Aspera R5 User Guide
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Basic Knowledge
1. 1.Brief Introduction
Thank you for purchasing the Aspera R5.
This instruction manual can be used to guide you to
understand the functions and features.In addition to
common call functions and records, this phone also
provides you a variety of useful features and services.
Understanding how to operate your phone will
enable you to access and use all of its features and
Some of the services and functions described in this
manual depend on the network.
Therefore, some menu items in the phone may not
be available, or various menus and functions of the
phone may behave differently than intended.
Aspera reserves the right to modify the contents of
this manual without prior notice.
1. 2 General Considerations
Your phone can only use our designated batteries
and chargers.
Using other products may cause battery leakage,
overheating, explosion and fire.
Do not put the battery, mobile phone or charger in a
microwave oven or near high-pressure equipment, it
may cause circuit damage, fire or other accidents.
Keep the phone away from children's reach to avoid
them testing it as a toy, causing personal injury.
Aeroplanes, hospitals and other places may
prohibit the use of mobile phones, please turn off the
Do not use the mobile phone near high-precision
electronic equipment.
Radio wave interference may cause incorrect
operation of the electronic equipment and other
Do not disassemble or modify the phone, it may
cause damage, leakage and circuit faults to the
Avoid placing your mobile phone too close to
magnetic objects such as magnetic cards. Mobile
phone radiation may clear data from a savings card,
or credit card.
1.3 Battery Precautions
The use of your mobile phone battery life is limited.
With frequent charging the battery will degrade over
time, gradually shortening its life. In this case the
battery may be replaced when you notice it is not
giving you enough usage per charge.
Do not throw old batteries in the general household
waste. There is a clear local regulation for battery
disposal, please follow the instructions of this policy.
Do not throw the battery into fire, otherwise it will
cause the battery to ignite and explode. Installing
batteries, do not apply pressure or force, otherwise it
may cause the battery to leak, overheat or explode.
If the battery fluid enters the eye it may cause
blindness, do not rub your eyes, rinse with fresh
water, and then immediately go to the hospital.
Do not disassemble or modify the battery, otherwise
it will lead to battery leakage, overheating, explosion
and fire.
Do not use or leave the battery beside a fire, heater
or hot place, otherwise it may lead to battery leakage,
overheating, explosion or fire.
Do not wet the battery, otherwise it may cause the
battery to overheat, smoke or corrode. Do not use or
leave the battery in direct sunlight or near hot car,
otherwise it may r e s u l t i n f l u i d l e a k a g e a n d
overheating may degrade performance and shorten
the service life.
Do not continue charging the battery for more than
24 hours.
1.4 Charging Your Mobile Phone
When the charging cable is connected to the mobile
phone charge port, the mobile phone battery indicator
the status bar will flash cycle; when the phone is
turned off, charging indicator will appear on the
phones screen, indicating the battery is charging.
When the on-screen battery indicator shows full,
and no longer flashing, it indicates that charging has
been completed. After charging is complete,
disconnect the AC power outlet from the phone and
1. 5 Charger Precautions
Please use 240V AC. Using other voltage can cause
leakage, fire or damage to the phone and charger.
Prohibit short-circuit charger, otherwise it will cause
electric shock, smoke and damage to the charger.
Please do not use the charger if the power cord is
damaged, otherwise it may lead to a fire and electric
Please clean dust on the power socket.
Please do not put a water container near the
c h a r g e r, t o a v o i d o v e r h e a t i n g , l e a k a g e a n d
malfunction caused by water spills.
If the charger comes into contact with water or other
liquids, immediately unplug the power from the outlet
to prevent overheating, fire, electric shock and
malfunction of the charger.
Do not disassemble or modify the charger, it may
lead to personal injury, electric shock, fire and
damage to the charger.
Please do not use the charger in the bathroom
where there is high humidity, otherwise it may cause
electric shock, fire and damage to the charger.
1. 6 Cleaning and Maintenance
Do not use your mobile phone and charger in the
bathroom where there is high humidity. With a soft,
dry cloth clean the phone, battery and charger. Do not
use alcohol, thinner or benzene solution to wipe the
2.1. Icons
In the status bar you will see small ICONS, details
are as follows
Time Display
Alarm clock has been set and
Shows battery level
Vertical bars indicate the signal
strength of the mobile network signal.
Indicates music playing
Received new message
Missed Call
Meeting Mode
Flight Mode
Mute Mode
Press this key to enter the call record
interface and dial out.
Activate USB
Press this key to hang up in the call
Access Restricted
In any mode, press this key to display
the current menu options.
Return to the previous menu.
