Graphic Touchscreen redefines elegance in features and

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Graphic Touchscreen
redefines elegance
in features and
Integrated Proximity Reader
Network Connected Panel Display
Introducing a touchscreen keypad that will
fit nicely into any residential or commercial
• Brand with your dealer logo, contact information, and social media icons
• Weather forecast
• Responsive resistive touchscreen
• Manage schedules on the XR Series
• Manage user codes
• Add and remove Z-Wave® devices
• Wireless option available (9862) with or without desktand (699).
Graphic Touchscreen Keypads
System Features
• Simple harness connection to 4-wire keypad bus
• Slim profile in stylish gloss black or white finish
• Unique silence feature allows the user to silence alarm bells
• 5 inch, full-color display
and still keep the system armed
• Easy-to-use icon menus
• Control Z-Wave Devices via the 738Z module on the XT™ and
• Interactive shield for quick arming status
XR150 | XR350 | XR550 Series Panels
• Wiegand input (7873)
English and Spanish
• Keypad turns Red in alarm conditions
7872/7873 Features
• AC power and Armed LED
• Suitable for access, burglary, and household fire applications • Supports 4 zones
• Connect devices directly to keypad zones
• Distinct fire, burglary, zone monitor, and prewarn tones
• Displays time of day, armed zones, and armed areas
• View system events/user activity through keypad display
• Supports “Is this a false alarm?” and Cancel/Verify™ features
• Built-in diagnostics for ease of service
Intrusion | Fire | Access | Network | Cellular
End users can easily set screen brightness,
tone (frequency) and volume of keypad
touches. After tapping the desired function,
they can tap the bar graph to increase or
decrease each of the settings, for tone,
volume and brightness.
The end user can choose to have an audio
confirmation tone each time a screen touch
Insert a standard micro SD card in the
keypad slot to transfer your dealer logo
and dealer profile information to display on
the keypad. When pressed, it provides your
dealer contact information.
During an alarm state, the shield on main
screen turns Red. The change in color allows
the user to instantly recognize an alarm
condition, even if the siren has silenced. The
shield remains red until reset by the user. shield DISPLAY
Basic arming and disarming has never
been easier with the interactive shield icon
displayed in the center of the keypad. The
shield icon has three main functions. It
shows the arming status of the system at
a glance. The shield's animated border will
be a solid blue when armed and the interior
will display the type of arming: all, perimeter,
home, sleep or away. Area mode also
supported. When disarmed the area will be
transparent with the exception of an outline
of the shield. The shield allows for quick
arming, so the user can press and hold the
shield down for 2 seconds and the system
quick arms Away and begins the exit delay.
The shield also provides a link to standard
arming and disarming options.
When the panel is programmed in Home/
Sleep/Away, the user will first tap on the
interactive shield to display arming options.
When arming, the exit timer provides a
countdown for the programmed amount of
time the user has to exit. The timer provides
both a visual and audible notification to exit.
LED indicators (Blue and Red) indicate power
and armed/disarmed status, including
condition of the battery.
Red Graphics screen during alarm
Carousel Menu
The carousel menu on the main screen
offers common functions such as panic,
chime, check-in, user menu, fire reset,
options, and easy exit™. Panic keys are part
of the carousel menu, once pressed, three
icons will appear for PANIC, EMERGENCY,
and FIRE. Easy Exit is only available while
the system is armed. Traditional DMP
shortcut keys will also work in the keypad
Attention list
After disarming, if an alarm on any zone
or communication problem has occured
while armed, the Main Screen may display
a yellow attention list icon at the top of the
screen. When touched, the attention list
displays listing the zone and event.
weather information
Up-to-date weather information for today
and tomorrow will be displayed on the
bottom left of touchscreens that are installed
with Cell or Network connected panels.
Network connected panels will also display
the current temperature. If the panel
is not capable or supporting weather,
the space will be blank. Eight icons are
available to indicate the weather: SUNNY,
When programmed for supervised operation,
the keypad occupies its own unique device
address on the keypad data bus.
Unsupervised operation allows you to
install an unlimited number of keypads
set to the same device address. Increasing
the number of keypads allows maximum
system operating flexibility.
In a Home/Sleep/Away or All/Perimeter
system, you can CANCEL a burglary alarm
or VERIFY that a valid burglar alarm has
occurred or similarly answer whether it
is a false alarm with YES or NO. Selecting
VERIFY or YES manually verifies that
an alarm occurred and sends an alarm
verification message to the central station.
Universal Programming
The 7800/9800 can be used for system
installation and programming.
Four Expansion Zones
Zone expansion is available right on the
keypad where you need it the most. The
four expansion zones on the 7872 and 7873
models are fully programmable Class B
protection zones that can be used for a
variety of residential fire, burglary, and
access control applications.
