New Products Webinar
Dec 16, 2009
Introductions and Explanation
• Pittsburgh Product Development/Management team
- Keith K
- Mike M
- Andy S
- Jim S
- Franco T
- Josh W
Looking at technology trends
Trying to solve customer problems with technology
Work with other PMs, GM’s from around the world to
identify opportunities
Company Confidential
Trends – Technologies of Interest
Not a complete list, but a good starting point
Security (physical, network, cyber)
Cloud Computing (SaaS)
Remote computing, tele-commuting
Managed Services – outsourced IT
Mobility (wireless technologies enabling mobility)
Convergence (data, voice, video, security)
Virtualization (desktop and server)
Green IT (power consumption, sustainability, etc)
Spread of TCP/IP into other markets (industrial, etc)
Exponential decrease in memory/storage costs
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New Products Overview
Summary of new products
Digital Signage products
Wireless VGA
- Also used with Alertwerks
• Testers
Elite Cabinet redesign
Climate Cab
Laptop/Netbook storage
Wall-mount cab redesign
90-degree patch cords
POE injectors
Console Servers
¾ Note: overview format only, not tech-heavy
Company Confidential
• A Secure Web Gateway
- Provides bandwidth shaping, content filtering, and threat prevention
- A deep-packet-inspection device that provides unparalleled visibility
into internet activity at the gateway (even SSL traffic)
- Accelerates access to web sites & services deemed important
- Slows or completely blocks web traffic or sites that are deemed unimportant, distracting, or illegal
- Blocks content filter bypass efforts (anonymous proxies, etc)
- In-line device – watches all ports & protocols – nothing gets by it
Company Confidential
Optinet (cont)
• Web usage has exploded – no longer just “surfing”
• The mix of social networking, e-commerce, hosted applications,
and other non-browser web traffic requires a solution which ranks
traffic by priority – Not all Internet traffic should be treated equally!
Even normal day-to-day sites are heavily employing video, making
a simple CNN page or Newspaper site chew up valuable
Traditional URL filters and keyword filters not sufficient
Company Confidential
Optinet (cont)
Network Diagram / Applications
Web Traffic
Filter Avoidance
Companies looking to better manage their internet connection
Education: filter out inappropriate content; block filter-avoidance efforts
Manufacturing/Engineering: prioritize large file transfer, on-line billing
Companies/Organizations using VoIP, Hosted Apps (, etc)
Hospitality: smooth out the user experience (don’t allow bandwidth hogs)
Company Confidential
• A Network Security Appliance (Network Access Control)
Non-inline, agentless appliance (unlike competition)
Works with existing switch infrastructure
Detects and prevents IP or MAC spoofing
Blocks or warns when an un-trusted asset attempts to connect
to the network – detects and blocks in less than 1 second
- Most units include CVE audit engine to discover security holes
in endpoint devices (including PCs, APs, printers, & more)
- Rated as “Top 20 Security Products” by SC Magazine
Company Confidential
Veri-NAC (cont)
Background: Network Security in 2009
of Protection
• Firewalls
are not
• Policing the
traffic is
only half
the solution
Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Antivirus, etc.
Company Confidential
Veri-NAC (cont)
Company Confidential
Veri-NAC (cont)
Applications - Markets
• Anyone with a network!
• Companies with customer records:
Banks, financial institutions
Retail stores
Anyone accepting credit cards (PCI)
Insurance companies
Education – all levels
Law firms
• Regulatory compliance (PCI, ISO, more)
• Utilities / Industrial
Company Confidential
• A biometric access control device
- Physical security for doors/entry
- Combines fingerprint scanning and
pin-code entry
- Next-generation fingerprint
scanning prevents spoofing
- Multi-level security architecture
prevents spoofing, sniffing, and
physical hacking
- Provides timed/scheduled access
- Integrates with fire systems and environmental
monitoring & control – like Alertwerks
Company Confidential
Intelli-Pass (cont)
The OLD way
External Vulnerability:
The BETTER way
Internal Security: the lock
the lock and network connections
are in the unsecure area
and network connections are in the
secure area
Company Confidential
Intelli-Pass (cont)
Background – the customer’s problem
• IT staff now being asked to physically secure assets
• Assets often located across a wide geographic area
• Assets are located in spaces controlled by multiple groups: IT,
facilities, campus security, and other stakeholders both inside and
outside the company
Access to these spaces is needed by mixed personnel – IT staff,
other depts, cleaning crews, outside contractors
Access cards can be lost, stolen or borrowed (and cost $$$)
Keys are difficult to track and easy to duplicate
Knowing “whats happening” in these spaces is critical – not just
who is going in, but what else is happening?
