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Voice/Fax over IP Gateway
Toll bypass voice/fax communications
PSTN voice quality
Connects directly to phones, fax or PBX
Turnkey solution
The Multi-Tech MultiVOIP provides toll-free voice and fax communications
over the Internet or Intranet. By integrating voice and fax into your existing
data network, you can realize substantial savings on inter-office long
distance toll charges. The MultiVOIP family is available in one, two, four,
eight and 24/30 port models. All MultiVOIP products connect directly to
phones, fax machines, key systems, or a PBX to provide real-time, tollquality voice connections to any office on your VOIP network.
Toll-free Voice/Fax
Communication over
the Internet or
1-, 2-, 4-, 8-, 24/30 voice/fax ports for communication over existing IP
network or the Internet
Ethernet connectivity and full IP compatibility with existing routers and
WAN infrastructure
Voice compression to 5.3K bps per call with support for multiple algorithms,
including ITU G.723 and G.729
Support for standard fax devices
No integration with a server or desktop PC required
Supports voice prioritization using the industry-standard Differentiated
Services (DiffServ) protocol
Supports H.323 for sending voice over the Internet/Intranet/VPN networks
FXS, FXO, and E&M connectors on each channel for direct analog
connection to phones, key telephones, PBX extensions or PBX trunks (2-,
4- and 8-port models only)
Dial, busy, fast busy and ringback tones
Remote configuration and management over the Internet using telnet, tftp,
bundled management software or any web browser (web management not
supported on MVP2400 and MVP3010)
Bundled SNMP management software for central site configuration, logging
and monitoring
Live reporting, usage tracking, call history, voice quality statistics and other
management tools
Two-year warranty
Replace Expensive Tie Lines. A corporation that utilizes
Tie lines to connect branch office PBXs to the
corporate PBX can now use the company’s IP-based
Wide Area Network to complete the call.
Easy Integration. With MultiVOIP, you avoid the hassle
and expense of replacing your existing routers, WAN
connections or phone system required by other VOIP
solutions. MultiVOIP simply plugs into your Ethernet
network. Neither your phone service or network is
placed at risk. Minimum requirements: Ethernet
network, WAN connection, IP addresses.
An independent product review conducted by
Internet Telephony magazine (March 1999)
Exceptional 3.0
SOS’s Sovereign
Good 4.0
Tolerable 5.0
Nuera’s Access Plus F50ip
Intolerable 6.0
Memotec’s CX950
Create Off-premise Extensions. Extend the reach of
your PBX into home office locations. Simply connect a
MultiVOIP gateway to the PBX at the corporate office,
and another MultiVOIP gateway at the remote office.
Now, anyone can place calls to the remote office by
simply dialing an extension number. To extend your
PBX to a building across the street, utilize a wireless
bridge to connect the two networks. Now, you have
voice and data connectivity without having to lay cables
or paying monthly charges for dedicated lines.
The lower the better
Off-net Calling. Telecommuters or customers off the IP
network can make free long distance calls by dialing into
a local MultiVOIP and placing toll-free calls to any
location on the VOIP network. You can even have a
MultiVOIP at a remote site dial a local phone number
for a free person-to-person long distance call.
Inter-Tel’s InterPrise400
Office-to-office Communication. A MultiVOIP
network can be as small as two offices or as large as
hundreds of offices. Each office installs and configures a
MultiVOIP on their network and connects it to their
existing phone equipment to begin placing calls or
sending faxes to the other offices on the VOIP
Award-winning Voice Quality. With MultiVOIP, you’ll
experience consistent toll-quality voice connections.
Using the Perceptual Speech Quality Measurement
(PSQM), Internet Telephony magazine found that
MultiVOIP delivered exceptional voice quality. In fact,
MultiVOIP outranked the competition.
MultiVOIP Applications. MultiVOIP is specifically
targeted at businesses looking to reduce toll charges
between frequently called sites. MultiVOIP is a pointto-point IP gateway that integrates seamlessly into
your data network and operates alongside existing
PBXs, or other phone equipment to simply extend
voice capabilities to remote locations. It is designed to
help you maximize investments you’ve already made in
your data and voice network infrastructure.
Save Thousands of Dollars Each Month. MultiVOIP
can save your company substantial amounts in long
distance charges. Even if your company uses one of the
most inexpensive calling plans, a MultiVOIP network
can quickly return your investment and begin paying
you back.
