Spitfire 100 Extreme Mild Solvent Printer

Creation, we make it happen ...
Spitfire 100 Extreme Mild Solvent Printer
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Extreme quality …
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Top speed
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13/03/2008 14:17:28
The Spitfire 100 Extreme meets the needs of typical sign makers focusing on high volume production of outdoor prints with medium-term
durability like no other machine ever did before!
Using mild solvent inks, the Spitfire 100 Extreme prints directly onto
standard available uncoated vinyl, banner and soft signage materials with a maximum
media width up to 2604 mm (102.52”) and a printing width up to 2594 mm (102.13”).
i² Intelligent Interweaving print technology means the Spitfire 100 Extreme delivers
impeccable quality at production speeds up to 42 m²/h. Impeccable quality piecework
can be produced at speeds up to 16.5 m²/h.
Spitfire mild solvent inks have excellent drying and drop fixation characteristics to perform at high print speeds on a wide range of popular self-adhesive PVC and banner
It’s ideal for speed-intensive sign production applications such as corporate signs,
stage and window graphics, POS displays, backlit box signage, construction announcements, vehicle graphics, indoor graphics such as photo blow ups, floor graphics and
much more…
Total New Design
Interweaving inside
High Performance
Mild Solvent Ink
The Spitfire 100 Extreme is newly designed from scratch
and is not an expanded version of a current model.
Innovative features include completely new ink supply
path, new X/Y rail extrusions, new electrical pump system with one pump per head, high endurance carriage
with tandem bearing, new head base, and a state-of-theart maintenance station & vacuum system. In addition,
the Spitfire 100 Extreme features a generously large illuminated viewing area with strip lights enabling output
inspection while printing.
Wide Media
Ready for Volume
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13/03/2008 14:17:35
Speed / Performance
Spitfire 100 Extreme allows a top speed of 81 m²/h.
With the i² 360 dpi mode, production work on uncoated vinyl, banner and soft signage materials is
delivered at 42 m²/h. For piecework onto uncoated vinyl, banner and soft signage materials, the Spitfire
100 Extreme offers i² impeccable quality at up to 16.5 m²/h.
Micro-Staggered High-End Piezo Print Head Technology
The Spitfire 100 Extreme printer features two head sets in a micro-staggered layout (one colour per
head), allowing both speed-oriented production work at impeccable print quality as well as top quality
piecework. Each of the eight incorporated drop-on-demand piezo inkjet heads has 2 x 180 nozzles.
Each 180 nozzle row is delivered by an independent ink channel. Using Dynamic Variable Dot Imaging
Technology, each ink droplet is individually adjusted to provide high speed and high quality with low ink
Wide Media Acceptance
Ink Delivery
The Spitfire 100 Extreme will print on a
wide array of uncoated, eco-coated and
coated substrates thanks to the unique
characteristics of Mutoh’s Spitfire mild
solvent inks, piezo print heads, four builtin digitally controllable heating elements
and, last but not least, unique i² Intelligent Interweaving technology. Latest media compatibility information and freeof-charge media profiles are available at
www.mutoh.be / www.mutoh.eu.
Spitfire mild solvent ink can be ordered in easy-to-use 220
ml or 440 ml ink cassettes. For customers that are speedintensive, high volume operators, the Spitfire 100 Extreme
connects with Mutoh’s optional professional continuous ink
delivery system.
Mutoh’s optional Bulk Ink System (BIS), allowing 4.3 litre ink
autonomy per bottle, is a high-volume ink delivery system offering long autonomy along with minimum user intervention.
The ink bottles are refillable on the fly.
Ready for Mild Solvent
The Spitfire 100 Extreme is a mild solvent friendly printer. All
parts of the ink supply path (ink supply tubings, head caps, pumps,
etc.) are solvent resistant. Together with every printer, Mutoh
supplies a “Good Shape Kit” (giving 6 months autonomy), with all
necessary parts to perform periodical maintenance quickly and
simply. All parts requiring regular inspection and/or maintenance
are easily accessible via the large protective cover.
Spitfire Mild Solvent Ink
Mutoh high performance Spitfire mild solvent ink is specifically tuned for the sign industry. The Spitfire mild solvent
ink offers high saturation to give brilliant colours with a
wide comfortable colour gamut. The inks have excellent
drying and drop fixation characteristics that allow fast
print speeds on uncoated media.
Ready for Volume Printing
The Spitfire 100 Extreme is delivered as standard with a specially developed,
fully motorised heavy-duty unwinding/winding system for media loads up to
100 kg. This allows unattended roll-to-roll printing and ensures the Spitfire
100 Extreme is immediately ready for volume production.
Durable Prints
Spitfire mild solvent inks resist cleaners, detergents and commercially available degreasers as well as true solvent printer inks.
Outdoor durability of prints is up to 3 years*.
General purpose signs do not require lamination**.
* Based on accelerated weather tests. Northern European Standards.
** For heavy-duty applications where mechanical stress is involved (floor & vehicle graphics), lamination is required. Stabilisation time is required prior to lamination.