Company Confidential
Intelli-Pass with Alertwerks
Company Confidential
Intelli-Pass (cont)
Applications - Markets
• Data Centers / Server Rooms / Comm Closets
- Tightly control access, monitor temperature, airflow, voltage
levels, presence of smoke or water, and more
• Utilities (pump stations, nuclear facilities, cell towers, more)
- Often geographically diverse; small un-manned remote rooms
- Physically protect the space and monitor the environmentals
- Power grid infrastructure vulnerable
• Commercial / Financial (high value assets or knowledge)
• Government / Military
- Munitions rooms, arms rooms, pharmacies, chem labs
- Motor pools, research or testing facilities, missile silos
- NOC’s, security gates, SCIF’s, command centers
Company Confidential
Company Confidential
Top 3 CIO investment items
¾ According to, 70% of CIO’s will
be investing in IT initiatives with these as
their top 3 goals.
• Security (43%)
• Virtualization (28%)
• Data Center efficiency (27%)
Climate Cab Addresses These Issues !!!
Company Confidential
ClimateCab Series
¾ Need: Cabinet level cooling
• No-raised floor environment
• Inadequate cooling in equipment room
• Remote locations
• Great for server consolidation
¾ Sealed Nema 12 AC units
• Sealed to keep the cool air in!
¾ Full size Cabinets & Wallmounts
¾ Multiple size AC units
Company Confidential
Server Consolidation
2005: 184 Servers
Cool the room
Large floor space
Power and Cooling cost $$$$
2009: 41 Servers
Cool the Cabinet
Smaller space needed
Power and Cooling Savings
Estimated operating cost savings $80k
Company Confidential
ClimateCab Series
¾ Closed Loop Cooling
• Re-circulated air inside the air
conditioner is kept separate
from the outside air. This
protects the electronic
controls and prevents
shutdowns caused by heat,
humidity, dust, and other
• This method produces very
little condensation
Company Confidential
ClimateCab Series
¾ Wallmounts
• 4 units 24”x24”x24” cubes
ƒ Single and double hinged (fan and AC
model for each)
• Nema 12 w/M6
• AC packages
ƒ 800 BTU / 235 watt AC
(1000W- 3413BTU)
Company Confidential
ClimateCab Series
¾ Standard Cabinets
Models in 42U, 24U
M6 or tapped rails
Nema 12 rated
2 Units AC ready: 6500 BTU
& 8500 BTU (~1.5kw & 2.5kw)
Company Confidential
Climate Cab Series
¾ Sales / Market Summary: Who can use this?
Data Centers / Server Rooms / Comm Closets
ƒ Where no raised floor exists, or when moving away from
cooling the entire room
ƒ Locating equipment in dusty/dirty/hot environment
ƒ Nice alternative to back-racking and sending signals
through noisy environments
Remote, unmanned locations
Utility substations, pump-stations
Cell towers, radio towers
Pipelines, power grid, wind turbine or solar farms
Any remote building or outpost, especially warmer climates
Company Confidential
Elite Cabinets
Re-design & Consolidation
Company Confidential
Elite Cabinet Redesign
¾ Why redesign the cabinets?
• Outdated designs
• Update Features
• Cost Improvement
Company Confidential
Elite Design Process
¾ How did we decide on
a new design?
• Competitive product review
• Consulted with Tech
• Developed specification
and sent out for bid
• Two rounds or prototype
cabinets were built
9Mesh door
9Fan Top
9Cup Holder
Company Confidential
What is being replaced
¾ The new design will replace the following
cabinet families:
• Elite II
• Elite Data
• Elite Server
• NetRack
• NetRack Plus
The new family:
• Elite “EC” series
(Select series remains)
Company Confidential
New Design Overview
¾ The new Elite cabinets are available in four heights and
eleven frame sizes. These sizes are based on historical
cabinet sales and market trends.