The built-in proximity device reader operates
with a variety of credentials, including cards,
fobs and the DMP Prox Patch, a small,
adhesive “button” that users can attach
to a wallet, phone or other item that they
usually carry with them. A confirmation tone
signals that the credential was recognized
and accepted.
z-Wave™ Support
Add up to 232 Z-Wave devices with the 738Z
module on the XT and XR150 | XR350 | XR550
Series Panels. Control your lights, locks, and
thermostats all from the Carousel menu on
the Graphic Touchscreen Keypad. Create
Favorites to program multiple devices to
respond to a single command or panel event
like arming and disarming.
power meters with z-wave
smart switches
Z-Wave devices that are plugged into Smart
Switches can be connected to the panel to
provide a meter reading on the keypad. Both
instantaneous and accumulative readings
are provided.
Zone Device Choices
Connect PIRs, door and window contacts,
residential pull stations, sprinkler tamper
switches, and silent panic buttons. Plan the
installation to afford the best coverage while
eliminating potential problems associated
with multiple wire runs.
Z-Wave Lights Screen
Zone Type Selection
Keypad zones can be programmed using
the zone types available on the panel. Select
supervised, unsupervised, night, fire, panic,
exit, and emergency operation depending on
the user requirements.
7872/7873 Momentary Bypass
To p r o v i d e a n e n t r y a n d e x i t
window on systems with 24-hour
perimeter protection, DMP offers the
Bypass feature. Bypass allows the user
enough time to enter or exit the area. If the
door remains open when the timer expires,
a zone open/short is sent to the panel for
the keypad Zone 2.
7800/9800 Main Graphic Screen
Main screen carousel menu:
Interactive Dealer Logo
Animated Weather
Cellular Connected
Panel Display
Arming: Tapping the shield provides the
user an options screen.
Arming: Press the shield for 2 seconds and the
system quick arms and starts the exit timer, giving
the user plenty of time to leave.
1. Panic
2. Chime
3. Reset
4. Favorites
5. Check-In
6. Easy Exit
7. Options
8. Keypad
9. Thermostats
10. Locks
11. Lights
12. User Codes
13. Schedules
14. Events
Disarming: Press the shield for 2
seconds and the keypad screen pops
up to enter code to disarm.
Enter code: User opens entry door,
keypad screen pops up to enter code
to disarm.
Intrusion | Fire | Access | Network | Cellular
Graphic Touchscreen Keypad
Keypad Model Features
Red in Alarm
Internal Prox Reader
GrAPHIC Keypad Ordering Information
Two wired versions and one wireless version of the graphic
touchscreen keypad are available in black or white.
695-7800-B In-Wall Backbox (Black)
9862 XT & XR Series™ Panels
XT, XTL & XR Series™ Panels
Current Draw
7872 Standby
7873 Standby
9862 Standby
145mA + 1.6mA per active zone
215mA + 2mA per active zone
143mA + 1.6mA per active zone
222mA + 2mA per active zone
120mA + 1.6mA per active zone
206mA + 2mA per active zone
• 7872-B
• 7873-B
• 9862-B
Black Gloss Finish
• 7872-W
• 7873-W
• 9862-W
• 9862-W/699
(with desktand)
White Gloss Finish
Listings and Approvals
California State Fire Marshal (CSFM)
FCC Part 15 RFID Reader FCC ID: CCKPC0131
Industry Canada ID: 5251A-PC0131
ETL Listed
ANSI/UL 294 Access Control
ANSI/UL 365 Police Connected Burglar
ANSI/UL 609 Local Burglar
ANSI/UL 1023 Household Burglar
ANSI/UL 1076 Proprietary Burglar
ANSI/UL 1610 Central Station Burglar
ANSI/UL 985 Household Fire Warning
FCC Part 15: CCKPC0132
Industry Canada ID: 5251A-PC0132
ETL Listed
ANSI/UL 1023 Household Burglar
ANSI/UL 1076 Proprietary Burglar
ANSI/UL 1610 Central Station Burglar
For additional information, access and select Compliance.
Intrusion | Fire | Access | Network | Cellular
2500 North Partnership Boulevard
Springfield, Missouri 65803-8877
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695-7800-W In-Wall Backbox (White)
698-7800-B Retrofit Backplate (Black)
698-7800-W Retrofit Backplate (White)
699-7800 Deskstand
Keypad Wiring Harness
300-7800-5 5-wire harness
300-7800-12 12-wire harness
Proximity Credentials
Prox Patch™
Prox Patch™
ProxCard II® Card
ProxKey III® Access Device
ISOProx II® Card
External Proximity Readers
PP-6005B ProxPoint® Plus Proximity Reader
MP-5365 MiniProx™ Proximity Reader
ProxPro® II Proximity Reader
MaxiProx® Proximity Reader
Operating Voltage
12 VDC
Dimensions (7800) 5.8” W x 4.1” H x 0.6” D
Dimensions (9800) 5.8” W x 4.1” H x 0.8” D
Display Type
Full-color graphic LCD
Display Size
5.0" (15:9 diagonal)
Gloss Black or White
Keypad Accessories
694-7800-W Retrofit Backplate (White)
Wiegand Input
Internal Form C
Door Strike Relay
800.641.4282 |
Designed, Engineered & Assembled
in Springfield, Missouri