Work Truck Console w/ File Box & Armrest
(top plate included)
Printing Spec: PS-001
The Work Truck Console w/ File Box Kits, provide lockable storage for supplies and
A cup holder, radios and control heads can be mounted in the Console box.
Letter size hanging folders can be stored in the File Box.
Carrying cutouts on sides aid in moving and installing.
The Workstation weighs approximately 50 lbs., use caution when moving and
The units are typically installed between the driver and passenger seats with Console
Box installed toward the front of the vehicle and the File Box opening for the drivers
access. This allows the Vertical Surface Mount and Armrest or Armrest Printer to
mounted on the end of the File Box. See Fig below.
File Box
Console Box
2.4" height adjustment
Surface Mount
(4).25-20 X .50
Button head Screws
Top Plate
(4) .25-20 X .75 Carriage Bolts
-from inside of File Box
(4) .25 Flat Washers
(4) .25-20 Nylok Nuts
Product Mounting Disclaimer
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of any nature arising directly or indirectly as a result of the improper installation or use of its products in vehicle or any other application. In order to safely install and use Gamber-Johnson
products full consideration of vehicle occupants, vehicle systems (i.e., the location of fuel lines, brakes lines, electrical, drive train or other systems), air-bags and other safety equipment is
required. Gamber-Johnson specifically disclaims any responsibility for the improper use or installation of its products not consistent with the original vehicle manufactures specifications
and recommendations, Gamber-Johnson product instruction sheets, or workmanship standards as endorsed through the Gamber-Johnson Certified Installer Program.
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There are two ways to install and attach the Console and File Box Kits to the vehicle
floor. The first requires drilling holes into the vehicle floor, the second uses the existing
seat bolts:
#1 - The Console and File boxes can be attached directly to the vehicle floor.
Mounting holes are provided in the bottom of each.
(Customer to supply necessary hardware).
The height and angle of the Console Box can be adjusted if needed, to allow 2.4" of
vertical adjustment or to compensate for an uneven vehicle floor, by removing the (4)
.25-20 x .50 Button Head Screws from the sides of the Console Box, repositioning the slots
on the Console Box with the threaded inserts on the Console Base and reinstalling the
Button Head Screws.
Position the Workstation in vehicle.
Depending on vehicle used and desired location, a center console or seat section may
need to be removed.
Check that the location chosen does not interfere with the proper operation of or cause
damage to - wiring, fuel or hydraulic lines, the exhaust system or drive train
components and vehicle controls like gear shift lever, airbag sensors or airbag
deployment zone.
Using the Console and File Box as templates, mark the mounting hole location on the
vehicle floor.
Drill mounting holes thru vehicle floor.
.25-20 grade 5 bolts, flat washers, lock washers and hex nuts are recommended.
#2 - If drilling into the vehicle floor is not possible, the Console and File Box may also be
attached to a Gamber-Johnson MCS Long or Short Top Plate & Vehicle Specific Leg kit.
Check with Gamber-Johnson if a Vehicle Leg kit and Top Plate are available for your
Leg kits are typically installed by removing one or two of the bolts securing the driver
and passenger seats, inserting leg kit between seat bracket and vehicle floor,
reinstalling the seat bolts.
Specific instructions are supplied with each leg kit.
The Console and File Box are then bolted to the Top Plate using .25-20 x 1.00 Carriage
Bolts, .25 Lock Washers, .25-20 Hex Nuts.
Install the control heads, accessories and blank panels into the console box.
Assemble faceplates to control heads as described in instruction sheet INST-3. (see
page 4)
Electrically connect the equipment at this time, allowing extra wire length for servicing
the equipment.
The Vertical Surface Mount is attached to the end of the File Box.
(4) .25-20 x .75 Carriage Bolts are inserted from the inside of the File Box and (4) Flat
Washers and (4) Nylok Nuts installed on the outside.
The Armrest or Armrest Printer is inserted and secured in position by tightening the 3/8
Form #
1. Check that the following pieces are present:
Dual lock fastener (supplied w/console box)
(1) faceplate vertical offset
(1) faceplate top bracket
(1) flat washer #6
(1) 6-32 nut
2. For each faceplate, slide the faceplate vertical offset
(item 1) on the stud in faceplate top bracket (item 2).
Add flat washer (item 3) and hex nut (item 4). Remove
the extra strips of dual lock fastener pressed onto each
console box under holddown rails, cut to same length as
each faceplate, remove protective film covering the
adhesive strip and apply to top bracket as shown.
3. If the faceplates are being mounted in an older style MCS Console Box (those with threaded inserts on the
top surface of the side panels/holddown screws passing through slots in existing face plates or blank
panels), DO NOT attach the strip of dual lock fastener on each faceplate as described above. When
installing faceplates into these MCS Console Boxes, mark any that cover the threaded inserts and drill a .312
diameter clearance hole as shown in Figure 1.
to figures 2 & 3).
1. Install the faceplates on each control head as shown in figure 2. Adjust the faceplates so the mounting
holes in the sides of the control head line up in the slots of the faceplate vertical offsets and so the desired
amount of the control head will extend from the console. Make sure to allow enough room underneath for
any connectors that may be required. Test the fit of each control head, the tallest heads may need to be
installed near the higher end of the console.
2. Arrange the control heads in the console box as desired. Blank panels of various sizes have been provided to
act as spacers between each control head, if needed. Secure in place by attaching a piece of dual lock
fastener to each end of the blank panel and then pressing the strips of dual lock fastener on the faceplates,
blank panels and console box together.
3. Attach the MCS Console Box holddowns to the sides of the console box and over faceplates with (6) 10-32 x
.38 Phillips head machine screws.
If you need assistance or have questions, call Gamber Johnson at 1-800-456-6868.
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