Firmware Upgrade Instructions - LH130 ECO2 Series Security DVR

Firmware Upgrade Instructions - LH130 ECO2 Series Security DVR
Upgrading the System Firmware for LH130 Series DVR
Firmware upgrades can provide improved functionality to your DVR. When firmware
upgrades become available, you can download them for free from
To upgrade firmware:
In your web browser, visit and search for the model number of
your DVR (check the label underneath your DVR for the model number). Download the
free firmware upgrade if one is available.
Extract the firmware into a blank USB flash drive. The firmware should be in a folder
named dvrupgrade. Ensure that this is the only folder in the USB drive.
Insert the flash drive into one of the USB ports in the rear panel of your DVR.
Right-click to open the Menu Bar and click the Main Menu button (
Click Advanced.
Click Firmware Update.
Firmware Update
Follow the on-screen instructions to update the firmware. Do not remove the USB flash
drive or power off the DVR during the firmware update. Wait for the system to reboot.
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