Gama MCSet pentru domeniul maritim

Gama MCSet pentru domeniul maritim
Merchant Marine
Dedicated offerings :
MCset Medium Voltage Switchboard
Benefit from an expert on board :
MCset Merlin Gerin series for marine
is a complete range of metalclad
MV switchboard (up to 17,5 kV)
Marine MCset combines the advantages of a modular structure
and a withdrawable prefabricated design and ensures :
c people’s safety and equipment’s security,
c easy installation,
c easy and rapid maintenance,
c easy to extend and adapt.
Mcset series, thanks to its technology, meet the requirements
of electrical performances and high security and is perfectly
adapted to Marine environment, where continuity of service
is essential.
Building a New Electric World
The Sepam 2000 multifunctional unit meets
these criteria thanks to its permanent auto-control.
It gives an immediate diagnosis in case of
dysfunction. Therefore maintenance operations are
reduced, and installations availability is increased.
Sepam 2000 realizes every functions such as :
protection, command, measurement, basis
automatism (load shedding, reclosing, automatic
transfer), indication, communication and
Due to large communication capabilities,
Sepam 2000 can be integrated perfectly
in a supervision system.
With a simple parameter change, Sepam 2000
fits to all voltages and currents.
Marine MCset is a range of modular
functional units, each one dedicated to
a specific application
Each unit includes :
c a metalclad cubicle, composed
of several metallic compartments,
c a withdrawable breaking device
(circuit-breaker, contactor-fuses),
c a dedicated protection and control unit.
MV switchboards ensure the following
functions :
c electrical distribution,
c transformers power supply,
c generating set coupling,
c engine power supply.
MV switchgear :
c SF6, Rollarc contactors,
c SF6, LF circuit-breakers.
Easy installation
Several assembling solutions meet
all Marine requirements and lay out
or location constraints.
c Ground surface savings :
reduced width cubicles without
rear access
c Easy front access to busbars
and cables connexions
c Easy on site extension
c Standardized ground bolting
c Easy integration of protection units
Schneider Electric
Industries SAS
F - 38050 Grenoble cedex 9
Tel : +33 (0) 4 76 57 60 60
Fax : +33 (0) 4 76 57 73 62
As standards, specifications and designs change from time to time,
please ask for confirmation of the information in this publication.
Publication : Schneider Electric Industries SAS
Design : Paco Annecy
Photos : Schneider Electric, RCCL, Paco
Printed :
Management security :
c comply with IEC 298
for arc withstand,
c simple and reliable
locking systems,
c making capacity
earthing switch,
c connecting /
withdrawable operations
only allowed with
closed door,
c front voltage indicator,
c front access to
operating mechanisms
and to cable connexions.
Designed in conformity
with ISO 9001
procedures and
EN 29001 standards.
Standards compliance
c CEI 298-695
c CEI 56
(for circuit-breakers)
c and : LRS, DNV, BV,
BLDED1 02058EN
Protection and control
The constantly increasing complexity of the
installations and the importance of financial
consequences due to an accidental stop during
operations impose outstanding and reliable control
and command systems.
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