24U (48"H x 30" W x 32" D)
24U (48"H x 24" W x 42" D)
38U (72"H x 30" W x 32" D)
42U (79"H x 24" W x 42" D)
42U (79"H x 30" W x 42" D)
45U (84"H x 24" W x 36" D)
45U (84"H x 30" W x 32" D)
45U (84"H x 30" W x 36" D)
45U (84"H x 24" W x 42" D)
45U (84"H x 30" W x 42" D)
45U (84"H x 30" W x 48" D)
Company Confidential
New Design Overview
Features and Accessories
Improved cable management & cable management options
New Ladder rack brackets
New cable trough and waterfall brackets
New horizontal and vertical cable managers
New Cable access (knockouts) on the top, sides and bottom
Multiple lace down points through out the cabinet
Improved cooling options
New Chimney option (passive/active cooling)
New Adjustable bottom plate (passive cooling)
New Fan top panels & rear fan door (active cooling)
New high flow mesh design standard on doors & top panels
Company Confidential
New Design Overview
Features and Accessories
Customizable 12RMU top panel
Integrated PDU mount
Leveling legs and casters included
Square hole or 10-32 tapped rails (cage nuts included)
Additional rails available (Square hole or 10-32)
Conduit adapter plate
Combo lock option available
Anti-Tip legs available for all sizes
Company Confidential
New Design Overview
Key Changes Continued
¾ The standard color for the new Elite cabinets is Black.
¾ Custom colors are available ($150 Fee / 2 weeks)
Custom Configurations:
¾ The new Elite Cabinets are fully customizable and can be configured
in-house by the Black Box Manufacturing team (2 day turn around)
We stock frames, doors, sides, tops, etc, in house. This will enable us
to quickly quote and configure cabinets within the Elite family.
*Currently custom cabinets can take 6~8 weeks to be delivered and
are extremely expensive.
Company Confidential
Wallmount Cabinet Redesign
¾ Current offering is very old
¾ New Design totally unique to Black Box
Company Confidential
Laptop & Netbook Storage
Secure storage, transport and
charging of laptops
Why? - Laptop costs $1.5-2k+ & is
really easy to misplace or steal…
Target Customers:
Schools & Campus environments
i.e. “Classroom of the Future”
Key Features:
•Individual (removable) slots
hold laptops secure
•Power strips included
•Portable (wheeled/casters)
•UL approved (carts not
•5 sizes
Company Confidential
New Test Products (and more coming)
We are going up market!
Fiber Fault Finder (F3X)
LANSCOPE – Network
Analyzer (sim to Fluke NetTool)
Complete fiber test line
•Power Meters & Light Sources
Next gen items for CAT6 /
Gigabit networks
Company Confidential
Extend Ethernet for MILES
¾ LongSpan Wireless Ethernet Extender
Low speed (~ 1Mb) but great distance (20M+)
Superior penetration through walls or foliage.
NEMA 4x rated for indoor or outdoor use.
Proprietary encryption keeps data safe
Company Confidential
High-Density Solutions
Recent Survey Results
A recent data center survey reported that 85% of IT professionals are turning to
high-density cable infrastructure solutions.
The reason for this migration, in order of importance are:
To save rack/cabinet space – 50%
To lower costs – 47%
To lower energy consumption – 45%
To save floor space – 39%
To save on cable management – 38%
Source – CommScope, September 2009
Company Confidential
Cat5e 90-Degree Angle Patch Cables
90-Degree “Up” & “Down”
These are 90-Degree “Down” Patch Cables next to standard patch cables
in a patch panel application.
“Now I can close the cabinet door.”
Notice the space savings.
Company Confidential
Cat5e 90-Degree Angle Patch Cables
How to Differentiate an “Up” From a “Down” Cable
“Down” Cable
Cable clip is down and
the cable angles down.
“Up” Cable
Cable clip is down and
the cable angles up.
Company Confidential
Cat5e 90-Degree Angle Patch Cables
90-Degree “Up” & “Down”
Cable clip is facing
down, and the cable
angles up.
90-Degree “Up” Cable Attached to Wall Outlet
Cable clip is facing
down, and the cable
angles down.
90-Degree “Down” Cable Attached to Wall Outlet
Company Confidential
Cat5e 90-Degree Angle Patch Cables
The cable clip is up and the cable angles up.