In the standby state, press this key and
be taken directly back to the standby
interface. Long press to open recent
Long press this key to turn off/on.
Short press this key to lock/unlock the
phone and light the screen.
Headset and USB jack
Press this button to enter the camera
viewfinder interface, then to take
Long press to dial emergency number
and send a message for help.
During a call or in the audio play
interface press the two side keys
to adjust the volume.
Camera, video recorder
2.2 Phone Layout
⑿Flashlight Camera flashlight, open the flashlight
application and it can also be used as
2.3 Booting Your Phone
2.3.1 Insert and Remove SIM Card
Turn off the phone, remove battery and other
external power supply. When you need to take out the
SIM card, please turn it off, take out the battery, then
remove SIM card from SIM card holder.
2.3.2 Power On/Off
To turn on the phone long press the power key on
top of the phone.
To turn off the phone, long press the power key
again, then select “power off” when the option is
presented on the screen.
Press the power key to switch the phone function,
you can also choose to reboot the phone, select the
flight mode, mute mode, vibration mode and standard
2.3.3 Unlock SIM Card
In order to prevent unauthorised use, the SIM card
may ask for a PIN (Personal Identification Number). If
you elect to use this function you must enter the PIN
code every time the phone is switched on so that you
can unlock the SIM card, and then send or receive a
Press the ON / OFF key to boot the phone; enter
PIN code, press
to clear an error, press
If you enter the wrong PIN code several times, the
SIM card will be lock and you will need to contact your
SIM card network operator.
2.3.4 Unlock Screen
In order to prevent unauthorized use, you can set
your phone screen lock. Electing to use this function,
every time you light up the screen you must draw your
unlock pattern or enter your unlock code to unlock the
phone, and then send or receive calls.
Users can clear the unlock pattern (see "Security
Settings"), in this case, the phone can not prevent
unauthorized use
Basic Functions
3.1 Dialing
In the standby interface click to go to the dialing
interface, click the numbers on the screen to dial the
number. If you need to change the phone number,
please click
back to delete characters, then dial
the number. Press the Menu key to pop-up menu
options, as shown, you can choose to send SMS, Add
to Contacts or see the Settings, etc.
You can also touch
at the top of screen, and see
the call records interface to dial out. Or click at the
top of the screen, enter the contact interface to select
your contact to dial. Click
directly in the standby
interface, to go directly to the contact interface and
select your contact to dial.
After the call is connected as shown:
.to open the dial pad and enter numbers
when on a call and prompted to input a number.
Click to open the speaker and amplify voice calls.
Click .. to mute and your voice will not be
Click .. to keep the current phone call and hold it.
Click .. to use the keyboard to enter a contact or add
to contacts from call logs.
Click .. to end the current call
Interface is as shown when a call comes in, tap
.... and drag to ... to answer the call, drag to ... to reject
a call, drag ... to send SMS.
contacts, click on to add a new contact. You can
choose to save the newly added contacts to the
phone or the SIM card and save the contact name,
phone, email, address and other information, as
3.2 Contacts
You can directly open the "Contacts" on the main
screen, or open it in "Dial" interface. Enter the contact
interface as shown, click on a contact to view the
contact information stored, click on
to call the
contact, click on . .. to send SMS to the contact. Press
the Menu key to modify, share and delete the contact
In the contact interface when you click the menu
button the following menu options will pop up, you
can according to your need, delete, import, export
and share contacts and other operations.
In the contact interface, click on to quickly search
3.3 Messages
Click on the home screen to enter the message
Click .. to enter the write message interface. In the
"input names and numbers" area, input the number, or
click on the contact icon to select a number from your
Type your message in the “Type text message”
Touch ... to send a message after completion.
3.4 File Management
You can view and manage the files which are stored
locally on the phone or SD card. You can copy the
files, paste, rename, delete, share and other
and you can select one or more files or
folders to share, copy, delete, cut, rename and other
operations. You can also reorder the folder by name,
size or date.
Click on the screen to insert images, video, audio
and other files, SMS will be automatically converted
to send as MMS.
3.5 Camera
. to see installed
On the main screen, tap
applications, and then click to enter the camera
viewfinder screen.
interface, as shown:
3.6 Images
Tap . on the main screen to see installed applications
and then click in the gallery you can view all the
pictures and video files that are saved on the mobile
phone and SD card, press menu key to browse
images, delete and group etc.
Click to enter the camera settings mode, you can
adjust settings to your needs for camera exposure,
effects, shooting and other settings. As shown:
Click to take a picture, click to convert to video
3.7 Video Player
On the main screen tap to see installed applications,
and then click to enter the video list.
