Voice mail
Dear User!
Thanks for purchasing Intelbras voice mail. This product was developed to assist you in your day to day message
service using all the latest feature of a messaging service.
For proper installation and configuration, we recommend that you carefully read all the instructions contained in this
We also value your comments to assist us in improving the content of this guide. Please feel free to contact us with
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Intelbras Voice Mail allows the PABX to divert unanswered calls to a system that records and store
the message, therefore replacing the answering machine.
- Personalised greeting messages ;
- New messages prompt ;
- External access to messages;
- Access with password.
Install your voice mail as close as possible to your PABX, avoiding the followings :
Place without ventillation, or with heat
source or vibrations.
Walls with intense light, behind doors or
below windows etc.
Next to electrical and electronic
equipments with source of interference.
Wall Mounting
Select the point to drill ( 1,45mtr
Drill the hole, inset bushing and screw. Finally
above floor, and min 40 cm to the
insert the voice mail into the screw head and
push downwards.
Align voice mail and mark
the point for the second
screw (hole2).
Remove voice mail and drill second hole.
Finally, insert the box into the upper screw, align it and then
put the second screw and fasten.
Installing the power supply
Check voltage selector before using the power supply (110/127 ou 220 Volts) as per your local electrical
Install the power supply next to your voice mail.
Drill the holes as per their positions in the power supply.
Install the power supply using screws and bushings.
The Wiring
Power supply
Connect power supply wire to CN12 (CN1 for version 2.0) of Voice
Mail, and then connect the power supply to electrical network
(110/127 or 220 Volts).
Voice communication/PABX
In the Voice Mail, connect the input
wires to RX e GND of connector CN10
(CN2 for version 2.0).
PABX 141 and 95 Digital connect the wires to output TXDB and
GNDA of PABX (connector CN5).
PABX 6000, 8000, Corp 16000 connect wires to output TXDB and
Voice mail channels must be connected to analog extensions!
GNDA of PABX (connector CN28). On the central Corp 6000,
connect the cables to TXDB and GNDA outlets of central
(connector CN13) and Corp 8000 (connector CN16).
PABX 141 Digital you must setup a wire to make the connection:
Connect channels 1 and 2 respectivally to 1st and 2nd physical position of
Example: if you set the physical position of PABX to 51+18+87 and 51+19+87,
channel 1 and 2 of voice mail should be connected to position 18 and 19.
Push the pin of CN10 (CN2 for version 2.0)
downwards, insert wires and release.
After setting up the wire (DB9), connect it to CN 4 of PABX.
Internal components
CN2 or CN3 (CN4 for version 2.0): Memory card.
CN12 (CN1 for version 2.0): power supply input.
LD6 (DL7 for version 2.0): communication through channel 1.
CN10 (CN2 for version 2.0):
LD7 (DL8 for version 2.0): communication through channel 2.
Serial port and audio channel.
LD10 (DL5 for version 2.0): + 5 Volts.
Technical specifications
2 channels and 2 hours of messages - using Smartmedia card for version 2.0, using internal memory.
Electrical protection
Built in power supply.
AC power supply
110/127 or 220 Volts, 50 or 60 Hz.
Maximum power
24 W.
200 x 185 x 45 mm..
1,2 Kg.
Voice mail power
Monthly power KWh
1 KWh
Operational temp
0° to 55°C
Starting the Voice Mail
Connect PABX and keep Voice Mail disconnected - leds 6 and 7 (leds 7 and 8 for version 2.0) remains ON;
Configure in PABX the physical position of the voice mail channels (see“numbering plan”);
Set the extensions to use the Voice Mail service, see“Access categoria to Voice Mail”;
Configure the users extensions to divert calls to voice mail, see “Types of call divertions to voice mail”);
Connect voice mail; after few seconds leds 6 and 7 (leds 7 and 8 for version 2.0) turns OFF and led 10 (led 5 for version
2.0) remains ON, indicting that the equipment is working properly.
When programming your voice mail, three types of beeps can be emitted
indicating three different situations :
(Continuous tone with short intervals)
Ready for programming.
