NOTE! To the installer: Please make sure you provide this manual to the owner of the equip­ment or to the responsible
party who maintains the system.
Part # AF-03-343 | © 2012 Pentair Ltd. | 11/15/12
prevent damage to the Packaged System during off loading
and installation.
Aurora Pump Packaged Systems thanks you for selecting our
product. We recommend that before attempting to install,
operate or repair this package you read this entire instruction.
Failure to read and comply with installation and operating
instructions will void the responsibility of the manufacturer and
may also result in bodily injury as well as property damage.
Packaged Systems off loaded and stored prior to final
placement must be leveled to allow opening of doors and
prevent racking of door frames.
The site shall be prepared for installation of the Packaged Pump
System prior to receipt to minimize handling. Site preparation
shall be the responsibility of the Buyer and shall consist of
the following:
This product and related accessories
contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause
cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
1.A suitable foundation shall be provided for installation of
the Packaged System.
2.Floor drain(s) piping shall be installed as recommended
by Aurora Pump Engineered Systems or other suitable
means provided to handle the discharge from the packaged
These instructions are intended to provide a general
understanding regarding the installation of Packaged Systems
designed and built by Aurora Pump Packaged Systems.
3.Power circuit(s) and final hookup shall be provided for the
pump package.
The package and its contents are to be inspected at time
of delivery.
If any item(s) show evidence of shipping damage when
received, this must be noted on the waybill when signing for
acceptance of shipment and also whether or not the item(s) had
been inspected for concealed damage. Buyer should notify the
carrier immediately and make arrangements for an inspector
of the carrier to be present during the unpacking of the item(s).
Buyer should then notify Aurora Pump Engineered Systems
immediately. Item(s) should not be opened until the carrier’s
inspector is present. If the items have been unpacked, the
shipping container MUST be saved for inspection. Customers
wishing Aurora Pump Packaged Systems to inspect equipment
at the job site for shipping damage may request a compensated
field service call. Normal field service rates will apply and will
be charged to the Buyer’s account.
A suggested method of fill for the pump package interior floor
is indicated below. This offering is a suggested method of fill
and Aurora Pump accepts no liability for its use.
Pump package shall be installed and anchored on a suitable
foundation, provided by others. It is recommended that
the pump package be installed allowing for a 3/4" to 1-1/2"
grout thickness. Pump package shall be leveled and piping
connection locations verified prior to installation of skid fill.
Packaged Systems must be installed level and the piping must
mate with the pump flanges without strain.
Aurora Pump Packaged Systems is to be notified within 10
working days of any damaged and/or missing items. Failure to
comply with this requirement will void Aurora Pump Packaged
Systems’ responsibility for corrective or replacement action.
Removal and installation of the Packaged Pump System
is the responsibility of the Buyer and should be performed
by experienced riggers accustomed to the handling of large
packages. Lifting devices such as cranes, spreader bars, slings,
and shackles required for the removal and installation of
the package is the responsibility of the Buyer. Removable
lifting lugs are supplied with unit. Care shall be taken to
foundation and again after the grout has set and foundation bolts
have been tightened. Alignment must be checked after the unit
is piped and rechecked periodically to facilitate accurate field
The Buyer is responsible for material and labor for all customer
connections to the Packaged System. Flexible connections at
customer connections are recommended to prevent loading
of pipe connections due to settling of the Packaged System
foundation after installation. Piping connections within the skid
perimeter are to be checked for tightness prior to connecting to
external piping connections due to vibration during transit.
Incoming power is to be connected to the Packaged System
components in accordance with national and local codes. Line
voltage and wire capacity must match the electrical ratings of
the electrical component. Electric motors shall be disconnected
from the driven component to verify that rotation is in the
proper direction.
