carrier access cover.
Slide the drive carrier back into the housing assembly. The carrier will latch
back into place when handle is pushed back in.
Lock the carrier into place by turning the key in the lock 90° clockwise (see
Figure 2-1). Power will not reach the hard drive unless the carrier is locked
into place.
NOTE: In order to keep track of each drive carrier and its
corresponding drive housing assembly, you have been supplied
SuperSwap Manual
with two matching sets of numbered stickers. Place one sticker on the front of
the drive housing assembly and the matching numbered sticker on the front of
the drive carrier.
Access Cover
Drive Cable
Drive Carrier
Locking Tab
Pivoting Handle
Figure 2-3: Drive Carrier Assembly
LED Messages
This section provides information on how to interpret LED display codes as
reported by the SuperSwap3 when connected to the Promise SuperTrak66.
Two LEDs appear on the front of the SuperSwap housing assembly:
Power/Drive Status LED (left) and disk activity LED (right).
Power/Drive Status LED
Amber (orange)
Black (dark)
Drive is OK
Drive is rebuilding and array is in “critical” mode
Drive is bad or has failed and is now “offline”; array
may also have failed depending on RAID level
No drive detected or no power to drive housing
* Indicates only Power On when SuperSwap is not connected to a
Promise SuperTrak66 card.
Disk Activity LED
Note: Users must obtain and install Promise FastTrak Driver v.1.30 or later in
order to implement L ED display functions for the SuperSwap enclosure. Go to to obtain these drivers.
SuperSwap Manual
Usually dark or black, LED lights green when disk is accessed.
SuperSwap Manual
Event: The drive status LED is red.
Cause: This shows a failed drive. A failed drive may be marked as such
because of power failure or media access problem (such as a bad
sector which fails retry). When a drive in a fault tolerant array is
determined to have failed, the remaining drives in the array are
internally adjusted to a later “generation” status to indicate that
they represent the current version of the array.
Upon replacing a failed drive, the new drive will be assigned to the
failed drive’s original location. A rebuild will then begin based on
data from the drives in the array that have the latest “generation.”
This “generation” tracking allows accurate reproduction of current
data from the array drives that may have been written to during the
time that the array was critical.
Event: The drive status LED is orange (amber).
Cause: This shows that the drive is in the process of rebuilding, following
some sort of critical array status in a fault tolerant array. The LED
will return to green status when the rebuild is complete and
Event: The drive status LED does not light up, even though others
light up.
Cause: The keylock on the housing is not turned ON
Lock the keylock to transmit power to the drive.
Cause: The drive carrier is not fully and correctly inserted into the drive
Make sure the handle is fully down and the carrier is pushed all
the way into the housing.
Cause: Either the cabling from the controller card to the housing is not
correctly installed or the cabling from the carrier to the drive is not
correctly installed.
SuperSwap Manual
Make sure that there is indeed a drive installed correctly in a drive
carrier with the power and data cables properly attached.
Cause: The drive is not jumpered correctly.
Consult your drive manufacturer’s manual or the drive casing itself
and jumper the drive for “single” drive operation.
Event: If HDD is set to the slave position (and no Master present), it
needs to be attached at the far end connector not the
middle connector.
Cause: The Master/Slave selecting of SuperSwap box depend on the cable
Thus you must put on slave position of the cable when you set the
drive in slave mode. It mean that you can direct use the cable
select to do the Master/Slave selecting or Drive setting in Master
mode and put on Master position of cable Drive setting in Slave
mode and put on Slave position of cable.
If the above items all seem okay, but the LED still remains unlit,
you may try placing a known good drive with its carrier in the slot
and see if the LED lights up. If the LED still remains unlit, then
there is either a problem with the connection (the data cable
attached to this channel or the controller card connection itself) or,
although highly unlikely, a damaged LED. Verify that the drive
connected to this channel is not working. If the drive is working,
then the LED should be replaced. If the drive is not working, then it
is a connection problem.
