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10 tips
KEEPing your home cool this summer
Stay cool this summer, reduce your energy use, and
save on utility bills. There are many simple, inexpensive or free things you can do around the house that
will help you beat the heat. Here are a few.
Close doors to unused parts of the home and
close A/C vents to those area, too.
Install a programmable thermostat on your
central A/C. Then raise the temperature in
occupied rooms a few degrees more than your
usual. Most people cool to 72˚F, or so. Set it to
78˚F for optimal savings, or find your comfort
point somewhere in between.
Keep the heat out during the day with shades
or awnings, especially on the south side of the
house. Open the windows in the evening and
use fans to draw in cooler night air.
Seal cracks around windows and doors,
eliminate air leaks around window air
conditioners. Insulate wherever possible.
Use natural ventilation whenever practical.
Install ceiling fans or a whole house fan to
make the most of it.
Turn off appliances, computers, TV’s etc., when
not in use. Flat-screen TV’s and many other
devices continue to use electricity when “off.”
Plug them into power strips and turn the power
strip to make sure “off” really means “off.”
Replace conventional light bulbs with compact
fluourecent lights or LED lighting. CFL’s and LED’s
use far less energy and generate little heat.
Use less hot water. Take shorter showers (not
baths). Use warm or cool water to do laundry.
Insulate your water heater and piping.
Create shade for the future. Plant shade trees on the south and east sides of the house.
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