AirLive MW-2000S.cdr

AirLive MW-2000S.cdr
Wireless Security Gateway
s your office still not using wireless LAN because of the concern
for security? If it is, then your concern is legitimate. Since the
regular WLAN network must use the same encryption key, once
the encryption key is given, you are risking exposing your network
to outsider. What's even worse is that when you need to change
encryption key, you must change it on all the AP and notify all the
users. What you need is the MW-2000S. It takes care of all your
concerns and much more...
The MW-2000S is a complete wireless security solution that include 3 security servers in one box. Working
together with our WL-5460AP wireless Access Point, it provides an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful
solution for office wireless deployment. Its installation is extremely simple in 5 easy steps.
The MW-2000S can manage up to 12 x WL-5460AP 802.11g wireless access points. Comparing to
competitor's product that require using expensive dedicated AP, the WL-5460AP is a powerful multifunction AP
with 7-mode functions at amazing affordable price. The MW-2000S AP Management comes the following
powerful functions
Auto AP Discovery:
· Keep your AP in the factory default configuration, and connect it to the MW-2000S. Then press "Auto
Discover" and the MW-2000S will find all the APs for you
Auto IP Assignment::
· The MW-2000S will assign different IP to each AP automatically.
Template Configuration:
· You can define default configurations for the AP in a template file. So after AP is discovered by the
security gateway, you can assign the configuration template to each AP. You no longer have to configure
each AP independently.
· Up to 3 configuration templates can be defined.
Viewing AP Status::
· View the wireless and LAN status
· Disable or Enable each AP
Detail Configuration:
· Configure all the AP's function from the MW-2000S web interface
Uniform Firmware Upgrade:
· pload the AP's firmware to MW-2000S, then the MW-2000S will upgrade all your AP's firmware.
Keep Alive Status:
· Up to 40 IP addresses can be set in the Keep Alive status function. So when one network device is down,
the administrator would receive email about this.
Data encryption means to encode the data so that confidential information can not be stolen by intruder. Since
wireless data can be received by anyone with a wireless device, the data encryption is even more important.
The current solution require administrator to set wireless encryption key on the wireless device. The problem
with this implementation is that when the key is known to one user, the entire network security is in jeopardy.
The wireless VPN is the perfect solution to this problem. It is achieved in 5 easy steps.
· Each user will be give an different account with username and password.
· When user try to access the network, a windows will pop up to ask for the account information
· WMS Utility: The WH-9000MESH includes a WMS utility to let administrator manage and monitor all the
APs in the MESH network
· After user enter the correct password, the MW-2000S will download an ActiveX VPN client into the
user's PC
· The VPN key is automatically assigned, the end user does not need to do anything.
· After the account expired, the user will not be able to access the network anymore
The MW-2000S comes with full featured authentication functions. Therefore, you can manage each user's
access time and access right precisely:
Instant Account :
· In the office environment, this type of account is designed for visitors that uses your network on
temporarily basis. The administrator first defines account type base upon price, usage time limit, or
traffic limit. Up to 10 different account type can be defined. Then when a new account is needed,
administrator just select the account type to instantly generate a new account. A new account with
username and password is created. Up to 2000 on-demand account can be generated.
Permanent Account :
· For monthly subscriber or permanent PC in the office. The permanent account stay active until disabled.
Up to 500 users account can be created.
Web Trigger Authentication:
· When you open the web browser, the MW-2000S will pop up a windows asking you to enter username and
password. The pop-up windows can be customized to put your company's logo or art design.
Wall Garden:
· A list of website that unauthenticated users can access. It is a good way to promote your wireless service.
The MW-2000S also comes with 2 WAN ports that will be upgraded for auto backup and load balancing
features for the future firmware release. When it comes to enterprise wireless deployment solution, the MW2000S is your only choice. Don't risk exposing your network to security problems, buy the MW-2000S today.
* Currently, the MW-2000S only work with WL-5460APv2 e5 firmware. Please download the firmware from our
website if you do not have the correct firmware installed on WL-5460AP
** The ActiveX wireless VPN client only works on WIn2000 and WinXP.
*** In MW-2000S, the instant guest account can access the Internet only. For Intranet and VPN access,
please use regular accounts. You should put the wireless network in the Public ports and the wired network in
the public network.