Interoperability. MultiVOIP utilizes the H.323 protocol
providing complete interoperability among other
H.323 telephony solutions.
Advanced Speech Technologies. MultiVOIP supports
the Differentiated Services (DiffServ) Quality of
Service (QoS) protocol which sets priorities for voice
and fax traffic and allows transparent delivery. DiffServ
helps move time-sensitive voice traffic across even
low-bandwidth WAN connections, like 56K DDS and
ISDN, with the priority and quality required by voice.
Other features such as adaptive echo cancellation,
forward error correction, bad frame interpolation,
tunable latency and dynamic jitter buffers, further
enhance voice quality.
Complete Support for Multiple Telephony Interfaces.
For maximum investment protection, the MultiVOIP
two, four and eight-port models accommodate
changing communication needs by providing an FXS,
FXO and E&M interface for each port. With the right
interface, the MultiVOIP connects directly to phones,
fax machines, key phone systems or a PBX. With this
range of support, you can connect a phone directly to a
port today, and tomorrow connect your PBX trunk. A
single port MultiVOIP supports either FXS or FXO
interfaces depending on model while T1/E1 models
connect directly to a PBX or PSTN line.
Bandwidth Management. Bandwidth is used only when
someone is speaking. The silence suppression/Voice
Activity Detection (VAD) feature is an option that
frees unused call bandwidth for data traffic. This is
significant, since callers are usually silent for 60 percent
of the call. When using silence suppression, MultiVOIP
also offers Comfort Noise Generation (CNG) at the
receiving end so the user knows the line has not
dropped. In addition, MultiVOIP supports voice
compression standards like G.729 (8:1) and G.723 (10:1).
These standards help minimize the bandwidth required
for voice. G.723, for instance, is the maximum
compression rate and requires only 5.3K bps (plus
minimal IP overhead). Even at maximum compression,
your VOIP solution will still provide toll-quality voice.
Uniform Dialing Plan. MultiVOIP utilizes Multi-Tech’s
Uniform Dialing Plan (MUDP). This allows for single
stage dialing and ensures that users will not require
additional training to make VOIP calls.
Management. MultiVOIP is easily managed locally or
remotely by the central office with a web browser*,
Windows 95/98/Me/2000, Windows NT software,
tftp, Telnet or SNMP. Multi-Tech also includes its own
SNMP management software called
MultiVOIPManager which provides central site
configuration, management and call monitoring for all
MultiVOIP gateways on the network. It utilizes a
Windows interface that makes it easy to view events
like usage tracking, live use reporting, call history, and
voice quality statistics. Call detail records may also be
transferred to third-party billing software.
* Not available on digital models.
No User Training. Placing calls with the MultiVOIP is like
using your existing phone system No end-user training
is required. Users can begin making calls immediately
with a published VOIP phone list and simple calling
Security. Your MultiVOIP network uses the same
security as your data network. Therefore, if you have
strong data security, your voice security will be strong
as well. MultiVOIP also allows administrators to place
it behind a compliant firewall to further enhance
security. In addition, MultiVOIP provides
interoperability with Virtual Private Network (VPN)
products. And, when using MultiVOIP in proprietary
mode, proprietary protocols make it difficult for
hackers to access the VOIP network.
Access Voice Mail. Dual Tone Multifrequency (DTMF)
support allows users to access their voice mail over the
VOIP network.
Optional H.323 IP Telephony Gatekeeper. The
MultiVOIP Gatekeeper is complementary product to
the MultiVOIP Voice over IP gateway. The turnkey
hardware and software solution provides corporate
enterprise network managers and Intranet managers
the power to define and control how H.323 voice
traffic is managed over IP networks. With the
MultiVOIP Gatekeeper, network managers have the
ability to configure, monitor and manage the activity of
registered network end points. In addition, managers
can set policies and control network resources, such as
bandwidth usage, to ensure optimal implementation.
You Be the Judge. Industry experts have recognized our
VOIP gateways for their clarity. But don’t take their
word for it, or ours. You be the judge! Make a FREE
VOIP call over the Internet by dialing 1-877-TRYVOIP.
Hear for yourself how clear the connection can be.
Multi-Tech Solutions. Multi-Tech products help smalland medium-sized businesses share information
remotely and over the Internet. Our products, known
for their reliability, use industry-standard technologies
for telephony, remote access, Internet access and
client communications solutions.
