Corporate communication with efficiency on your side
• 33,600bps Modem
• Up to 250 Sheets paper capacity
• Optional extra paper cassette
(Total capacity 500 sheets)
• Up to 30 sheet automatic
document feeder
• 232 Speed dials
33.6kbps Super
G3 Modem
200 Speed Dials
32 One-Touch
8MB MemoryExpandable with
Optional 16/32MB DIMM
Corporate communication with
efficiency on your side
The FAX-8360P combines a range of high quality fax and copy functions with efficient
innovations in technology to give you a superior communications solution for your
corporate office.
Fast, Quality Fax Transmission
Superior Copying Performance
The machines 33.6kbps Super G3 modem can
transmit faxes in as little as 2 secs*, improving office
efficiency and reducing transmission costs.
The machine has 64 levels of grey available for faxing.
Add to this the Super Fine function which enables
high quality transmission of very small print or line
drawings, the FAX-8360P is everything you would
expect from Brother
Not only does the FAX-8360P offer superior fax
functions for your corporate office environment, it also
has a range of useful copying functions that will prove
The FAX-8360P offers a copying speed of up to 11
copies per minute. It also enables you to make up to
99 copies of each page loaded into the automatic
document feeder. The machine also offers the useful
function of being able to compress 2 or 4 pages onto
a single sheet and reduce or increase the size of a
single document from 50% to 200% in 1%
Speed Dialling
Fax numbers of key contacts, clients and suppliers
can be programmed into the machine’s expansive
memory using the available 32 One-touch Dial Keys
and 200 Speed Dial Locations, enabling fast access to
regularly used numbers.
Expandability to Suit Your Needs
Secure Use
Paper Capacity
Any unauthorised use or access to the FAX-8360P’s
faxing, copying and programming functions is halted
by the inclusion of a user-defined PIN number, with
incoming faxes stored in the memory and only printed
when the secure mode is deactivated.
The FAX-8360P offers up to 250 sheet paper capacity
as standard, this can also be increased up to 500
sheets with an optional extra paper cassette, for long
lasting paper supply in high reception environments.
Convenient Document Handling
For added ease and convenience when sending
longer outgoing documents, the FAX-8360P allows
you to send a document up to 30 pages in length.
Efficient Multi-tasking
For the ultimate in office efficiency, the FAX-8360P
allows documents to be loaded into the machines
memory whilst other faxes are sent or received, with
those stored documents being sent as soon as the
line becomes free.
The FAX-8360P has a standard 8MB memory
capacity, allowing up to 4 days memory back-up as
well as up to 500 page receive or transmit memory**
This can be expanded with optional 16 or 32MB
Dimm cards, increasing performance even further.
*Based upon Brother Test chart No 1 (JBIG)
** Based upon ITU-T Test Chart # 1 with JBIG coding and
standard resolution.
Technical Specification
Input / Output Width
ADF ( Auto Document Feed )
Paper Capacity
Additional paper capacity
Cassette control function
Output Paper Capacity
LCD Display Size
On-Screen Programming
Backup for clock
Total Memory Capacity
Memory Backup
ECM ( Error Correction Mode )
Up to 216 mm
Up to 30 sheets
Up to 250 sheets
Up to 250 sheets with optional paper tray (LT400)
This enables the user to dedicate the lower tray to a particular
function, e.g. Incoming faxes only
150 sheets
2 lines of 16 characters
Step by step prompts are displayed within the LCD in order
to facilitate programming machine options and settings
Up to 9 hrs
8 MB (RAM)
(Increase up to 40MB using 16 or 32MB DIMM)
Up to 4 days
Modem Speed (bps)
Transmission Speed Approx
ITU-T group compatibility
Data Compression
2 seconds (Brother #1 Chart, JBIG)
Super G3
Automatic Redial
Automatic redialling if the recipient fax is busy
One-Touch Dial Keys
32 locations
Speed dials
200 Speed Dial locations
Group Dial
Memory Security
Up to 6 groups
Allows prevention of unauthorised access to the Fax machine
Telephone Index
An electronic, alphabetical listing of stored one-touch, speed dial
and group numbers
Distinctive Ring Detection
A service purchased from the Telephone Company that allows two
or more telephone numbers to share a single fixed line,
the function enables the machine to provide a different ring pattern
for each number
FAX/TEL Switch
Automatic recognition of fax and telephone reception
Super Fine
Enables quality transmission of very small print and line drawings
Grey Scale
64 levels
Auto / light / dark
Enhanced Remote Activate
Transfer a fax call, answered at an extension phone, to the fax
Delayed Timer
Up to 50 fax numbers
Polling Type
Standard and Secure
Reduce scanning times by scanning a fax into memory before
sending. Approx. 2 secs per page A4 standard
Page Memory
Up to 500 Pages (JBIG / Standard Resolution)**
Send the same fax message to up to 282 separate locations,
manual 50 locations
Stores documents for the same location in the machine
for transmission in a single call
When receiving a single page document between 297mm and
350mm long the fax machine will automatically reduce the
message to fit onto a single A4 sheet
Batch Transmission Memory
Auto Reduction
Toner & Drum
Dual Access
Fax Forwarding
Remote Access
Fax Retrieval
Where machines share the ECM feature, they detect errors
during fax transmission and resend the page(s) of the
documentthat had an error
Allows the user to perform 2 different operations on the machine
at the same time
Sends a fax received in memory to another pre-programmed
fax number
Allows the user to remotely access their machine by using
another touch tone phone
Allows the user to retrieve fax messages using another touch
tone machine
Up to 11 copies per minute
Warm up time from ready/Sleep Mode It takes approximately 17 seconds for a first copy to be delivered
from ready mode and 25 seconds from Sleep mode
Up to 600 x 300 dpi
Multi-Copying / Stack / Sort
Makes up to 99 copies of each page loaded in the ADF, Stacks
or Sorts
2 in 1 / 4 in 1
Allows the user to compress 2 or 4 pages into 1 single page
Enlargement/Reduction Ratio
Reduce or Increase document sizes from 50% to 200% in 1%
List / Report
Journal Report
Transmission Verification Report
Help List
System Set-up List
Order form
Lists information about the last 200 incoming and outgoing
Reports transmission details after each fax is sent
Generates a cover page at the recipients machine
By pressing the Reports key a list of basic operational steps and
functions can be printed
A printed report that shows the current setting of your machine
An order form will be printed when you press the Reports key,
select ‘order form’ and press the start key
External TAD Interface
Interface for connecting external telephone answering devices
Weights and Measures
Power Consumption
377mm width x 442mm depth x 323mm high
12 Kg
Sleep: 10 W or less
Stand-by: 70 W or less
Peak: 940 W or less
Consumables / Optional Accessories
Standard Toner
High Yield Toner
Lower Paper Tray
Memory Upgrades
TN6300 (Aprox 3,000 pages with 5% coverage)
TN6600 (Aprox 6,000 pages with 5% coverage)
DR6000 (Up to 20,000 pages)
LT400 (Holds up to 250 sheets)
16MB & 32MB Dimm cards
**Based Upon ITU-T Test Chart #1 with JBIG coding and standard resolution.
Brother UK Ltd,
Audenshaw, Manchester M34 5JD
Tel:+ 44 (0)8444 999 4444 Fax:+ 44 (0)870 830 4031
Website: www.brother.co.uk
Your calls to us may be monitored or recorded for training purposes.
Specification correct at time of going to print. Brother is a registered trademark of Brother Industries Ltd.
Brand product names are registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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