Is this an “Up” or a “Down” cable? (Down)
The cable clip is down and the cable angles down.
Is this an “Up” or a “Down” cable? (Down)
Company Confidential
Cat5e 90-Degree Angle Patch Cables
90-Degree “Up” & “Down”
•Perfect Cable for Tight Places
•Save Up to 4” in Cabinet Depth
•“Up” & “Down” Design to Fit Customer Needs
•Available in Blue, Red, Yellow & Black
•Available in 1’, 3’, 6’, 10’ & 15’ Lengths
•“Down” to “Straight”
•“Down” to “Down”
•“Down” to “Up”
Available Late December
See Newton for Part Number Information
Company Confidential
Cat6 90-Degree Angle Patch Cables
The Cat6 90-Degree Angle cables will mirror the Cat5e line in types, lengths & colors.
Available late January ‘10
Company Confidential
Multimedia & Digital Signage
iCOMPEL (roadmap/new products)
Current Status
Q4FY10 Release
Part Number
Part Number
AC4000A with NA video capture / TV tuner card
New small form factor, fanless play/pub/sub w/ options
New small form factor, fanless subscriber w/ options
Add on license: Stream-in, 3G, & touch screen license
Stream-in, 3G, & touch screen license
iCOMPEL Deployment Manager (iDM)
iCOMPEL Data & Systems Integrator (iDSI)
No change
No change, EU PAL video capture / TV tuner card
AC4000A with NA video capture card
No change
No change, EU PAL video capture / TV tuner card
iCOMPEL fanless, small form factor media player
- Player/Publisher/Subscriber or Subscriber only
-SSD or HDD option
- TV/video tune/capture or HD video processing option
Anticipated release: Q4 FY10
Multimedia & Digital Signage
iCOMPEL (new products)
iCOMPEL Deployment Manager (iDM) appliance
• System monitoring, content confirmation, and
display control.
• Anticipated release: Q4 FY10
iCOMPEL Data & Systems Integrator (iDSI)
• Integrates with customer databases and systems information
to trigger real-time signage changes and updates.
• Anticipated release: Q4 FY10
iCOMPEL –PRO license
• Stream in license
• 3G license
• Touch screen capability
Multimedia & Digital Signage
Project DIY Sign
Scaled picture broadcast module
with 3 zone layout.
Ideal for healthcare office, gym or
bar signage
Easy to integrate
Easy to setup
Easy to edit
Affordable price point
Multimedia & Digital Signage
Video & Audio over LAN via IP
Multimedia & Digital Signage
AC555A, AC555A-REM, AC555A-4, AC556-A
- R2 Product revisions for VGA extenders AC555A, AC555A,
AC555A-REM, AC555A-4, AC556-A
•More reliable performance
•Higher quality construction
Multimedia & Digital Signage
New Products
Pattern Generator - PG-VGA and PG-DIG (DVI &
• Enables you to generate test patterns to
troubleshoot video calibration issues with ease.
Wireless Video Presentation System II (AC1131A)
• Enables multiple meeting participants to wirelessly
stream their computers video and audio to a
projector from where they sit via a Wireless LAN
connection (802.11b/g).
• Plugs into any display or projector with a VGA port
• Works as a wireless access point, too
• No more having to swap cables in and out
• Perfect for conference rooms and college
classrooms with VGA projectors.
• Ideal for controlling PowerPoint® and real-time
video presentations in large rooms.
Black Box Brand Midspan POE Injectors
Black Box POE Injectors: A complete line of single to multiport
managed or unmanaged, full power POE injectors.
• Single Port Units
8/16/24 Port IEEE 802.3af Units
Diagnostic LEDs, Full Protection OCP, OVP
Non-Vented Cases
IEEE 802.3af Detection, Disconnect and • Full Power of 370W--15.4W per Port
No overload Protection Power Management required
Low Cost • Full Protection OTP, OCP, OVP
NIC Interface (Optional, SNMP Managed Units) • 48V RPS Input (Optional)
10/100/1000 base T Compatible • Cisco Legacy detection
8/16 Port IEEE802.3at Units (additional features)
Full Power on all ports • 10/100/1000 Base-T Compatible
IEEE 802.3at Draft 4 revision • Windows GUI
2 finger classification
Company Confidential
Black Box Brand Midspan POE Injectors
Provide remote powering over cable capabilities to:
VOIP CPE (phones, etc.)