(Slow tone with medium intervals)
Correct programming tone.
(Fast tones with short intervals)
Incorrect programming tone.
Numbering plan
You can associte the channels number with their physical positionin the PABX.
A programação das posições de Voice Mail é consecutiva, ou seja, o primeiro número de posição programado será sempre o canal 1 e o segundo
número será o canal 2, independentemente do número escolhido.
Lift the main extension’s handset;
enter in main programming mode;
A posição física 00 não pode
press 5 + 1;
physical position
receber Voice Mail.
Recomendamos também que a posição
set voice mail physical position;
física 01 não seja configurada como
posição de Voice Mail.
Posição física:
press 8 + 7;
00 a 95 (ramal 200 a 295)para a 126 Digital
00 a 47 (ramal 200 a 247)para a 80 Digital
Wait for correct programming prompt;
00 a 15 (extension 200 to 223) for Corp 6
00 a 23 (externsion 200 to 223) for Corp 8000
Hang up.
00 a 39 (ramal 200 a 239)para a 10040
00 a 63 (ramal 200 a 263)para a 16064 and Corp
Cancelling physical position
Lift the main extension’s handset;
enter in main programming mode;
press 5 + 1;
physical position
extension nº
enter position to be cancelled;
enter extension number to use physical position;
Wait for correct programming prompt;
Hang up.
Example: you connect voice mail channels to physical positions 18 and 19, in programming mode, press 51 + 18 + 87 e 51 + 19 + 87. To
cancel, press 51 + 18 or 19 + extension number to use the position.
Access category to Voice Mail
Define the extensions to use the voice mail service.
Lift the main extension’s handset;
enter in main programming mode;
main passwordl
press 3 + 7 + 9;
4 Extension cannot program call
extension nº
divertion to voice mail .
select category;
enter extension number to use the voice mail;
Wait for correct programming prompt;
5 Extension can program call divert to
voice mail .
Atering the extension category
will delete all greetings
messages and password.
Hang up.
Types of call divert
At least two types of call divert must be programmed : Divert if nusy and/or Divert if no answer.
Extension busy
Lift the main extension’s handset;
press 1 + 4 + 4;
press 8 + 7;
Wait for correct programming prompt;
Hang up.
to cancel
Extension not answering
Lift the main extension’s handset;
press 1 + 4 + 5;
nº of rings
(3 to 7)
define number of rings before diverting call;
press 8 + 7;
Wait for correct programming prompt;
Hang up.
to cancel
Call Divert Situations
Extension status
Busy extension
Situations : PABX “diverts” a call to Voice Mail
* Echained intercom to busy extension;
* Intercom to busy extension;
* Incoming call attended automatically and diverted to busy extension;
* Incoming call transfer to busy extension.
Free extension
* Incoming call attended automatically and diverted to free extension;
* Call transferred to free extension;
* Intercom to free extension.
Extension status
Situations : PABX “does not divert” acall to Voice Mail
* Emergency call;
Busy Extension
* Busy extension is operator;
* Divert if not answer from from extension to busy extension;
* Overflow call from queue to busy extension;
* Busy extension in boss-secretary group;
* Follow-me from extension set as boss-secretary;
* Intercom to busy group;
* Call transferred to group with all extensions busy;
* Intercom inquiry to busy extension.
Free extension
* Call transfer to free group;
* Call overflow from queue to free extension;
* Free extension is doorphone attendant;
* Emergency call to free extension;
Password for Voice Mail
You can set or alter the access password to your voice mail, meaning that you can either use a private password or the
default factory password.
cannot be used to make a
Lift handset (with the password );
Access Voice Mail;
prompt message : “Alter mail box options”;
prompt message : “Alter password”, followed by“After signal enter new
password with 4 digits” ( except # and *);
message prompt “enter password again”;
Wait for correct programming prompt;
Senha padrão de fábrica: 1234
Cancelling access password
Lift the main extension’s handset;
enter in main programming mode;
main passwordl
press 6 + 8;
extension nº
to which belong the password (the extension will then use the
default password: 1234);
Wait for correct programming prompt;
Hang up.
