X-Line Compact
XGS-3 Groundstack
User Instructions
XGS-3 Groundstack
The X-Line Compact Groundstack features a rigging attachment position to allow a column of an X-Line Compact
Loudspeaker Array to be Groundstacked and tilted to obtain the desired sound coverage.
XLC Loudspeaker
Quick-Release Pin
(From Enclosure)
Button Bar
(Push in through access hole)
Lag Bolt Holes
(2 per side)
Note: Assembly process is
mirrored for the other side.
Figure 1: Attaching Loudspeakers to Groundstack Rails
To select the correct pin position on the bottom enclosure of your XLC Ground Stack, find your enclosure
type and specific angle, and pin the Ground Stack
swing arm to that position. For safety reasons, pin
only to numerically indicated positions. Left sides are
shown, right are mirrored views.
Figure 2: Angle Instruction for Bottom Enclosure
Pin Position
These configurations are showing
the maximum number of enclosures and top enclosure angles
allowed. They also show the
proper balance for safety and
acoustical performance. All lesser configurations are allowed at customer’s discretion.
For all configurations approaching these
maximums, and all configurations used
outdoors, use the lag bolt holes in the base of
the L-extrusions to secure the groundstack
base to the mating surface.
Figure 3: Full-Range Array Figure 4: Subwoofer Array Figure 5: Combination Array XLC127+ Array (8 Max)
XLC118 or XLC215 Array (5 Max)
XLC127+ (5 Max) and
XLC118/XLC215 (2 Max)
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