Ack Panel
· Manage up to 12 WL-5460AP
· AP Management with auto discovery
· Wireless VPN
· Hotspot Authentication
· Dual WAN port
· Complete Solution to provide SMB Wireless
· 2000 Instant Account, 500 Permanent Accoun5s
· 125 Concurrent Users
· CPU: Intel IXP-425, 533Mhz
· Flash: 32 Megabytes
· DRAM: 128 Megabytes
· 1 x N-Type Antenna Connector for Bridge-Mode
· 2 WAN Port (10/100 Mbps)
· 1 Private LAN Port (10/100 Mbps)
· 4 Public LAN Port (10/100 Mbps)
· 1 Console/Accessory Port (RJ-11)
· 1 Reset Button
· 1 Power Connector
AP Managment
· Manage up to 12 WL-5460AP
· Auto AP Discovery
· Auto IP assignment
· Failure Notice by Email
· Configuration Templates
· Central Configurations
· AP Status viewing
· AP Disable/Enable
· Assign each wireless port as public
(authentication required) or private (no
· Centralized Firmware Upgrade
Wireless VPN
· Clientless Installation
· Auto Configuration
· No users configuration required
· Configuration Key is invisible to clients
· IPsec Secure VPN Tunnel Encryption works on
both wireless and wired connection.
Hotspot Authentication
· Guest Accounts can have different usage time or
· Normal Accounts are permanent accounts for
regular office PC and Servers
· Up to 2000 accounts can be created
· Web and Email Triggered login screen
· Customized Login and message screen
· Firewall and Policy to control precisely what
user can do
· Operation Mode
· Router or NAT
· WAN connection method
· Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE
· Dynamic DNS
· Supported
· Network Time Protocol (NTP)
· Sync built-in real-time-clock (RTC) with
multiple external NTP servers
· IP Plug and Play (IP PnP)
· Eliminate client IP reconfiguration
· DHCP modes
· Act as DHCP server or relay
· IP/ Port Destination Redirection
· 40 set of IP or Port address redirection
· SMTP Redirect
· Support 1 Simple Mail Transmit Protocol
· Start time,End time ,User ID, User MAC , User IP,
· Specific Route
· 6 sets of routing profiles with 10 rules each
· HTTP Proxy Server
· 10 sets
· DMZ Server Mapping
· 40 sets
· Virtual Server Mapping
· 40 sets
User Management
· 2000 Instant Account (10 account Type)
· 500 Local User Account
· User Policy
· 3 user policy (Firewall, routing profile,
bandwidth control, login schedule, Black
· 40 sets of MAC addresses which are
allowed to open login page
· Authentication Method
· POP3, POP3S, LDAP, RADIUS, Windows
Domain Server
· POP3 Server Authentication
· support SSL (POP3S
· LDAP Server Authentication
· Server IP, Port Number , Base DN
· Windows Domain Server Authentication
· Transparent login
· RADIUS Authentication
· RADIUS Attributes
Packets In,Bytes In, Packets Out, Bytes Out ,
User-Name, Calling-Station-Id, Framed-IPAddress, Acct-Terminate-Cause, Acct-InputOctets, Acct-Output-Octets, Acct-Input-Packets,
WISP Support
Multiple Login on single account
· Yes
Privilege IP/MAC
· 40 sets, no authentication required
Session idle timeout
· in minutes ; up to unlimited
Login notification email
· automatic POP3 email link to login page
Security Functions
· Firewall
· 3 sets of firewall profiles with 10 rules each
based on Protocol/ Port/Source MAC/Source
Port/DestinationPort/ SourceIP/DestinationIP/
network segment
· Walled Garden
· DoS Protection
Ping of Death; Null Scan; SYN/FIN
· User SSL web Login
· supported
· User Isolation Technology
· block communication between all downstream
· Secured Shell Host
· SSH Console login
· VPN pass-through
· IPSec and PPTP
Reporting / Monitoring
· Online User Monitoring
· Reporting Field: ID, IP, MAC, Packet In/Out,
Idle time, force logout
· Authentication Sever fail
· Error message with admin contact info
· WAN Fail detection
· Deny or open all access with error message
· Device monitoring
· Monitor up to 40 IP devices alive status
· User History Log
· Field: Start/End Time, ID, IP, MAC, Packet
In/Out, Idle time
· History log email
· Send out every 1~12 hr or stored up to 3
· External Accounting Servers
· RADIUS, Optional Micros-Fidelio Property
Management System (PMS)
· Billing Plans
· Up to 1 0
· Billing Method
· Time (hour) or Network Usage (MB)
· Credit Redemption
· customers add credit to account prior
· built-in real time clock
System Administration
· SNMP support
· SNMP V2c ready-only access
· SSH remote management
· Supported
Ordering Information
MW-2000S Wireless Security Gateway
· 128bit SSL web admin
· Supported
· Customized Login/logout page
· Image limited at 512K
· Remote firmware update
· Supported
· External Syslog Server
· Supported
· Console admin functions
· Reset / change admin password / debug
utilities / service status
· Firmware backup/restore
· Supported
· Remote firmware update
· Web UI
· Console Admin
· reset / change admin password / debug
utilities / service status
Physical Specification
· Dimensions 239 mm x 156 mm x 30 mm
· Operating Temperature : 0 C ~ 40 C
· Storage Temperature: 0 C ~ 60 C
· Operating Humidity 10~80% non-condensing
· Storage Humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing
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