Comprehensive Service and Support. The Multi-Tech
commitment to service means we provide a five-year
product warranty and service that includes technical
support, 24-hour web site and ftp site support.
Analog Models
Number of Ports: 1, 2, 4 or 8
Port Interface: FXO, FXS & E&M support on each
FXS Interface: KTS, telephone set, or fax; ground
and loop start
FXO Interface: PBX station; CO line, loop start, 2-wire
E&M Interface: PBX E&M trunk; 2- or 4-wire
E&M Signal Types: I, II/IV, III & V
Signaling: AC is DTMF; DC is pulsed
Connectors: 1 RJ-48 (E&M); 2 RJ-11 (FXO & FXS)
per port
Digital Models
Number of Trunks: 1 (T1-24 Channels, E1-30
Port Interface: T1-CAS/Robbed bit signaling; E&M
wink start, immediate start, delay start, loop start
and ground start; E1-MFC/R2
Line Code: T1-AMI or B8Zs; E1-AMI or HDB3
Frame Format: T1-ESF or D4 (SF); E1-16 Frame plus
Connectors: 1 RJ48
LAN Port
Command Port
1-port model: 4.3" w x 1.0" h x 5.6" d; 8 oz.
(15.8 cm x 3.6 cm x 22.9 cm; 0.92 kg)
2-port & digital model: 6.2" w x 1.4" h x 9.0" d; 2 lbs.
(15.8 cm x 3.6 cm x 22.9 cm; 0.92 kg)
4-port & 8-port model: 17.4" w x 3.8" h x 8.0" d;
7.4 lbs.
(44.2 cm x 9.5 cm x 20.3 cm; 3.4 kg)
FCC Part 15 & 68; UL 1950, CTR-21, IC, CE Mark
Ordering Information
1-, 2-port and Digital Interface: RS-232C/D; RJ-45
(RJ-45 to DB9 cable included)
4- & 8-port Interface: RS-232C/D; DB25
Speed & Format: 19.2K bps asynchronous
DiffServ, H.323, RTP, RTCP Q.931, Group 3 fax
Bandwidth Management
G.729, G.723, G.726, G.727, Silence suppression,
Voice Quality
DiffServ, G.165, G.168, adaptive echo cancellation,
forward error correction, bad frame interpolation,
tunable latency, dynamic jitter buffers
Web browser*, Windows 95/98/Me/2000,
Windows NT, tftp, Telnet or SNMP
management, flash upgradeable (*Except on
digital models)
World Headquarters
Tel: (763) 785-3500
(800) 328-9717
Interface: 10BaseT (Analog); 10/100BaseT (Digital)
Format: Ethernet/Ethernet II or SNAP
Voltage & Frequency: 115v/240v AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 1-port – 4.5W; 2-port – 18W;
4- & 8-port – 30W; Digital models – 16W
Multi-Tech Systems (France)
Tel: +(33) 1 64 61 09 81
Multi-Tech Systems (UK)
Tel: +(44) 118-959 7774
Copyright © 2002 by Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
1-Port FXS VOIP Gateway
(includes U.S. power cord)
1-Port FXS VOIP Gateway
(includes Euro power cord)
1-Port FXO VOIP Gateway
(includes U.S. power cord)
1-Port FXO VOIP Gateway
(includes Euro power cord)
2-Port VOIP Gateway
(includes U.S. power cord)
2-Port VOIP Gateway
(includes Euro power cord)
4-Port VOIP Gateway
(includes U.S. power cord)
4-Port VOIP Gateway
(includes Euro power cord)
8-Port VOIP Gateway
(includes U.S. power cord)
8-Port VOIP Gateway
(includes Euro power cord)
4-Port Expansion Card
24-Port T1 VOIP Gateway
30/60-Port E1/PRI VOIP Gateway
(specify country when ordering)
30/60-Port E1/PRI VOIP Gateway
(includes Euro power cord)
30/60-Port E1/PRI VOIP Gateway
(includes U.K. power cord)
* Specify country when ordering.
Made in Mounds View, MN, U.S.A.
Trademarks: MultiVOIP, Multi-Tech, and the Multi-Tech logo: Multi-Tech Systems,
Inc. / All other products or technologies are the trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective holders.
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