DS7400Xi Series Addressable Control Panels

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DS7400Xi Series Addressable Control
The DS7400Xi Series Addressable Control Panels can
be programmed for up to eight areas, are keypad or
remotely programmable, and have a wide range of
Answering Machine Override
Each control panel model has a built-in answering
machine override function. No external hardware is
Automatic Arming and Delayed Arming
Program an automatic arming time for each area daily.
Use delayed arming to override automatic arm time or
to specify a time for the panel to arm.
Common Area Arming
Program one area to follow the arming state of some
or all of the other areas. The common area arms only
when all areas linked to it are armed, protecting
shared areas such as foyers and entry-ways while
maintaining separate areas.
Up to 248 zones in up to eight areas
400-event history buffer
Up to 200 personal ID numbers (PINs)
Up to 112 wireless devices
Up to 15 keypads and/or door access control
modules (DACMs)
Custom Arming Configurations
Program the system to arm in different configurations
to automatically bypass a group of zones.
Easy Function Key User Interface
• Six labeled function keys eliminate the need for multibutton commands. Enter a PIN followed by the
function key to perform functions such as arming,
disarming, and resetting smoke detectors.
• The interface provides new users with easy to follow
procedures. Expert users can quickly access items.
• A programmable Quick Arm feature allows users to
turn the system on without a PIN. The system
requires a PIN to turn off the system, silence alarms,
or perform system tests.
EEPROM Technology
The control panel uses electronically erasable
programmable read-only memory (EEPROM). The
EEPROM retains program memory, system
programming, user codes, and the arm/disarm state
through a power failure. There is a delay on power
restore that prevents false alarms from space sensors
that might take several minutes to become
2 | DS7400Xi Series Addressable Control Panels
Eight Areas
Divide the control panel into eight separate system
areas, each area with its own keypads and reporting
ID. Keypads can be programmed as master keypads,
allowing access to all areas.
Flexible Digital Communication
The communicator works with most alarm receivers,
and supports 3/1, 4/1, 4/2, Contact ID, SIA, BFSK
digital communicator formats and pager format. The
pager format allows the control to dial a digital pager
service and leave a numeric message representing the
account number and event code.
Input and Output Cross Matrix
Input and output cross matrix allows output functions
to follow the status of specific input zones. Outputs
can be programmed to follow any combination of one
or two zones, open or closed, with the system armed
or disarmed.
computer to run diagnostics, arm systems, and
bypass zones reduces service visits to a premise and
provides quick customer assistance.
Smoke Detector Alarm Verification
The DS7400Xi Series Control Panels can automatically
reset the smoke detectors following an alarm. If a
second alarm occurs within the verification window,
an immediate fire alarm occurs, reducing potential
false alarms while providing fast response to an alarm.
Two Independent Entry Delays
Program zones to select from one of the two entry
delay times. Users can select a longer entry delay time
for zones located a long distance from the keypad.
Certifications and approvals
2004/108/EC EMC Directive (EMC);
2006/95/EC Low-Voltage Directive
(LVD) [DS7400XU16 panel family]
B-509-0003/c (DS7400XI16‑SWE only)
DS7400Xi-CHI: 2009031902000556
LED and Alphanumeric Keypad Support
• DS7445V2 LED Keypad: Provides an LED per zone
(LEDs 1-8 for main board zones and LEDs 9-16 for
expansion zones), and eight system status LEDs that
show conditions such as armed, fire alarm, and
• DS7445i LED Keypad: Provides an LED per zone (for
main board zones 1-8 only), and eight system status
LEDs that show conditions such as armed, fire alarm,
and trouble.
• DS7447V2 Alphanumeric Keypad: Two line, freely
programmable display allows 16 characters of custom
text to be programmed for zone and area
descriptions. The user can adjust the sounder volume
and backlight intensity using easy two-button
commands. The DS7447V2 is required for system
Note: LED and LCD keypads may be mixed in the same
Octal Relay Modules
The DS7400Xi Series Control Panels support up to two
DX3010 Octo-Output Expander Modules. Each module
supplies eight relay or solid state outputs to follow
system events or to follow programmed Output
Functions from the control panel.
Output Functions
Program the output functions to follow system events
or to follow one or two specific zones in a cross matrix
(see Input and Output Cross Matrix). Output functions
can control octal relay outputs or addressable bus
Programmable from Keypad or Remotely
• The system is completely keypad programmable. No
need for expensive handheld programmers.