New Messages prompt
There are three forms to prompt for new messages : call an external number; Leds of key system flashing, differenciated dial tone.
Lift handset;
Default setting: from extension.
access Voice Mail;
message prompt : “Alter mail box options”;
message prompt : “Alter forms of new messages prompt”;
Messages prompt options:
Menu option
3 through key system.
select option;
4 call external number.
Hang up.
chosing option 4, the voice mail calls an external number everytime a new message is stored.
In the key systems,the key indicating new messages can be used to access the voice mail, (for TI 630i this key must be programmed - see the user
Defining external number
Lift handset;
Se ainda não foi programada uma
acesse Voice mail;
senha específica para o ramal, você
+ senha acesso
poderá utilizar a senha original de
message prompt : (“Alter mail box options”)
message prompt : “Alter forms of new messages prompt”
messages prompt: “to access programmed number, press 3, to
alter number, 4, to exit menu, 0”;
press 4, to play “enter phone number to receive message prompt;
+ external number
Wait for correct programming prompt;
Hang up.
fábrica: 1234
Reset ting the Voice Mail
Resetting the voice mail deletes all messages and the password returns to default factory.
Lift the main extension’s handset;
main password
Wait for correct programming prompt;
Hang up.
Using the voice mail
Communication between the user and voice mail service is done through the menus, that allow navigation between various options.
Your extension must have access
category to voice mail.
message time must exceed 2 seconds to be recorded. Maximum
time for each message is 1 minute.
If no key is pressed after receiving the message. The user is
disconnected from the voice mail.
Calling the voice mail
Lift handset;
dedicated key
of KS
if no password is programmed,
you can use the default
you password.
password, 1234; to program the
choose the options from the menu,
“Programming or altering the
exclusive password, see
access password to voice mail”.
The key systems TI 530, TI 3130 Digital, can access the voice mail a dedicated pannel key. The Ti 630 requires programming a key to access
voice mail
Playing messages
From your extension
Lift handset;
access your Voice mail ;
senha acesso
prompt message: “play messages”;
Em seguida será apresentado o
conteúdo da primeira mensagem,
seguido do menu de opções.
From another extension with access category
Lift handset;
prompt message : “Welcom to the voice mail. enter password”;
press * (to indicate you are accessing from a different extension);
extension nº
access password
em seguida serão apresentadas suas
enter your extension number;
mensagens em seqüência, além do
menu de opções.
note your password number.
From Extension without access category
Lift handset;
extension nº
your extension number;
senha acesso
your password.
From outside
external nº
Lift handset and call the number where the voice mail is
After the auto-attendant, press 87, or wait for operator to
be transferred to voice mail;
extension nº
at the prompt “enter mail box number”, enter your extension
access password
note your password number;
press 4 (“to play messages”).
Calling from outside without auto-attendant
The PABX to which the voice mail is connected must have an E1 link with DID service.
Lift handset and call the DID number ;
external nº
wait for number of rings to be diverted to voice mail;
after message prompt, press #, to indicate that this is an
external call;
password access
enter your password number;
Recording Personal Greetings
The voice mail comes with a default
greeting message
Lift handset;
access the voice;
access password
message prompt : “Alter mail box options”;
message prompt : “Record new greeting message”. The previous
message is deleted;
Record your
personal message
after the message prompt “After the beep record your message ending
silently”, record your message(max 30 seconds);
if the message is short, press the key
nute until the beep indicating that the
recording time is over or hung up.
after the 30 second time you receive a beep of message end;
The mail box menu is again prompted.
to play recorded message press,
Attending an external message prompt
If the voice mail is programmed to forward calls to an external number, you receive a voice mail call, using a secured mode through the password .
When answering the voice mail call, the following message is played
“automatic message service, to access press 0”;
access password
enter your private password;
press 4, to play : “Play messages”.
if no key is pressed after the message, the caller is disconnected from voice mail.
The voice mail will only call again when a new message is recorded.
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