Clicking on the menu key you can delete, sort, or
complete other operations.
To select a video to play, click .. to play the video in
a small window supporting background play mode.
Click to enter full-screen playback.
Click time progress bar to access forward and
reverse operations.
to send video via message, Bluetooth, Email or share.
3.8 Music Player
On the main screen, tap to see installed applications,
and then click to enter the music player.
At the top of the screen, the 4 icons are artist, album,
songs and playlists.
You can choose your favourite arrangement to find
the songs that you want to listen to. Choose to play a
.... indicates pause/play song.
.... indicates continue playing.
.... indicates switch to last song, long press to rewind.
.... indicates switch to next song, long press to forward.
.. .. indicates the progress of the song playback
(time display), sliding around the scroll bar to jump to
any position in the song.
.... indicates on/off the shuffle.
.... indicates on/off repear all songs.
.... indicates repeat current song.
.... indicates back to song list.
3.9 FM Radio
On the main screen, tap to see installed applications,
and then click .. to enter the radio function.
You will need to plug in the headset cable, then you
can search channel.
Your headset acts as an antenna for the radio. Click
to ... enter the channel list; click .. to stop / play Radio;
click, to access search, FM recording and other
operations, as shown:
3.10 Recorder
On the main screen, tap to see installed applications,
and then click to enter the recorder application. You
can record audio files.
Start recording: Tap
Play recording: Tap
End recoding: Tap
Pause recording: Tap
List of recording: Tap
Recorded audio files successfully saved automatically
generated a file list, click to view the recording or
playback recording, and automatically save to your
3.11 Clock
On the main screen, tap . to see installed applications,
and then click ... to enter the clock application.
You can see the settings of date and time, week and
alarm in the clock interface. Click .. to view and set
the alarm; click .to open the stopwatch function; click
.... to select night mode, set menu and set the alarm,
3.12 Calendar
. on the main screen to see installed
applications, and then click ... to access the calendar.
3.13 Calculator
On the main screen, tap . to see installed applications,
and then click .. to access the calculator.
Your phone provides you a calculator with the four
basic functions, allowing you to perform simple
arithmetic. Press X to clear the recent input or the
In the calendar interface, sliding up and down, you
can view the previous month and next month's
calendar, click the menu key to select a new activity,
refresh, search, set, and other related operations.
Settings can be set in the calendar view and for
reminders. Figure:
3.14 Notepad
On the main screen, tap . to see installed applications,
and then click . to open Notepad.
Click on .. to add a new Note.
Click the "Uncategorised" area to categorise the
newly added Note, mainly divided into work items,
personal matters, family matters and learning issues.
On the main screen, tap to see installed applications,
and then click to enter the e-mail application.
You can send email messages to anyone with an
email address.
Enter the program and set up your account, then
you can click on your email account to start, edit,
create account, delete operations, you can send or
receive email as you would on a computer. The
program requires network or wi-fi connection.
3.15 Flashlight
On the main screen, tap . to see installed applications,
and then click on to enter the flashlight application.
Click the "off" to open flashlight, click "on" to close
3.16 E-mail
3.17 Browser
On the main screen, tap to see installed applications,
and then click .. to enter the browser.
Using the mobile network data connection or Wi-fi
the Web browser lets you surf the Web on your
phone, and view Web pages, like on a computer.
You can create a bookmark on your phone and sync
bookmarks with your computer. Directly from the main
screen to quickly access your favorite sites.
In the search box, enter the content you want to
find, click the Search icon, and click to go to the
relevant pages:
Touch the screen and the screen will display the
URL above, see below:
Click . to go to the previous page; Click to enter
next page; Click to view the pages you have open,
you can slide up and down, and select a page to
enter; clicking , you can view your bookmarks,
history, and saved web pages.
Clicking on the menu key on the main page, you can
refresh, close, save to bookmark, share web pages,
settings, etc.
3.18 Searching
On the main screen, tap . to see installed applications,
and then click . to enter the search interface:
Clicking on the menu key on the main page, you can
refresh, close, save to bookmark, share web pages,
check settings, etc.
Enter the content you want to search, then click the
Search key, select the type of search you want, such
as web pages, contacts, etc:
Click ... , to see the search results:
Click ... to install the selected application, in the
popup choose to accept, the phone automatically
starts to download the software, if you want to cancel
the download, click next to the download progress
In the Play Store screen, click the icon of your
chosen application, and you will enter the installation
After the download is complete, click Open, and you
can start to use your newly downloaded application:
In the Play Store homepage, click the menu key to
bring up the following menu:
Selecting "My apps", you can view your "Installed
applications" and "All Applications", you can also
reset accounts, notifications, auto-updating
applications, password etc.