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13/03/2008 14:17:39
Printer specifications
Maximum Media Width
Maximum Print Width
Diameter / Core
Spitfire 100 Extreme
Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
8 heads – variable drop – 2 nozzle rows with 180 nozzles each / head
Drop mass (ng) : 5.4, 11.5, 14, 25, 28 and 42
2604 mm (102.52”)
2594 mm (102.13”)
Range: 0.08 mm – 1.1 mm
Maximum: 300 mm / 2” or 3”
Maximum load: 100 kg*
* : Some media over 1.6 m wide may be wound onto a core that bends through. In that case Mutoh strongly recommends to install the standard included media core brace. Maximum roll media weight in this case is 80 kg.
Media Thickness Compensation
Intelligent Interweaving (i²)
Colour / Ink Setup
Ink Capacity / Type
LCD Display
Graphics Command Language
Print Engine Working Environment using Mild Solvent Inks
Automatic media thickness compensation
Variable – RIP controlled – Head Height
360 x 360 dpi, 720 x 360 dpi, 540 x 720 dpi & 720 x 720 dpi
Available for 360 x 360 dpi, 540 x 720 dpi & 720 x 720 dpi output resolutions
Weave settings : Sign/Quality, Picture/Speed, Stitch, Classic & Off
16 colour channels – 4 x 4 CMYK setup – One colour per head
Cassettes : 220 ml & 440 ml / smart chip ink type & order sensing
Bulk bottles : 1 & 5 liter
Incorporated 4-stage heater system : Pre-heater (max. 50 °C), Fixer (max. 40 °C),
Post-Fixer (max. 40 °C) and Dryer (max. 50 °C)
Backlight LED – 4 lines x 20 characters
Ethernet Network Card / Centronics, IEEE 1284 compatible
Temperature: 18 – 27 °C
Relative Humidity: 40 – 65 % RH (no condensation)
Regular Maintenance
A Spitfire mild solvent printer requires a dedicated operator trained on performing daily maintenance routines.
All parts requiring regular inspection and/or maintenance are easily accessible via the large protective cover.
Air Purification Equipment
External Dimensions in mm (WxDxH)
Power Consumption
Power Supply
Use of mild solvent inks intrinsically requires the use of an air purification system.
Spitfire 100 Extreme is equipped with exhaust holes for easy connection of forced
ventilation equipment.
For connection to an existing air purification system, an optional hose set with exhaust connectors is available.
To ensure a clean and safe working environment, contact the local authorities to know the local acceptance levels.
4500 x 800 x 1300 mm
520 kg
3000 VA
100 VA in stand-by mode
AC 220 – 240 V
Specifications are liable to changes without prior notice. All trademarks mentioned are property of their respective owners.
The machines depicted on this brochure do not necessarily show a standard configuration. For some products, customised configurations are available.
For further information, please contact your nearest Mutoh Authorised Reseller.
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E-mail: mutoh@mutoh.be
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13/03/2008 14:17:39
Spitfire 100 Extreme
Below table explains you what Mutoh’s i² technology will offer you,
depending on the type of image you need to print, the print job
as well as the viewing distance for compatible uncoated PVC,
banner & soft-signage materials.
Speed m²/h
Piecework Modes *
720 x 720
540 x 720
Speed m²/h
Production Modes *
720 x 720
540 x 720
13 17
18 22
360 x 360
Speed m²/h
Production Modes *
720 x 720
540 x 720
360 x 360
= , viewing distance < 1m
, viewing distance > 1 m
, viewing distance > 3 m
, viewing distance > 5 m
= applicability needs to be judged on individual basis
S = i² Sign Weave enabled. Compatible with all images.
P = i² Picture Weave enabled. Compatible with non-sign images i.e. images not containing large solid areas or critical gradients.
HS = High Speed mode. Applicability needs to be judged on
individual basis. Top engine speed.
* Piecework: Top quality i², viewing distance < 1 m
Production: Production quality i², viewing distance > 1 m
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13/03/2008 14:15:05
i² - a revolution in print technology
Intelligent Interweaving, i² technology from Mutoh,
provides impeccable digital printing quality for both
Photo and Sign printing.
Quick and simple to set up, printing with i² saves time
and trouble while producing outstanding results.
Mutoh has taken a totally new approach with i² technology
(pronounced i squared). Ink is laid down in carefully optimised
wave forms, not the straight lines used by all other wide-format inkjet printers. The result is a drastic reduction or even
total elimination of the typical difficulties inherent in conventional digital inkjet printing. i² technology means the end of
defects such as horizontal banding, step mismatch banding,
ink mottle and bleed and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles.
i² technology benefits
> Impeccable print quality.
> Excellent workflow as user-friendly set up saves time
even with the most challenging images.
> Bi-directional printing of all images, even the most
critical jobs, as wave sequences eliminate banding.
> Increased ink density yield as the wave patterns super impose thin ink layers to create an even coating with superb image definition.
> Boosted colour gamut, compared with convention al straight-line printing. Ready-programmed, dedi cated i² profiles boost the colour gamut and, with
the increased ink density yield, reduce ink consump tion by as much as 10%
Depending on the incorporated head technology and ink
type, Mutoh is programming printer-specific optimised print
weaving modes for both sign and picture applications.
Sign/Quality : Signage and poster applications
containing big areas with solid
colours, typography and critical
Picture/Speed : Non sign images,
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13/03/2008 14:15:05