MCset brochure

MCset brochure
Innovation at every level
Medium voltage switchgear
with withdrawable circuit breakers
MCset: the range of functional
The MCset range includes 13 functional units, based on
4 functions.
Busbar compartment
This section connects
the switchboard cubicles
via busbars.
Low voltage cabinet
This section includes:
b the Sepam protection and
control unit,
b the low voltage
b the thermal diagnosis
Choosing for tranquility
1 busbar
2 LV compartment
3 withdrawable part
4 current sensors
5 earthing switch
6 voltage transformers
7 MV connections
b line (LI-B, LF-B)
b transformer (TI-B,
b generator (GI-B)
Web enabled
Power & Control
Feeder (motor, capacitor)
1 busbar
2 LV compartment
3 withdrawable
b motor (MF-B, MF-C)
b capacitor (CB-B,
4 current sensors
5 earthing switch
6 voltage transformers
7 MV connections
Switchgear compartment
This section contains the
medium voltage protection
b vacuum or SF6 breaking
devices (circuit breakers,
b lever-type propulsion
mechanism for racking
b interlocks to anchor the
withdrawable part.
1 busbar
2 LV compartment
3 withdrawable part
4 current sensors
5 voltage transformers
b switchboard (BS-B)
b substation (SS-B)
1 busbar
2 LV compartment
3 earthing switch
4 voltage transformers
b switchboard (BB-V)
Cable compartment
This compartment, located
in the lower part of the
cubicle, includes:
b the earthing switch,
b the current sensors (LV
type CTs, magnetic or
non-magnetic transformers)
and voltage transformers.
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Metering and busbar earthing
MCset is an indoor switchgear assembly
that provides maximum user safety.
It is intended to meet all electrical
distribution needs from 1 to 24kV and
incorporates a set of innovative solutions
designed using proven techniques:
b high-performance breaking devices
( SF6 or Vacuum),
b digital protection and control
b a range of cubicles designed and
tested for internal arc resistance.
The answer to all your needs
Recognized reliability
Safety comes first
MCset: a universal solution
MCset: ISO 9001 certified quality
MCset: high-level protection of people
MCset is the result of experience acquired worldwide and provides you
with a high level of safety and reliability. It is particulary suitable for the MV
section of HV/MV substations and high power MV/MV substations. MCset
meets MV substation supply needs for all applications.
Each Schneider Electric site has a functional department whose main
mission is to check quality and ensure compliance with the standards.
This system gives you the guarantee of consistent quality, whatever the
manufacturing site, anywhere in the world.
The reliability achieved by the system is recognized by a large number of
customers and officially approved organizations.
MCset is designed to protect users through its resistance to faults due to
internal arcing.
MCset offers several options for switchboard layouts:
b 3-sided internal arc protection: installation of a switchboard against
a wall,
b 4-sided internal arc protection: installation of a switchboard requiring rear
access in the middle of a room.
MCset: outstanding references
With its strong reputation, MCset has become over time the switchgear
trusted by all those who supply the most delicate installations and need to
ensure uninterrupted service:
b oil industry
v Sincor (Total-Pdvsa), Venezuela
v Pertamina, Indonesia
v Exxon, Netherlands
b chemical industry
v Pequiven Jose, Venezuela
v Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium
b gas industry
v Technip, Turkey
v Bhp steele, Australia
b metallurgy
v Alba, Bahrain
v Sicartsa, Mexico
b mining
v Western mining, Australia
v Mersin Soda Sanayii, Turkey
b cement plants
v Bursa Cimento, Turkey
v Cruz azul, Venezuela
b water treatment
v Direction general de construccion
y obras hidraulicas, Mexico
v Sagep, France
b airports
v Brussels Int. Airport company, Belgium
b hospitals
v Cps, Saudi Arabia
b Internet data centers
v Global Switch, Australia
b marine
v Finaval/Marnavi-I, Italy
v P&O North Sea, United Kingdom
v Vietxopetro-VT, Vietnam
The strict, measured implementation of the system
has been acknowledged by an independant
the AFAQ (French Quality Assurance Association).
MCset’s quality system for design and
manufacturing is certified according to the
requirements of the ISO 9001: 2000 quality
assurance standards.
MCset: simple for everyone to use metal-clad enclosed
MCset: through, systematic testing
During manufacturing, each cubicle undergoes systematic routine testing
aimed at checking quality and conformity:
b testing of circuit breaker and contactor tightness,
b measurement of closing and opening speeds,
b measurement of operating torque,
b dielectric testing,
b testing of safety systems and interlocks,
b testing of low voltage components,
b conformity of drawing and diagrams.
The results are recorded and initialed by the quality control department
on the test certificate for each device.
MCset: main characteristics
rated voltage (kV)
insulation level
50 Hz/1 mn (kV rms)
1,2/50 µs (kV peak)
maximun nominal current and short-time withstand current(1)
functional unit with SF6 circuit breaker
Ith max (kA/3 s)
In max (A)
functional unit with SF6 contactor
Ith max (kA)
In max (A)
functional unit with vacuum circuit breaker
Ith max (kA)
In max (A)
functional unit with vacuum circuit
Ith max (kA)
In max (A)
Since the MCset range comprises, each section is isolated from the others
by earthed, metal partitions. This means that servicing can be carried out in
one of the compartments while the others are still energized.
The earthing switch has full making capacity and provides total user
protection in the event of closing on a dead short-circuit.
MCset: safety operation
The risks of operating errors are rigorously ruled out with MCset.
In fact, the range offers an unprecedented level of user protection against
risks that might otherwise occur during operation. To summarize, the MCset
design gives priority to 4 points:
b simple use,
b clear, reliable status information,
b safety interlocking,
b safety systems that prevent all unauthorized operations.
MCset: reduced maintenance
(1) For functional units equipped with circuit breakers or fuse-contactors, the breaking capacity
is equal to the short-time withstand current. In all cases, the devices’ making capacity is equal to
2.5 times the short-time withstand current.
Specially designed for MCset, an innovative thermal diagnosis system
continuously monitors the temperature rise, using optical fibres and
sensors installed at the heart of the sensitive areas:
b monitoring of temperature rise in busbars, cable connectors, switchgear,
b indication of the fault zone,
b 2 trip thresholds are available.
This system reduces the probability of failure and reduces maintenance
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