Customer connections are as applicable but not limited to
the following:
1.Piping connections
a. Pump suction
b. Pump discharge
c. Relief valve discharge
d. Casing relief valve discharge
e. Flow meter discharge
f. Engine cooling water discharge
g. Collection drains
Installation procedures for the following items may or may not
apply to the specific Packaged System being furnished.
Engine accessories
Batteries – Batteries are shipped dry for installation of
battery acid by others after final installation at the
site. Batteries to be filled with acid, cables connected
and charged for 24 hours prior to attempting to start the
engine using engine controller battery charger(s). Prior
to energizing engine controller verify power supply
connections and line voltage to the controller.
2.Electrical connections
a. Incoming power distribution junction box
b. Main power distribution panel
c. Electric fire pump controller
d. Engine fire pump controller
e. Jockey pump controller
f. Component space heaters
i. Electric fire pump controller
ii. Engine fire pump controller
iii. Jockey pump controller
iv. Electric fire pump motor
v. Engine block
vi. Jockey pump motor
Exhaust system
1.Open Skid – Material and labor associated with the
installation of an exhaust system, with the exception of the
engine flexible connector and the silencer, which are the
responsibility of others. Engine exhaust silencer and flexible
exhaust connection are shipped loose for installation by
others after package installation at the site.
The following items were preinstalled and removed to prevent
damage and/or reduce shipping cost associated with oversized
loads. Buyer is responsible for installation of the following
items provided by Aurora Pump Packaged Systems as
applicable for the project but not limited to the following:
2.Enclosed Skid – External enclosure exhaust systems are
preinstalled and removed prior to shipment to prevent
damage and reduce transportation cost. Exhaust silencer,
piping, and personnel protection (if required) to be installed
by others after final package installation at the site.
1.Package components
a. Test header and hose valves
b. Fire department connections
Enclosure accessories
2.Engine components
a. Exhaust system
i. Exhaust piping including personnel optional exhaust
ii. Exhaust silencer and brackets
iii. Exhaust silencer tail pipe and flapper
b. Fuel system
i. Fuel tank vent(s)
ii. Fuel tank vent caps or flame arrestors
Louvers – Enclosure louvers are fail/open design and
operation linkage is removed to allow closure during
shipment. Operating linkage to be reinstalled and adjusted
by others after installation of the package and prior to
energizing electrical circuit.
Fuel tank vent(s) to be installed by others after final package
installation at the site.
Buyer shall inspect all Enclosed Packaged System penetrations
for cracks in caulking seals due to transportation and handling
and recaulk areas as required with sealant.
Before attempting to operate any component of this package,
operator(s) should read and be familiar with each individual
component operating instruction. Failure to read and comply
with the specific component’s operating instructions could void
the Seller’s and component manufacturer’s warranty and may
also result in bodily injury as well as property damage.
All base plates and skid structures are flexible to some extent
and, therefore, must be not be relied upon to maintain the
factory alignment. Realignment of all rotating components
is necessary after the complete unit has been leveled on the
Seller warrants equipment (and its component parts) of its own manufacture against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use
and service for one (1) year from the date of installation or start-up, or for eighteen (18) months after the date of shipment, whichever occurs
first. Seller does not warrant accessories or components that are not manufactured by Seller; however, to the extent possible, Seller agrees to
assign to Buyer its rights under the original manufacturer's warranty, without recourse to Seller. Buyer must give Seller notice in writing of
any alleged defect covered by this warranty (together with all identifying details, including the serial number, the type of equipment, and the
date of purchase) within thirty (30) days of the discovery of such defect during the warranty period. No claim made more than 30 days after
the expiration of the warranty period shall be valid. Guarantees of performance and warranties are based on the use of original equipment
manufactured (OEM) replacement parts. Seller assumes no responsibility or liability if alterations, non-authorized design modifications
and/or non-OEM replacement parts are incorporated If requested by Seller, any equipment (or its component parts) must be promptly
returned to Seller prior to any attempted repair, or sent to an authorized service station designated by Seller, and Buyer shall prepay all
shipping expenses. Seller shall not be liable for any loss or damage to goods in transit, nor will any warranty claim be valid unless the
returned goods are received intact and undamaged as a result of shipment. Repaired or replaced material returned to customer will be
shipped F.O.B., Seller's factory. Seller will not give Buyer credit for parts or equipment returned to Seller, and will not accept delivery of
any such parts or equipment, unless Buyer has obtained Seller's approval in writing. The warranty extends to repaired or replaced parts of
Seller's manufacture for ninety (90) days or for the remainder of the original warranty period applicable to the equipment or parts being
repaired or replaced, whichever is greater. This warranty applies to the repaired or replaced part and is not extended to the product or any
other component of the product being repaired. Repair parts of its own manufacture sold after the original warranty period are warranted for
a period of one (1) year from shipment against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty applies to
the replacement part only and is not extended to the product or any other component of the product being repaired. Seller may substitute
new equipment or improve part(s) of any equipment judged defective without further liability. All repairs or services performed by Seller,
which are not covered by this warranty, will be charged in accordance with Seller's standard prices then in effect.
OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Seller's sole obligation under this warranty shall be, at its
option, to repair or replace any equipment (or its component parts) which has a defect covered by this warranty, or to refund the purchase
price of such equipment or part. Under the terms of this warranty, Seller shall not be liable for (a) consequential, collateral, special or
liquidated losses or damages; (b) equipment conditions caused by normal wear and tear, abnormal conditions of use, accident, neglect, or
misuse of said equipment; (c) the expense of, and loss or damage caused by, repairs or alterations made by anyone other than the Seller; (d)
damage caused by abrasive materials, chemicals, scale deposits, corrosion, lightning, improper voltage, mishandling, or other similar
conditions; (e) any loss, damage, or expense relating to or resulting from installation, removal or reinstallation of equipment; (f) any labor
costs or charges incurred in repairing or replacing defective equipment or parts, including the cost of reinstalling parts that are repaired or
replaced by Seller; (g) any expense of shipment of equipment or repaired or replacement parts; or (h) any other loss, damage or expense of
any nature.
The above warranty shall not apply to any equipment which may be separately covered by any alternate or special warranties.
PERFORMANCE: In the absence of Certified Pump Performance Tests, equipment performance is not warranted or guaranteed.
Performance curves and other information submitted to Buyer are approximate and no warranty or guarantee shall be deemed to arise as a
result of such submittal. All testing shall be done in accordance with Seller's standard policy under Hydraulic Institute procedures.
LIABILITY LIMITATIONS: Under no circumstances shall the Seller have any liability under the Order or otherwise for liquidated
damages or for collateral, consequential or special damages or for loss of profits, or for actual losses or for loss of production or progress of
construction, regardless of the cause of such damages or losses. In any event, Seller's aggregate total liability under the Order or otherwise
shall not exceed the contract price.
ACTS OF GOD: Seller shall in no event be liable for delays in delivery of the equipment or other failures to perform caused by fires, acts of
God, strikes, labor difficulties, acts of governmental or military authorities, delays in transportation or procuring materials, or causes of any
kind beyond Seller's control.
COMPLIANCE WITH LAW: Seller agrees to comply with all United States laws and regulations applicable to the manufacturing of the
subject equipment. Such compliance shall include: The Fair Labor Standards Acts of 1938, as amended; Equal Employment Opportunity
clauses of Executive Order 11246, as amended; Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and the standards promulgated thereunder, if
applicable. Since compliance with the various Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations concerning occupational health and safety,
pollution or local codes are affected by the use, installation and operation of the equipment and other matters over which Seller has no
control, Seller assumes no responsibility for compliance with those laws and regulations, whether by way of indemnity, warranty, or
otherwise. It is incumbent upon the Buyer to specify equipment which complies with local codes and ordinances.
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North Aurora, Illinois 60542
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