Security Cameras (PTZ, etc)
Wireless Network Access Points
IP Print Servers
Blue Tooth Access Points
Lighting Systems with Single UPS
Company Confidential
Black Box Brand Console Servers
Black Box Console Servers:
¾ Two new lines :
ƒ Value Line: 8/16/48 port units
ƒ Advanced Line: 8/16/48 port units
Company Confidential
Black Box Brand Console Servers
Black Box Console Servers:
¾ Value Line Features:
ƒ Accessible in band (via Ethernet or secure tunnel over the
Web) or out of band via a dialup modem connection.
ƒ Embedded with open-source Linux® based operating system
for a high level of customization.
ƒ For high availability, supports 10-/100-Mbps auto failover set
up through an alternate dial-in or out-of-band broadband path.
ƒ Protects data over a public network with Secure Shell (SSH)
encryption, SSH tunneled serial bridging, SSH tunneling for
TCP/DUP, IP packet filtering, and more.
ƒ Off-line data logging, on-line data buffering and logging, as
well as port sniffing for multiple users per port.
ƒ For easy rollback, stores multiple local boot images locally. It’s
also easy to restore configurations.
ƒ Supports up to 50 concurrent sessions (SDT tunnels).
ƒ Advanced power management functions for monitoring a
remote UPS and resetting a PDU or RPS.
Company Confidential
Black Box Brand Console Servers
Black Box Console Servers:
¾ Value Line Features (cont)
ƒ No limit on the number of clients who can access one gateway or
the number of hosts accessed concurrently through one tunnel.
ƒ Robust LAN console port management with secure Serial over
LAN (SoL) access and Secure Remote Desktop access to
Windows® XP/2003.
ƒ On the LAN port, each gateway can port forward to an unlimited
number of locally networked hosts (computers or routers).
ƒ Boasts authentication protection plus the ability to restrict access
by IP address, password, or account.
ƒ Cascadable ports. Cluster multiple units so up to 1000 serial ports
can be accessed via one IP address and managed at one location.
ƒ Flexible system management options (including SNMP, HTTPS,
HTTP, CLI in Linux Shell, Nagios® distributed monitoring, and
ƒ Features an embedded DHCP server for managing LAN devices.
ƒ Rackmountable (1U) with included mounts.
ƒ Flash upgradable.
Company Confidential
Black Box Brand Console Servers
Black Box Console Servers:
¾ Advanced Line Features (in addition to the features of the Value Line series)
ƒ Advanced console port access that’s fully redundant with
dual Ethernet ports plus a modem.
ƒ Pinned for Cisco “rolled” cable, enabling you to access
Cisco console ports using ordinary straight-pinned UTP
ƒ Features dual universal AC input for powering from two
sources for backup power.
ƒ Includes a built-in modem RJ-11 port for setting up out-ofband access, as well as a DB9 port for an external
ƒ A USB port plus an included 2-GB flash drive enable local
FTP/TFTP storage.
ƒ Comes with IPSec High Availability VPN gateway
software—great for electric utilities who need to meet
NERC CIP standards.
Company Confidential
December 16, 2009
ServSwitch Secure Desktop Switch
Company Confidential
ServSwitch Secure
Where we are today
Secure Switches
– SW721A-R2 and SW722A-R2
Analog VGA
Old design with custom cables
Tempest approved for all applications
Need to end of life the product
– SW2007A-USB and SW4007A-USB
2 and 4 Port DVI, USB
NSA tested and Tempest approved for and by the U.S. Air Force
Company Confidential
ServSwitch Secure
Market today
Tempest is becoming more niche
– Primarily a USA / North America play
EAL4+ growing (required for many applications)
– Avocent and Belkin have a product
We Need a Solution…
Goal: Have the most complete offering &
array of certifications
Company Confidential
ServSwitch Secure
New product developments
3 New products in development:
Revised DVI EAL4+ switch (very similar to existing)
New 4 port analog switch with USB card reader support with EAL4+
New 2 and 4 port Analog switch with EAL4+
Project Plan
Security Target complete as of Oct ’09
You can use this to specify for long term opportunities
Estimated completion (product with EAL4+ certification ) = August 2010
Once completed submit all units for Tempest Approval
Company Confidential