For other Google services, such as: Gmail, Google,
Google Talk, you will need an active Google account
in order to properly use all features.
On the main screen, tap .to see installed applications,
and then click to enter the settings, you can adjust
the settings according to your need to personalise
your mobile phone.
4.1 SIM Management
Set the SIM card for voice calls, video calls,
messages, data connections and other settings.
4.2 WI-FI
Click WI-FI to enter the WI-FI interface, slide the
"Open" icon on the top right of the screen, your phone
will automatically search for wireless networks within
Click . to refresh the network list, if your phone finds
a wireless network, you can click on the wireless
network name, enter the password in the input area,
and then click "Connect", when the connection is
completed it will show "Connected”.
4.3 Bluetooth
Activate Bluetooth and the phone automatically
searches for nearby Bluetooth devices. You can click
on any found device you would like to pair with, after
pairing with another device you can begin to transfer
files, and other operations;
You can also click on the screen in the lower right
corner, and add a network:
4.4 Mobile Network
In this menu you can turn on or off the data
connection, enable 3G services, network operators
and other options:
4.5 Airplane Mode
When Airplane Mode is activated, it will disable all
wireless connections, call and message functions are
not available
4.6 Audio Profiles
The following modes can be set up on the phone:
Standard, Silent, Meeting, and Outdoor; You can also
click . on the lower left corner to add a new mode,
click . on the lower right corner to return to the default
capacity, free space, and you can choose the
preferred installation location and format the phone
4.9 Apps
You can view downloaded applications, phone
storage applications, running applications and all
applications. You can click on the menu key to reorder
these programs by size
4.7 Display
Open Display settings to personalise your phone.
You can set the screen brightness, scene, wallpaper,
themes and automatically rotate the screen, etc.
4.8 Storage
You can view the phone and SD card total storage
4.10 Security
You can set the screen security, SIM card lock, password,
device management, owner information and other
4.12 Backup and Reset
You can backup your data, automatically restore,
restore the factory settings and operations, choosing
to restore factory settings will delete all personal data
on your phone.
4.13 Date and Time
You can choose to automatically determine the date
and time, automatically determine the time zone, use
the 24-hour format, and select the date format and
other operations. You will need mobile network or wifi connection to use some of these settings:
4.11 Language and Input Method
You can choose your preferred language and input
method, you can also click for the input method for
the relevant settings:
4.14 Schedule Power On/Off
Set the time to automatically turn on or off the
4.15 Accessibility
You can set fast boot, auto-rotate screen, large
font, speak passwords and a range of functions for
your phone:
4.16 Developer Options
You can set desktop backup password, unlock the
screen, protect the SD card, read and write
protection, USB debugging and other applications.
4.17 About Phone
You can view the phone's current signal, power,
service status, the phone's software and hardware
Common Problems & Solutions
If an exception occurs while using your phone,
please refer to the following table to troubleshoot
The causes
The solutions
Using the
mobile phone
in poor
area, such
as nearby
The solutions
or noise
time is
buildings or
in a basement
where the
radio waves
with the
coverage of
the base
network of
your Network
Echo or noise
in the call
Standby time
is related to
the network
The battery
is not working
at all
The phone
will continue
to search for
coverage and
to find a base
station even
if there is no
Move to an area of
stronger network signal
Ask for the Network
Service Providers
service area map
Hang up and redial,
you may connect a
better line
Turn off the mobile phone
in the poor reception area.
Please replace the battery.
Please move to a strong
signal area or turn off the
You may have cancel the fixed dial
set up the
fixed dial
This will use a
lot of battery
causing the
standby time
to become
PIN error
to boot
The battery
power is
Check the battery power
and recharge it.
SIM card
SIM card is
Contact your network
service supplier.
SIM card not
Make sure SIM Card has
been installed properly.
SIM card
Use clean cloth to brush
metal surface the SIM card metal
is dirty
contact point
Unable to SIM card is
to the
Beyond the
GSM or 3G
service area.
The signal is
Contact your network
service provider
Ask your network service
supplier about the service
Please move to a stronger
signal area to retry
Unable to You may have cancel the call barring
set up the
call barring
contact your network
If you have
service provider.
input the
incorrect PIN
Code three
times you
may have
locked the
sim card
Unable to Battery or
need to replace with a new
battery or charger
Charge in
change the charging
lower than environment
10℃ or higher
than 55℃
Bad contact check whether the
charging plug is properly
Unable to Phonebook
delete some part of the
memory is
phonebook to create more
phonebook full
contact your network
Unable to Network
set up a
provider may provider.
not support
this feature