• RPS-INTL provides remotely programming through an
IBM PC (or IBM compatible) running a Microsoft
Windows operating system and communicating
through a standard Hayes modem. Using an off-site
Installation/configuration notes
Compatible Products
DS7445Vi LED Keypad
DS7445V2 LED Keypad
DS7447E LCD Keypad
DS7447V2 LCD Keypad
Conettix IP C900V2 Dialer Capture Module
C900TTL-E Dialer Capture Module
Conettix IP DX4020 Network Interface Module
Door Access Control Module (DACM)
DS7420i Dual Phone Line/Bell Supervision
DS7430 Multiplex Bus Driver Module
DS7432/E Eight-Input Remote Module
DS7433/E Eight-Input Direct Module
DS7436 Addressable Expansion Module
DS7457i/iF Single-Zone Input Module
DS7457iE Single-Zone Input Module
DS7460i Double-Input Module
DS7461i Single-Input Module
DS7465i Input/Output Module
DS7480 Bell Supervision Module
3 | DS7400Xi Series Addressable Control Panels
DS7481 Single Phone Line Monitor
Maximum Short Circuit Current:
22 mA
DS7489 Solid State Output Module
Maximum Circuit Resistance:
60 Ω
DX3010 Octo-output Expander
Circuit Voltage Range:
8.5 VDC to 14.1 VDC
DX4010i RS-232 Serial Interface Module
Maximum Impedance for Alarm:
1000 Ω
D7050/TH Multiplex Photoelectric Smoke
Maximum Detectors per Zone:
20 detectors (two-wire)
Total Detector Standby Current:
2.5 mA
MX250/TH Multiplex Photoelectric Smoke
MX775i Multiplex PIR Intrusion Detector
MX794i Long-Range Multiplex PIR Detector
MOVs and spark gaps provide suppression of lightning surges and static
MX934i Multiplex PIR Intrusion Detector
MX938i Multiplex Intrusion Ceiling Mount Detector
All conventional Bosch intrusion detectors,
including Blue Line, seismic, PIR, TriTech,
photoelectric, and TriTech PIR Microwave.
Two-wire and
Four-wire Smoke
Conventional Bosch 12 V smoke, heat, and
photoelectric smoke detectors.
Lightning Suppression
The system provides three programmable outputs that can be controlled
by alarms, access control, ground start, smoke detector reset, or the
control’s arming state.
Alarm Output:
Normally Open, 1.75 A contact
connected to auxiliary power.
Programmable Output 1:
Solid state current sink (1 A
maximum). Can be used for alarm,
arming state, or access control.
Programmable Output 2:
Solid state voltage source (500 mA
maximum). Can be used for alarm,
arming state, or access control.
Availability varies according to sales regions.
Use four-conductor 1.2 mm to 0.8 mm (18 AWG to
22 AWG) cable. The maximum wire length of each
sensor loop is 305 m (1000 ft). The maximum
multiplex bus wire length per system is 610 m
(2000 ft) if using 0.8 mm (22 AWG) wire or 1525 m
(5000 ft) if using 1.0 mm (18 AWG) wire.
No more than two keypads per 305 m (1000 ft) run
with a total of no more than 15 keypads in the system.
Technical specifications
Burglar and Fire Zone Inputs
Number of Circuits:
8 circuits on board
End of Line Resistor:
2.2 + 1.5 kΩ
Environmental Considerations
Operating Temperature:
0°C to +49°C
(+32°F to +120°F)
Fire Signal Initiating Circuit
Power Requirements
18 VAC, 50 VA, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Total Power Output:
12 VDC, 2.5 A
Keypad Regulated Power:
12 VDC, 1.0 A
UL Listed Auxiliary Power:
12 VDC, 1.0 A
UL Listed Alarm Power Output:
1.75 A
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Fire circuits will work with two-wire or four-wire detectors and have
optional alarm verification.
IBM is a registered trademark of IBM in the United States.
Number of Circuits:
8 circuits on board, expandable
to 16
Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks
of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Type of Circuit:
Class B, latching
Ordering information
End of Line Resistor:
2.21 kΩ
DS7400XI-EXP Control Panel
Supervisory Current:
5 mA
Minimum Current for Alarm:
12 mA
For export. Includes a transformer and enclosure.
Order number DS7400XI-EXP
4 | DS7400Xi Series Addressable Control Panels
DS7400XI-BEL Control Panel
AE3 Large Enclosure (Gray)
For use in Belgium. Includes a large enclosure. Always
has 128 points enabled.
Large gray enclosure with keyed lock. Measures
52.7 cm x 38.1 cm x 10.8 cm (20.7 in. x 15 in. x
4.25 in.).
Order number DS7400XI-BEL
DS7400XI-CHI Control Panel
For use in China. Includes an enclosure.
Order number DS7400XI-CHI
DS7400XI-DK Control Panel
For use in Denmark.
Order number DS7400XI-DK
DS7400XI-GR Control Panel
For use in Greece. Includes an enclosure.
Order number DS7400XI-GR
DS7400XI-FI Control Panel
For use in Finland.
Order number DS7400XI-FI
DS7400XI-FRA Control Panel
For use in France.
Order number DS7400XI-FRA
DS7400XI-HU Control Panel
For use in Hungary. Includes an enclosure.
Order number DS7400XI-HU
DS7400XI‑ITA Control Panel
For use in Italy.
Order number DS7400XI-ITA
DS7400XI‑NOR Control Panel
For use in Norway. Includes an enclosure.
Order number DS7400XI-NOR
DS7400XI‑SPA Control Panel
For use in Spain.
Order number DS7400XI-SPA
DS7400XI‑SWE Control Panel
For use in Sweden. Includes an enclosure.
Order number DS7400XI-SWE
DS7400XI16‑BEL Control Panel
Provides 16 zones. For use in Belgium.
Order number DS7400XI16-BEL
DS7400XI16‑SWE Control Panel
Provides 16 zones. For use in Sweden.
Order number DS7400XI16-SWE
DS7400Xi Control Panel for the US
Order number DS7400Xi
AE1 Standard Enclosure (Gray)
Standard gray enclosure with keyed lock. Measures
35.6 cm x 31.8 cm x 7.6 cm (14 in x 12.5 in x 3 in).
Order number AE1
Order number AE3
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