Appendix A
Limited Warranty
Promise Technology, Inc. (“Promise”) warrants that for two (2) years from
the time of the delivery of the product to the original end user:
a) the product will conform to Promise’s specifications;
b) the product will be free from defects in material and
workmanship under normal use and service.
This warranty:
a) applies only to products which are new and in cartons on the
date of purchase;
b) is not transferable;
c) is valid only when accompanied by a copy of the original
purchase invoice.
This warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from:
a) improper or inadequate maintenance, or unauthorized
modification(s), performed by the end user;
b) operation outside the environmental specifications for the
c) accident, misuse, negligence, misapplication, abuse, natural
or personal disaster, or maintenance by anyone other than a
Promise or a Promise-authorized service center.
Disclaimer of other warranties
This warranty covers only parts and labor, and excludes coverage on
software items as expressly set above.
Except as expressly set forth above, Promise disclaims any warranties,
expressed or implied, by statute or otherwise, regarding the product,
including, without limitation, any warranties for fitness for any purpose,
quality, merchantability, non-infringement, or otherwise. Promise makes
no warranty or representation concerning the suitability of any product for
use with any other item. You assume full responsibility for selecting
products ad for ensuring that the products selected are compatible and
appropriate for use with other goods with which they will be used.
Appendix A
Promise does not warrant that any product is free from errors or that it will
interface without problems with your computer system. It is your
responsibility to back up or otherwise save important data before installing
any product and continue to back up your important data regularly.
Promise’s sole responsibility with respect to any product is to do one of
the following:
a) replace the product with a conforming unit of the same or
superior product;
b) repair the product;
c) recover the product and refund the purchase price for the
Promise shall not be liable for the cost of procuring substitute goods,
services, lost profits, unrealized savings, equipment damage, costs of
recovering, reprogramming, or reproducing of programs or data stored in or
used with the products, or for any other general, special, consequential,
indirect, incidental, or punitive damages, whether in contract, tort, or
otherwise, notwithstanding the failure of the essential purpose of the
foregoing remedy and regardless of whether Promise has been advised of
the possibility of such damages. Promise is not an insurer. If you desire
insurance against such damage, you must obtain insurance from another
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or
consequential damages for consumer products, so the above limitation
may not apply to you.
This warranty gives specific legal rights, and you may also have other
rights which vary from state to state. This limited warranty is governed by
the State of California.
Appendix B
Returning Product For Repair
If you suspect a product is not working properly, or if you have any
questions about your product, contact our Technical Support Staff through
one of our Technical Services, making sure to provide the following
Product model and serial number (required);
Return shipping address;
Daytime phone number;
Description of the problem;
Copy of the original purchase invoice.
The technician will assist you in determining whether the product requires
repair. If the product needs repair, the Technical Support Department will
issue an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.
Return only the specific product covered by the warranty (do not ship
cables, manuals, diskettes, etc.), with a copy of your proof of purchase to:
Promise Technology, Inc.
Customer Service Dept.
Attn.: RMA # ______
1460 Koll Circle
San Jose, CA 95112
You must follow the packaging guidelines for returning products:
Use the original shipping carton and packaging
Include a summary of the product’s problem(s)
Write an attention line on the box with the RMA number
Include a copy of proof of purchase
You are responsible for the cost of insurance and shipment of the product
to Promise. Note that damage incurred due to improper transport or
packaging is not covered under the Limited Warranty.
Appendix B
When repairing returned product(s), Promise may replace defective parts
with new or reconditioned parts, or replace the entire unit with a new or
reconditioned unit. In the event of a replacement, the replacement unit will
be under warranty for the remainder of the original warranty term from
purchase date, or 30 days, whichever is longer.
Promise will pay for standard return shipping charges only. You will be
required to pay for any additional shipping options (such as express
Your Responsibilities
You are responsible for determining whether the product is appropriate for
your use and will interface with your equipment without malfunction or
damage. You are also responsible for backing up your data before
installing any product and for regularly backing up your data after installing
the product. Promise is not liable for any damage to equipment or data
loss resulting from the use of any product.
Appendix B
P/N: C6101SSWP000000-2