Decora Home Controls®
Brand Features
A series of intelligent lighting and appliance control components, Decora Home
Controls (DHC) combine the best of all worlds. DHC components require no new wiring
because they use the power-line wires that are already in your home to communicate
with each other. To make them thoroughly dependable, Leviton added its acclaimed
Intellisense signal integrity technology to proven Power-line Carrier design. DHC
switches, dimmers and scene controllers are as easy to use and as reliable as
conventional devices – and feature aesthetically pleasing Decora designer styling. It’s
the "smart home" technology approach that’s also exceptionally smart in styling and
value. Decora Home Controls red line of receivers offer original features and products
including the wall mounted dimmers, in-line modules, plug-in modules, and DHC
compliant receptacles. Select red line products include Leviton’s exclusive Intellisense
Technology featuring automatic gain control flexibility for enhanced command-signal
performance and reliability. The DHC 15 Amp Fixture Relay Module can be mounted at
either an incandescent or fluorescent fixture by means of adhesive strips. Responds to
ON/OFF and ALL LIGHTS ON/ALL OFF commands from controllers. Equipped with
leads for easy installation.
Item Description
DHC 15 Amp, 120 Volt, Fixture Relay Module Receiver, 1-Way Communication - Black
Technical Information
UPC Code: 07847786724
Country of Origin: China
Electrical Specifications
Line Type: Red Line
Communication: 1-Way
Load Rating: 15 Amp
Voltage: 120 Volt
Output Frequency: 120 KHz
Material Specifications
Color: Black
Product Features
Device Type: Fixture Relay Module
Communication: 1-Way
Line Type: Red Line
Load Rating: 15 Amp
Voltage: 120 Volt
Output Frequency: 120 KHz
Color: Black
Standards and Certifications: UL/CSA
Warranty: 2-Year Limited
Notes: Incandescent, Inductive or
Resistive Load
X-10 Protocol Compliant: No
Standards and Certifications
UL Listed: File E-66800
UL Tested: 244A
CSA Certified: File LR-54628
NOM: 057
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